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  • Day563

    La Cavalerie picnic area

    January 10 in France

    The scenery on today's drive certainly kept us interested as we crossed the Massif Central mountain range. Bare trees and faded brown beech leaves covered craggy hills. Viaducts crossed ravines in which small stone built villages nestled and several tunnels plunged through inclines too steep to climb.

    Adding to the vines and Egrets we saw yesterday, we began to spot another sign of southerly climes - Processional Pine Caterpillar nests! We'd first noticed them in Italy last year; off white balls of spun silk, not unlike a large spider's nest, lodged in pine trees. These caterpillars will release poisonous hairs that can produce a bad reaction, especially in dogs. We must have seen thousands of nests on our route and so needed to be mindful when taking Poppy out of the van.

    As the road climbed to over 1000m there was a powdering of snow over the fields. On one particular descent below the snowline, white light peaked out from under the steely clouds on the horizon, highlighting a strip of snow covered mountains underneath. Up and down we went, the temperature dropping to 3°C, the snow becoming thick in places. Thankfully the road was in excellent condition, fully cleared of any of the white stuff.

    The soil became less fertile the further south we progressed. Many of the cliffs were sandstone and consequently the houses in towns and villages we passed through were made of the same. Pollarded Plane trees lined boulevards in these urban areas. Together with the chairs and tables set up outside cafés, the effect was an undeniably French atmosphere.

    The original stopover we were heading towards was a small car park off a dual carriageway on top of a high altitude plain. The turning wasn't clear and we missed it, but soon found a cosy gravel car park off a quieter road with grass, picnic tables and a pond. It was far less exposed than the first one and Poppy could even spend a bit of time off the lead. We'd decided not to drive too far today and had settled ourselves in by 2:30pm. The sun even treated us to a brief spell and we took a short walk along the nearby gravel road.

    Night brought some of the most amazing stars we've ever seen. There was no moon and very little light pollution so the constellations reached down close to the horizon. Orion, the Plough and the Milky Way were all super clear, although it took Vicky a while to spot the big 'W' of Cassiopeia as there were so many other stars shining brightly around it. We stood in the cold craning our eyes skywards feeling very, very fortunate.

    The sky might have started off clear but the night brought snow clouds and we woke to a few centimetres. The car park was waterlogged and Martha's wheels slipped a little as we climbed the sloped exit, but all the roads had already been well cleared and we had no problems after that.
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  • Day25

    Conques 12 km

    August 11, 2017 in France

    Kurzer Spaziergang durch schönes Wanderland. Unterdessen habe ich so viel schönes gesehen, da kommst du in das Dörfchen Conques und alles wird nochmals übertroffem. Ob als Radfahrer, Motorradfahrer, mit dem Auto oder als Wanderer (Pilger), man muss diese Gegend gesehen haben.

  • Day23

    Estaing 13 km

    August 9, 2017 in France

    Schon wieder durfte ich einen gemütlichen Wandertag erleben. Unterdessen kenne ich viele Leute, wobei die meisten nach Conces nach Hause gehen. Supergegend mit einer Führung in einer ganz alten Kirche.

  • Day24

    Espeyrac 21 km

    August 10, 2017 in France

    Den ersten so richtigen Regentag habe ich hinter mir. Es macht Spass im Regen von Ort zu Ort laufen zu dürfen. Diesmal ist die Region wolkenverhangend, aber trotzdem sehr Sehenswert. Hatte die letzten 2 Tage eine kleine Magenverstimmung, fühle mich jetzt aber besser.

  • Day21

    St. Come d'olt 32 km

    August 7, 2017 in France

    Nachdem ich nach kurzer Wanderung von 17 km in St. Chely angekommen bin, habe ich den Wetterbericht gelesen, da für morgen Sturm angesagt ist und es nach St. Come in kleinen Wegen meist runtergeht, ging ich weiter. So werde ich morgen nur kurze 8 km laufen und dann das schöne Espalion anschauen. Bin heute in einem sehr schönen Kloster übernachtet, wo noch 2 Nonen sind. Im Innern wurde ein Hotel für Gäste und Pilger gemacht.Read more

  • Day10

    East to Entraygues sur Truyere

    May 29, 2017 in France

    Essential laundry chores first then a short day's ride to Entraygues. First section very steep. Refreshments courtesy of a Belgian gent who serves pots of tea to weary travellers - when he's around and in the mood.

    Pm following the Lot uphill - very pleasant but a scarcely populated area.

    Gothic bridge in Entraygues was built by monks in 13th century who specialise in bridge building.

    EDF hydro electric plant a bit north. Plentiful information on the history of the barrage.Read more

  • Day1

    Voilà, le départ approche!
    Le 7 mai nous nous sommes mariés,
    Le 10 juin nous quittons Paris,
    Le 24 juin nous déposons Gigi chez Mamy à Anthy,
    Le 28 juin nous serons en selle pour ce grand voyage dont nous avons toujours rêvé!
    Merci pour votre soutient, votre amour, nous sommes toujours là juste quelques kilomètres plus loin... 😃🚴

  • Day1

    Petit entrainement avec Gigi

    May 15, 2016 in France

    Gigi et sa remorque = 40kg
    Nous étions partis pour faire le tour du lac de Sarrans mais Gigi en a eu marre et n'arretait pas d'aboyer... nous avons dû abandonné au bout de 43km!
    Nous nous entrainerons sans lui plus tard! 😬😢🐶

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