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    Best fish eating joints in Singapore!

    March 19, 2018 in India ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    It is quite unimaginable to not associate Singapore with food. Blessed with a variety of cuisines, Singapore has something to suit every foodie’s palate. Topping the list, though, is undoubtedly its seafood.
    The succulent crabmeat, the crunchiness of a shrimp, fine textures of a fish—this is just an overview of what Singapore’s seafood has in store for you. Albeit you should be able to find decent seafood all around the Island-State, we urge you to dedicate some of your time in discovering these delightful joints.
    Troubles faced in reaching these places can be squashed immediately. Buying online tickets for a bus is simplified by
    ensuring a hassle-free travel.
    The Naked Fin: This intriguing restaurant is hidden at the back of Gillman Barracks, a hard to reach spot in its own right. If you do happen to get a taxi up there, make sure you get them to take you all the way to the restaurant, otherwise the walk from the front gate will leave you a little sweaty
    Penang Seafood: Penang Seafood was where I tried one of my first Fish Head Curries in Singapore. Memorable for the spiciness for sure but also the succulent flesh of the fish. Penang Seafood also gets my vote in this list because they (obviously) specialise in seafood. So here, you can also order various other local seafood specialties like Assam Steamed Red Grouper, Chilli Crab and Cuttlefish. I suggest that if you do not like things too spicy you mention that when you order.
    Jumbo Seafood: One of the most reputed seafood restaurants in East Coast Seafood Centre and through all of Singapore, the must tries here including the Salted egg yolk prawns and Crispy baby squids. Try this once and I am sure you will ask for more.
    Long Beach Seafood Restaurant: Based in Kallang Park, local produce is given its due justice here. You cannot not try the Canadian Dungeness crab delicacies—the name itself is highly appealing!
    Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant: The breath-taking views that this eating outlet is based in One Fullerton offers complement the signature dish of this place perfectly, the Chilli crab.
    Sabio by the Sea : This Spanish sea food restaurant has a menu that is sure to leave you licking your fingers. The food here is best enjoyed with sea breeze blowing through your face. So if you are in for some Mediterranean delight make sure that this restaurant is on your visit list. I was quite pleased for having visited this restaurant as this was an awesome Spanish experience for me and was quite amazed by the grilled meats and sea food. I personally loved the Paella de Pescado which had lovely flavoured curry rice. The other best part of this place is that they allow pets. The next time I visit this place I am sure to bring in my sweet little Katy my cat. The ambience is also very pleasing. It gives you the feel of a relaxed atmosphere by the dock.
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    A road journey from Allahabad from Agra:

    April 4, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    When you talk about the city of Agra, one thing needs to rise - yes, the Taj Mahal. Agra is host to the only a solitary of the Seven Wonders of the World in India, Taj Mahal, which makes the whole country happy. I was constantly eager to see this wonder; I came to Agra just to see the Taj Mahal. Now, I wanted to visit another heritage city called Allahabad. I quickly booked online bus tickets at and opted for an Amar Travels AC Sleeper bus. The reason I had a wonderful long bus travel experience of around 7 hours was a direct result of the comfortable seating arrangements and clean bus interiors. There are several other types of buses serviced by Amar Travels connecting Agra and Allahabad like Ac Seater and Ac semi sleeper. Air conditioning sleeper bus is much more helpful as it was a long excursion, I could take rest and sleep in the transport.

    Talking about Agra again, it has three UNESCO World Heritage locales and Taj Mahal highlights in the most prominent traveller goals in the planet. History, engineering, sentiment all together make the enchantment of Agra which is practically the lifesaver of Indian tourism.
    I boarded the bus from Taj Express Way in Agra at 11pm and reached Allahabad the next day at 7am. Apart from its attraction, Allahabad additionally comprises of a decent system of transportation like railways, roadways and aviation routes. The city is connected well to all the significant urban communities of India and the neighbouring parts of the region of Uttar Pradesh. Bus transport being a reasonable alternative as the locale has a smooth effective roadways framework. Bus as a travelling medium causes many commuters to traverse flawlessly.

    People who love shopping and has a knack for buying antique jewellery, ethnic wears, high art quality items for them Allahabad is the best place to satisfy their shopping desires. I completely made justice to the alluring shopping areas of Allahabad!

    Individuals who adore shopping and has a skill for purchasing classical gems, ethnic wears, high art quality things for them Allahabad is the best place to fulfil their shopping wishes. I totally made justice to the charming shopping regions of Allahabad!
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    Travelling By Bus

    April 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Travelling By Bus from Udaipur to Jodhpur: Book Kamlesh Travels!

    It is vitally fundamental to get prepared with targeted survival tips earlier than surroundings while planning for an overnight bus experience. Travelling by bus throughout the night is by no means is uncomfortable (as thought to be), you would not get the super night sleep, yet they have every other advantages. Right here, I have shared my in a single day bus ride experience even as journeying from Udaipur to Jodhpur (my Rajasthan tour). Taking a bus to travel for entire night passing via Indian roads will also be fairly an experience. The bus shall move across many dazzling sights, cities, you can taste food at leisure stops and meet many unknown humans.

