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  • Day3

    Schloss Neuschwanstein

    September 9, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Um 06.00 Uhr klingelte heute morgen der Wecker, denn unsere Führung für Schloss Neuschwanstein war heute.
    Gegen 08.00 im Örtchen Hohenschwangau hieß es erstmal Tickets holen und den 2,5 km Fußmarsch zum Schloss antreten.
    Nach der Führung sind wir dann noch zur bekannten Marienbrücke gelaufen und noch zu einem höheren Aussichtspunkt.
    Am Nachmittag sind wir dann noch zum Schloss Hohenschwangau gelaufen.
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  • Day19

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    September 21, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We struggled getting up in time for this day trip from Munich after "briefly"checking out Oktoberfest the night before, but it was definitely worth the trip.

    King Ludwig II of Bavaria built this castle in the late 1800's and died a few days before it finished. He was a bit crazy, but certainly had the vision to build a stunning castle. This castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney when he created Sleeping Beauty's castle. We thought it was much prettier from afar especially because of the beautiful scenic backdrop it was set in.Read more

  • Day2


    October 31, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

    2. napunkon meglátogattuk a Neuschwanstein és a Hohenschwangau kastélyt. Sajnos a nagy ködben a külső fotók nem lettek jók. A séta fel a kastélyhoz egy nagyon szép erdei úton vezetett. Megnéztük a vízesést is.

  • Day7

    Like in a walt disney movie

    December 30, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ❄️ 0 °C

    Visiting Neuschwanstein castle. We where lucky to arrive before the crowd and be able to have it “almost” for ourselves
    This place is a jewel but no pictures are allowed inside ...

  • Day49

    Schloss Neuschwanstein

    October 14, 2017 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    In keeping with movie themes, we visited Neuschwanstein Castle today, which is the castle that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flew over. It is also the castle that Walt Disney reportedly based the Disneyland castle on. It is located in lower Bavaria close to the Austrian Alps, so only just over an hour drive from where are staying. I read that it is Germany's most visited attraction, and judging by the fact that we are entering low season and the place was positively crawling with people, I can well believe it. Craig wants one of those pen's recently placed on Facebook which has written on it "I hate f****n people". There really are some quite obnoxious people travelling out here.

    If we had lined up for tickets to do the 30 minute guided tour, the earliest we would have been able to do the tour was 3.00pm (and we were there at 10.15am) and tours were leaving every 5 minutes! So King Ludwig II might have been called Mad King Ludwig, but I suspect the tourism board is laughing all the way to the bank with this one.

    That said, it was rather a magical setting, and I suspect the external viewing of the castle was more of a spectacle than the inside, so we settled for that. This included a walk to a bridge over a gorge which looked back along the castle. Just nearby, and down the hill, was the castle where Ludwig lived as a child.

    We drove to another nearby village called Füssel which was crammed with typical Bavarian buildings, lots of cobbled pedestrian streets and with the river Lech running through it. Something we have noticed about all rivers in Germany and Austria - they are in a real hurry to go somewhere and could almost be described as swift water. They are also a lovely colour and crystal clear. There were also a larger number of people casually wearing traditional dress in the streets today – dirndls for the women and lederhosen and related paraphernalia for the men. When we were in Munich yesterday, we dropped into a very large retailer of traditional dress. Just the lederhosen shorts alone retailed for circa €200! A dirndl here was around €100 for a more basic version, but we were seeing them up to €600 in Austria for quite ornate versions.
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  • Day3

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    July 19, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    On Wednesday, we got the chance to go and tour Neuschwanstein Castle. Neuschwanstein translates to New Swan Stone. It was believed that after death Kings returned as Swans. Neuschwanstein was one of three castles built by King Ludwig II, however it was not finished before his untimely death at the age of 40. It is said that Walt Disney modeled Cinderella's castle after Neuschwanstein.Read more

  • Day93

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    August 7, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    It's no surprise at all why Walt Disney was inspired while visiting this Castle years ago. I've seen a lot of beautiful buildings on my travels but this one absolutely took my breath away! I joined a tour group for this adventure thinking it would be the easiest way to ensure I captured the full experience and what an adventure it was! The 2 hour train journey turned into a 5 hour journey after the train broke down and the connecting buses were running late. Luckily I made friends with two Aussie couples and killed the time chatting with them. We finally got to the castle, with five minutes to spare before our time slot to go inside, only to find the tour company had cancelled our reservation. I was so gutted because I really wanted to go inside knowing it'd probably be my only chance unless I bring my kids back one day but we made the most of our time here nonetheless. We were given 30 minutes to view the bridge which had a huge line but I took a gamble and clambered up this rockface to get the best view of the castle. Making sure I wasn't the one to hold up the bus, I ran down the hill all worried only to be the first one back all sweaty for nothing! Once we got back to Munich, I went to Augustiner Beer Garden, the largest Beer Garden in Europe, with the Aussie couples for dinner and beer of course! It wrapped up a fun day of adventure and it was nice to have some cool people to hang out with.Read more

  • Day70

    Munich - Neuschwanstein

    October 9, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Many people recommended I see this classic "fairy tale" style castle, and it was worth it! Very stylised unlike the more functional castles I'd seen elsewhere - this was more like a palace. The castle was situated in some stunning scenery too.

    The story behind it is also kinda funny: the king wanted a classic middle-ages castle, which he knew about only from stories, so he had some actual middle-ages castle ruins removed to make way for his idealised version. He also had two other hugely expensive palaces underway, refusing requests to reduce spending, when he was declared insane and moved to an asylum where he promptly drowned under mysterious circumstances.

    Unfortunately the Marienbrücke (Queen Mary's Bridge), which normally has the best views, was closed for renovation, so I guess I'll have to come again another time!

    The area also had another castle (Hohenschwangau, #6) that, confusingly, was built on the site of the old Schwanstein castle, while Neuschwanstein was built on the site of the old Hohenschwangau castle, so they effectively swapped names.
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