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  • Day24


    December 24, 2016 in Morocco ⋅ 🌙 48 °F

    Well firstly it's a bit warmer now I'm not in the mountains. It's not generally that cold at night c.9 degrees, but most traditional Moroccan places don't have heating, so it soon feels cold.

    Secondly Fes is the tightest medina I've ever seen, the place is an absolute maze with loads of dead ends. It'd be rubbish to be the postman. What's really nice though is that most of the 9000+ alleys are lived in by locals. I met Dan Hui and Gabriel in the hostel and we went out one day just to get lost and see what we would find. We succeeded quite easily and tried to walk into someone's house accidentally. We got stopped by the neighbour only to be invited into their 400 year old riad with amazing carved wood and plaster work. The same day we went to the Tannery and saw the men at work dying and curing leather. It turns out that to make leather you need an ample supply of coloured piss and bird shit, and it smelt of it. I have no idea how anyone could do this all day long.

    While also in Fes I realised that i had no insurance even though I had gone through at least 4 layers of checks when my ferry arrived into morocco. So I set off to get some and discovered my French is woefully inadequate, but I found the place eventually, but it was closed for lunch... for 2.5 hours. So off I went for lunch. Next thing I see is a 125cc bike going down a 3 Lane boulevard in Fes about 30 mph, but with an old lady in a wheelchair holding onto the back being towed. Unfortunately I couldn't get the camera out quick enough. I'm still puzzled to know how they handled the roundabout at the end of the road.

    But the best thing about Fes was the riad I was staying at run by Youssef a very friendly guy and the guys I met there and shared some good times. Thanks to Gabriel, Dan Hui, Hillary, Andrea and Mike. It turns out that morocco attracts a different group of travelers. We spent hours playing cards and just chilling sharing stories. I also learnt a Russian card game called darjit. So stereotypically Russian, the game has no winners, but you just don't want to lose and it's based on rounds of attack and defence.

    1&5) Tannery
    2) typical Fes street
    4) a massive overlanding truck I came across. I thought I might have packed too much stuff but now I feel underprepared, especially as it had a motorbike attached to the back.
    6) Gabriel surveying a huge cous cous meal after our wander around Fes.
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  • Day11

    Riad Yacout

    April 18, 2014 in Morocco ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Für heute aber beziehen wir nur noch unseren zauberhaften Riad in der Altstadt von Fes.

    Und so geht dieser Reisetag in unserem hübschen Riad zu Ende. Ein wunderbares arabisches Essen, bei dem wir in Vorspeisen schwelgen, und ein guter Rotwein, den der Ritter aufwendig organisiert hat...

  • Day4

    Marokkanische Küche

    January 20, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ 🌬 12 °C

    Couscous mit Lammfleisch

    Couscous, Cous Cous oder Kuskus (arabisch كسكسي, DMG Kuskusī, mazirisch ⵙⴽⵙⵓ Seksu) ist ein Gericht der nordafrikanischen Küche. Er wird aus befeuchtetem und zu Kügelchen zerriebenem Grieß aus Hartweizen (Hartweizengrieß), Gerste oder Hirse (سميذ / samīḏ / ‚Feinmehl‘) hergestellt. Couscous wird zum Garen nicht gekocht, sondern über kochendem Wasser oder einem kochenden Gericht gedämpft.Read more

  • Day4

    Mausoleum Idris II.

    January 20, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ 🌬 12 °C

    Idris II. (* 791; † 828) war zweiter Herrscher der Idrisiden in Marokko (791–828).

    Idris II. wurde erst nach der Ermordung seines Vaters Idris I. (788–791) geboren. Die Regentschaft für den Minderjährigen führte Raschid, der langjährige Diener von Idris I. Im Alter von elf Jahren wurde Idris II. zum Imam ausgerufen. Durch Feldzüge wurde der Einfluss der Idrisiden im nördlichen Marokko erweitert.

