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  • Day33

    Cruisen mit dem VW-Beetle!

    August 31 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Ja wie cool war das denn bitte?!

    Heut stand eine VW-Beetle-Cabrio-Tour über die kroatische Insel Hvar auf dem Programm. Schon das ist ja eigentlich genug der Freude. Doch als sich 2 Teilnehmerinnen nicht getraut hatten selbst zu fahren, musste ich mich eben "opfern" und selbst hinters Steuer anstatt "nur" mitzufahren. Was eine Tortur. 🥳🥳🥳

    Nur über die Farbwahl des Autos ließ sich streiten. 😣
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    André Kuwan

    Glaub da haben sie euch verarscht, wobei von Kult des Käfers, habt ihr den Gewinn gemacht 😜

    Dany Michael

    Wieso verarscht?

    André Kuwan

    Weil das kein VW Beetle sondern ein VW Käfer ist🤔

    Dany Michael

    Aber Goolge "VW Beetle altes Modell" zeigt diesen kleinen Flitzer.

    André Kuwan

    Omg wir sind verloren 😩

  • Day24

    Day 24 - Zoom Lolly Lilo

    August 27, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Slept well & neither of us could get out of bed until gone 8.00am.

    Jackie made me scrambled eggs on toast & coffee for breakfast, then we headed back to our beach not too much after nine.

    We plonked ourselves down in our usual spot & started huffing & puffing into our newly acquired lilo. We had a laugh at a couple who moved three times in about half an hour because people sat too close to them, then gave up & left the beach. In fact the wife did while the husband was still swimming.

    Unfortunately the joke was soon on us, when 4 ugly blokes & a girl sat too close directly behind us. They were oblivious to my Paddington hard stares & in the end we reluctantly relocated to the other end of the beach that was unusually quiet.

    In our new spot, Jackie launched Zoom Lolly Lilo & stayed on it for most of the day as the photos will testify. Lunch was half a bladder of white wine & some peanuts. We left the beach at 4.45pm as it was just starting to get busy again, inexplicably with Brits.

    That evening we dressed up & hit the town. After a beer in our favourite bar, we returned to Pizzeria Marco, where Jackie had a large bowl of mussels & whelks in white wine & a side of French fries. I had gnocchi ai quattro formaggi. It was a perfect evening.

    On the way home we stopped at a tiny little shop that sold only homemade wine in old recycled water bottles. We bought a bottle for tomorrow night.

    Song of the Day : Zoom by Fat Larry’s Band.
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    Angela Bambridge

    I’d say Fab but that’s the wrong lolly!!! xx

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Very good x

    Ann Annals

    What is a Paddington stare do you mean the bear ?

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Paddington hard stare. I don’t know.

  • Day27

    Day 27 - Do as the Locals Do

    August 30, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    The morning started with more ant trouble. Jackie started eating her honey loops & after a couple of mouthfuls felt her arm was itchy. She looked down to see several ants running around on it. She then looked in her cereal bowl to see more ants swimming for their lives. She inspected the cereal packet & it was crawling with the damn things.

    I decided to have toast.

    Our apartments other guests are mainly middle aged lesbians, which is great. What is not great is that one couple have worn the same clothes all week. Photo attached.

    It was forecast to be another windy day, so as planned we set out in the car to explore the island. Our first stop was Jelsa, another town apparently similar to Stari Grad, but we will never know what it was like because there were barriers up to the town centre & we were expected to pay to park up. We chose not to.

    We popped to the harbour port of Vrboska, where there were lots of sailing boats, but not many sailors.

    We then headed for Hvar town, where we discovered that the car parks wanted £10 to park for the day. I was keen to see one of the oldest theatres in Europe, but not at that price!

    Instead we tried to drive down to the waterfront, but ended up in such a tight squeeze that we had to blindly reverse for about 50 metres, then drive up a one way street the wrong way to escape.

    Having learnt our lesson, we then cruised around the top road above Hvar Town where we got decent viewpoints of the town below & the Spanish fortress above.

    On the way home, we located the village of Milna. We parked up in a free car park & took a stroll. It was a tiny seafront village full of inviting restaurants, but just too early in the day for us.

