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  • Day11

    Nach dem besagten Frühstück am Rhein ging es über die Grenze nach Colmar.
    Das Navi hat mich wahnsinnig gemacht. Der Autozoom funktioniert nicht ebenso das Navigieren in kann nur Himmelsrichtung. Also sagt die Stimme nach rechts aber es ist nach Osten also links 😨😡.ofiziell kann man das einstellen.reagiert aber nicht ( vortrag: habe eine Email an Amazon Kundenservice .Ich kann es auch nach der regulären Umtauschfrist einsenden, da ich ja jetzt on the road bin.danke Amazon! Bis dahin krieg ich das schon hin)
    In Colmar begrüsst mich dann die Freiheitsstatur??? Lese nachher, dass der Künstler der Statur aus Colmar kommt. Deshalb also.
    Parken war auch gar nicht soooo einfach. Wo stellt man sein ZUHAUSE hin und sicher ab?? Also ins Parkhaus...1.15m Höhe reichen aus....angetitscht habe ich die Schranke dennoch mit meiner Luke. Zum Glück hat die Schranke nachgegeben. Messe ich wohl noch mal nach...
    Dementsprechend durch war ich gestern hier in Eguisheim als ich an kam.
    Lecker gekocht. Walter Nationalgericht: Reis mit Möhren. Diesmal aufgepimpt mit Erdnusssosse und Nüssen.
    Durchs Playmobildorf geschlendert und früh in die Heia gelegt.....während in den grossen Wohnmobilen die Fernseher liefen.verrückt diese Dinger.
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  • Day448

    Left Lyon after breakfast and drove northwards for about 4 hours. Our stop today was the final part of the Fortifications of Vauban listing we were going to see - an octagonal fortress town just near the German border. This area is Alsace, a province that's been handed back and forth between France and Germany 5 times in the last 150 years.

    The town was interesting though very quiet, and we spent about an hour or so walking along the 18th century walls that still surround the town. It was the last fortress built by Vauban so essentially his most idealised vision.

    From here we drove via the supermarket to the town of Colmar and our B&B for the next few days. It's a little granny flat type place on a battleaxe block; very home-made feel to it but quite nice at the same time.

    Quite hot so debated jumping in their pool but eventually settled for working instead - joy!
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  • Day450

    Shandos's birthday today! I gave her a card and cooked her breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs and toast. Not especially salubrious but when you're in each other's company 24/7 and in a different place every few days there's not a lot else you can do!

    For her birthday she wanted to explore the town of Colmar, so that's what we did! It's a pretty little town with lots of narrow streets, winding canals and colourful half-timbered houses. Found a nice little restaurant and had a three-course lunch that Shandos's parents had offered to pay for. Fairly typical local food apparently, we had a set menu of tuna wrap on salad, a large piece of grilled pork, then a nougat ice-cream thing for dessert - very tasty.

    Afterwards we headed out of town to nearby Riquewihr, another pretty little town. This didn't have a canal but it did have plenty of half-timbered houses and lots of nearby vineyards too! And an awful lot of tourists as well, sadly, but it was still quite nice. Home around 6pm where we crashed pretty quickly, only time for a quick dinner of spatzl, a type of egg noodle common to this area.
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  • Day231

    Colmar, France

    December 30, 2017 in France

    On our drive back to Luxembourg we stopped in the French town that inspired Beauty and the Beast. It is a breathtaking old place on a river surrounded by colorful houses. We enjoyed walking the cobbled streets still adorned with Christmas cheer and visiting a beautiful marketplace where we sampled toasted baguette sandwiches and chocolatr eclairs; how French are we?! Next stop Luxembourg for New Years!Read more

  • Day11

    Stadtbesichtigung Colmar

    August 28, 2017 in France

    Mit dem Bus ging es heute nach Colmar. Die Anbindung von Turckheim ist sehr gut, regelmäßig fährt ein Bus bis ins Zentrum, einmal umsteigen auf der Hinfahrt, die Rückfahrt ging direkt.
    Wir besichtigten die Altstadt, die Dominikanerkirche und gingen dann alle zusammen in "Klein Venedig" zum Mittagessen, direkt an der La Lauch gelegen.
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  • Day55

    Doch noch in Frankreich

    November 1, 2016 in France

    Nun habe ich es doch noch nach Frankreich geachafft! 😄 Und zwar haben Tanja und ich einen Ausflug nach Colmar gemacht. Diese Stadt kann ich wärmstens empfehlen. Eine wunderschöne Altstadt mit einem Fachwerkhaus schöner als das andere. Und an einem Spätherbsttag sowieso ein Traum. Das Leben ist schön!

