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  • Day2

    Arrive in Paris

    June 15 in France ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    We arrived in Paris after about 5 hours of sleep in the past three days. (The flight put us in Paris at 2am Indy time but 7 am Paris time- since it is pretty hard to sleep on a plane and I was distracted by the plane’s trivia game (I felt the need to smoke PJ whoever that was) none of us slept that night and the check in for our room was 3pm. That meant we had the whole day with all our stuff to wander. Aiden got an A on his test on French public transportation and he proved it by confidently getting us into the city. Since the point of the trip is to walk with all we need for the trip on our backs I decided we couldn’t really complain. But it is HOT in Paris and always crowded. We rented bikes and decided to hit the top sites all around the city since Jon and I decided that popping up from the subway doesn’t give you a good feel for where you are (we’ve done that method of site seeing here before but both times it was winter and cold). The biking seemed like a good idea because Paris is supposed to be a bike friendly town but I felt like cars and pedestrians were just daring me to play chicken with them and I always chickened out. I decided biking around Paris is not as romantic as it sounds. The trail on the Seine is fine but the Champs Elysees by bike is not for the faint of heart (more power to you, Tour de France riders. That’s some bumpy cobblestone!). I had never seen the Arc de Triomphe so close up and it was a lot bigger than I thought! Napoleon is still taking revenge on the foreign cultures because Jon got his ATM card eaten by a machine at Napoleon’s tomb. Now we are a little concerned about how to acquire cash for the little alburgues in Spain. We still have one more but now we are hesitant to use it.

    Aiden and Ollie’s French has been useful to me and especially their knowledge of culture and history. Aiden even understood the significance of the bike locks on the bridge to Sainte Chapelle. I would have missed that detail had he not known. Madame Blaz has done her job! We even ate baguette hot dogs today because Aiden did a presentation on them for school once. Ollie always acts like he doesn’t pay attention in school but he definitely can pick up where Aiden leaves off. He’s pretty sharp.

    We are staying in a hostel because we had to really spread the grant money thin since I did the budget 2 years ago. We have our own room and many families are here but in true French style what they advertised as air conditioning is really just a fan that doesn’t stay on and a window that doesn’t open all the way. It is hot. (Did I mention that?!) The cool breezes of the Pyrenees will be welcome.
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    Ride To Freedom

    We feel your pain. We hit a heat wave, too, and have had to alter our plans numerous times because of it.

    Nancy Sattler


    Kathryn Hartfield

    I feel like we took the exact same pictures as you…it’s like looking at familiar pictures but w your kids instead. So weird.

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  • Day44

    Ile de la Cite

    May 4 in France ⋅ ☁️ 59 °F

    We had an exhausting day today - the adrenaline couldn’t hold the jet lag back any longer. But what a beautiful city Paris is!

    We’ve mastered the metro and are getting around pretty easily. (Adam would be proud). We headed to Ile de La Cite (a small island) and saw Notre Dame (the outside as it’s still being repaired from the fire in 2019), St Chapelle Cathedral, The Conciergerie (prison where Marie Antoinette was held), the Luxembourg Palace & gardens and finished it up with Musee d’Orsay. (Impressionist museum built in an old train station). It was a full day seeing places I’ve only seen on TV or in the movies. Crazy.

    Paris’s public water is some of the best in the world. It is natural spring water that is piped in everywhere. We saw a documentary on it at home. Jordan found one of the fountains. Have to say, it DID taste better!

    We went back to fall asleep early at 8:00 but we’re so messed up our bodies won’t let us fall asleep (probably because in our heads it’s only noon). Oh well, I’m sure we’ll adjust eventually!
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    Cheryl Grantom

    So cool! Being a tourist in big cities can be exhausting for sure. very surreal feeling to see things in person that you never imagined you would see. Glad you are getting to experience it.

    Christie Mitchell

    Yep definitely.

    Julie Burdette

    Oh man, that is beautiful.

