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  • Day5

    Olivenöl Museum

    September 1, 2021 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Mara fand diese Olivenöl Museum auf Google. Dank den guten Rezensionen entschlossen wir uns dorthin zu fahren. Und es hat sich sowas von gelohnt.

    Als wir ankamen war gerade eine Führung dran, die liebe Frau des Besitzers bat uns noch kurz zu setzten. Wir bekamen dann ein Olivenliquer zum Testen, mhhhm war der lecker!
    Die Führung war so spannend und informativ, viel zu viel Text den ich schreiben müsste.
    Aber das coolste an allem fand ich das bei der früheren Produktion ein stetiger Kreislauf statt fand.
    Von Oliven zu einer Paste mahlen, wo sie nachher ausgepresst werden (1ste kaltpressung bestes olivenöl), beim zweitenmal pressen heisses Wasser dazugegeben wird. Von dem das Öl dann abgeschöpft wird. Das Wasser läuft in den Garten zum tränken. Die vorige Paste wird zum heizen des Wassers für die zweite Pressung gebraucht.

    Nach der Führung hatten wir eine bombastische Verkostung gebucht, haiaiai war das hammer :)

    Am Abend gingen wir noch kurz schwimmen & sonnenbaden 😊
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  • Day8

    Vidova Gora and Pašticada😍

    September 4, 2021 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Am Samstag gingen wir zum höchsten Berg auf der Insel Brač, der stolze 778 m über Meer hoch ist. Es war wunderschön, leider hatten wir ein wenig dunstig. Bei guter Witterung könnte man bis nach Italien sehen.
    Wir nahmen einen Kaffee an den Klippen des Berges. Jetzt sahen wir das goldene Horn mal noch von oben. 😊 Nächstes mal wenn wir mal wiederkommen, wollen wir unbedingt mal hier oben wandern gehen. Bei angenehmen 22 Grad in den Pinienwäldern.
    Und diese fantastische Ruhe 😍

    Nach dem spontan Ausflug mussten wir mal wieder Tanken gehen. Und auf dem Weg "oh Glück" stand Pašticada! Gérôme musste sofort undrehen das sein Frauchen ihr Essen bekam. Ansonsten wäre glaube der erste Ehekrieg ausgebrochen 😅

    Danach wollten wir noch bädelen geheh, aber waren einfach nicht so überzeugt an den Stränden bei Supetar. Wir gingen dann das erste mal beim Hotel selber auf den Liegestühlen, chillen, lesen und bädele.
    Aber der schönste Strand war definitiv in Sumartin!
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  • Day20

    Day 19 & Day 20 - Splitska Beach

    August 23, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Day 19 - We Can Float

    This is going to be short & sweet.

    Woke up early, had Cheerios & tasteless melon for breakfast.

    Cycled to Splitska Beach, a couple of miles along the coast & stayed there all day. It is now our best beach so far on this trip. Splitska beach is a small pebbly beach at the end of an inlet. We arrived around 9.00am & bagged our spot for the day.

    The beach got busy, but not too busy, mainly with locals in the know, however an English family of six did manage to disturb us for a couple of hours.

    The beach has a lovely little bar, where we took refuge for an hour, then we went swimming. The inlet is closed to boats to allow unimpeded swimming. What we discovered was the the water was so salty that we floated on top of the water without even trying. We this new revelation, we swam for a couple of hundred metres to virtually the opening of the inlet. It felt so liberating. We now can see why Croatians seem to get into the sea at every opportunity.

    At 5.00pm, we reluctantly left the beach & returned to our now virtually ghost town campsite. Our cycling neighbours & most other campers had departed.

    We transferred to our car & drove to Tommy Hipermarket for chicken & bread predominantly. We are trying to source gas canisters for our stove, but without success. My brother Jonathan (Millets) did not take into account the length of our culinary exploits when he supplied us with gas.

    Gas less, we returned to the campsite & Jackie made a super fast spaghetti bolagnese sauce with the remainder of our dwindling gas supplies, whilst I sat impotent on the sidelines substituted.

    I had half the spag bol & salad whilst Jackie picked meat from a whole roasted chicken from the rotisserie.

    With a lack of neighbours, Jackie completed our washing & we decorated the trees with our clean clothes.

    Song of the Day - We Float by PJ Harvey

    Day 20 - And Repeat........

    The morning was a repeat of the previous day, but we swam even further out into the inlet entrance. It was over an hour later when we had our feet back on terra firma. We had swum & floated in acres of space.

    I even took my camera out into the inlet for some ‘action’ shots!

    During lunch we booked an apartment on Hvar for the next leg of our journey.

