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  • Day170

    10.11 Ojo de Agua

    February 9 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    What amazing pool to swim in!

    Ojo de Agua is a natural pool, which means there is a little river flowing through it so the water stays fresh and clear. However, it is so slow, that you can easily swim back and forth in it.

  • Day168

    10.10 Maderas Volcano

    February 7 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Finally, another volcano to hike. And it was an adventure! Starting with the way up: The carve your way through jungle on slippery and muddy ground until you reach the top, where you are presented a beautiful view which you can enjoy while your head is being blown around by wind bows.

    The way down on the other hand was very different. Much more mud and slippery stone, as well as exposed tree roots you have to walk on. Even better, it was getting dark. Very dark. So the only way to see were the phones, because we had no other light source. Took us longer than expected.Read more

  • Day171

    10.12 Meetup

    February 10 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    How random is that?
    We ran into two couples that were also with us in the hostel in Granada. Three different groups independently met on Ometepe at the “Maria Jesus Sunset Spot”, without knowing that the others were there as well.

    In total, 7 people, of which 5 were also on the island we rented.

  • Day166

    10.8 An akward island

    February 5 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    A very unique island lies in the middle of a Nicaraguan Lagoon. The island is called Ometepe and it is large enough that it was worth taking the motorcycle there, which turned out to be very useful ...

  • Day12


    February 11 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Another day, another adventure. Today we are to take the ferry to an island called Ometepe comprised of two volcanoes where one is still active.

    We get up have breakfast and pack our stuff. We head to the ferry early just in case. We are taking one of the larger boats to avoid being shaken by the waves. We were warned by friends that the ride they took yesterday was rough and one of them got sea sick.

    The ride is okay and not too bad. The wind is a bit calmer than yesterday. It takes us about 90 minutes to cross. As we arrive we have a driver with a sign waiting to take us to our AirBnB. Eddie explains some of the things to do on the island as we drive. He offers to give us a full day tour if we are interested. We tell him we will verify our options and let him know. Near our destination we get stopped by the National Police. It's the second time in 2 days. We try to understand why we were stopped but thankfully only the driver has to deal with them and we don't have do anything but stay quiet. It seemed like they were inspecting all the papers and the car to ensue that everything is in order. I guess it's a good thing for us.

    Lucie greats us at our arrival. She shows us our cabin and explains how things work. The place is nice, clean and the bed looks comfy. After check-in we decide to go for lunch. We walk to a place nearby and order. They have 1 litre beer bottles for 1.75 🍻, nice. In general beer is cheaper in bars and restaurants than at the market in Nicaragua.

    After lunch we stop by a small market to get some snacks as Ben will be hiking up one of the volcanoes tomorrow. I decided to sit this one out as it's about a 8-9 hour trek. The rest of us will probably take Eddie on his offer for the tour. Once we arrive back we decide to take a nap.

    After our nap, we go watch the sunset. It is a nice view to remember. We then take our headlamps and walk to another restaurant for supper. As we walk we notice that everything is dark. There are no lights anywhere. When we find the restaurant, we see candles providing light and a big flashlight for the cook. For some reason I do not question any of this as I thought it was normal for this rural area. After getting our plates the lights turn on around us. Electricity is back. We never knew it was missing 😂. Before leaving our AirBnB we had electricity in our room however this place runs on solar energy and batteries. I guess electricity here is a gamble.

    After supper we take our showers and go to bed around 10.
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  • Day13

    Activities on Ometepe

    February 12 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Ben gets up at 4:40am to start his trek at 5:30am. I did not hear him leave. I wake up around 5:45 with the rooster singing. I read while the girls are still sound a sleep.

    We head for breakfast at 7:30 and have a quick chat with Lucie to arrange for a transport to Granada tomorrow, she has a contact and will set us up.

    Eddie arrives at 8:30 to take us on our Island tour. We start by visiting Charco Verde which is a ecological park. It has a butterfly garden that we visit. We also walk around a lagoon taking in the sights and observing howler monkeys chilling in the trees.

    Eddie then takes us to Punta Jesus Maria. It's a nice beach where we take the opportunity to go have a swim while having a beer. It feels a bit odd as we are the only tourists here. It really shows that there is political turmoil and that tourists fear visiting the country. It is now illegal to protest, people protesting go to jail if they get caught. They are even arresting people from video fottage of past protests. Up to now we have not seen anything to be worried about other than many empty locations where usually tourists are in great numbers.

    We then head to Santo Domingo for lunch with a great view on the lake. From there we go to Ojo de Agua, this place is a natural eco pool taking it's water from a natural spring. The water colour is really lovely. We hang out here until we hear from Ben. We planned that he would meet us here after his trek. By the time we hear from him we decide to go back and pick him up for our final stop. We head to Mérida to watch the sunset. Picking up Ben is a 2 minute detour.

    In Mérida we have a couple beers while enjoying the sunset. We are not the only ones that came for this view. Other locals have also come to take in the beauty. We take a meal to go and head back to our AirBnB. Eddie has been patient enough for us for the day and we do not want to have to hold him up any longer.

    Dinner, shower and bed when we arrive.
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  • Day14


    February 13 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today we head back to mainland. We are traveling to Granada to meet back with Basia in Marc for our last day in Nicaragua. We get up with the sunrise and pick our bags. Lucie has a continental breakfast set for us. We say our goodbyes and take a transport with our driver Eddie to Moyogalpa. It is a different port than the one we came in. It is a shorter trip and smoother as the wind is very calm today. The price for the ferry is extremely cheap, it costs only $1.50.