    We returned home around midday & walked past Lantern Beach to the port then around the harbour inlet for several miles. We passed the small 13th century harbour church of St. Jerome. We read that the hermitage opposite became a hospice in the 17th century & was later used as a quarantine hospital for passengers from ships suspected of carrying contagious diseases. How appropriate!

    We stopped on the way back for an overpriced beer.

    Later that afternoon, we packed our bags & loaded what we could into the car. I finished before Jackie & now a hot sweaty mess, decided to do what the locals do & go for a swim. I donned a pair of shorts & walked down to the ‘beach’, then climbed down into the sea for a cooling float.

    I returned home in time to watch the T20 cricket & England beat Pakistan with a record breaking run chase.

    That evening we went back to Pizzeria Marco (again) & ordered the Marco special pizza (basically a bit of everything on top) with a salad & a litre of wine & sparkling water. We noticed that the cobblestoned pavement was all wet & learnt that the combination of a high tide & strong winds had blown the sea water up & all the restaurants had been ankle deep in water during the afternoon.

    When the bill came, the waiter said “From the owner, all the drinks were on the house”. What a lovely gesture & a great end to our stay in Stari Grad. Sadly Marco wasn’t there to thank in person.

    Song of the Day : The Tide Is High by Blondie.
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  • Day26

    Day 26 - Weather Forecast - Windy

    August 29, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Struggling to get up these mornings. The forecast on the weather app on the iPhone just said ‘windy’ for the whole day. What did that actually mean? Apart from the obvious.

    After breakfast we decided to chance it & go back to our beach, fully prepared to abandon it if the wind was unbearable. We weren’t early, but there were only two cars in the car park. Other people must have read the same weather forecast or had local knowledge.

    Being high up, the wind was battering us so Zoom Lolly Lilo was banished to the boot. We then fought our way down the goat path to the bottom & WOW the beach was absolutely empty. I imagine this was a rarity mid morning on a sunny day in the summer. It was even better, because the cove shielded most of the wind.

    It was less than 10 minutes before other sunbathers started descending on the beach, but it remained pretty quiet all day. Occasionally we had a gust of wind that caused havoc with any umbrella or inflatable that had misguidedly been brought to the beach.

    One umbrella shot up in the air about 20 feet & landed on another family’s towels. Luckily only Dad was sat there & he gave them a rollicking. I rescued a foam mat & an inflatable swan.

    The highlight of the day was laughing at another chap who spent most of his day trying to put up an umbrella for his girlfriend’s dog, then his inflatable blew out to sea, he swam after it only for the the inflatable to blow back to shore with him now 30 yards out to sea. He was not a happy chappie!

    Lunch was cheese & ham sandwiches & white wine. Unfortunately I had been left in charge of packing the wine & I forgot the glasses. We had to resort to using our water bottle as our wine glass. It didn’t look good!

    During the afternoon, the naked gardener who lived in the big stone house at the water’s edge started playing Bob Dylan tracks that drifted out across the beach. On previous days we have had classical music, piano concertos & jazz.

    We left the beach after 6pm because the cooling breeze had made it comfortable for Jackie to stay in the sun all day without any shade.

    Back home we struggled to motivate ourselves to get ready to go out, but we did. We strolled around the pretty back streets, but ultimately gravitated back to Pizzeria Marco. We shared a very decent lasagna, chips & salad.

    On the way home we purchased some more homemade wine for a wine nightcap with our whole nut chocolate.

    Song of the Day : Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan.
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  • Day139

    Sveta Nedjelja

    December 19, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Auch Kroatien verschärft für die Weihnachtstage die Coronamassnahmen und verbieten das Reisen zwischen den Regionen. So fahren wir nun morgen definitiv weiter um die letzte Region vor der Grenze rechtzeitig zu erreichen.Read more

    Silvia Brügger

    wau... so schön!

