British Columbia

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  • Day27

    Our tour continued on to a salmon hatchery.
    Really pretty area. We could see baby fish and then older fish jumping up the waterfalls.
    Then we continued onto the Capilano suspension bridge. Like a really big swing bridge. And it's all lit up for the season looking absolutely beautiful.
    Started off with the cliff walk then moved onto to the treetops.

  • Day26

    It was so good to have dinner plans with a friend. As much as I may love solo travel at times, the dinners by yourself are always boring. Any other meal is fine, but by the end of the day I've already talked to myself too much.
    So it was awesome that Freya saw I was in town and got in contact. I met her during the UK tour. And she was super nice to choose a place that was literally 2min walk in a straight line from my hotel and her train station. Perfect! My phone data doesn't work here, so no maps on the go for me.
    And you know your in Canada when even the pizza has maple syrup on it. Of course I tried it 😊
    Went for a stroll after dinner. Found Gassy Jack, an English sailor that ended up here and made a name for himself. They named him Gassy Jack because of his talkative nature and storytelling abilities. The name stuck and the area around his bar is now known as Gastown.
    There is literally a steam powered clock.
    I think all you need a the night and some fairy lights to make a place look pretty.
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  • Day27

    Checked out Stanley park with the totem poles. So pretty with all the yellow and red leaves.
    Continued onto Lions gate bridge with singe amazing views. Cool to hear about and see the forest history. The trees were too big so they were cut down from a higher height. Leaving the large left over trunk to break down and become a natural pot plant for trees to grow out if it.
    Also saw Vancouver's very own little mermaid statue, only it's a woman wearing a wet suit and goggles to tell the tide.
    There's also a cannon that finally got caged up after the engineering students stole it and held it for ransom. It still goes off, now with a blank, at 9pm every day to let the boaties know it's come to the end of the day.

    Stopped at Granville island for lunch. Had a beef stew pot pie, perfect for this slightly rainy day. The market was really cool. Had to try a cranberry white chocolate cookie for dessert. Which was pretty tame based on what they had to offer.
    Again with the maple syrup everything. They make maple smoked salmon.

    Drove through Yaletown and China town to the Vancouver lookout.
    Finished off with some amazing views of the city, even if it is a bit cloudy.
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  • Day4

    Wow what a day - biking this morning and then whale watching, after a lovely lunch. When we set out all kitted up at 5.30 who would have thought it would be 9.30 before we got back in, having travelled 65 miles and seen hump back whales and orca's. On both of our bucket lists. Thank you Carol and Simon for the whale watching trip and Gill and Steve P for the bike trip. Awesome memory day.

  • Day8

    Having trouble with photo uploads so we will post lots of photos when we arrive back in civilisation. So woke up to sadly another rainy day, but that was not going to stop us going out to see if we can see more bears. The morning started with a real Canadian breakfast of pancakes and eggs - not sure we can do that every day , but the food here is amazing. Did I mention they even made Tig a lovely birthday cake last night. I thought he was going to kill me when everyone started to sing happy birthday. Obviously I am still alive to tell the tail as I am writing this. The staff were pleased as the first cake they made had coconut oil in it, and then they remembered the allergy, made cake 2. Staff very happy!!.

    So this morning we set off for another raft trip and were soon greeted by a female grizzly bear walking along the bank. Crossing the river and walking on here hind legs. Amazing. Having left here we drifted a bit further and then spent a long time following another bear across and down the river until we got to the log jam. Hearts racing we stayed watching the bear, as she got ever closer to us , and at one point was no more than a metre away. Very lucky. The good thing was that she was totally not bothered by us, was just looking for fish and berries. So after a whilst watching we went off on our way and saw another couple of bears, including a mum and her beautiful cup. So funny watching him/her following mum and trying to do everything she did. Not so good at catching fish, but I am sure she will be soon.

    After lunch, yes more food, we went off with a different Guide to the Big Cedar Trail, where we saw and learnt about the living cultural forest. Lots of explanations about how the first nation used the word, and how the cedars survive despite having been used to make, cloths, build canoes, and also used as smoke houses. Before heading back to the lodge for more food, and getting beaten at table tennis we went to see where the salmon start their journey at the estuary as well as some amazing water falls.

    The weather here hasn't been great, but the bears don't seem to mind, and we are managing to dry out in between each part of the day. Sadly it is raining now so not sure we will get photos of sunny bears. but do have photos of bears, so very lucky to see these amazing animals as well as listening to two more bald eagles chatting in the tree tops.
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  • Day8

    So yet another day in paradise. A great morning with Ellie walking and finding bears. What an amazing lady. We learnt so much about bears and what they do and how they live. Followed by a lovely lunch and then a final float trip. Not so many bears this time but still fabulous scenery even including our resident bald eagles.

