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  • Day177


    September 27, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today was our designated do nothing day
    Our Hostel breakfast was incredible - 4 plates each!
    We put our laundry in and should be charged with extortion. It's 5 dirham per item and we had 30 items... THATS $20 TO DO A LOAD OF WASHING 😱😡😖
    We went out for lunch and Will got his camel burger - I had a bite just to say I have had camel. I didn't like it. It was like funny kebab meat. Will enjoyed it though.

    Came home and slept - was gonna read but I enjoyed just lying down

    Went to the streets and main gate. On the way the tour guide saw us while driving and parked then chased us down the street to say hey. 😂 I feel totally safe with him but we are gonna skip the tour and say I'm sick for 'just in case' purposes.

    We found the main blue gate which was very nice then walked down one of the Main Street - the workers are far less pushy which is great.
    It was pretty dark so we Turned around and had dinner.
    great beef!
    they keep giving us food on the house that we don't want to eat but feel like we must. 🙄

    When walking home we noticed a "bar" (more like place with a tv) showing a soccer game. It was fit to bursting with men and all the woman were just sitting outside. Maybe 70+ uninvited women hahaha

    Our room had aircon and it's so goooooood

    The owner is coming off as a real douche. He hasn't spoken to us. The workers are lovely.
    He is just so arrogant and I appreciate that he does actually own it.. but he walks around like he owns the place.
    A real tool.

    We had the funniest night all up on the terrace. There were these 2 Americans and I was in hysterics- they did not hold back they talked about all the drugs they have taken and the most ridiculous stories.
    They were amazing 😂😂😂
    One won tickets and went to Michael Jacksons funeral which is awesome.
    These chicks were honestly cracked.
    There were 2 other Americans, 2 Dutch, 1 Scottish and us + the worker dude.
    Everyone had some wine and beers.
    I laughed so much!!
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