    Fès wurde unter ihm zur Hauptstadt des Reiches ausgebaut. Im Gegensatz zu seinem Vater stützte sich Idris II. verstärkt auf arabische Gruppen, deren Einwanderung nach Nordmarokko er förderte. Die arabischen Siedler kamen neben Kairuan vor allem aus Andalusien. Dort waren nach der Vorortrevolte in Córdoba gegen al-Hakam I. (818) tausende Rebellen aus dem Emirat von Córdoba vertrieben worden. Diese wurden in Fes angesiedelt, wodurch die Stadt neben Kairuan zum bedeutendsten Zentrum der arabischen Kultur im Maghreb wurde.
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  • Day177


    September 27, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today was our designated do nothing day
    Our Hostel breakfast was incredible - 4 plates each!
    We put our laundry in and should be charged with extortion. It's 5 dirham per item and we had 30 items... THATS $20 TO DO A LOAD OF WASHING 😱😡😖
    We went out for lunch and Will got his camel burger - I had a bite just to say I have had camel. I didn't like it. It was like funny kebab meat. Will enjoyed it though.

    Came home and slept - was gonna read but I enjoyed just lying down

    Went to the streets and main gate. On the way the tour guide saw us while driving and parked then chased us down the street to say hey. 😂 I feel totally safe with him but we are gonna skip the tour and say I'm sick for 'just in case' purposes.

    We found the main blue gate which was very nice then walked down one of the Main Street - the workers are far less pushy which is great.
    It was pretty dark so we Turned around and had dinner.
    great beef!
    they keep giving us food on the house that we don't want to eat but feel like we must. 🙄

    When walking home we noticed a "bar" (more like place with a tv) showing a soccer game. It was fit to bursting with men and all the woman were just sitting outside. Maybe 70+ uninvited women hahaha

    Our room had aircon and it's so goooooood

    The owner is coming off as a real douche. He hasn't spoken to us. The workers are lovely.
    He is just so arrogant and I appreciate that he does actually own it.. but he walks around like he owns the place.
    A real tool.

    We had the funniest night all up on the terrace. There were these 2 Americans and I was in hysterics- they did not hold back they talked about all the drugs they have taken and the most ridiculous stories.
    They were amazing 😂😂😂
    One won tickets and went to Michael Jacksons funeral which is awesome.
    These chicks were honestly cracked.
    There were 2 other Americans, 2 Dutch, 1 Scottish and us + the worker dude.
    Everyone had some wine and beers.
    I laughed so much!!
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  • Day178


    September 28, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    At 9:30 Will went to town and told old mate I was sick. We still gave him money. Apparently he was suspicious haha
    He came back and we sat in the main area. We didn't want breakfast but they served us anyway.
    I felt sick but got some relief on the loo.
    We didn't want to walk past our guide man so we walked in the opposite direction to Mcdonalds. We are are so over tangine and cous cous. Oh and kebabs.
    Back to hostel and I had another nap cause I still wasnt feeling great

    Woke up and we organised Japanese delivery for dinner. It came in a little box like the ones on US Sitcoms. 🤗
    We over ordered just so they came though. Very enjoyable.
    Meyouki made us mint tea ( American Japanese girl in our room) - she is here with Viktor who is from holland.
    We made our way upstairs because she ordered sheesha.
    It was mint flavored.

    I am still BLOWN THE FUCK AWAY BY THIS. Apparently everyone in the world know this BUT Aboriginals are not Australian. It just means indigenous??!?!??!

    Honestly not coping.

    I thought it was our word for our specific indigenous like Eskimos or Mauris*(NZ)

    Played with Bruno a lot.

    I'm surprised the tortoises dont get stepped on more.
    I gave everyone a big talk about the difference between a tortoise and turtle 🐢
    So many tortoises die because people put the into water but they can't swim...
    I also own a turtle because of this incorrect labeling the world uses.

    I like the Berber alphabet.

    'Your welcome' in Arabic is "shook raan"
    Not spelt like that of corse.

