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  • Day3


    December 28, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    After a 2:30 min bus ride from Budapest, we arrived in Bratislava. The Virgo Hotel was just a short stop for leaving the luggage and we immediately started walking to the castle. This a huge building with a stunning view over the Danube, the UFO bridge and St Martin’s Cathedral. Downhill, after a long stop for lunch, we walked to the Old Town and could still see St. Michael’s Gate (Michalská brána), Schöne Náci Statue, Čumil, the Primate’s Palace (Primaciálny palác) and Blue Church (Modrý kostolík). It was a pity that by 16:30
    It was already dark and that we couldn’t see the magnificence of the church by daylight. Nevertheless, the city is nice and all main attractions are within walking distances. It would all be perfect if we didn’t have to eat out or buy groceries. Most people aren’t friendly. In fact, it seems that smiling is a bit difficult for their facial muscles. As for communication, it is not so easy because most people, like shop assistants, waiters and bus drivers, don’t speak English... that’s about it for Bratislava.
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  • Day28

    Einst fuhr ich am Ufer der Donau entlang

    August 24, 2020 in Slovakia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Nach ein paar erlebnisreichen Tagen mit Funkstille melde ich mich heute wieder aus dem wunderschönen Wien!

    Mein geplanter Tag Sightseeing in Budapest ging erst zur Mittagszeit und mit ziemlichen Kopfschmerzen los - am Vorabend hab ich im
    Hostel ein paar Leute kennengelernt und in Budapest zeigt sich das Nachtleben von Corona relativ unbeeindruckt.

    Die Stadt hat mir dann trotzdem richtig gut gefallen, wenn auch ein ganzer Tag niemals ausgereicht hätte um sich ein ernsthaftes Bild davon zu machen - Budapest kommt aber auf jeden Fall auf die “nochmal-herkommen-Liste”.

    Am Tag darauf bin ich dann von Ungarn in die Slowakei und hier am Donauufer entlang Richtung Österreich geradelt. Unterkünfte in der Gegend sind relativ spärlich verteilt, deshalb hab ich mein Zelt irgendwo im Nirgendwo direkt am Rand der Donau aufgestellt. Nachdem hier aber bis recht spät in die Nacht immer wieder Autos über einen kleinen Schotterweg mit Blick auf meinen Zeltplatz gekommen sind und eines sogar angehalten hat und mit der Taschenlampe - warum weiß ich bis jetzt nicht - minutenlang in meine Richtung geleuchtet, bevor es weiter gefahren ist, hab ich das Zelt kurzerhand im Dunkeln wieder ab und 500m weiter und tiefer im Wald wieder aufgebaut hab. Die Nacht war also relativ kurz, und von extrem vielen Schnaken, Wind und Regen geprägt - aber es kann halt auch nicht alles nur rund laufen.

    Der Folgetag war mental auch nochmal sehr anstrengend - 120 komplett flache Kilometer sahen auf dem Papier relativ entspannt aus - Nachdem ich dann aber den ganzen Tag am ungeschützten Donauufer mit extremem Gegenwind zu kämpfen hatte, war ich gottfroh am frühen Abend in Wien angekommen zu sein.

    Hier hatte ich nochmal einen witzigen Abend beim CL Finale und bin danach noch mit zwei Österreichern in einer Bar gelandet, die ihre besten Jahre eher hinter sich hat, und in der ein Gitarrist vor 15 Leuten Österreichische Liebeslieder von sich gegeben hat - die alle anwesenden aus voller Kehle mitgesungen haben, während ich schon ziemlich Probleme hatte, bei dem Dialekt überhaupt einzelne Wörter zu verstehen.

    Heute ist nochmal ein Sightseeing & Entspannungs-Tag in Wien, bevor es morgen dann in Richtung Bayern geht, wo ich noch einen Schlenker auf dem Weg in die Heimat einbauen möchte.
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  • Day4


    May 30, 2018 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Let’s go to Bratislava Suzie says. Ok sounds good, off we head, not knowing anything about it or what to expect. I know it’s in Slovakia, a different country, so passports are gathered and of we go.

