Czech Republic
Hlavní město Praha

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  • Day13

    On a lighter note

    June 30 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Delicious last night in Prague dinner at a renovated monastery, group shot overlooking view of the city & more pictures of the city (from Chris)….tomorrow we are taking a bus to Vienna to board our boat for a two week cruise!Read more

    Mary E Oliver

    Having fun!!!!!! So glad. Hotter then hell here. Enjoy Vienna.

    John Kuhn

    great pictures, glad you met a great group of ladies for your travel friends, enjoy the bus to vienna.

    Looks amazing! [Zoey]

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  • Day93

    Last day in Prague

    June 22 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    Miles: 4.2 Steps: 10329
    Flights stairs: 9

    Today was our last day in Prague and we had a nice relaxing time. We headed up to Petrin Hill on a funicular and went to the Mirror maze - it was cute. Wish it would have been harder, but still fun. Then we stopped at the Petrin Tower, Prague’s attempt to duplicate the Eiffel Tower. Built slightly differently and MUCH smaller, but neat to see. We also toured the beautiful rose gardens and then took the funicular back down.

    After that we headed back to the Head of Franz Kafka to see if it was working today, and found it was - kind of. There are 42 moving plates, and sadly 2 of them didn’t rotate. Still saw the gist of it, but the broken pieces didn’t allow it to do all it was supposed to do. If you google it you can see it working correctly.

    Then we headed thru the city for one last look. Everywhere we go we see Starbucks - it’s amazing how they are different in each old city and morph right in with the surroundings.

    Prague is definitely a beautiful place - and their public transportation system is the best we’ve seen yet. The US has a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the world it seems.
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    Julie Burdette

    Does it move every hour??

    Christie Mitchell

    It’s supposed to move at the top of every hour … but seems to be hit and miss. Needs a little TLC.

    Julie Burdette

    Wow!! That's the prettiest Starbucks I've ever seen.

    Christie Mitchell

    Crazy huh? They’ve been that way everywhere. Even the McDinalds “blends”. You wouldn’t even know it’s a mcds

  • Day92

    Prague, finally!!

    June 21 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Miles: 7.45 Steps: 17644
    Flights stairs: 15

    We finally had great weather and went out and enjoyed Prague! It was beautiful. We went to the Prague castle and St Vitus Cathedral as well as St George’s cathedral on the hill. It was really pretty cool.

    Then we headed down to the river and went across the Charles Bridge and into the old town. We took a tour of the famous astronomical clock. Didn’t get to see any workings of the clock but did have an interesting tour of the underground city that lies underneath the one we see above. We also took a small boat ride (size, not time) down the river and into the canals of “little Venice” - which, really wasn’t much like Venice now that I’ve been there.

    The highlight of the evening was going back at night to see the town lit up. Truly beautiful.
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    Julie Burdette

    That is some intricate stained glass. Just beautiful.

    Christie Mitchell

    Assume you appreciate it since you’ve done it yourself

  • Day91

    Prague’s weather causing issues

    June 20 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    Miles: 3.73 Steps: 9702
    Flights stairs: 9

    This is the first town where we have been seriously hampered by the weather. Pretty good considering we’re going on 90 days of travel. Yesterday it was stifling hot - 100° in the shade! So we didn’t do much but shop in the mall. Today we tried to go out, but a giant storm blew in, took the temps down to 50-60’s with severe rain, thunder and lighting, so we gave up and went back to our hostel mid day knowing the forecast was much better the next few days. crossing our fingers.

    We did go to a few things before heading “home”. We saw the Dancing house - they also call it “Fred and Ginger” here. It’s a building that is meant to look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing. It was pretty neat.

    Then we headed to the “Head of Franz Kafka” - a sculpture of a German famous writer. It was not running because of the weather, but it was supposed to change forms and spin. We’re going to try to see it again before we leave and see if it’s working.

    We went out in the evening after the storm passed and went to Letna Park, which is close to where we’re staying. Gave us a nice view of the sunset and of the city below.

    During this trip in some cities I add in a few extra days here and there to “rest”, do laundry, get shopping done, plan the next countries, things like that. Luckily that was the case here in Prague so we had a few extra days to give. It was nice to just sit and relax and take it easy. And we have a private room at the hostel, so even better!!
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    Donna McGovert

    You are NOT going to believe this, but at first glance, I saw the post’s title “Prague’s weather causing issues”, then I glanced down and saw what looked like a building being blown by the wind!!!!😂😂😂

    Christie Mitchell

    That’s funny! I can see that

    Donna McGovert

    I actually wrote a paper in high school about one of Franz Kafka’s short story The Hunger Artist😳🤔

    Christie Mitchell

    He sounds quite famous. There are things all over Prague about him

  • Day90

    Prague … kind of

    June 19 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 93 °F

    Miles: 5.5 Steps: 14503
    Flights stairs: 13

    Our first official day in Prague and it hit 100° out of the blue. The next three days we’re here should be normal temp, so we decided to change up plans and go somewhere nice and cool instead of sightsee in this heat — so we went to the mall!

    After 3 months on the road we needed a few things, plus it’s just fun to see the “normal” side of a city like this. We’ve been to a couple malls now in Europe and they’re HUGE. This one was 5 stories tall.