    We sunbathed all afternoon, then returned to the empty campsite. After showers, Jackie washed every last piece of dirty clothing that we had.

    Dinner was the remainder of last nights meal.

    Song of the Day : Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space by Spiritualized.
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  • Day21

    Day 21 - By The Ferry Skin of our Teeth

    August 24, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We both woke up at 3.00am feeling really hot & clammy. We undid the sides of the tent & Jackie went back to sleep. I didn’t. Instead I watched the last few remaining episodes of The American Office & got up at 5.15am to research travel restrictions southbound.

    After breakfast, about 8.00am we sprang into action, packing up all our gear with the added bonus of thick cloud cover. It was a sweat-less, slick operation & by 9.30am we had showered, had everything in bags on the ground & having a final cup of coffee, before loading all our stuff strategically back into the car. We were just congratulating ourselves on a job well done & then it all went wrong!

    The heavens suddenly opened & the rain came lashing down. We ran around like headless chickens gathering up our stuff & lobbing into the car & boot. Inside the car it looked like a bomb had gone off.

    15 minutes later the rain had subsided & we did our best to repack the car & get away, because we had a ferries to catch. It was 10.20am as we pulled out of the campsite & an English camper van was pulling in. This was the 1st British vehicle we had seen in Croatia, but sadly we didn’t have time to stop & speak to them.

    We raced back to Supetar to catch the 10.45am ferry only to join a massive queue of traffic tailing back from the entrance to the port. Jackie got out & walked the 350 metres (a sign told us it was that far) to the ticket office.

    Twenty minutes later Jackie returned with our ferry tickets for Supetar to Split & a 2.30pm ferry ticket for Split to Stari Grad on the Island of Hvar. The ticket girl had told Jackie that they had been caught out by the number of cars turning up at the ferry port & they were having to mobilise an additional ferry.

    Eventually they started to load a ferry & we crawled down to the port. We were lined up in a holding area & told we must be ready in our cars at midday. Clearly some people didn’t know that an additional ferry was being laid on, because they were getting very agitated.

    We had time to kill, so we took a stroll around the attractive harbour at Supetar & bought a meat pasty. It wasn’t that nice. We returned to our car just before midday & saw that the original ferry was now packed to the gunnels & still more vehicles were being crammed in. Then like a mirage, a 2nd empty ferry appeared & we were directed to board it, just as the 1st was leaving.

    Our ferry departed at 12.30pm, barely a third full. We were feeling smug & confident that we would have plenty of time to catch our 2.30 ferry. Oh how we were wrong!

    50 minutes later we docked at Split & zoomed off the ferry into another line of traffic, where we waited & waited. There were at least 10 lines of traffic all merging/pushing their way ahead into our line of traffic that was the only way out of the port. It was chaotic & utterly ridiculous we were crawling along at 0.001 miles an hour. Worse still, we had no choice but to leave the port, then re-enter it on the one-way system.

    At 2.20pm, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that we had missed our ferry & saw that the next one wasn’t until 5.00pm. I started researching where we could visit in Split, when the traffic started moving a bit. At 2.25pm we were just leaving the port & so I forced our way onto an open road. I raced through the streets of Split, screeched back into the port, identified our ferry & raced the wrong way up a one-way road to the back of the ferry. The bemused ferryman checked our tickets & ushered us aboard.

    Before we had got out of our car the ferry doors were closing & we were setting sail. We were elated & shouting out ferry related puns. Sorry.

    The 1 hour 50 minute ferry journey passed through the narrow channel between the Islands of Brac & Solta, then Hvar came into view. The ferry took us down the deep inlet to the port of Stari Grad, our base for the next week. It was a civilised & speedy exit from the ferry.

    Less than a mile later we arrived at Adrienn Apartments, where Adrienn came out to meet us & showed us where to park. I mention it because she pointed to an Audi in the car park & advised us to park a long way from it. She said the Audi belonged to a woman from Paris who couldn’t drive & scared the living daylights out of her. I can’t wait to watch her parking manoeuvres!

    Adrienn was very nice & offered us advice on restaurants, beaches etc. Our balcony has a stunning view out across the inlet & the apartment is well equipped. We unpacked & headed out to the town centre.

    A 2 minute walk took us down to the ‘nice’ beach, which is not necessarily our ideal beach, more promenade to lie on than beach. It was then a pleasant 10 minute stroll along the seafront path to the town harbour. The harbour was chockablock with yachts, all teeming with annoying ‘yachtie’ types having post sailing drinks on deck.

    We found a square with several bars, chose one & had a couple of well earned beers. It was very relaxing & made even better with some good music (Billy Idol & Blondie) from the bar opposite.