    Simply that earlier than you embark on one of these experience be certain to buy online tickets for Kamlesh Travels AC Sleeper bus at
    , as this saves time and you get tickets at discounted charges too. Be certain to select a Volo Ac Sleeper as I did, at the same time travelling from Udaipur to Jodhpur, it used to be fairly relaxing and comes with pleasant assistance even as being on the go! The bus was clean and gave rest stop too.

    Udaipur to Jodhpur takes round 6 hours; I boarded the bus at around 9pm and reached Jodhpur at three in the morning. Entire night, I was once in the bus, they provided passengers with water bottles and gave refreshment stops too. Once the bus begins to move, you could just chill out, get little work completed to your computer, learn a booklet, chat over the mobile or get some sleep. Regardless of how a lot ever I travel, I like the fascination of falling asleep on a relocating bus and waking up somewhere new (vacation spot city).

    As it was darkish outside the window and with the fact, I booked an AC Volvo Sleeper, as a rule I spent reading books, eating chocolates and falling asleep. The interiors of the bus used to be comfortable and the AC was cold. I carried my own blanket and conveniently enjoyed my existence for these seven hours on the wheels.

    Since, I love to travel solo; buses are constantly my great companion on the roads of travel. Besides, they are cost saving and makes me super comfortable.
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    May 29, 2018 in India ⋅ ☀️ 43 °C

    Florence is known worldwide for its stunning Renaissance art and architecture, historical buildings, Duomo, famous 14th century bridge, great artwork and amazing atmosphere. Florence has a huge number of delights to offer its visitors, whether in terms of attractions, sight seeing, fine dinning or shopping everyone will find one or the other thing of your interest and choice in this amazing city. When planning a trip to Florence make sure to book your car rentals and hotel/accommodation in advance as Florence is one of the popular tourist destination of Italy. It welcomes thousands of visitors every year from around the globe which means booking your accommodation and car hires in advance van avoid last minute troubles and misunderstandings. Car hires in Florence are easily available with for online advance bookings. Moving on to hotels, Florence has a huge number of good hotels offering world class experiences and some of them are shortlisted here.

    Located on Piazza Republica, Hotel Savoy is one of the most popular and well known hotels of Florence. Its prime location makes all the major attractions of city in reach of the hotel. It is a part of Rocco Forte property collection and maintains its charm as prestigious property. An excellent restaurant, city’s best equipped hotel gym and world class hospitality are main attractions of the hotel. 88 rooms and 14 suites are there all are well furnished, perfectly designed and decorated embodied with all modern facilities.

    It is a grand stylish hotel located at a wonderful location on the north bank of river Arno. A five star hotel with all luxury treatments on offer and unrivalled hospitality are stars brand name owns. Hotel is home to Michelin star restaurant too. 99 rooms and suites are available with best of all the facilities. Rooms decor and interiors are inspired from Florence’s traditional art and architecture.

    This fantastic hotel features elegance and style in the best way possible. Located on banks of Arno river just few steps from iconic Ponte Vecchio it also offers great views. Its five star service and gourmet dinning is beyond the comparison. 65 boutiquey rooms and suites featuring outstanding art works and all amenities promises a great stay.

    Beside these few more hotels are there which you can look forward to when planing your stay at Florence. These includes AdAstra, J.K Palace Firenze, Villa Fiesole, Palazzo Vecchetti and Gallery Hotel Art.
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    Berdarmawisata Bersama Bus Menuju ke Bal

    July 18, 2018 in India ⋅ 🌧 30 °C


    Surakarta atau Solo adalah medan yang subur yang terletak di sepanjang sisi sungai yang terpanjang di Indonesia. Kota Solo memiliki semboyan "Berseri". "Berseri" sendiri adalah akronim dari "Bersih, Sehat, Rapi, dan Indah", sebagai slogan pemeliharaan keindahan kota. Untuk kepentingan pemasaran pariwisata, Surakarta mengambil slogan pariwisata Solo, The Spirit of Java atau Jiwanya Jawa. Diapit oleh beberapa gunung berapi dan gunung-gunung lainnya, kota ini merupakan kota yang paling banyak dikunjungi di Indonesia.   Kota ini telah memegang kendali yang kuat atas budaya dan tradisi orang Jawa. Solo memiliki 2 rumah kerajaan dan juga beberapa keturunan yang tinggal di dalamnya. Orang-orang yang tinggal di dalam 2 rumah kerajaan ini masih dianggap pemimpin dari budaya Jawa bagi orang-orang yang tinggal di kota Solo. Ada beberapa festival yang dirayakan dengan kemegahan besar seperti festival Kirab Pusaka malam 1 Sura, Sekaten, Grebeg Sudiro, Grebeg Mulud, Tinggalandalem Jumenengan, Grebeg Pasa, Syawalan, Grebeg Besar, Solo Batik Carnival, Solo Batik Fashion, dan sebagainya sementara kota diterangi dengan lampu yang elegan dan membuat kota ini semakin indah. Kota ini juga merupakan kota terbesar ketiga di pulau Jawa bagian selatan setelah kota Bandung dan Malang menurut jumlah penduduknya. Solo adalah rumah bagi 500.000 penduduk dan memperoleh namanya dari sungai terpanjang di sepanjang Jawa disebut Bengawan Solo. Orang-orang bepergian pulang pergi di kota ini menggunakan transportasi tradisional yaitu becak yang telah dihias dengan indah. Ada banyak tempat makan yang luar biasa membuat mata lapar untuk mencicipi setiap hidangannya. Sate kambing, nasi liwet, timlo solo, nasi gudeg, gudeg ceker, pecel ndeso, cabuk rambak dan masih banyak yang lainnya adalah hidangan khas Solo yang wajib anda cicipi. Kini Solo adalah kota besar di dalamnya itu sendiri dan dikenal karena budayanya yang khas. Kota Solo juga merupakan salah satu daerah utama pengembang batik dan kain jawa popular lainnya. Jika anda ingin melihat lebih dalam tentang budaya Jawa kuno, kerajinan tangan dan artefak, Solo adalah tempat yang pastinya tidak boleh anda lewatkan.


