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  • Day23

    Day 23: Trier

    July 31 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    We arrive in Trier just in time to buy our diner before the last supermarket closes (it feels good to go back to the German prices!).

    We then walk towards this bushy hill that will hide us for the night. On the way there, I find more blackberries, but I restrain myself and remember the spot for breakfast tomorrow (only slightly obsessed). We finally find our spot, not too far in the forest and fall asleep to the melodious sound of ambulance horns.Read more

  • Day236

    Trier, Germany

    January 4, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Andreas and I went on a day trip from Luxembourg to the oldest city in Germany, Trier. We visited the local church. It had spectacular ceilings and carvings, with a breathtaking organ hanging from the ceiling. After exploring the city, we recreated one of our first dates at a coffee shop in an old medieval building. We recently celebrated our seventh anniversary! We are quickly realizing one of the greatest parts of Europe is its close proximity and easy access to other countries.Read more

  • Day297

    Day 298: Exploring Trier

    December 9, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    Trier itself is a World Heritage site, and the reason we'd come here. It was a very important Roman colony in the latter empire days, and a few buildings and ruins still remain, so off we went.

    There had been a bit of snowfall overnight but nothing too drastic, though it was back to being gloomy and overcast of course. Decided to walk into town since the first couple of stops were along the way. Stop number 1 was a Roman amphitheatre, not quite as well preserved as other ones we've seen in Merida, Tarragona or the Colosseum, but still quite nice. Or so I've been told, we arrived to find a sign on the gate saying it was closed due to snow and ice. Frustrating!

    Walked another 10 minutes towards town to the ruined Imperial Baths, a large bathing complex that was constructed by the emperor Constantine the Great who was said to really like Trier and stayed there quite often. Took us a while to find the entrance, and then discovered that it too was closed due to ice and snow! Going to be a great video!

    Further into town we arrived at Constantine's basilica, which thankfully wasn't closed! Despite the name, it was originally constructed as a throne room, and is the largest surviving hall from antiquity - 60 metres long and 30 metres high. There's also a cool perspective trick, where the windows aren't quite the same width, despite looking identical - it makes you think they're further away than they actually are! It's no longer a throne room, obviously, it was converted into a church in I think the 8th century.

    Next stop was the cathedral, a building that can boast the rare distinction of being partly a Roman-era Christian church. Although there's basically nothing of the original Roman structure remaining above ground, it's still a pretty cool distinction. Some lovely 10th century Romanesque architecture on the exterior as well. Interior was worth a 15 minute visit to have a look around - the holy relic here was a tunic of Christ's, though I'm always a little sceptical of these things given that I can't find socks from two months ago, let alone what I was wearing 2000 years ago!

    Shandos had found a great burger restaurant in town which we decided to have lunch at, but we walked the 10 minutes there only to discover it's probably the only place in Germany that doesn't allow dogs! Disappointed, we found another burger place but that didn't allow dogs either! What the hell?! Frustrated, we ended up having a usual bakery sandwich lunch.

    Next up was the the Porta Nigra or the black gate - a large gate in the (no longer existing) city wall that has survived since the late Roman period. It's very tall, constructed of sandstone that's all turned black from pollution over the centuries. Very cool. This, thankfully was open, so we took turns going inside and climbing to the top. Nice view, and very impressive to see the construction of enormous blocks, stacked together with no mortar (though held in place with metal clamps).

    Next stop, the Roman Bridge! Trier is on the Mosel river, and the bridge here has stood since Roman times. Just the pillar bases though, the arches and the deck are from the 19th century. It managed to survive the war because it was captured so quickly, the retreating Germans didn't have time to blow it up!

    Final stop for the day was the Barbara Baths - not sure why they're called that! The largest bath complex outside of Rome, it was of course closed due to snow and ice as well. Win some, you lose some I guess. Back home exhausted, where we cooked our pasta supplies for dinner!
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  • Day1


    April 22, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Day 1: After 12 hours on the roads of France and Germany, we arrived in Trier. We visited the town, which was taken by the Romans at the time. It's really beautiful, there are a lot of buildings from different times of History. The one I liked the best was the Cathedral.
    In the afternoon, we visited the "Spielzeug Museum" (the toys museum) and then the "Karl Marx Hause" (the Karl Marx house). Then we went to our host family and spent the night there.Read more

  • Day5

    5. Tag: Von Igel nach Trier

    September 7 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Ui, der Wettergott will uns ein bisschen Abwechslung bringen. Es regnet aus Eimern, als wir heute morgen aufwachen. Zum Glück hört es auf, als wir gerade starten und die Luft ist dunstig-feucht und kühl. Schön zum Laufen. Wir laufen stramm und haben schon über die Hälfte der heutigen Strecke geschafft, als wir auf das Café Mohrenkopf im Busental ( kein Witz, heißt wirklich so) treffen und uns ein dickes Stück Kuchen gönnen. Den Rest des Weges bis Trier gehen wir im Regen und wundern uns, dass es uns gar nichts ausmacht.

    Übernachtung: Hotel Deutscher Hof
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  • Day5

    Wir hier in Trier

    September 19 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Zur Abwechslung vom Wandern war heute Stadtbesichtigung in Trier angesagt.
    Das Wetter meint es ja bereits die ganze Woche gut mit uns und so schien auch heute wieder die Sonne, auch wenn es morgens noch recht kühl und windig war.
    In Trier sind eine Anzahl Bauten aus der Römerzeit, darunter ein Amphitheater, erhalten und können besichtigt werden. Darüber hinaus kann die älteste Stadt Deutschlands mit einem beeindruckenden Dom und weiteren interessanten Gebäuden aufwarten.
    Erste Station war das Wahrzeichen der Stadt, die Porta Nigra.
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  • Day5

    Stadtrundgang Trier Teil 1

    September 19 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Für die Runde in Trier hatten wir uns einen sogenannten Multi-Cache, also einen Geocache mit mehreren (hier: 12) Stationen herausgesucht. Unser Weg führte an allen wichtigen Gebäuden, Denkmälern und Brunnen der Stadt vorbei und war sehr abwechslungsreich.

  • Day5

    Stadtrundgang Trier Teil 2

    September 19 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Nach dem Besuch des Amphitheaters, das etwas abseits vom Stadtzentrum liegt, ging es wieder durch Richtung Innenstadt, wo u.a. der Dom auf uns wartete.
    Dieser ist in einer ungewöhnlichen Doppelkirchen-Anordnung mit der Liebfrauenkirche direkt verbunden.
    Besonders beeindruckend ist die Orgel des Doms.Read more

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