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  • Day10

    My Life in Eva's Hands

    August 15, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    So yesterday's Scuba trading went very well and now today is the next stage. This time it a bit more tricky. We started in the pool again and the first exercise was that we had to take off our masks for 1 minute and then replace it and purge the water so we could see again. Not too bad. The next exercise was that the instructor turns off your air tank so that it simulates an out of oxygen situation, you then have to signal your 'buddy' aka Eva and she has to give your her emergency respirator.

    My daughter can be some what indecisive.

    Like, 'Dad shall I have fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast' or 'Eva where would you like to go today?'...'Not sure Dad'

    So it was a little bit daunting for me to go through this training let alone think about it 11m under the sea!

    However she was brilliant. Immediately I started to signal she got the respirator and handed it to me.

    So we both practiced this and off we headed to try it for real, so to speak, out at sea.

    This time we went to a different reef and headed to the sea bed below. I signalled 'out of air' and as quick as a flash (she must love me) the respirator was there. On Eva's turn I did the same and we then had swim to he surface together on my tank and respirators. Wow...

    We headed back down to the sea bed and Scuba dived along the reef using a quite fast current and saw barracuda, lion fish, and some other fishy things.

    All in all a successful end to our diving qualification...and we lived to tell the tale.

    The evening was quite different and something Eva had been looking forward to...Cirque de Soleil, Joya. I have been to the Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas a few years ago and it was remarkable. This one was not to disappoint.

    The whole set up is so professional and customer focused...a remarkable experience and well worth the £100 a head.

    Joya is a shorter event than the other Cirque de Soleil but still as good.

    We were delivered there in 25 minutes by our taxi driver all for the princely sum of £15. He waited there 3 hours and delivered us back to the hotel all for the same price! The average wage in Mexico is around $8 per day. No wonder there are so many people that want to go to the USA. However isn't America cutting off it's nose? The Mexicans surely provide cheaper labour for the USA (albeit not at $8 per day) and do jobs that probably a lot of Americans don't or just simply won't good for the economy?

    After the show I suggested we go out to the beach bar along for the hotel. However Eva was a bit over tired....

    'Good night Eva'

    'Good night Dad. I don't want to party tonight'
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