La Charité-sur-Loire

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  • Day35

    Now at Charité sur Loire

    September 2 in France ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    First, last night’s dinner…lovely little, slightly bird-like, woman was our hostess, and there was one other man also staying and having dinner. There were several others, but not dining (they appeared at breakfast)…we were in this beautiful ancient house - pre revolution (i.e. late 1700s) and will add photo - Amr was drooling over the chair but that wasn’t as old! Anyway, we started with a large bowl of lentil and vegetable soup (also with ham)…delicious, but it could quite happily have been my whole meal! But of course it continued - a plate of fish, with a tarragon sauce and carrots and potatoes, a cheese course and a dessert of semolina with fruit….I’ll have to do a heck of a lot walking to not gain weight!! Anyway, it was lovely, and also breakfast with the usual fresh croissants and coffee etc etc…

    So we set off, knowing this was the longest day so far. And I was mentally writing this as we were walking, a beautiful,calm, easy even if long walk…as the first half, or maybe third was just gorgeous - the usual expanses of vineyards (yes, vineyards today), drooping sunflowers, corn and stubble or ploughed fields as we walked along gentle paths, and then went into forests. The forest walking was gentle as it was shady and mostly level with small ups and downs. It was a serious forest area, and we passed a sawmill, and passed many huge piles of logs waiting to be hauled away….BUT it went on and on, and the shade became unrelenting sun, and it is a hot day…

    We stopped at approximately half way for a break and lunch and felt rejuvenated, but suddenly the last 10 kms seemed endless (to me), I think Amr was fine! I have to admit that my SI joints were killing me - my legs, hips and shoulders were fine…I did some forward folds to stretch them from time to time, and we got here fine. Actually it was funny, as we were in the town, which is larger than most from the last few days, and we saw a bar that was open and Amr said let’s have a beer here, and I said let’s get near the hotel (which we knew was on this street), and there was our hotel “Mille et une Feuilles” we each had an enormous beer, checked in and now have had showers, done washing and feel revived!

    Today was a lovely walk really, despite my complaints…it is as far as we will be walking, so I will accommodate and am very positive! But I may take some prophylactic anti-inflammatories! Now off to explore and fine the Loire!! We have never seen it before, and we need to find a little place for dinner as not included tonight…life is good!
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    Paul Farrell

    I presume you are pictured here sitting beside the ‘slightly bird-like’ woman! Love your description haha

    Tallie Farrell

    That was certainly a great opening line of this blog entry 😂

    Paul Farrell

    These pints look very enticing. What is the Affligem brew like?

    Rosie Marzouk

    No idea, but Amr said it was the waitress’s favourite!

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  • Day21

    On the Road Again

    September 10, 2019 in France ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    After our three days of relative inactivity (actually disorganised mayhem), it was time to resume our cycling. After all, that was why we had come all this way to the far side of the planet.

    Before we could start riding we first had to get bikes. That is sort of a basic fact of the universe. But there was a problem, There often is. I received a phone call informing me that the man who was bringing the bikes from Blois was stuck in thick traffic and would be "retarded by at least an hour". We would have to adapt Plan B.

    We had read that there was an amazing market in Nevers that was really worth seeing. A little further research showed that it was apparently close to our hotel. I therefore suggested to our riders that they might like to have a look at the market first, and then get the bikes later. Before I had finished my sentence, the women were already out the door looking for the market and an opportunity to spend money.

    About 45 minutes later I thought I might as well have a look as well. The bikes still had not arrived and the hotel foyer was getting a little boring. I had not walked far when I found Carol and Sam walking back towards me. They were devastated. They had not been able to find the market. Obviously life can not get much wore than this. On further investigation, I found that they had actually walked right past the front door. I had to admit that it was a little underwhelming as it was only a food market and most of the stalls were still locked. There were none of those exciting stalls where women could buy Chinese knock offs at inflated prices. What a letdown.

    The big bike delivery van finally arrived about 10 am and the driver slowly and carefully unloaded all 16 bikes. He did not want help as he wanted to do it his way. About 30 minutes later the bikes were unloaded and then began the familiar process of each rider finding their allocated bike and assessing its suitability. I had been in this position many times before and always find it stressful.

    "My bike's too big", "My bike's too small", "Mine is the wrong colour for my shirt", "I won't ride a ladies bike", "I didn't know we had to ride bikes", "My handlebars are too pointy", "My seat's all funny", "My bottom is hurting already", "How do you change gears ?", "What are gears for anyway ?", "I don't want a pannier", "I want more panniers", "I want lunch".

    It went on and on. It's not easy trying to set up 16 elderly citizens with walking frames, let alone with bicycles. After every single bike was adjusted, poked, asssessed and decorated with ribbons, we were finally ready to go.