    Christie Mitchell

    It was!!!

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  • Day5


    June 20 in France ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Galleries Lafayette .. such a beautiful shopping building ! No €€€ spent here ! Mastered the Met 🚊 spent the day wandering all the little streets. Weather a bit like home ! Warm amd sunny one minute then raining the next ! Almost need a pair of jeans and long sleeve top - which I don’t have !Read more

    Petty Sofianos

    Mmmmm, eating lots, walking lots, sight seeing much, you are in your element 💕💕💕

    Sue Grayson


    Sue Grayson

    🙀 my kind of meal!!

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  • Day1

    Paris mit Lili

    April 14 in France ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Als ich nach Flügen gesucht habe, war der von Westjet mit ab Paris mit Abstand der günstigste. Damit auch kein Stress aufkommt und nichts schiefgehen kann, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, in Paris eine Nacht zu bleiben. Als Lili das mitbekommen hat, kam sie auf die Idee auch nach Paris zu kommen. So ist sie Mittwoch Abend schon mit Zug nach Paris gefahren und ich dann Donnerstag Morgen ab Hamburg per Flugzeug.
    Nach anfänglichen Internetproblemen haben wir uns in Paris dann zusammentelefoniert😅
    Als erstes wollten wir zum Louvre, da gab es für den Vormittag allerdings keine Tickets mehr, daher sind wir dann erstmal zur Seine spaziert. Dort am Ufer haben wir uns ein Crêpe geholt. Dann ging es weiter zur Notre Dame. Die Türme sind ja zum Glück unversehrt geblieben. An den Seiten konnte man auf Infotafeln den Wiederaufbau nachverfolgen, das war sehr interessant. Danach sind wir dann am Ufer entlang wieder Richtung Westen geschlendert. Für uns der erste richtige Sommertag dieses Jahr: bei 22 Grad und strahlendem Sonnenschein ☀️
    Nach einer kleinen Stärkung auf dem Vorplatz von Louvre sind wir dann endlich reingegangen (schlauerweise über den nördlichen Eingang, der normalerweise für Gruppen reserviert ist, wo wir überhaupt nicht anstehen mussten). Dort haben wir uns einige Ausstellungen herausgesucht, die uns interessiert haben, alles wäre uns zu anstrengend gewesen. Für die Mona Lisa musste man extra anstehen, das haben wir uns dann gespart. Zwischendurch waren wir mal draußen in der Gartenanlage Sonne tanken.
    Gegen Abend haben wir uns dann etwas bei der Patisserie geholt und am Ufer der Insel gegessen. Hammer lecker 😋
    Danach ging es dann per Metro und Tram zur Jugendherberge und dort auch direkt zu Bett: totmüde und mit schmerzenden Füßen, so viel bin ich lange nicht mehr gelaufen - aber daran werde ich mich wohl gewöhnen müssen…

    Freitag morgen nach dem typischen Jugendherbergenfrühstück sind wir dann direkt los nach Montmartre, um uns Sacre Cœur anzuschauen. Von dort hatten wir einen super Blick über Paris, wieder bei strahlendem Sonnenschein. Wir haben sogar einen Teil des Karfreitag-gottesdienstes mitbekommen. Dann zu Fuß zum Gare du Nord, dort hieß es dann wieder Abschiednehmen.
    Ich werde dich vermissen Lili❤️
    Ab in den Zug zum Flughafen und das erste mal den Kontinent verlassen…
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    Lili Paulsen