    2 of the dudes came back from their hammam. I am keen to try too. ( it's their bathhouse) maybe in Rabat.
    Went to bed about 1am.
    Another enjoyable night.
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  • Day179


    September 29, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Slept in until 11ish. My cough is really bad because I'm right under the air con.

    We decided we should probably do something today 😂
    We headed towards the Tanneries.

    People are so freaking annoying!!!!! Good intentions yes but i am so over every second person giving direction when they don't even know where we are going.

    I might have half yelled at one dude... he was like
    "the medina is down here"
    "We aren't going to the medina"
    "You need to go this way"
    "You don't even know where we are going!!!! "

    Gah go away.

    He chased after us because I think he was surprised and slightly impressed a woman spoke to him is such a way. he told me he liked me hahahah Somehow we ended up with a guide ... 😒😒😒😒 (not him) he took us to the tannery and passed us on to someone else - it's sneaky! You just go through 4 levels of his shop to reach it.

    As we walked out onto the view area he gave us mint to hold to our noses because my word, IT WAS SO BAD OMG.

    The shop owner stayed with us and told us all about it.
    It's a Friday so not as many people were there..
    They put the skins into the big pools of pigeon poop to clean it.....
    then they do something with the spin wheel then they dye it in the pool of dye. It can take 2 months for sheep and goat and 3 months for camel and cow. There were men standing in the pools splashing the contents around.
    around in the neighboring buildings were skins hanging up. The white skins get dried in the shade.

    So thankful for the mint.

    Apparently it's UNESCO site but I don't actually think thats true... the Fes medina is though... (I still don't understand what a medina is...) but I suppose the pools might come under the same area?

    Why don't I know what a medina is? Because it's meaning keeps changing.

    It's suppose to be surrounded by a wall BUT doesn't have to be...
    then Today I was told :

    "the medina is this way"
    "We aren't going to the medina"
    "You are in the medina"
    .... then how can it be over there if I am already in it? 🤔🤔🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


    We then had an awkward showing through his shop.
    He tipped him 10€ because he was good and because we didn't have anything smaller 😖😖😖😖
    The stupid guide wanted money too - gave him 20 dirham to shut him up and leave us alone.
    I made a very loud point of telling him he should not have lied and said it was free (we knew he would want a tip but couldn't get rid of him and he insisted it would be free - bullshit)

    I accidentally startled Bruno when he was sleeping and he nipped my hand. Now, he is the cleanest dog I have ever come across so here's to hoping I don't get rabies ✌🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
    Poor puppy. He had lots of cuddles to say sorry to each other 😻🤗

    I have also not been hungry for a week so my hypercondriac side has decided I have Hep A. 👍🏼

    Walked home, rested then walked to the shopping mall 3km away for food.
    We are still avoiding old mate tour guide.

    Walked home, played with dog and talked to everyone in the common room.

    The hostel was putting on a free dinner but that wasn't ready until 9:15 lol.
    I forced myself to eat even though I'm not hungry. Forced myself at lunch too.

    Sat next to a french guy who was really nice and wrote down stuff for us to see in France - same with a girl from the Ukraine

    It was a good night but I found that Sophie Monks episodes as the bachelorette have been uploaded to YouTube so I went and watched 2 of them while Will stayed upstairs and continued drinking with everyone.
    It's currently 2:20 am and I can hear him laughing upstairs haha

    I would like to leave Morocco and go somewhere with better sanitation please.
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  • Day304

    Rabat, Morocco

    October 31, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    It's so weird to see empty streets in Fes during the day and don't hear locals saying "It's closed" when it's open, "There is no passage" where there is, "Don't go there" without any explanation why, "I can help you" while you tell them that you don't need any help yet they keep following you. After having traveled to so many places, I can say that Moroccans are the most annoying folks I ever met. Very unfortunate that they behave this way ruining the image of hospitable and welcoming people as they were considered🙁Read more

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