    Bali memiliki julukan Pulau Seribu Pura, ini karena banyak nya pura yang ada disini yaitu Pura Tanah Lot, Besakih, Uluwatu, Taman Ayun, Ulun Danu, Goa Gajah, Tirta Empul Tampak Siring, Goa Lawah, Alas Kedaton adalah beberapa dari sekian banyak Pura disini yang wajib ada dalam daftar kunjungan anda ketika anda berada disini. Bali juga mempunyai banyak daerah garis pantai yang paling indah, air terjun dan bahkan tempat itu sendiri. Kota ini merupakan pulau eksplorasi yang sentosa dan diisi dengan beberapa gunung yang paling indah. Bali adalah perpaduan antara arsitektur lama dan baru yang bercampur dengan baik. Melihat pemandangan yang indah di Bali tentu akan meremajakan pikiran dan jiwa anda. Orang-orang yang tinggal disini banyak yang menganut budaya dan tradisi orang Bali. Tempat yang cantik ini telah banyak ditampilkan dalam berbagai jurnal atau majalah travel yang menjadi tempat wajib untuk dikunjungi disetiap daftar liburan semua orang. Lokasi wisata yang utamanya adalah Kuta dan sekitarnya seperti Legian dan Seminyak, daerah timur kota seperti Sanur, pusat kota seperti Ubud, dan di daerah selatan seperti Jimbaran, Nusa Dua dan Pecatu. Selain lokasi wisatanya, musik, seni, dan makanan disini juga menjadi daya tarik Bali karena masih berasal dari tradisi Bali kuno. Makanan yang wajib anda coba yaitu ayam betutu, bebek betutu, babi guling, garang asem, sate lilit, pie susu, dan masih banyak lainnya. Anda dapat mencoba berbagai olahraga air disini seperti flying board, flying fish, rolling donut, banana boat, senorkeling, sea walker, wakerboarding, jetski, scuba diving, dan masih banyak yang lainnya jika anda ingin menggelitik adrenalin anda.

    Salah satu moda transportasi di Indonesia adalah bus, daripada merasakan macet belum lagi perjalanan masih panjang, banyak warga lokal disini yang menggunakan bus untuk travelling, selain barganya murah, anda masih dapat menikmati pemandangan sekitar selama perjalanan. Frekuensi bus juga cukup teratur dengan bus yang selalu datang hampir setiap 15 menit. Saya tawarkan kepada anda untuk memesan tiket bus anda dari jejaring situs karena tiket bus sangat cepat habis terjual. Redbus memberikan potongan harga yang menarik dan anda dapat memilih berbagai pilihan jenis bus seperti ekonomi, ekspress, sampai yang berkelas. Perjalanan dengan bus akan membebankan biaya antara Rp. 50.000,- sampai dengan Rp. 200.000,- semua tergantung dari bus kelas apa yang anda pesan. Jika anda berpacu dengan waktu, saya akan merekomendasikan anda untuk memesan bus ekspress karena pemberhentian hanya dilakukan beberapa kali dan anda akan cepat sampai pada tujuan. Jika anda memiliki budget minim, saya sarankan anda untuk memesan tiket bus kelas ekonomi. Bus mewah memiliki kelas terpisah dengan fasilitas seperti kursi yang dapat bersandar, film, dan makanan ringan. Jadi pesan tiket anda sekarang dan bersemangat sepanjang perjalanan menuju kota-kota tujuan anda.

    Ada beberapa bus yang melakukan perjalanan antara Solo-Bali dan semua total durasi lamanya perjalanan sekitar 15 jam. Jarak antara kedua kota yang cantic ini adalah sekitar 60 km dan dengan memilih bus sebagai transportasi anda adalah pilihan terbaik, harga yang ditawarkan dalam satu kali perjalanan sudah termasuk pergantian dari bus dengan kapal ferri. Harga tiketnya per orang yaitu Rp. 500.000,-
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