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  • Day5

    The Black Forest

    April 5 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    So where to stay in the Black Forest..there are several parts of the trip where our research was limited, and this was one of them. We realise that when I write Black Forest on the itinerary, we could’ve done with a bit more of a’s pretty huge.

    Anyway, after the 1st unsuccessful stop in an eerily quiet little village, we chance upon an absolute gem. A wonderful campsite in Hoffen, and although it’s pricey, it has extras!!! A lovely play park, free WiFi, and free train journeys to neighbouring towns.

    We decide Bad Wildbad sounds like a cool place to visit, and after a lot of faffing (ahem!) we manage to make the train, only to arrive and realise we’ve left the pushchair behind...lucky it was free, back on we get and return with said pushchair to the little alpine town & take a trip up the mountain.

    Somersberg was well worth a visit with a great treetop walk, views of the bikers downhilling and a ginormous slide!! Amelia practised saying she was 6 the whole way up!!

    We decide to make our first 2 night stop!! Lovely to have a day with no driving, and the kids enjoyed the extra time in the park!

    Change of plan for our next route, to take the scenic route down the forest to Lake Bodensee for our next stop. Although it’s not quite ‘swim in a lake’ weather, we want to explore this mammoth lake...

    We visit a little lake/boat town, find another incredibly engineered play park, and then find a spot to free camp - and as luck would have, another day, another skate park!

    On to Lindau next...
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  • Day3

    Northern leg...rainy but beautiful

    April 3 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    After a quick cycle tour around Brugges, including some delish food from the market, we manage to turn a 3hr journey into 5 on our midway stop to Heidelberg, and head to a campsite at Lacher See...lovely to have space for the little ones to run free, although the sheer drop into the lake was a bit hairy.

    A bit of rain, and we have to skimp on electricity here for fear of being charged a small fortune (who knows how much 4kw hours equals in Moho usage?!?!) so we decide to cook the pasta in the shower block.... free electricity!

    Anyway, onto Heidelberg, where we free camp & Amelia and daddy (already kicking himself he didn’t have the weight limit in the Moho for a four wheeled toy) are in luck..right next to a skate park.

    After a mini tour to try and find this famous castle, we stop for beer and pizza and decide the cloud is too low, we’ll try again tomorrow. Some great parks on the way home for the kids!

    Another quick cycle tour in the morning and we realise that we could see the castle all this point I’ll point out that we are both going old school with phones - just photos and texts to save data for work use!! It’s quite refreshing looking at actual maps in towns and tourist info spots (and taking one or two wrong turns).

    Lots of Japanese tourists join us in Heidelberg so after one last skate, we head off to the Black Forest...not quite sure where we’re heading when we reach it, so definitely flying with the wind...

    In other news, the ice cream tally is well underway, Toy Story is the in-journey entertainment, and we are slowly (and painfully) figuring out the dimensions of the motorhome (thinking about starting a head bumping/toe stubbing tally to boot!)...
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  • Day103

    Black Forest picnic spot

    October 7, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    We entered the northern Black Forest around Baden Baden and started travelling South before pulling up at a small woodland picnic spot a short distance down a lane. A pine clad hill rose up steeply on one side of us and fell away to a small peaty river running over stones a short distance below us. We could see the river out of our bedroom window. It was wonderfully quiet and dark.

    In the morning we went for a short walk up the lane and soaked in the smell of pines. Through gaps in the trees we could see a hill on the other side of the valley, its slopes covered with a mix of evergreens and deciduous trees, the latter providing a wonderful mix of colour.
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  • Day48

    Day 48 & 49, Bad Liebenzell, Germany

    September 23 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Following a nice lunch at Bocking near Scheffau, we made our way through Austria and onto Bad Liebenzell in Germany, near Stuttgart. Had a quick wander round the town. The next morning we got up and did a walk through a gorge, nice walk, thought it would be flat as we followed a small river, how wrong can you be. !! Spotted a kingfisher flying around us and managed to get a photo of him. 10.6 miles later we were back at the van for a cup of tea and rest.
    Think we are going to the thermal baths later this evening.
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  • Day50

    Day 50 Bad Liebenzell, Germany

    September 25 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Second day in Bad Liebenzell in the Black Forest. Hopped on the train headed south to Nagold, had a walk round the village, very pretty and had a currywurst and cake and coffee. Then caught the train heading back and stopped of at Calw, prettier village than Nagold even with a spot of rain.
    Got back to Bad Liebenzell then went out for dinner and went for a swim at the thermal baths, nice and warm.Read more

  • Day51

    Bad Wildbad

    May 31, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 72 °F

    Another lovely sunny AM and out the door for a walk leaving from Kaltenbronn about 12 miles away. Lots of people with the same idea today as when I got there a bit after 10 and most all the shady parking places were taken.

