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    July 3, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Ok so some dude came into our room at 1am and woke everyone up with his ridiculous snoring.
    I think he has sleep apnea because it would stop for 10 seconds - relief would wash over my body and then he would start again.
    At 3am the sun was completely up so I played sim city on my phone for a bit and found ear plugs for Will.
    Went back to bed - we had to pay for linen which we didn't want to do so we went without which is totally disgusting BUT I actually found the bed to be quite comfortable for the rest of the night.
    Woke up at 10 so that was great.
    Checked out and they stored our bags for us for free so we dropped them and went exploring.
    I picked up a free map at the desk - we headed towards where we were last night because apparently the royal palace is nearby.
    The streets were cleaner this morning but still quite empty.
    Ooo forgot to mention last night we walked past a man covered in bumps. I discovered on my google search this morning that I correctly identified him as a leper.
    Poor man.

    We walked a while and found the palace. It's a crappy outer design but I'm sure the inside is just fine lols.
    I liked what the guards were wearing - I don't think he was allowed to speak but he did communicate with people who asked him for a photo by nodding.
    I got one 🤘🏽
    Their march is much faster than other countries guards - its normal walking pace.
    We sat for ages and looked over the map we were given. There was a fortress on there so we decided we would go there after we had eaten.
    We found a place that did a great burger.
    It was $30 each for a proper chips and burger meals which was much more reasonable that expected.
    Not ideal but it wasn't $50 each.
    We walked past the harbour which was quite nice and found the fortress. It's called Akershus fortress.
    It was free to wander around so we did. We walked to the top and sat for ages just looking at boats and escaping the sun in the shade.
    You could pay to enter the castle but but it really didn't look that exciting so we didn't.
    We were really just wasting time waiting for Randi to get home.
    It had a sign saying the place has significance but no other real signs explaining why... lol
    Either way - been there done that.
    We decided to go back to the hostel and chill for a bit.
    Bless google maps.

    We got back and both used the loo then hung around for about 2 hours before we decided we would start walking towards Randi's and on the way find a pub to sit in for Will. Apparently his liver is hurting from lack of alcohol. Lol

    Found one - it was about $9 a beer which again is crap but still better than expected - he was allowed 2.
    It was then about 5:30 so we started the walk

    Oh my god she lives on the top of a mountain.
    The whole walk was uphill 😩😩
    So sweaty, yuck! 3 Kms later we found her front door.
    She buzzed us in - the elevator was so small we went one at a time - I went first but when it arrived at her level I couldn't turn around to get out because of my backpack - Will must have called for the elevator because back down I went. When I reappeared he just looked at me like I was a retard.
    I got out, turned around and got back in - she met me at the door.
    She hates feet so I found it odd we had to take our shoes off haha
    We just chatted for ages and made up a very basic possible plan for the next week.
    She has given us her room and she will sleep on a mattress in the upstairs bit.
    So keen to spend time with her.
    We had a cup of tea - once again when someone has offered tea it hasn't been black tea with milk 🤔. Very strange.
    We went down to the supermarket - she put on a jumper she knitted herself - I was very impressed with it.
    But get this - you need a PERMIT to knit. HAHAHHAH What the actual crap. Where the hell are we ?!?!
    Supermarket was down the road we bought some basic food. It will be the first time she has had milk in her fridge so she is excited by the novelty (vegan) lol.
    We got a decent amount of stuff and it was only $50👍🏼
    She has bought us some Norwegian snacks too 🙃🙃🙃 oh and some brown cheese which tastes delicious!! I had some when we got back - it has a caramel taste to it. Yummmmy!
    We walked back and ordered pizza because everyone is pooped.

    This is why we are friends....
    I noticed a bowl full of lettuce and asked what it was - she answered very embarrassed
    "Those are my pet fish"
    I looked closer and there are 4 soy sauce fish things in the bowl too 😂😂😂😂😂

    She went and slept, our pizza arrived (it was too oregano-y) I showered and now in bed. Keen for a good night sleep.
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