El Plantel

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  • Day43

    Surfen Playa Maderas

    December 28, 2019 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Die ganz letscht Wueche bi i ir Nechi vo San Juan del Sur im nä Surfcamp gsi u ha hie o Wiehnachte verbracht. I däm Camp hets extrem viu Schwiizer gah u die Wueche isch extrem schnäu verbi. Chönnt hie guet no chli lenger bliebe.Read more

    Ursula Ganz

    Wunderschön! Nur ds Föteli vo Dir uf em Surfbrätt fehlt🤣

  • Day64

    Rapture Surf Camp

    March 1, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    After my first try of getting back into surfing in El Tunco felt like I've never done this before I figured I should probably look for a place to start over again.
    I had been to other Surf Camps before in Bali & Sri Lanka and I always love the vibe. Usually everybody is in the same mood and just wants to surf and and chill out with nice people. This place was the same. When I walked in they all introduced themselves and immediately started talking to me. 80% of the people were blond, german speaking girls so I fit in perfectly 😅

    The first girl I met was Kim from Switzerland. As she told me she had just arrived the night before on a flight from London I assumed she was British and we had been talking for quite a while till someone walked by saying "You do know that you both speak german?". Kim saved me in the end by selling me her neopren swimsuit. Hard to believe but the water around Playa Maderas was freezing cold what always shortened the surf sessions quite a lot. I spend a lot of time with Kim but usually we would always be hanging out at the camp all together anyway. That's what made it such a nice experience. Even though people would leave and new people would show up it always felt like one happy surf family.
    Except maybe for one person that just didn't really fit in. She just seemed to live in another atmosphere. Someone assumed she might have fallen in a pot of acid when she was a kid. But she was a fun person and she always gave us something to laugh about. Also she was the inspiration for our group picture in the pool.

    But most importantly: the surf!
    After my first surf lesson I was pretty upset. Deny and Alvaro had just ignored me telling them that I wanna start easy and stay in the white water. They made me paddle out with everybody else and I was just completely overwhelmed. But in the end their approach was right. It took me two days but then I got the hang of it again. And on monday morning after a day without surfing but partying instead at SUNDAY FUNDAY I suddenly knew how to surf again. As a lot of people had left and the new ones weren't taking lessons I had private lessons with Alvaro for the next 3 days. It was perfect. On my last day I was able to catch my own green waves, stand up and surf them without looking like an idiot. I felt ready to surf by myself now!
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  • Day84

    Rapture Surf Camp 2.0

    March 21, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    I was super excited to get back to rapture for a few more days. I wrote to Kim and she told me they were going for a 8:30 morning surf session at Playa Maderas. That worked perfectly for me as I could take the Shuttle running to Maderas from Sun Juan early in the morning and just join them there.
    It was funny to be waiting at the beach for the rapture surf shuttle to arrive. Kim was the only guest I still knew but there were also Wade (surf guide), Dany and Alvaro (surf instructor) and Sarah (volunteer) jumping of that car.
    Even though I had only not being surfing for about 10 days it took me a while to get back into it. Especially as I wasn't taking lessons anymore. But it was still fun. We went to 3 different beaches the 3 days I was there which was perfect. I still liked Remanso best.
    The crowd of people was again really nice. A group of 5 germans who had been there last time I was here also came back so there were a few more familiar faces.
    I talked a lot with Sarah about her job as a volunteer and was pretty excited when Vincent asked me how long I would still be in Nicaragua as they might need a new volunteer soon. But Sarah told me she was leaving in about 3 weeks. That didn't really make sense with my schedule. But the next day Sarah came to me and told me she had decided to leave early and wanted to recommend me as her replacement! We went to talk to Vincent about it but he told me there was a friend of his arriving the next day to take Sarahs Job. Seriously? How close could I miss this opportunity twice? But luckily it took him like 5 minutes to realize that he would prefer spending time with his friend without him working. So here I am. Working as a volunteer at my favorite place where I can go surfing almost every day!
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