Puerto Rico
Fort San Felipe del Morro

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    • Day43

      Old San Juan und chli Beach

      February 19, 2022 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Nach es paar gemütliche Strand Täg simmer richtig Alstadt gfahre womir en chlini Stadtour à la Sven und Ramona gmacht hend. 😄 Gwüssi gönd Musee go ahluege mir gönd Bars go besichtige und Teste sie us 😉.
      Es wunderschööns härzigs Altstädtli miteme Charme - Foteli säge glaub alles us.
      Mit villne Idrück und  es paar Dollar weniger gohts morn wieder zrugg uf Cartagena.
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      Wunderschön. Gniessed Bar-Läbe und nämmed au en Drink für mich. Witer hin e wunderbari Zyt euch beide und gniessed di Momänt. Paps


      mit Museum Alkahöhler fühlt ihr euch nur vorübergehend wöhler darum wünsche ich euch klare Sicht für Umgebung Mensch und Tier und Gmeinsami Freud an Gottes schöner Welt. der Sorgi lässt grüßen.


      ou döt wär I jetz au gärn🤭☀️🌴🌊! Hebets guet, Liebi Grüess us der Heimat 🇨🇭



    • Day222

      Es geht in die Dom. Rep.

      April 25, 2022 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Nachdem wir covid überstanden hatten, konnte es weiter auf die Dominikanische Republik gehen. Dafür wollten wir eine Fähre, die 13 Stunden brauchen sollte, nehmen.
      Am nächsten Tag würden wir in Santo Domingo ankommen.Read more

    • Day37

      San Juan

      February 13, 2022 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      13.02.2022 - ......
      Nach Isabela hemmer eus entschide 1 Unterkunft in San Juan zmiete, mit Kuchi etc. womer Usflüg und Stränd inde nöchi hend und au mol gmüetlich "dihaime" könne koche.
      Nacheme Grossikauf hemmer gmerkt das jo Superbowl Sunday isch, also hemmer eud entschide wieder mol Uswärts go ässe und eus en gmüetlich obe mache. Do hets au so elektro Trottis wome kann miete, also simmer mit dene richtig Condado hindere düüst und sind go Paella ässe. Die isch würkli fein gsi aber richtig tüür ( 2x Cocktails + Paella = USD 110.-). Es paar dänke sicher, jo isch jo voll okay... aber wemes mit Kolumbie vergliicht (öbbe USD 30.-) isches denn doch no vill. Sie isch guet gsi und mir hend sie gnosse 😅.
      De Superbowl hemmer denn anere Liinwand ahgluegt und dezue es Bierli trunke. Au do USD 15.- für 2 Bier 🤦🏼‍♀️. Nach de Halbziit hemmer eus denn dezue entschiede mitde Trottis heime z'düüse und eus dihaime no es Bierli gönne (USD 1.-).
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    • Day203

      Ein Tag in San Juan

      April 6, 2022 in Puerto Rico ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      Jojos ersten Freunde waren angekommen und zusammen fuhren wir nach San Juan, um das Mietauto abzuholen und abends eine weitere Person abzuholen.
      In der Zwischenzeit schauten wir uns die Hauptstadt an, streichelten hunderte Katzen, fanden eine Schaukel aus Wurzeln und hatten eine wunderbare Zeit.Read more

    • Day12

      San Juan, Puerto Rico

      March 17, 2022 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Happy St. Patrick's Day! A beautiful Day- warm, some breeze, and sunny.

      After a leisurely breakfast in Central Park, we went up to the Fort- a short walk, and we got in our requisite culture for the day. Note to all- if you have a National Parks Pass, bring it along. W got his requisite ballcap.

      Then back to the ship for more requisite chillin'.

      As we left, I saw a Coast Guard boat with a manned machine gun at the bow.

      It was lobster night . Dinner was Caprese, shrimp cocktail, lobster tail, and molten chocolate cake (sort of.). W had Caprese and minestrone, lobster, and baked Alaska (sort of).
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    • Day198

      Wir erkunden San Juan mit Freunden

      April 1, 2022 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Um uns mit zwei von Jojos Freunden zu treffen, fuhren wir nach San Juan. Zusammen schauten wir uns das Fort El Morro an, liefen durch die Stadt, aßen ein leckeres, veganes Eis und probierten uns durch verschiedene Cocktails.Read more

    • Day13

      San Juan Bay

      March 4, 2020 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Not fancying our chances of finding tasty plants to eat ashore, we headed to the windjammer cafe for lunch and virgin coladas. Between the heat and the late nights we were feeling pretty sleepy, so we followed that with coffee and a look at some of out fellow travers’ door decorating efforts. After that we tried heading up on deck for some air and a view of the bay, but it was no substitute for sleep and we spent a good chunk of our time in Puerto Rico napping, emerging around 18:00 (about an hour before we were due to leave port).

      A little before 19:00, and after a quick trip on deck or some last pictures of San Juan, Kim was kind enough to join us for dinner again. This time dinner went off less like a Fawlty Towers sketch and we were on time for the evening’s show: John Delancie’s Dover Trial play. Its a court room drama based on real court transcripts concerning the teaching of ‘intelligent design’ in science classes. Stopping back in our cabin to into our outfits for the evening’s heroes and villains party we found another gift from the organisers: cruise baseball caps.