    This is also a popular walking area. Only about 5.5 miles rt but I planned to add on a bit. The round trip goes through the forest for about 3 miles and then comes around to a large Nature Preserve that has a small lake - Wildsee. The popular route for many folk is just to walk out to the preserve, look at the late and come back - about 3 miles. Since that was the busier way I went through the forest first. Lots of trees and everything so very green. Clouds came in early around 11 or so. Decided to do the extra mile and a half and went to Grunhutte, a guest house and restaurant in the forest. I had been there the other day coming from the opposite direction. They are known for their Blueberry Pancakes and I got to see many of them being served. Wish I had taken a picture of one. The pancake filled the entire plate and was fluffy on the edges. The middle was filled with a mound of blueberry sauce. They looked wonderful! While eating my lunch there the clouds got serious and it started to pour. People came to the place from every location in the forest. Fun to watch. I waited it out along with rest and then started back to the Nature Park and Wildsee. A very pretty walk - sprinkled the rest of the way.

    Home for a little rest and clean up and out for dinner in Bad Wildbad. Went to one of the hotels in town for dinner - Alte Linde. It was OK - I need to learn that I am in a meat eating country and not order fish. Trout was pretty tasteless but done well. Potato croquettes were very good. Home for another episode of Berlin Station and my new book.

    Miles: 8.4
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  • Day47

    Bad Wildbad

    May 27, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    A really lazy day, must have needed a recup day. Woke up early and took a morning and afternoon nap !! :-) I went out late AM to check out the Black Forest area around me.
    This settlement is at the top of Sommerberg mountain and attracts a lot of tourists and weekend folk. Lots of folk doing the Treetop Walk - an amazing walk in the woods to a huge tower that you walk around until you are above the trees. Its minutes away from my doorstep. Pictures are not good as weather started to turn. Day started with sunshine but, the weather forecast was correct and around noon significant thunder though very little rain. Checked out the first longer walk I want to do tomorrow - about 7-8 mile rt to a little town about 4 miles away in the forest that is supposed to have a good restaurant. This is also a big biking area with trails all over that are "engineered" - e.g. bank and bumps, etc. Not your usual biking through the woods. A ski hut close to here with a rope tow nearby. I was amazed to see a fellow coming up the rope tow on his bicycle - they have some kind of device that attached to the rope tow that brings them up the mountain on the rope tow!! My kind of cycling - all downhill. Having said that, I saw a lot of trails that were engineered above my ability even it it was downhill.!!!

    Took a ride this afternoon, checked out the downtown of Bad Wildbad and a town about 4K away. Lots to do here and a railroad station to get me to wherever I do not want to drive.

    Out to dinner tonight. There are 2 hotels in this area that I can walk to and not have to take the car down the mountain. Ate at one of them - the Auerhahn. Was ready for a good dinner and had Salmon-trout (steelhead to me) with asparagus and potatoes. It was very good. Home for some back yard silence and back to apartment.

    Miles: 3
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  • Day48

    Bad Wildbad

    May 28, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    Lots of plans for today. My first longer walk in the Black Forest. My host suggested a place on the map called Grunhutte, a guest house in the middle of the forest about 3+ miles away. Sounded good for my first trip into the forest. Walk was beautiful and easy, green everywhere. The forest is really not like "hiking", it truly is a walk. Some of the trails are what we call in the US, forest roads. All is very clean, lots of benches along the paths and little huts every couple miles. The guest house was lovely - lots of flowers and outdoor seating for walkers. Went a different way on the way back and stopped at one of the hut areas - all have picnic benches 0 to have my sandwich.