    Hopefully the weather report will be right for tomorrow and the heat is going to break .. so I’ll have some awesome experiences & pics of the city.
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    Donna McGovert

    Wonder if they have the Impossible Burger😜😂

    Christie Mitchell

    The menus are completely different. They have burgers I’ve never heard of - a Kansas burger?!? And in most countries the menu is twice as big as what you see in US

  • Day89

    Travel day …

    June 18 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    Miles: 3.1 Steps: 7101
    Flights stairs: 8 (rare “easy” day)

    Today was a travel day, which is still very much an adventure in Europe. We took a 9 hour electric train ride from Budapest to Prague!! Travel days can be fairly exhausting both physically and mentally - physically because we’re carrying 35 lbs each and mentally just working out the logistics, usually in a language we don’t know and then always being around people speaking other languages, everywhere. Believe it or not, It’s tiring after too many hours of hearing sounds you don’t understand.

    We made it to our hostel and collapsed. We seem to be out in the suburbs some, if there are those here. Didn’t see much between the train station and here because we took the underground subway, so not quite sure what’s out there yet.

    It’s a very odd experience moving from one city to the next as we’re doing. The places can be SO different from each other, that it’s almost shocking. One day we’re hiking in the mountains, the next we’re at the ocean, the next we’re in a castle on a hill. Very odd and unique situation. I’m grateful for every moment. ❤️
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    Elaines Schaffer

    a local guide in Praha is worth it. see the Jewish section, the castle with the stories the guide can tell, astronomical clock to see the clock and the square it is in, with weddings going on in the Non practicing Catholic churches, and have an ice cream. there is an under street grocery store, the post office is arcitectually interesting( my habit is photos in front of post offices, and mailing myself post cards, for the pictures, written memories and stamps.) There is a fancy Burger King nearby.

    Christie Mitchell

    All interesting! Thanks for the tips.

  • Day27

    A day in Prague

    June 5 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    So we had two full travel days to get to Denmark with a day to spend in Prague in the middle. Here it is !
    Thai on the train , babushkas , market sausages , churches , the Charles bridge , some pretty streets , a park and an Apple strudel trdelnik 🤓
    A really beautiful place and I wish we could have stayed longer so will hopefully come back !
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    Helen Woolley

    Prague looks interesting - buildings, people and food! Grandma

    Alex Woolley

    Yes it is so cool !

    Jill Hill

    Prague is beautiful

    Alex Woolley

    yes !!

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  • Day10

    Ouille ouille ouille..

    May 16 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C


    Anti-inflammatoires, anti-douleurs à base de tramadol, anti-épileptiques pour les douleurs neuropathiques, anti-dépresseur neuropathique, anxyolitique, ... #fibromyalgie #syndromeehlersdenlos (SED) #encéphalomyélitemyalgique (EM) #TSA (un peu beaucoup anxieuse car un peu autiste... 😁😁)

    Kardegic pour faciliter la circulation du sang, depuis mes 2 AIT (accident ischémique transitoire) en 2012...

    Bain, massage à base de gel anti-inflammatoire, d'arnica et de gel naturel aux plantes.... depuis ma chute dans l'escalier du métro de Milan, mon surnom est Madame Ouille... des bosses et des bleus... malin ... très malin.. 😒😒😒

    Théalose pour les yeux et autres traitements salivaires pour soulager le syndrome sec de Goujerot-Sjrögren...

    Ah oui.. n'oublions pas le célèbre Levothyrox 😅😅 pour la thyroïdite auto-immune d'Hashimoto...

    À plus tard, si vous le voulez bien...
    Read more

    Quentin Copyans Lepine

    Faut se la farcir cette vieille handicapée !!! 😂😂😂

    SJ Deen

    Tu t'es vu avec tes baguettes 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

    Laurence DESROCHES

    Ou la la tu en baves

    SJ Deen

    oui oui oui.. j'en bave mais je m'accroche... tant que j'arriverai à fonctionner plus ou moins, je continuerai à réaliser mes rêves. merci pour ton attention, Laurence.❤️❤️❤️

  • Day13

    Terezin tour

    June 30 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we toured a concentration camp in Terezin that was a transit point to the Nazi death camps. It was a very sad & sobering experience. A large cemetery, the registration office, the barracks, solidarity confinement, one room with no beds for the Jews & the execution area. We had an extremely likable tour guide.Read more

    Charles Crowley

    Pretty chilling stuff, but important to keep remembering.

    Myra Fisher

    Important to remember for sure Charles Crowley.

    Myra Fisher

    There's a man on your tour?

    Myra Fisher

    I can't make any comments on any of these. photos. Too much took place in each that should never have been.

  • Day11

    What to expect when traveling

    June 28 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We have experienced delayed flights, long walks through crowded airports, and lost luggage so far like all other travelers in these times. Our luggage was delivered to our hotel this morning! But it is all worth it - we are in Prague now and have a good group & tour leader.Read more

    Glad you and your luggage made it. Great photo. Have a wonderful trip. We are in Banff. We river rafted yesterday and our guide was from Czech Republic. Heading to Lake Louise today. Love you. [Scott]

    Yikes! Glad that adventure is behind you. Have an amazing time!! [Lauren]

    John Kuhn

    looks like a weeks supply of drinking water!


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