    Ich dich auch! War die beste Entscheidung🥰

  • Day73

    Paris 🇫🇷

    July 21 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    First night in Paris !
    Big day on the train but my hostel was very social so went straight to dinner and had splurged a bittt with my new friends trying some snails that mmm were so good.
    Then me and Bryn shared a main to save some $$
    We all went to the Eiffel Tower and saw it sparkleee and of course had to do the classic bridge tourist shot 🤓
    I left with some girls at the tower who were going back to the hostel because the rest of my friends were going out but I was tired from the trains.
    Next morning I wake up and see Niamh who I had met at the Eiffel Tower come into the room with a huge bandage on the middle finger and looking like she was about to burst into tears. Poor girl had been on an electric scooter and somehow had fallen off and it had then somehow ran over her finger which a piece of is now forever in front of the Eiffel Tower. I had just met her an hour before this happened.
    She had been at the emergency room all night alone and was about to go to surgery and the pharmacy alone so I went with her. She learnt French at school so new a bit so I couldn’t really help out much but on the hospital papers I am her cousin so please welcome her to the fam xx but the moral support was all there. I will visit her in Scotland sometime during my trip I hope.
    Pranked mum with the hospital selfies and questions about insurance so we had a giggle while we were waiting. Big day. She had a yellow hand after surgery from the amnesia so got a few curious looks. Forever flipping us off ;)

    Scout had flown in and was at the hostel so got a very excited photo sent to me too and then on the way back from the hospital we were both walking along the canal and I see scout walking towards us (unplanned) and for a second I didn’t know it was her but then she saw me and we ran so fast and had a big hug and that was so nice to see my lovelyyy best franddd again after 2 whole months :)))) 🥰🥰🥰
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    Scout Higgins

    Love love love

    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    both building and lady....GORGEOUS!

    Alex Woolley

    Ah thank you hahaha

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  • Day43


    May 3 in France ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    We started at the airport in Costa Rica on May 2nd at 11:00am and touched down in Paris on May 3rd at 5:00pm. Taking out the 8 hr time change, we traveled 22 hrs to get here. It was definitely tiring, but also so exciting.

    We’re staying in our first official hostel - no private room this time. 8 bed dorm bunks with privacy screens - actually very nice set up. Some won’t allow me to stay, if it’s a “party hostel” — no one over 35 yrs old. But many do.

    So we arrived, took the metro to the hostel, dropped everything and headed to where else but the Eiffel Tower for the first night! So amazing! Can’t wait to see all the history and sites. It doesn’t get dark here until 9:00 so lots of time to explore every day.
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    Julie Burdette

    So amazing!!!

    Christie Mitchell

    It’s a gorgeous city … well, it’s a big city with some gorgeous parts

    ilima Brainard

    Great picture of you and Jordan!! Niether of you look jet lagged at do you do that? and I feel like I've seen the Eiffel Tower with how good your pictures are. Can't wait to see more of your adventure in a new continent!!

    Christie Mitchell

    We’re definitely jet lagged! Feeling it today for sure.

    Donna McGovert

    Bet you slept well when you finally were able to😴Gorgeous!!I didn’t know that about the light’s twinkling🤷‍♀️Don’t remember that from 1984😂

  • Day1

    Zwischenstopp in Paris

    February 11 in France ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    Nach der Landung - Benni ist pünktlich zum Aufsetzen eingeschlafen - verließen wir den Flughafen CDG in aller Ruhe und machten uns auf den Weg in die Stadt. Mit dem RER zum Gare du Nord, wo wir nach einigem Suchen Schließfächer für unsere Koffer fanden und von dort aus zu Fuß zum Canal Saint Martin. Unsere Buggy-Babyschale-Kombi funktioniert übrigens super 😅
    Am Kanal fanden wir ein nettes Bistro, in dem wir das französischste Gericht überhaupt verspeisten 😉 Frisch gestärkt ging es rund durch das zugegeben weniger schöne Xieme Arrondissement, wo wir aber immerhin auch noch Dinkelbrot, Käse und Äpfel kaufen konnten. Ein Pain au chocolat musste natürlich auch noch sein 😉 Zurück zum Bahnhof und wieder in den RER Richtung Flughafen ORY, wo wir dann nochmals extra für den Shuttle bezahlen mussten 🤯
    Unsere 8 Stunden in Paris haben uns also schon knapp 100€ gekostet, für uns franco-austrische Schwaben durchaus bemerkenswert 😅
    Jetzt sitzen wir im Salon bébé (großartig übrigens!) am Gate und warten aufs Boarding für den Nachtflug. Benjamin hat bisher alles großartig mitgemacht und schlummert schon in meinem Arm. Hoffentlich melde ich mich morgen schon von der Insel! 🙌🏼
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    Renata Thaller

    Das klingt toll! Habt einen guten Flug über Nacht!

