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  • Day5


    May 29 in Czech Republic

    We arrived in Prague by the end of the afternoon. After checking in and figuring out how the tram system worked, we took the 22 to the city centre. This is a good way to see the city centre, just to position yourself in the city. But actually, we didn't do it on the first day.
    This time we headed towards Charles Bridge, full of tourists even though it was almost dusk. We came here at least two more times and we took numerous pictures of it from different angles. After studying the statues along the bridge, it was time to find a place to eat traditional Czech food, and that's what we did, directly in the city centre.

    Just a cultural tip about the bridge: Czech legend has it that construction began on Charles Bridge at 5:31am on 9 July 1357 with the first stone being laid by Charles IV himself.
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  • Day53

    The rest of the day

    October 26, 2016 in Czech Republic

    So then I find the John Lennon wall. He was never in the republic but they love him here. Lots of student protests and the wall was painted over several times but the graffiti comes back. There is also some nice graffiti here. So I come around the corner and see two guys and one is sitting suspended in the air-wtf? And right across the street is a Thai place where you put your feet into a fish tank and the tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet-pedicure Thai style-so grotesque but busy. I find the senate buildings and a sign says no guns allowed . And then a park for peacocks. A very odd exit day out of Prague.Read more

  • Day53

    Last night in Prague

    October 26, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Last day of touring around today and so much to write. Made it to the KGB museum which in itself was quite the experience. The orator I swear was ex KGB. Factoid-KGB established in 1917, several secret branches of it, ring leader and his armies used cocaine to be better leaders and to bring up the spirits of the army personnel. Convicts had tattoos of Stalin tattooed on their chests so that if they were ever caught they wouldn't be shot due to honor. Stalin is still #1 in Russia. Check out the photos. The guide had really rough English but was over the top in acting out scenarios and me and the two Scots ripped ourselves laughing.Read more

  • Day51

    Prague-Czech Rep

    October 24, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Took the 10:30 train to Prague today. It was so smooth at 160km/h. Got here at 1:08 pm and walked an extra 8 km before I found my hostel. Google sucks sometimes. But when I got here and found out I was dead centre of the Charles bridge and all the history I booked another night. I don't think I can see this city in two days; it is absolutely jaw dropping and everybody needs to see it just for the architecture and how amazing the buildings are. This is architectural pornography. Sitting at the wine bar next to my hostel and enjoying a 2012 can franc and 2012 Pinot noir. Going for a night tour after to see what's going on.Read more

  • Day52

    City slicking in Prague

    October 25, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Started off on my your at 815 this morning. It was really misty and kept the mobs indoors. I had walked 15km by the time I sat down for lunch. My feet were numb. All the roads are cobblestone and there are no lines to show drivers where to drive (hard to walk on the cobblestones). I took the funicular up to the top of Petrin gardens and then meandered back down to town. I stumbled across the Templar restaurant and had lunch-grilled chicken breast with grilled potatoes, gravy, salas, bread,beer and mineral water all go $10 with tip. Inexpensive to eat here . At the top of the castle grapes were grown with one vine up and not spread over wires for a continuous canopy. Very interesting.Read more

  • Day13


    July 30, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Krakow 30th July - 2nd August 2017
    Caught the train this morning to Krakow. Six hour ride. Ainsley did well with the bookings by making sure we had allocated seats. A lot of people Standing! Also Graham remembered from our trip with Erica in Venice that you had to be quick to stack your bags or you have no where to put them.
    Wow .... what a place. Erica....have you ever been to Krakow....better then Prague. Kept the old world Charm!
    Absolutely loving the feel of this place. Went to dinner in the square. What a lovely balmy Evening! Cheap food and booze. And Yummy!
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  • Day11

    Prague - Wednesday

    August 24, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Wednesday began with another long train trip from Munich to Prague which we are getting used to by now.

    When we arrived we attempted to buy tickets for a tram from the station to our hotel but we eventually gave up due to confusion and took the easy option of a taxi. The hotel has a lovely view of the castle and the river and we ordered room service for lunch in our laziness. We wandered around the cobbled streets in the afternoon while enjoying an apparent Prague desert specialty.

