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  • Day40

    Yanchep NP and van troubles

    May 13, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    After leaving our friends Laura, Julie and Solana in Bunbury we headed North to the rental depot to check out our van. We'd been keeping an eye on the range and fuel consumption (something all men do at a certain age!!) and something wasn't right. We could get just over half the fuel capacity the van should have. This was a wee bit of an issue South of Perth where petrol stations are quite common, but a big issue North of Perth where we may not have the range to refuel. Delays ensued, a replacement was eventually sourced and off we went, only to find the leisure battery (the one that runs the lights/fridge etc) was dead. Too late to return that night so a trip back to the depot the next morning. They dealt with the issues fairly efficiently but still 1.5 days lost. Source of the fuel problem was previous hirer had run over something and dented the tank to such an extent it was 30 litres smaller!
    This afternoon we drove to Yanchep National Park and wetland (named Loch McNess!!) where we are spending the night. On the way we stopped at the Western Australia remote control aircraft airfield. A proper airfield in minature with 6ft long jet models and a crazy air race that takes place in a huge caged area where models fly round in circles on a tether at 140mph (look up tether racing) There are koalas in the National Park and kangaroos that hop around the area and camp ground.
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