Canal de la Marne au Rhin

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    • Day 36

      Stage 27: Vitry-le-François to Saint-Remy-en-Bouzemont

      Danielle is joining me for two stages. We took it very slow, walking through many, many fields. No rain, so we even sat down for a picnic….by a field, of course.

      Saint-Remy-en-Bouzemont is a tiny hamlet. We are staying a donativo. No hot water, and no bedding, but comfy otherwise.
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    • Day 35

      Stage 26: Saint-Amand-sur-Fion to Vitry-

      May 15, 2023 in France ⋅ ☁️ 64 °F

      Stage 26: Saint-Amand-sur-Fion to Vitry-le-François

      I had the chance to look around Saint-Amand on my way out this morning. A very nice, clean and pretty village.

      Lots of fields, lots and lots of champagne, and a sudden small woods with narrow winding paths going up and down and up and down….

      My friend Danielle arrived this afternoon and will walk two stages with me.
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    • Day 1

      Parc de L'Orangerie

      April 15, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      In diesem wunderschönen Park starteten wir unseren Kurztrip. Die Parkanlage ist toll angelegt mit großen Grünflächen, vielen Bäumen, Spielplätzen, einem kleinen Zoo und ein paar Cafés. Hier im Park leben etliche Storche, überall auf den Platanen hatten sie ihre Nester! Ich habe noch nie so viele Storche auf einmal gesehen! Die Blumenbeete waren in tollen Farben gestaltet, viele Blumen in Pastelltönen. Auf dem einen See kann man bei gutem Wetter sogar Boot fahren. Es gab auch Wasserfälle und Wasserspiele. Alles in allem ein toller Park in dem man sich ohne Probleme einen ganzen Tag aufhalten kann um alles zu genießen! Wir genehmigten und hier einen Kaffee und ließen es uns gut gehen bevor wir uns zum nächsten Programmpunkt aufmachten.Read more

    • Day 10

      And in to beautiful Strasbourg

      August 29, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Finally, we were moored and the bikes unloaded by about 2.30pm – well not all bikes – some of the Ghostriders had decided to cycle into the city and the others had decided to take the tram and explore on foot. I was in the former group and we headed off down the canal path which was a flat and pleasant ride on a lovely sunny afternoon. We soon reached the old town (also known as little France because of its building style of half-timbered houses built along the river) were Douglas and I, deciding that we were not up for cake and coffee, split off from the rest of the group and continued to explore. Strasbourg was initially confined to a roughly lemon shaped island surrounded by a river called l’Ill – once this was ringed with a wall and 100’s of towers but little of this remains. The region (Alsatian) has its own dialect and has variously – over the years – been French or German – although now we were officially in France again. We explored the Little France area for a bit before making our way to the Cathedral which was AMAZING. Built in the Roman-Gothic style it is highly elaborate and took almost 300 years to complete (1176-1439), it also contains a famous astronomical clock which we saw doing it’s thing. We then joined the Batorama tour – this was a trip all around the island and up the L’Aar River. It took over an hour and we saw and learned many interesting things – such as that during the French Revolution the “authorities” wanted to pull down the Cathedral Spire but were convinced that putting a giant red revolutionary hat over it was a better idea (goodness knows how they got it up there and what it was made of), and that one of the Protestant Churches had 19 doors so that the 3000 soldiers garrisoned there could march in in a quick and orderly manner. After that we did a loop ride around the rest of the Island before coming back to Little France where we sat under a massive and beautiful Plane Tree to enjoy a “Blanche Bier” with was very crisp and “appley” tasting – and rather nice. Whilst we were sitting chatting a waitress dropped a glass Pepsi bottle with dramatic effect as is smashed on the cobblestones sending glass flying – including into my leg – just a scratch fortunately but the blood was impressive – I was hoping to be offered a free beer as compensation but no luck, probably just as well as we still had to ride back. We had a quick look from the top of the covered bridge which is at the base of the island and then having been told that dinner was at 6pm (not 6.30 as we had thought) we hightailed it back to the boat for dinner (Salad, Soup, Fish and Waffles).
      After dinner, it was a quick shower and then Douglas, Bob and I took the short stroll down to the tram where we purchased (and validated – under the stern and watchful gaze of the ticket inspectors) tickets for the short ride into town. We walked down to the Cathedral where we then had to wait for an hour and a half (thanks Dagmar – you got the 8pm and then every 20 minutes info quite wrong) for the sound and light show projected on the Cathedral wall – it WAS worth the wait though.
      Meanwhile Kirstin had gone exploring with some of the other Ghostriders, also visiting the Cathedral, and strolling around the town – enjoying a bier at a café and then ending up at a lovely restaurant near the lock. Called Au Pont Saint Martin, it was 250years old and served traditional Alsatian dishes. Kirstin enjoyed a delicious cream cheese and potato pancake with more cheese (Munster this time) on the side, plus a salad – yummo! Then it was back to the boat – with an interesting interaction with the ticket machine which was vigorously ejecting tickets through the air still fortunately validated them as the inspectors were out in force.
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    • Day 5


      September 11, 2020 in France ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Nach einem einfachen, aber leckeren Frühstück geht's um 8:20 Uhr los auf den 22 km langen Weg nach Vitry-le-François. Die Schmerzen, die ich gestern schon im rechten Fuß hatte, sind noch da, aber deutlich weniger geworden und nach einer Weile wieder vergessen.

      Das heutige Stückchen führt mich die gesamte Strecke über einen kleinen Schiffskanal entlang, der parallel zur Marne verläuft. Die Highlights bis zur Mittagspause umfassen zwei große Steinbrüche auf der anderen Kanalseite, meine Frühstückspause und die Schiffsschleusen.

      Diese gibt es alle paar Kilometer auf dem Kanal und sie öffnen sich nicht automatisch. Stattdessen muss der Kapitän manuell an einem Seil drehen, das ein paar hundert Meter vor der Schleuse über dem Wasser baumelt (Bild 5+6).

      Mittagspause mache ich um 13 Uhr in "Couvrot". Hier gibt es ein paar Bänke im Schatten, wo ich mir eine selbstgemachte Quiche und ein Croissant aus der "boulangerie" einverleibe.

      Der restliche Weg ist von der Szenerie wieder unnachahmlich, aber nicht spektakulär. Das Highlight bildet eine kleine Schlange, auf die ich fast trete. Beim Versuch sie von näherem zu fotografieren, schnappt sie zweimal nach mir, was bei ihrer Größe sehr süß aussieht.

      Um 15 Uhr erreiche ich Vitry, wo ich mir erstmal einen Liter Milch hole und ihn im Park des Hôtel de Ville austrinke. Auch wenn Vitry-le-François nur 12.000 Einwohner hat, wirkt es sehr lebendig und hat einen Stadtkern, der auch einer Großstadt würdig wäre.

      Heute abend stößt Naomi dazu. Ich habe sie auf der Busfahrt nach Reims kennengelernt und sie hat sich entschlossen, ein paar Tage mit mir zu wandern. Ich freue mich, frage mich aber gleichzeitig, ob sie weiß, worauf sie sich eingelassen hat ^^.
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