    We went to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner which also had the option of an aroma dinner for breatharians, so the place was kind of kooky but the salad dinners were excellent (we needed a break from our constant pork knuckle and sausage diet). We finished up with a couple of cocktails at a bar around the corner where I had absinthe for the first time, properly served with water melted sugar and everything. It was nice, but I'm not sure I'll make it a regular thing.
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  • Day39

    Tourists in Prague

    July 6, 2017 in Czech Republic

    I don't think we could say that we've seen it all but we've given it our best shot. We've done a walking tour of the old town, we've spent hours at Prague Castle walking around listening to the audio guide, (there are over 90 segments on the audio guide), we've been up on the funicular, we've walked across Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) at dusk and in the early morning, we've mastered the public transport system and we've been to Wenceslas Square. I'll have to read more on Bohemian history, it's hard to remember all the stories and events.

    One thing we haven't really connected with is Czech food. Bread dumplings just aren't that appetising. We'll give it another go before we leave. But we do have a favourite Italian restaurant just near our hotel.

    We've also managed to get boxes and packing material and our bikes are now packed up and in the hotel storage room.

    We needed some bubble wrap for bike packing, how do you translate that into Czech? We googled "stationers" and found that the local Officeworks equivalent is "MacPen". No problem.
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  • Day8


    June 27, 2016 in Czech Republic

    We left Dublin a couple days ago to head towards Prague in Czech Republic. It was my first time flying with Ryan Air (a budget airline) and it was fantastic. Absolutely no complaints.

    In Czech, the currency is different than the rest of europe. We had to use kronas, which are horrible to convert back and forth... We only knew one conversion and that was "100 Kcz is 5$, 50kcz is 2.50$" which we would repeat every single time we bought something.... Also cause we thought we were hilarious. Soooooo when we got through customs, shaunny had to take out some money.. The options on the ATM machine were 20,000, 18,000, 16,000, 140000 ect. She took out 14,000kcz.... Which breanna and shaunessa thought was around 75$ Canadian but nope... 800$ Canadain. We ended up exchanging it back into Canadain money and she lost 100$ because of the conversion. We might have goofed a little 🙊

    As you can imagine, our time in prague wasnt starting off on the right foot... But it only got better & much better. 😊

    We navigated our way around to find our bus that would take us to the tram so we could get to our Air BnB (without using a map💁🏼). Let me tell you, it is quite difficult to find where you are going when NO ONE speaks english in the country.

    We got to our place safe and sound in no time. It was also a 10 minute walk.... Well an hour if you are drunk. It was located just above a resturant called the Grand Cru, which we didnt get to eat at but looked simply amazing with their rustik feel to it. Our appartement could have fit up to 9 people, it came with a full bathroom, a living room, kitchen and small dining area.. All for 23$ a night per person.

    After we got settled in we headed out for the night, determined to find a super market. But as you can all probably tell by now, we never get to the things we need. Instead, we walked to Charles Bridge, which was beautiful at sunset. We took some pictures & then i remembered that Buzzfeed had posted an article about how, in prague, they sell ice cream in a donut.. So plans changed VERY quickly. Off we went off for another adventure. We connected to the starbucks wifi & searched up where we could get one. After stumbling upon it, we enjoyed an apple struddle and ice cream filling.

    After walking up and down Karlova street and old town square, we decided to try to find a grocery store. On our way there, it decided it would be a good time to down pour. We casually continued to walk in the rain while everyone ran for shelter.

    We also did a huge circle while trying to get back to the apartment, all becuase we wanted to crash a bacelor party walking down the street.

    We made it back to the apartment safe and sound, obviously cause im writing a blog post, & we each took our turns showering. Getting to bed around 12:30pm. With nothing to do the next morning, we decided it would be a good time to sleep in & give our livers a break from ireland... But not too much of a break ;)
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  • Day2

    Night walk..

    December 16, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Early evening last night our travel guide Simona took us on a walk from our hotel and through the old part of Prague. .Prague is called Praha by the Czechs..It is gets dark early so no problem. .We had little head phones and Simona was very informative. let's of these building with the balcony is where Indepence Day was announced in 1918,. Municipal of these buildings is where some of the film Amadeus was filmed..Mozart played here..The building Bila Labut The white Swan shopping mall is a dept store representing communist days..something like that..ha..Simona where are you..
    The streets are lit up like Christmas trees..ha funny that..There is the black tower where all the emperors had to go through when in Prague..the streets are lined with cobblestones and this means a sign of a wealthy city apparantly..There is so many different types of crystal..Moser crystal an unleaded crystal being the most famois here..
    So I am writing this in middle of might in Prague but morning in Perth as we went to bed at 7.30...combined with my darling auntie making some amazing tunes I am awake..bahaaaaa.I will get back to sleep and make tunes myself. .ha ha this will be fun..tomorrow we are off for a day tour. .
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