    Anna Zett


  • Day15

    Battery issues

    July 20 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Graeme not happy with state of batteries so last 2 days focussed on sorting new ones . After a very hot night by bridge in Le Lion D'Angers we came back to Grez Neuville where the very helpful Port Captain arranged for new ones to be delivered tomorrow hopefully . Rain at last during the night and very pleasant today . Nice harbour here - we biked to Le Lion for lunch and back along shady riverside. Nap and chores this arvo and lovely meal at Crêperie across from boat . ..Read more

    Helen Neal

    Bonjour Robin

    Helen Neal

    Your trip looks and sounds pretty idyllic!

    Robin Bowkett

    Hi Helen, Yes, certainly idyllic with the calm weather and natural surroundings away from the world ! Amongst the idyllic there is the always chores of cleaning and cooking, but we have eaten out deliciously a bit .. Quite nice to be back to basics on a boat however. Love being outside mostly and watching the local world of the French countryside. xx

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  • Day21

    Another Day

    July 26 in France ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    Met up with Olivier and his family at Daon ( he was our French live aboard neighbour at Pruille. ). A lively port with many children from the next door campground enjoying the river in various ways. On to Chateau Gonthier which is a larger town of 20,,000 centred around agriculture . Lovely berth in spacious area of the old town . - feels like being in Paris at the Pont Neuf. Port Captain Christian a jovial and helpful man. Fuel for boat, and Supermarket too far to walk for food, beer and wine so we hired a buggy which worked fine behind the bike . À bientôt 🇫🇷Read more

    Jaimie Jay


    Helen Neal

    Love the buggy idea. Your photos are making me feel very jealous. I’ll just keep going with the Duolingo in the meantime!!!!

    Joe Macky

    Only in France!

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  • Day6

    Parijs is nog ver, maar niet vandaag

    July 28 in France ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Vandaag reden wij onze rustdag tegemoet. 78 km met hier en daar een pittige beklimming en weer vaak een onverharde ondergrond wat uiteindelijk resulteert in een fantastisch uitzicht (heerlijk). Met behulp van onze nieuwe vrienden Bob Marley and the Wailers zijn wij de strijd van deze kortere etappe aangegaan. Ritchie heeft een kleine valpartij op een onverharde helling van 9% gelukkig overleefd. Zijn andere blessure is zo goed als weg. Diverse omgevallen bomen konden ons niet stoppen. We overleven alles! 💪 De banlieues van Parijs waren lastig. Veel chaos en gekte. We kunnen niet wachten om over twee dagen de natuur weer in te gaan.😋 Maar eerst genieten van een rustdag. De massagesalon is al gereserveerd. Met of zonder happy end. Het maakt ons echt niet meer uit. 😅 We hebben overigens al wel snel een bliksem bezoek gebracht aan Parijs. Wat een topstad!! 🤗 Morgen staat een etentje met Joris, Annemarie en de mannen in Montmartre op het programma. Hopelijk zijn wij dan niet in slaap gevallen op de massagebank.Read more

    Ritchie Tomasouw

    😅Valpartij was meer omver vallen 🙈 te stijl, te onverhard en teveel gaten die je moest ontwijken.. Schoffelberg!!

    Henk Otto

    Toppers! Een rustdag hebben jullie verdient! Lekker eten en op naar de 2e helft. Succes!!👍🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️


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