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  • Day7

    Die Reise nach Dijon.

    August 22, 2017 in France

    Leider war es heute ein kurze Nacht um 2:30 ins Bett und um 6 Uhr wider wach. Immer diese Gedanken an meine Fra, sie treiben mich noch in den Wahnsinn. Oder ich fang an mich zu erholen Mann soll ja positiv denken😋. Also erst einmal Frühstücken und viel Café, dann Mausi aus dem Bett werfen aber erst um 9 Uhr. Danach gab es das zweite Frühstück 😀😂 mit Mausi. Jetzt aber schnell! Koffer packen und ab nach Dijon aber vorher noch ein Bissen Kultur in Lyon aber nicht so viel Mausi will ja an das Kabel ( Kultur Banause ). Also wider ins Auto und war Mausi so lieb mies schon lange nicht mehr ( Siehe Photo 😂😂 ). Am Cabel angekommen, erst einmal was essen war ja auch schon 15:30. Dann ein paar runden drehen. Der Park war ok aber auch nichts besonderes, war halt wie immer aber mit vielen netten Menschen. Rückblickend kann ich bis hierhin sagen das zossen Berlin und Mailand die schönsten Parks unserer Reise wahren. Nach dem wir noch ein paar anderen wackern zu Geschaut haben führen wir los ins Hotel Auf bem weg gab es noch einen Bürger zum Abendessen, und dann ins Hotel. Wir schauten uns noch einen Film an ,dann hieß es für Lea Block schreiben und da es morgen ja nach Paris geht. Und ich habe wider etwas Zeit für mich und kann den Tag Revue passieren lassen. Was soll ich sagen. Heute war schon wieder etwas besser. Ich komme mit Moment gut über den Tag. So langsam bekomme ich etwas Bammel vor Paris. Ich hätte gerne noch meine Frau mit an der Seite,da das die Stadt der Liebe ist Ober meinen Sonnenschein um ihr/ihm was gutes zu tun, für änder Gedanken 😚😊😉. Für mich heißt es jetzt auch einmal pünktlich ins Bett und etwas Schlaf nachholen. Daher wünsche ich euch wieder Spaß mit den Bildern. Und sage gute Nacht bis morgen euer Yves.Read more

  • Day445

    This area is the Burgundy wine region, which is of course a World Heritage site too. The vineyards stretch along a couple of roads south of the city, down to another place called Beaune. We drove down the road, checking out the vineyards and filming bits and pieces.

    Arrived in Beaune around lunchtime and had a 3 course meal for lunch - Shandos had snails while I had poached eggs in broth for entree, we both had a beef burgundy for main and then I had a peach tart for dessert. Great food, and all local style too.

    Filmed a bit in town, visited a wine chateau on the outskirts of the city then headed back to Dijon.
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  • Day442

    Two hours drive south to Velezay Abbey, an important hilltop church and monastery. I've actually forgotten why this place was important :-/

    Originally we'd planned to head straight to our apartment in Dijon, a couple of hours away, but since it was only lunchtime, we decided to head for tomorrow's WHS as well - Fontenay Abbey. This was another monastery, very well preserved and in the middle of wine country. By doubling up today, that means we'll have a day off tomorrow or the day after; nice!

    Finished the drive down to Dijon where we'll stay for the next couple of days. We've got a nice little ground-floor studio though the drive in through the city was a bit hectic!
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  • Day443

    Drove a couple of hours east to a large saltworks. Salt was a super precious trade good in days gone by, given its importance to food preservation (and thus army rations). The mine was quite large though not much was left of it, and was interesting because they used wells to bring up briny water from below ground, which would then be boiled and the salt shovelled out.

    Did the underground tour in French, though with an info sheet so that was OK.

    There was also a second saltworks from the 18th century in a town about 20 minutes away which is also part of the listing, so we dropped in there as well. It's now a hotel and they wanted 10 euros each for entry, so we walked straight back out again.

    Back to Dijon!
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  • Day1

    Mission accomplished

    June 25, 2017 in France

    We didn't manage to start as early as we wanted, had lunch instead of breakfast in Freiburg and only made it to this little lake in France rather than the Lake Geneva. The plan was to not have one!

  • Day561

    Cosne Cours sur Loire

    January 8 in France

    A day's rest had left us keen to get some kilometres under our belts, so it wasn't long before we were rolling down the motorway towards Paris. Despite keeping to the periphery, the sprawling metropolis grew up quickly around us. Grey industrial and high rise buildings dominated the landscape as Will chopped and changed between roads that extended to 6 lanes and branched off to tunnels and flyovers. We were very grateful for the sat nav's directions and found ourselves on the outskirts sooner than expected. Here there was a mixture of modern curved glass buildings and old stone covered in graffiti. At a crossroads we saw a woman in a blue headscarf holding up a brown cardboard sign, her five year old child clutching a similar placard and begging alongside her, while a younger sibling slept in a pushchair.