    We then went for dinner at a fish restaurant, Kod Barba Luke recommended by Adrienn. It was quite posh. I ordered beef steak with chicory & Parmesan cheese & Jackie had lamb chops. They came with nothing else but French fries. Mine was delicious, but Jackie’s was boring & the fat hadn’t been rendered properly. She should have had fish. It wasn’t cheap & certainly not exceptional!

    After dinner, we popped to the supermarket for a box of wine & breakfast. We arrived back at the apartment shortly after 9.00pm & went straight to bed shattered.

    Observation - Good quality wine & beer is very cheap in Croatia, but annoyingly food, particularly meat is expensive in the restaurants. Only one thing for it!

    Song of the Day : One Way or Another by Blondie.
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    Angela Bambridge

    One chilli and rendering the fat on lamb, there’s no stopping you now Simon, there’s a chef in there somewhere!!! Apartment looks great and the view is fabulous! xx

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Angela, I’ve always been keen on the theory, just not putting it into practice xx

    David Byng

    Split is lovely to visit but I got caught in thay traffic at the post as well and I want catching a ferry . We found meat and fish really cheap in Croatia, try some of the family run restaurants off the beaten track

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Where did you go on the ferry?

  • Day17

    Day 17 - Adriatic Commie Chef

    August 20, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Woke up this morning loving our new campsite. We are too quick to judge. The view & ambiance are perfect.

    I got up at 6.00am to watch my Skinny Minnie neighbour don her cycling gear, carbo up, prepare her bike & cycle off. She is looks to be a pro or semi-pro cyclist.

    At 8.00am we went to the advertised camp shop. It was a table with just 3 loaves of bread, a tray of tomatoes & a couple of melons.

    This was not what we had in mind, so we drove 2 minutes down the road to Tommy’s Hipermarket, not a typo. What a fantastic supermarket. We got carried away & bought litres of wine, gallons of beer, a cooking pot & all the ingredients for a chilli on carne which included a kilo of minced beef. We also bought a meat pasty, proper milk & pretty much most of the store.

    After a sumptuous breakfast, we went down to our campsite beach. It was relatively quiet & a joy to sit on. We had pre-judged it, it was probably the best beach so far on this trip.

    We had a liquid lunch at the cafe, then returned to beach for a siesta. We both woke up around 4.00pm to discover we were now surrounded by mothers with hordes of screaming kids & not now the best beach.

    During lunch we discovered that Croatia was now subject of quarantine measures should we return to UK 🇬🇧 any time soon. I’m hoping this doesn’t effect our intended entry into Montenegro.

    In similar news “Germany has now designated two Croatian regions - Sibenik-Knin and Split-Dalmatia - as virus risk regions and warned against travel there. Arrivals in Germany from those areas will face mandatory tests for coronavirus.” Brilliant, that is where we have just come from & where we are now!

    At 5.30pm, we left the beach & began preparations of our chilli. I turned into Adriatic Commie Chef of the Year. WE created a chilli con carne of chopped onions, garlic & pepper & added half a kilo of minced beef, then added salt, pepper, water, chilli con carne powder, sugar, dried chilli flakes, bovril, tinned tomatoes & finally kidney beans. After stirring for nearly 2 hours, it was ready & tasted wonderful. Washed down with a loaf of bread & white wine.

    It was a superb evening, cooking on the Adriatic coast, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be quite the same in our kitchen in Cuckfield!

    During the evening, I managed to have a chat with my cycling neighbour & learnt that she cycled half of the perimeter of the island & met her family at the famous beach in Bol. She said it was busy, but would probably be even busier at the weekend.

    We will probably go tomorrow, Friday I think.

    Song of the Day : Can U Cook? by Seasick Steve.
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    Jonathan Annals

    Er...believe it’s ‘commis chef’! Nice chilli though!

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Not in Croatian.

  • Day11

    Split und Insel Brač

    May 21, 2021 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Früh 😲 gestartet sind wir heute nach Split, der größten Stadt Dalmatiens, gefahren.
    Weit war es nicht, sodass wir schon mittags am Fährhafen 🚢 ankamen. Wohnmobil abgestellt, den "Schlitten" (unseren Thule CX1, welchen wir sowohl am Radl als auch zu Fuß nutzen können, unserer Ersatz für den Kinderwagen) zusammengebaut 👶🏼 und ab ging es in die wie so oft in Kroatien wundervolle, enge, mit Gassen durchzogene Altstadt ⛪ von Split.

    Nach diesem Speedsightseeing ging es auch schon 14:15h mit der Fähre auf die Insel Brač 🏝️ und zu unserem wieder einmal am Meer ⛵ gelegenen Campingplatz 🏕️.
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