  • Day9

    So today was always going to be sad, leaving the most beautiful Bella Coola for the next part of our trip. Having decided last night, that we were going to maximise our bear viewing, we got up early , well 7.30 and headed straight to the hide. Unfortunately we were a little late, as one bear had already been spotted, but whilst we were still snoozing. The rest of the morning was spent playing tag, between packing, having breakfast and trying to spot our last bear. Sadly it wasn't to be, so after saying good bye to the mountains we headed to the airport. I have to say Gatwick and Heathrow you have a lot to live up to, when your guide says "after you have checked in, fancy a quick bush walk".. The cedar trees were amazing and after walking to the end of the runway, watching the plan land we headed back to say our goodbyes and jump on the plan. The plan route was truly amazing, taking us out of the thin corridor of mountains that we had missed due to bad weather on the way in, having touched down at Anheim lack, we were then truly coming back to Vancouver. We picked up another car at the airport, a few obnoxious americans later, they were sooooo rude to the poor bus driver, which turned out to be a super kia, having first been offered some 7 seater ford. Scary. Our trip tonight has ended in Hope, where we need to see which way to go due to smoke from the wild fires. We are all good but the wind can affect the level of smoke that gets on the to the highway. Tomorrow brings with it a long drive to Revelstoke, after seeing the Othello tunnels and doing some hiking. Night everyone.Read more

  • Day18

    Our stay in Banff was very short, a quick trip to Tim Hortons for breakfast and we decided to hot foot it back to Yoho National Park, the home of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Emerald Lake.

    We started the morning, with a cold but pretty trip to Johnstone Canyon and Gorge. Great coffee at the coffee shack at the bottom. The Gorge was amazing and it was lovely to see such an array of different types and ages of people. walking to the different levels of the gorge. One of the most amazing things was seeing a guy carry his guitar and start to play at the lower falls...

    After this we hot footed it to Lake Louise, Sadly the smoke was still pretty obvious so it was not as pretty as we had thought, but we had a lovely hike up to the Fairmount Lookout followed by a canoe on the lake. Which was truly amazing. We were only allowed out for half an hour due to the lack of visibility but we could start to see the beauty of the area. The evening was rounded off by drinks by the water at our new lodge and then a fab dinner. A truly great day.
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  • Day18

    So after a quick breakfast we set off to walk around Emerald lake, which was really beautiful, followed by a trip, and the most expensive coffee EVER at Moraine Lake Lodge. To think we nearly stayed there.. so glad that we didn't as it was full of people. Both Emerald and Moraine lakes were both beautiful and enabled us to people watch and start to really see the mountains and lakes that we had come to this amazing country to see. The only down side, was that we got so wet, so we had to slowly dry out in our new home.Read more

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British Columbia, BC, Brits-Columbië, كولومبيا البريطانية, ܩܘܠܘܡܒܝܐ ܒܪܝܛܝܬܐ, Columbia Británica, Britaniya Kolumbiyası, Британ Колумбияһы, Правінцыя Брытанская Калумбія, Британска Колумбия, Britanska Kolumbija, Британиин Колумби, Colúmbia Britànica, Britská Kolumbie, Britisk Columbia, Βρετανική Κολομβία, Brita Kolumbio, Briti Columbia, Columbia Britainiarra, بریتیش کلمبیا, Brittiläinen Kolumbia, Colombie-Britannique, Britsk-Kolumbia, An Cholóim Bhriotanach, Columbia Bhreatannach, Kolumbia Vyretañagua, Yn Cholombey Ghoaldagh, קולומביה הבריטית, ब्रिटिश कोलम्बिया, Brit Columbia, Բրիտանական Կոլումբիա, Columbia Britannic, Breska Kólumbía, Columbia Britannica, ブリティッシュコロンビア州, ბრიტანეთის კოლუმბია, ಬ್ರಿಟಿಷ್‌‌ ಕೊಲಂಬಿಯಾ, 브리티시컬럼비아 주, Kolombi Bredennek, British Kolombiya, Cómbia Britannega, Columbia Britanega, Britų Kolumbija, Britu Kolumbija, Британска Колумбија, Бритиш Коламбиа, ब्रिटिश कोलंबिया, ဗြိတိသျှ ကိုလံဘီယာ ပြည်နယ်, Brits-Columbia, Colómbia Britanica, Британийы Колумби, ਬ੍ਰਿਟਿਸ਼ ਕੋਲੰਬੀਆ, Kolumbia Brytyjska, Columbia Britànica, برطانوی کولمبیا, Colúmbia Britânica, British Columbia pruwinsya, Columbia Britanică, Британская Колумбия, Colùmbia Britànnica, Breetish Columbie, Brėtu Kolumbėjė, Britská Kolumbia, Kolumbia Britanike, British Kolumbia, Brytyjsko Kolůmbijo, பிரிட்டிசு கொலம்பியா, รัฐบริติชโคลัมเบีย, Britanya Kolumbiyası, Britani Kolumbiye, Британська Колумбія, برٹش کولمبیا, Britaniya Kolumbiyasi, Cołonbia Britànica, ბრიტანეთიშ კოლუმბია, בריטישע קאלומביע, 卑詩省, 不列颠哥伦比亚

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