    Our peloton slowly wobbled down the main street, watched by numerous bemused locals. We somehow made it to the old city without too much incident, but then stumbled into a complicated sequence of staircases. We had to manhandle all the bikes down the stairs, at times coming close to destroying a couple of the ebikes. It was not an an auspicious start to the ride.

    We finally left the city by crossing the bridge over the Loire. We were on our way at last. Actually we were on the wrong way. I had made a small error of navigation and was leading the group in the opposite direction. I quickly realised my error, the group U turned and we found the correct route.

    What followed next was a beautiful bike path, right alongside a shady canal. This was just the type of riding that we all adored. It was what we needed to settle our nerves after the stress of the morning. You can imagine my joy when I spied a lovely cafe, right on the bank of the canal.

    "This looks like a suitable coffee stop", I yelled.
    "But we have only been riding for 10 minutes", someone commented.
    "We have no idea when the next opportunity will be", I countered.

    Since no one could fault my logic, we all parked the bikes. Actually we spread them all over the precinct in a random array of unlocked vehicles. Arie was no longer here to dictate that all be parked in a precise line with locks and chains galore. We just needed coffee.

    It was now after 12 noon and I think that everyone was happy to sit and enjoy the surroundings. We also took a new group photo to immortalise the occasion. Our adventure on the Loire was now officially underway.

    We never did find another place to buy our baguette lunch. Well actually we did, but they had none left. We rode the remaining 45km on empty stomachs. Fortunately the scenery was absolutely superb - a never ending sequence of canals, locks, tiny flowered villages and quiet bike paths.

    The highlight was the Pont de Canal, an amazing sight which allows the Canal of the Loire to cross the Allier River. It would even have been more amazing to see a barge crossing the Pont, but the canal was deserted. The huge lock at the end had gates which must have been 10 metres high and they were decorated with colourful flowers. From the side, the structure almost looked like the huge Roman Pont du Gard, that we had ridden past in Provence. In nature it would be highly unusual to see two rivers crossing each other !

    By the late afternoon a steady head wind had developed. It was nowhere near as strong as the Mistral we had endured in Provence, but on empty stomachs it was a challenge. Our first view of Charite Sur Loire was a memorable one, cameras were produced and pictures were taken.

    The final kilometre to our hotel involved a long walking peloton through the ancient town. Our hotel was the quaint "Thousand and One Books" hotel. Every inch of the place had been decorated in a literary theme. The staircases were about 30 cm wide and there was no lift. It was going to be the pitstop for the first day of our Loire Ride.

    Our evening meal was at the restaurant attached to the hotel, so we did not have to walk far. Once again the food was glorious. It had been the first time most of us had eaten since breakfast in Nevers.
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  • Day8

    Day 7: 93km

    July 9, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    I can't believe it has already been a week. It's gone pretty fast.

    We had an amazing sleep, in a real bed . So cheap it was only 15 Euro for both of us. We had sent two warm showers requests the night before as well. This days ride was actually really boring. The start was lovely along canals, rivers and cute houses but after the town of belleville ( which had a massive nuclear operation ) it was just weeds on both sides, straight boring path with no tree cover so like 60km in the sun, and no tiny villages to stop or tree cover. At the end we saw a little farm just of the side so wer did stop for a juice and ice cream. The highlight of the day was the farm donkey. We asked him to roll over and he did! Big applause. Then we cheered for him to roll back, and he did! Then he got up and walked away, show was over :)

    We filled the nothingness with half songs as we can never remember the full lyrics and learning French. Once again our bums were really sore at the end! My ankle is getting better just need to be careful.

    When I stop riding for a bit I get light headed and today I needed to lie down, my friend Vincent said it's because in not eating enough so I'm trying to eat more and more. The first time I laid down for a 1 min rest I laid in a bit of a prickly weed patch. After I got up it was still stinging. I had laid in stinging needles. Genius. I'm sweaty, sun screeny and now stinging all over my shoulders.

    We arrived at another campsite as warm showers people never seem to reply. It's a nice small one. We just ditched our stuff and went to the beach on the river. The previously lovely looking sand was actually a mixture of sand mud and pebble, so no where near as inviting. But the water was warm so we went swimming which was prefect after a hot hot day. I still didn't get burnt!! I was wearing a singlet top the last two days but I'll go back to exercise tops from now on as they cover more.

    Best part about this campsite (for me, for Michelle it is probably the bacon and eggs) is that some campers bought their two cats! So awesome! They are young and had loads of fun climbing the trees and playing. They even walked them a bit. My next cat is coming camping :)

    The plaque is all along la loire. We are now at around 25 I think from the beginning of the cycle track, so today we will venture back out to making it up towards the Rhone track. Because it's flatter :)
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