  • Day13


    July 24, 2016 in France

    Här får ni lite mer foton från Colmar. Det är en fransk stad känd för sin gamla stadskärna (det ser ut som massa pepparkakshus!) och find alsace-viner. Här har vi ätit gott, druckit godare och tagit ett hundratal foton. En båttur på Petit Venice gick ju inte heller att undvika.

    P.s Vi åt på den restaurangen i kanalen. Superb fisk 👌

  • Day17


    September 25, 2016 in France

    Super heißer Tag. Colmar ist ein wunderschönes altes Städtchen ... Eine Touristenattraktion halt ..... und alle finden das Wetter toll....
    Anschließend fuhren wir noch in ein Nachbarstädtchen. Hier ist eine alte Festungsanlage zu besichtigen, was Detlef aber alleine gemacht hat, ich habe mich mit meinem Buch beschäftigt :-)

  • Day12

    A rainy day to ride to Colmar

    August 31, 2017 in France

    A sudden change in the weather meant that the temperature had dropped by at least 10 degrees and there was a 99% chance of rain. Many of the Ghostriders decided that they wouldn’t ride and would travel to Colmar by bus instead. I was keen to ride however and as was Douglas, Henry and Lionel. We set off just after 8 and made our way towards Neuf-Brisach where a good proportion of the group planned to visit and then return to the boat to change and bus it to Colmar. We carried on towards Colmar along lovely almost totally flat canal path passing Khunheim and about 5km after that making a sharp left turn and following another path of a similar nature. It did rain on and off (heavily for about 20 minutes) but the weather really was quite mild as we passed through a largely agricultural area with a few villages. We arrived in Colmar after about 2 and a half hours feeling that it had been a really lovely spin (even on the clunk old bikes). We soon found our way into the centre of the city and found a café near the Cathedral where we enjoyed a coffee before having a bit of a wander around the Cathedral area which is resplendent with lovely timber buildings. There was another toilet incident (and as it transpired another Ghostrider – who shall remain nameless had a a similar one to that which we observed) 50c was required to use the toilet which we did not have – we didn’t “flush” and tag teamed to use the facilities. Not flushing was clearly the key as a couple using the adjacent toilet found out. The Husband went in, pressed the flush button and then held the door open for his wife – she entered, the door shut and then suddenly the toilet entered its “decontamination cycle”. We could hear the lady bashing on the door and calling for help, her husband tried to open the door to no avail and a minute or 2 later she emerged VERY wet from the mid-calf down! Following this encounter, we rode to to “Little Venice” this is an area of Colmar where houses line a canal and it is somewhat reminiscent of Venice – there were a number of restaurants along the canal however we decided that they were too “fancy smancy touristy” on so went and found a lovely “local” café on the other side of town where we enjoyed more coffee and I had my packed lunch followed by a delicious raspberry tart.
    Meanwhile Kirstin had taken the bus into Colmar with a group of other Ghostriders (Andrea and Greg) arriving at about 10am and starting the visit with a wander around the lovely old town centre and then enjoying a coffee at a little café near a church. Then they just wandered around the town (photographing cakes and macarons along the way) destination “little Venice” where they had a boat trip – 25 minutes up and down the canal – the boat driver provided an interesting commentary – also toilet related - when he pointed out how the facilities in the houses along the canal were directly over the water (even on the second floor) – fortunately they do not function this way today! Also interestingly, the colours of the houses indicated the religious of the inhabitants – blue for Catholics, Red for Protestants… also light blue shutters would indicate a “single lady” in residence. They also saw the house of the hangman (sequestered behind a wall as it was a real case of NIMBY). These days you can have any colour you like provided it isn’t the same as your neighbours! They also found a house built in 1568 (400 years before we were born!!). After lunch in a Patiserrie where Kirstin enjoyed a tuna baguette and a chocolate eclair and a Tarte au Citron. … yummmo. After lunch, there was an interesting visit to the Musee d’Bartholdi (the creator of the statue of Liberty) and other well know works around France. Following the museum, it was back to the station for the bus to Breisach….. a full and enjoyable day!
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