    In San Jorge, Pedro is expecting us for the drive to Granada. He brings us to his 1990 or older Toyota Tercel. It looks like it had quite the lifetime. We put our bags in the trunk and the driver needs to give it 5 tries before it stays closed. As we drive, from time to time the driver has to stop and close the trunk as it keeps poping back up.

    Halfway to our destination my neighbour texts me to tell me that firemen have stopped at our house for carbon monoxide. I start to question why. I verify our alarm system and notice that an alert was created by the carbon monoxide detector. Our furnace was blocked as the exhaust pipes were covered in snow. We had just cleared that area before leaving on vacation... Thank you to the firemen and our great neighbours who took care of this situation.

    Once arrived in Granada we check-in at our Hotel. It's a very nice villa with a lovely interior garden. Our host Ester gives us the tour and asks if her place will be okay. In my mind I'm thinking this place is so great, I could stay here for a very long time. We will have a great time here.

    After getting a map from Ester with some interesting places to visit or eat, we pick a spot for lunch and head over. It's a nice place that a Canadian couple owns. After a couple beers and food in our belly we start to walk back. Ben wants some ice cream so we use Google maps to find a place. Grenada lives on tourism and with the current lull there are many places that have closed. It took us three attempts to finally find one that was still in business. Ben is pretty happy.

    It is really hot on the streets so we decide to head back to the Hotel and chill in the pool and the hammacks with beer and rum. In late afternoon we meet up with Basia and Marc who are at the hotel just beside ours. We have a couple drinks with them and catch up on what we've done in the last 4 days.

    We then pick a place for supper and enjoy a king size burger that I could have easily only eaten half. Once done we have a night cap and swim before heading to bed.
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  • Day27

    Cristo de La Misericordia, SJ del Sur

    April 1 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    We didn't do much today, except climbing the hill up to Cristo de La Misericordia, next to our apartment. San Juan del Sur is a small town. The beach itself is ok, but not more. Actually there's a lot of trash on the beach. The surroundings are nice though.

  • Day13

    Holà volcan Maderas

    February 12 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Je me suis suis joint à une randonnée au sommet du volcan Madera aujourd’hui. Selon le site web c’est une randonnée de 8 heures pour laquelle il faut un guide local. Un autre gars qui était avec nous (Steven) au Coco Loco est arrivé avant nous à Ometepe et a organisé le tout avec un allemand qu’il a rencontré en route. Robert et les filles n’avaient pas le goût et se sont organisés une journée de visite de l’île à la place.

    Le point de départ est à moins de 2 km de Finca Del Sol alors je m’y rend à pieds avec ma lampe frontale pour rejoindre Steven, Michael et Jonny (le guide) : il est 5h 😴.

    Le dénivelé de la première partie est assez graduel et ça va bien. On voit quelques singes crieurs d’assez près, de petits singes à la face blanche (capucins?) au loin et perroquets verts. Ça commence ensuite à monter un peu plus et on s’arrête à un point de vue avant d’arriver dans les nuages.

    C’est là que le « fun » commence… il y a un micro-climat e forêt tropicale humide à partir de la moitié du volcan et c’est effectivement très humide. On est dans la brume à partir d’ici. La montée devient de plus en plus abrupte et la piste de plus en plus boueuse et avec des branches et troncs en travers sous l’au-delà il faut parfois passer. Avec toute la boue et la piste glissante on focusait notre attention où on mettait nos pieds. Je penses à Robert et aux filles qui ont choisi une journée relaxe de visites et commence à être un peu jaloux.

    À environ 5-10 min du sommet du cratère… BANG!🤕 Je me cogne la tête sur un tronc que je ne avais pas vu en travers la piste. Ça sonné assez fort et par réflexe j’enlève ma casquette et me tâte la tête pour me rendre compte que mes doigts sont rouges sang. Maudit je me suis fendu. Mes compagnons viennent voir et confirment : « t’as du sand qui coule sur ton front ». Je m’éponge avec des serviettes que j’avais avec moi. Finalement ils confirment que ça semble plus superficiel comme blessure. Après quelques minutes à mettre de la pression pour arrêter le saignement on reprend la route. Pas grand chose de plus à faire ici de toute façons et à part de l’élancement je suis ok. Je me suis fait un petit bandeau avec un bandana pour tenter de garder de la pression pour libérer mes 2 mains.

    Au sommet on redescend quelques mètres au milieu du cratère dans lequel un lac s’est formé. On s’y arrête prendre des photos et grignoter avant de repartir pour la descente du volcan via une autre piste.

    Encore plus de boue nous ralenti lors de la descente. On glisse quelques fois mais sans se blesser, heureusement. Rendu là on avait tous assez hâte de passer ce stade et d’arriver où c’est sec.

    On termine notre randonnée dans une plantation de café vers 14h30, après environ 9 heures de marche (incluant les pauses). Mais on ne s’y arrête pas : nos chaussures sont pleines de boue et on veut juste prendre une douche.

    Au finale, ce fut une expérience intéressante… mais je ne recommanderait pas. Le lac dans le cratère était cool à voir, mais je ne trouve pas ça valait le détour. J’ai quand même bien apprécié la compagnie et les conversations avec mes 2 compagnons de voyage, Steven et Michael.
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