      For the party we both went with Original era Starfleet uniforms: a Science division commander for Dan, and an Operations division lieutenant or Alex. There was an another amazing array of costumes, every flavour of Starfleet uniform was joined by Ghost Busters, Storm Troopers, the Fifth Element and Ursula from Dinsney’s Little Mermaid among others. Dan said “what’s shakin’ Dix” to a passing Dixon Hill, and was pleasantly surprised to be offered their business card, which they had made as part of their cosplay. We met back up with Kim to people watch and nibble party snacks, before retreating to the quieter Q bar a few decks up for a drink and a chat.
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    • Day66

      San Juan, Puerto Rico

      March 10, 2018 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

      I write this with a bit of melancholy because it is the last port on this incredible adventure around South America. I feel fortunate that we have a home we love going back to, but the 60+ days we have spent on this trip have become a very special home-away-from-home. Nancy and Jim have been great traveling compadres and I’m sure that I have been working my “core” with all the laughing. We have all developed close relationships with many of the staff, some of whom we met when they were working on the Silver Whisper when we did the World Cruise 3 years ago.
      But, after visiting San Juan 3 years ago, we were looking forward to our visit here. Old San Juan is a lovely, colorful town with beautiful blue pavers on the narrow streets and alleyways. The terrible tragedy this island suffered 6 months ago when Hurricane Maria struck has not broken the spirit here. We saw many indications of the damage that was was inflicted here. I know a good portion of the island is still without electricity, but the locals are working hard to regain their tourism business.
      Jeff and I stopped into a little restaurant called “Istanbul” when we were here 3 years ago. Their Turkish food was outstanding and I have craved it ever since. I thought it was a stretch to think it survived time and the hurricane, but there was our tiny restaurant! Jim and Nancy were curious since I had been talking about it for so long. It did not disappoint. Fabulous hummus with fresh-baked pita,
      Imam Bayildi, Greek salad, Kofte, and their signature dish, Ottoman casserole. Paired with sangria, it was an unbeatable meal. We fell on our lunch so fast, we forgot to even take a photo to share! A great top-off to our wonderful trip.
      Two days at sea lay ahead of us, which will include packing, working on some projects we brought along, reading and getting ready to live real life again.
      Signing off for this journey!
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      I wanna humnus with yall too!!!!


      Four of you on this bike in transito to WV will be worth a story or two!


      Gracias a todos por sus notas Durante este viaje grande! safe travels back home!

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    • Day13

      San Juan, Puerto Rico

      March 4, 2020 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      By now beginning the day with Dan fetching coffee from the cafe on Deck 5, had become established as the routine. Over coffee we decided what to do with our morning; Dan decided to go to the ‘behind the episode’ session on directing with Roxanne Dawson, whilst Alex opted for some more time in bed.

      Dan ran into Kimberly at the directing session, we had been expecting to see her at the party the previous evening, but it seems her pre-party nap had turned into more of a sleep. As the session kicked off and it became apparent Roxanne intended to screen the entire episode Riddles (her directorial debut) Dan felt a little short changed (other talented celebrities were doing all-new shows elsewhere on the ship after all) but that soon changed. Its rare to really watch an episode (as opposed to just listen to the story whilst going about other things). The opportunity to ask the director a question really focuses things; choices like the one scene that uses hand-held camera jump out in a way they don’t normally (even with nobody pointing it out at that time).

      When Roxanne re-took the stage, she spoke for only spoke for about 20 minutes, out of her 60 but she got a lot across with the time. She spoke about the value of not knowing how unusual it was for women to direct in the 90s, and her explanation of coverage and episodic direction finally joined the dots with remarks other directors had made in their DVD commentaries. In the mean time, Alex had found that Kate Mulgrew’s interview was being streamed on the in cabin TVs; with a long day ahead that seemed like a great way to squeeze in an extra event.

      No time to hang about; we had a walking tour around old San Juan booked and its hosted by Nana Visitor.
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    • Day13

      Old San Juan

      March 4, 2020 in Puerto Rico ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Soon we were at the meeting point in the theatre at the forward end of deck 3. This time heading ashore was just a case of stepping out onto the wharf which projected out into the azure blue water of the San Juan bay. Although we had been among Caribbean islands for days, our passage and other ports had all faced the Atlantic; the water in this sheltered bay was somehow more Caribbean in character.

      Nana Visitor and her husband appeared among us; she was extremely sweet and immediately asked Alex if she was wearing sun screen, showing an earnest and heartwarming concern about Alex’s pale skin. San Juan is a large city covering several small islands, peninsulas and a substantial area of Peurto Rico’s mainland - we had landed on isla San Juan, the smallest of the islands and tour buses took us on a short hop to the opposite (northern) shore to begin our tour. We began at the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a 16th century fort and UNESCO world heritage site; the local guide talked us through moments in it history from Sir Francis Drake’s attack in the 1500s through to pointing out the naval gun emplacements added to defend the harbour during the World Wars.

      The top of the battlements had great views over the bay and isla San Jan; a large iguana was sunbathing on them (Dan quipped that he was there for the Star Trek cruise because he had guest starred in the episode lifeline). The tour then meandered through small streets which retain a strong Spanish influence, back towards the harbour, the Caribbean heat and humidity really hitting us for the first time the entire trip. There were a couple of minor culture shocks like a gentleman selling crumbs to feed the pigeons (a practice banned in London decades ago) and a police officer directing traffic whilst armed with a pistol.

      The tour, which had lasted a little under two hours broke up once we were in view of Explorer (plus another two large cruise ships). Nana was kind enough to pose for a selfie with us, before we headed to the ship.
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