  • Day38

    Entspannung auf dem Campingplatz

    June 13 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Von der Sonne begleitet starten wir die entspannenden Tage auf dem Campingplatz. Aufstehen und direkt ins Meer hüpfen, daran haben wir uns gewöhnt und möchten es nicht mehr missen😀😎 genauso unser gemütliches Frühstück mit Blick aufs Wasser 🏝

    Dieser Ort ist so schön, dass wir uns kurzerhand entscheiden hier den Rest der Tage zu verbringen ❣️🙏🐠🌴🏕️🏖️
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  • Day3

    Stari Grad auf Hvar

    July 20, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Heute kommt auch das Großsegel zum Einsatz. Die ersten Wenden unter voller Besegelung klappen auch gut. Wir segeln um die Westspitze von Hvar und machen eine Badepause unter Anker in der Bucht Pelegrim. Eigentlich wollten wir dann weiter zur Insel Vis. Diesen Plan verwerfen wir aber, weil der Wind stark nachlässt. Statt dessen segeln wir auf der Nordseite von Hvar in Richtung Osten und in die Bucht von Starigrad. Unterwegs sehen wir zwar keine Delfine, dafür aber springende Thunfische. Der Anleger in Starigrad ist dann bei starkem Seitenwind ziemlich anspruchsvoll, gelingt aber trotzdem auf Anhieb. Der Ort ist wunderschön. Wir lassen uns von spielenden Hunden und flanierenden Menschen unterhalten und essen dabei selbstgekochte Nudeln, denen Jörg den Namen Ratatouille gibt. Es wird dann noch ein schöner Abend mit altersgerechter Musik, Diskokugel und ein paar alkoholischen Getränken.Read more

  • Day31

    Korčula ➡️ Hvar: Von Insel zu Insel

    June 6 in Croatia ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    3 Fähren, enge Strässchen und schwül-warme 27 Grad; so gestaltet sich unser Reisetag, um auf den abgelegenen Campingplatz auf Hvar zu gelangen.
    Am späten Nachmittag erreichen wir unser Ziel und nisten uns hier genüsslich ein. Die wunderbaren Eindrücke, der letzten Tagen und Wochen möchten wir hier in Ruhe verdauen. Hier bleiben wir nun für paar Tage, also seid nicht traurig, wenn ihr die nächsten Tage nichts von uns hört. Wir erleben eine tolle offline Zeit, in verliebter Zweisamgkeit ☺️😍. Start mit einen kräftigen Gewitter und starken Regen in der ersten Nacht auf Hvar🌩️Read more

  • Jun30

    Hvar Nedomisalj to Vrboska

    June 30 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Time to drop anchor and enjoy Kevs leave period. A gusty period necessitating moving of GypsyDjango to another spot in the bay. Good access to a lovely run through the forest and along the shore. Really enjoy Jelsa as an Old Town 😊Read more

  • Day8

    Besichtigung von Jelsa

    May 20 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Am Donnerstag sind wir früh mit den Fahrrädern in die Stadt gefahren, um ein kleines Frühstück einzunehmen 🥐☕️
    Danach fuhren wir etwas durch den Hafen und schauten uns die kleinen Gassen an. Überall in den Gassen, gab es kleine Kneipen und Lädchen, allerdings hatte diese fast alle noch zu.
    Wir entdeckten auf dem Weg, einen neu geöffneten Supermarkt „Plodine“ - dort gingen wir für unser Frühstück und Abendessen einkaufen. Wir versuchten an der Fleischtheke ein Rumpsteak für heute Abend zu bekommen.. Allerdings hatten wir am Ende des Tages, irgendein anderes Stück Fleisch bekommen, wo wir nicht wussten, ob es überhaupt für den Grill geeignet ist😅
    Heimzu kauften wir noch auf dem Gemüsemarkt frische Tomaten 🍅, riesige Kartoffeln 🥔 und schöne frische Erdbeeren 🍓 - mmmmmh lecker!
    Am Campingplatz angekommen, kam auch endlich die Sonne ☀️ raus und wir gingen ins Meer 🌊 baden ! Eine herrlich Abkühlung!
    Danach haben wir unser Abendessen vorbereitet - das gekaufte Steak mit Rosmarinkartoffeln 🍴
    Es war ein grandioses Stück Fleisch 🥩
    Nach dem Essen haben wir unseren Abend noch ausklingen lassen 🍷🍻🧊
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