    Back by 1:30PM, a little rest and out to check out Bad Wildbad. To get to town, you can take the funicular down the mountain, do your business and take it back up. Decided to do this once just for the fun of it. (I do have a car of course). Fun ride, lots of people here at the top of the mountain use it as their daily means to get back and forth. I checked out the TI (tourist information) looking for some music in the area. Did find some for Friday night. The town is long and skinny as it takes advantage of the riverfront. Lots of cafes, some shops and of course, bakeries and ice cream everywhere. I checked all of that out on my way to the grocery store for a few more provisions and then back up the mountain for cocktail hour. :-)

    Made some pasta sauce, did some planning for a trip to Heidelberg tomorrow, and had pasta on my deck about 9PM. Good day.

    Miles: 9.1
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  • Day55

    Bad Wildbad

    June 4, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 68 °F

    Another relaxing day, walking and enjoying the incredible scenery all around me. Off this AM to find a new area to walk. Drove 10-12 miles in a different direction, parked off the main road and went for a lovely walk along a rapidly flowing stream with the forest all around me. Walked for 3-4 miles and then back to the car to find a new place to walk. Decided I was hungry so saw this lovely place up on a hill - lovely outdoor area to eat and whiled away an hour an a half - taking in the scenery and having a terrific lunch. Salad Neptune. Will attach picture - 3 pieces of wonderful salmon or steelhead - not sure which - (menu all in German). Will attach pic. Their presentation of salad is wonderful here. Just always too much food. Hated to leave any of this as it was all wonderful. But under that mound of greens was potato salad and coleslaw!!!

    Back to Bad Wildbad to look around at places I had not seen yet. Needed some new face lotion - this being a spa town, choices were numerous. Checked out the "baths" I am going to tomorrow, compared to US prices, this will be a bargain. Gas, grocery store, etc. Back to home for a "lie down" and then out for a "second to final" walk in the woods. Weather is incredible - low to mid 70s with sun and puffy white clouds. The evening is wonderful here, the tourists are gone and the forest is left to those of us staying on the top of the hill. Quiet and peaceful.

    Back for some back yard/garden time to ensure I enjoy all of the sunshine for the day. I have essentially spent 2 months living outside with the exception of sleeping. I could get used to this. Just checked the weather for London and it should be in the low 70s when I arrive!! A nice conversation with the host of this place while he was grilling their dinner. Also met Elfrieda, their cat, the world's best mouser. She has a never ending source of meat with the forest out the back door.

    Miles: 5.6
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  • Day54

    Bad Wildbad

    June 3, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    Lazy AM catching up on "paper" work. Needed to check in flight to London, ensure all set for Home Away in London, and figure out how to get from Gatwick to the last apartment on this trip. Also starting to look at theater in London. Then off for the day.

    First a walk in the woods out the back door to find the bridge that my host mentioned when I first got here. The bridge is a newly built 1km long pedestrian suspension bridge in the forest that is just being finished. The dedication is scheduled for mid July. The bridge is on the Fairy Tale trail in the woods. Lots of Fairy Tale iconography in this area as the Brothers Grimm, revered for their telling of fairy tales, lived and wrote here. I followed the trail a short ways and found the bridge, quite an engineering feat. It starts and ends in the woods but spans over open space with terrific views of the towns below for about 1K other 0.65 mile. Though it does look like they still have a ways to go to be ready for 7/15. Another amazing thing to see and do right out of my front door. I really just lucked out on this place - wanted to be in the forest but had no idea where. Since I wanted 11 days, lots of other places not available for that long. Sometimes luck is better than skill. Walked a bit more and came across a Hang-gliding take off spot. Watched one fellow got ready and took off - have a video but you cannot put videos into this blog. Not sure I could just run out and jump off a mountain. :-)

    Then off for a ride. Target was Baiserbroon - about 30 miles away. I have found a good website - -- and I am knocking them off one by one. Have done the top 3 so today is number 4, about 30 miles South of me. The town itself was nice but the terrain in this area was beautiful. There is more open space from the forest so you see pristine, steepled towns in the distance when you turn every corner. Also visited an old (built in the 9th Century) monastery, lovely grounds and garden - Benedictine monks. Found a place to park and just picked a path and walked for an hour+. Paths everywhere and lots of folk out for Sunday afternoon walks but still not hard to get away. Back to home to get the last half hour of sunshine in the back yard garden. Relaxing Sunday.

    Pasta for dinner - last meal I will cook here. Finished a book I have been listening to - The Exile - Richard North Patterson - very good. And then finished the first season of Berlin Station on Netflix. Very good as well.

    Miles: 5.9
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