    Once out of the city we stopped for lunch and filled up with free water at a motorhome facilities point in the motorway services (thank you France, it is so nice to feel welcome!). It had started off overcast and murky but as the day wore on the sun began to burn through the haze and not only revealed a pale blue sky but bumped the temperature up to double figures.

    The planned stopover wasn't easily accessible due to low railway bridges but Will had had the foresight to program in another. Our route took us alongside the Loire river and as we progressed south the flooding became worse. We passed a town where a football pitch and road were under water and the level was creeping dangerously close to houses. It was a long day's drive so the large riverside car park at Cosne Cours sur Loire, with spots reserved exclusively for 'camping-cars' was a welcome sight, although those said spots were worryingly close to the edge of the flooded river. We chose to park further back on slightly higher ground, thinking that Cosne Cours 'sur Loire' could well become 'sous Loire' overnight!

    From our window we could see a traditional river boat and a long, low road bridge spanning the fast flowing channel. As dusk fell the clouds were backlit with a rosy tint and lights marked the line of the bridge. It made for a beautiful view.
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  • Day12

    Day 12: Accolay - Asquins

    August 24, 2016 in France

    Distance: 27.5KM (285. 2/1714.8)
    Weather: 32C hot and humid
    Mood: Pretty relaxed. I can actually still walk once I put off my shoes. This is a new thing 🙂
    Blisters: 1 (though I have a few sore areas, probably due to callouses)

    The point of a hill

    I really don't mind a little climbing, I actually welcome it as its a change to the routine of walking, you use different muscles, and it actually brings me into a but of a hard working flow and most importantly, you get a great view as your reward.
    However, today I had quite a number of hills to climb that seemed completely pointless to me. I would be walking in the middle of a dense forest and I'd be climbing fiercely with my heavy pack on my back and once I reached the top there was... even more dense forest. No clearing, no view, just a waste of some good energy.
    I suggest they just dug out these paths and create cool valleys, sorry, but without a view... What's the point?!

    I intended to reach vezelay today, but it was just too bloody hot to climb that hill (in one of the pics you can see the hill that is Vezelay in the background). I think I may have even a been a but overheated and low on salt, so I found myself a nice bath house (I kid you not) and cooled down my feet and ate nuts. Tomorrow I will see vezelay in the morning light and this is where I should start encountering more pilgrims... We shall see!
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  • Day14

    Day 13: Asquins - Chemin

    August 26, 2016 in France

    Distance: 27.5KM (312.7/1698.9)
    Weather: 33C hot and humid
    Mood: Pretty good and strong
    Blisters: 1 (new one, feet are a little sore)


    Today I had company on the way for the first time. First a dog started following me and ended up walking with me for 10 km! I got in touch with his owner and found out later that he does this more often, he just really likes walking.
    Later I met Lisel (70,DE) with whom I walked the last few K to the great pilgrim auberge in Chemin, which is run by a lovely Dutch couple.
    I enjoyed the company for a change and I heard Spain is really busy, so I'll have to get myself prepared me thinks. We chatted till bedtime, so had no time to write my update.
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  • Day10

    Day 10: Ervy-le-Chatel - Chablis

    August 22, 2016 in France

    Distance: 35.4KM (231.7/1768.3) I found a shortcut, which saves me 2k though...
    Weather: 27C, mostly sunny
    Mood: Relaxed and a little tipsy...
    Blisters: 3 (!)

    Apologies for not publishing this yesterday I'm case anyone worried about me. I arrived in Chablis around 5.30, caught a lift to town with the local policeman (no, he didn't think I was a criminal, I just asked 🙂) and then... Well, I basically tried to make friends with next doors dog (not the one the pic) and ended up staying for dinner and a lot of rose. Of course they were English (Yorkshire) and I didn't get to bed till 22.30, which is very late for pilgrim-me. So, another good day and night, making the big miles and new friends and most importantly... the feet really seem to be getting better!Read more

  • Day11

    Day 11: Chablis - Accolay

    August 23, 2016 in France

    Distance: 26KM (257.7/1742.3)
    Weather: 33C hothothot
    Mood: Hot but happy and a little fatigued.
    Blisters: 3

    Things that make me happy
    - spotting wildlife (red squirrels, baby deer, otters)
    - dragonflies, following me as if they are playing tag
    - a cyclist who stops to offer me water
    - free wine and dinner from fellow campers
    - footpaths in Little icy cold streams
    - free local pastry from the boulangerie
    - Reading before bedtime all snug in my tiny tent
    - Meeting fellow pilgrims

    Things that make me not so happy
    - Blisters
    - Rain
    - Uneven gravel roads (see pic)
    - Closed boulangeries (but you knew that already)
    - Barley being able to walk when I swop my shoes for flip-flops
    - inaccurate directions

    Life of a pilgrim is simple...
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