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  • Day13


    July 30, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Krakow 30th July - 2nd August 2017
    Caught the train this morning to Krakow. Six hour ride. Ainsley did well with the bookings by making sure we had allocated seats. A lot of people Standing! Also Graham remembered from our trip with Erica in Venice that you had to be quick to stack your bags or you have no where to put them.
    Wow .... what a place. Erica....have you ever been to Krakow....better then Prague. Kept the old world Charm!
    Absolutely loving the feel of this place. Went to dinner in the square. What a lovely balmy Evening! Cheap food and booze. And Yummy!
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  • Day11

    Prague - Wednesday

    August 24, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Wednesday began with another long train trip from Munich to Prague which we are getting used to by now.

    When we arrived we attempted to buy tickets for a tram from the station to our hotel but we eventually gave up due to confusion and took the easy option of a taxi. The hotel has a lovely view of the castle and the river and we ordered room service for lunch in our laziness. We wandered around the cobbled streets in the afternoon while enjoying an apparent Prague desert specialty.

    We went to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner which also had the option of an aroma dinner for breatharians, so the place was kind of kooky but the salad dinners were excellent (we needed a break from our constant pork knuckle and sausage diet). We finished up with a couple of cocktails at a bar around the corner where I had absinthe for the first time, properly served with water melted sugar and everything. It was nice, but I'm not sure I'll make it a regular thing.
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  • Day2

    Night walk..

    December 16, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Early evening last night our travel guide Simona took us on a walk from our hotel and through the old part of Prague. .Prague is called Praha by the Czechs..It is gets dark early so no problem. .We had little head phones and Simona was very informative. let's of these building with the balcony is where Indepence Day was announced in 1918,. Municipal of these buildings is where some of the film Amadeus was filmed..Mozart played here..The building Bila Labut The white Swan shopping mall is a dept store representing communist days..something like that..ha..Simona where are you..
    The streets are lit up like Christmas trees..ha funny that..There is the black tower where all the emperors had to go through when in Prague..the streets are lined with cobblestones and this means a sign of a wealthy city apparantly..There is so many different types of crystal..Moser crystal an unleaded crystal being the most famois here..
    So I am writing this in middle of might in Prague but morning in Perth as we went to bed at 7.30...combined with my darling auntie making some amazing tunes I am awake..bahaaaaa.I will get back to sleep and make tunes myself. .ha ha this will be fun..tomorrow we are off for a day tour. .
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  • Day47

    Journey to Prague

    October 20, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Checked out and made it to the Berlin train station 30min early. But train was cancelled (with no suggestions on why or what to do next). Fun.

    Got in a line and 10min later we were told that we could get a train 2hrs later. Bit unclear whether we need to reserve seats so into another line. This one much longer (including taking a ticket number - 1289 when the highest the board was showing was 1220...). Luckily we managed to talk to someone at the main reception after 15min or so - all OK to take the next train, but no way to reserve a seat. So it was first on, first served.

    Had some lunch before we left (thanks Welcomecard for yet another discount). Plain pretzels for Radi (feeling unwell). Cheese and vegetable pretzel, fried herring roll (with two large slices of thick onion) and Becks on tap for Wade. Delicious.

    Then to the platform slash scrum to get on. Made it on board but entire carriage was reserved so had to awkwardly back out in a narrow space with our backpacks on. Was awkward. Eventually found two seats in with two lovely older Germans going to Dresden and then Greece. Most of the train were 5 seat compartments (like Hogwarts Express) but also some random seats in the aisle... was weird but worked OK.

    Train trip had nice scenery - views of the Elbe and Vlatlava rivers, and a castle or two. Lots of smoke stacks once we got into Czech. Played a few rounds of Last Card.

    Made it to Prague and took tram to our accomodation. Walked past it a couple of times but got there eventually. Then up four floors to our place. Good so far although no toaster. And when we came back down for dinner, the auto light timed out just as entered into a little ante chamber between doors (with the front one being locked). Kinda spooky by pure chance.

    Giant mushroom pizza for dinner and bought some more Lotus spread as it is delicious. Then off to bed!
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  • Day23

    Cafe savoy

    January 6, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Our last food hunt in prague ended with cafe savoy. Its supposedly is good for fruit dumplings (not 粽子, or wanton) but fruit wrapped up with flour and cooked. Well.. Its good for the first 2, after that? Hmmmmm.. Lucky we ordered another sandwich hahaha. But the drink was good. Wifey's chestnut coffee and my savoy hot chocolate is worth the trip here.

  • Day2

    bij de praagse burcht

    August 2, 2016 in Czech Republic

    In het gouden straatje waren de woningen voor de boogschutters van de Burchtwacht. Tijdens de 17e eeuw kwamen de goudsmeden van de burcht hierheen vandaar de naam. In 1916 heeft Franz Kafka hier een jaar op nog 22 gewoond. Hierna lekker koffie met apfelstrudel op een terrasje.

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