    Just getting to the train station was an experience, no bikes were available so we decide to walk. Time was getting short, so jump onto the U then a change to another. Little stressed, I was getting worried we would miss the train, they run every hour. We finally arrive at the central station. Up 2 levels to get to the international train station with 9 mins to go - Still stressed I grab the tickets. We Make it to the train with a few minutes to spare.

    The trip to Bratislava is 1 hour, we travel through the Austrian countryside heading east towards Slovakia. The landscape is predominately farming and wind farms.

    On arrival at the train station I expected to go through immigration but no, nothing. No stamps today -first time I have cross a country border and not due immigration.

    Bratislava is know for the old town area, we pass the Presidential Palace on the way to the old area. This was originally the summer palace, which was built in the 18th century. Today it is the home of the president.

    The Old Town Hall was built in the 15th. century, We certainly were going back in time. The buildings are not in top condition but this adds to the charm. This is certainly a very touristy spot, the place is filled with restaurants and souvenir shops but still quiet charming.

    Wandering up and down small alley ways we make our way through the old city. We have lunch at an authentic Slovakian restaurant. I have cabbage soup which is delicious 2nd course of gnocchi with bacon. Hmm what can I say, the gnocchi is white and the bacon is the bacon fat that has been fried. Not for me, not very nice at all. The 3rd course was apple strudel, it was delicious. Not the best meal I have had But at least we all tried local food.

    Continue on through the narrow laneways and lots of stairs until we come to the castle. We are certainly getting our exercise today. The Bratislava Castle was the coronation seat of the Hungarian empire in the 16th. century. It’s in very good condition and well worth a visit. The view from here overlooks the Danube, the city centre and wind warms for as far as the eye can see. There’s a spot crossing back to the old city where you view the old stone walled city and the new fancy bridges over the Danube. Quite a good comparison of old vs new.

    Time to return to Vienna as the first Boylesque festival is tonight. A full brief of this event will be done after tomorrow nights show.
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  • Day261

    Day 262: Back to Bratislava

    November 3, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅ 🌙 3 °C

    Last day with the car! Not so much driving to do today, but we had to get the car back by 12pm so not much time for stuffing around. Packed up and checked out by 9am, only to get outside and discover our car had been wheel-clamped!

    There was a notice (in Slovak) on the windscreen saying something like the car was illegally parked and that we needed to phone the police for the clamp to be removed. So I called up, and managed to at least explained "car .. wheel clamp .. Hotel Rozalia" which brought an "OK .. colleague .. 10 minutes".

    10 minutes later the cops turned up, and the one who spoke a little English explained that the centre of town was only parking for residents - visitors had to park in parking lots on the outskirts of town, 20 minutes walk away. I was very apologetic and polite, though I made the point that there was no sign on the street where I'd parked, and that I wouldn't have parked if there was a sign. They removed the clamp and fined us 10 euros per day, which probably worked out cheaper than parking in the proper place!!

    Oh well, at least we only lost 20 minutes. On the road where we made directly for Bratislava. Slow going at first as we were on very back roads, but gradually the roads got more and more main until we eventually joined the freeway. Filled up and then dropped the car off at the airport with no problems.

    Caught a bus from the airport to our apartment which turned out to be a big mistake - the bus to the airport a month ago had been fine, but this time a large flight had just come in, so a huge crowd piled onto the bus when it showed up (it's only 3x per hour). It was jam-packed on leaving the airport, and then every stop more and more people kept forcing their way on. Standing there with all our bags and a restless Schnitzel wasn't much fun at all.

    Lost my temper a bit at some other people who wouldn't move for a lady trying to get off with a pram - everyone just kind of stood there dumbly while this lady struggled and couldn't push through. Eventually I just yelled and barged a path for her with my giant backpack.

    Off the bus and walked the last 15 minutes to our apartment - we weren't quite sure which stop was ours and probably got off one too early, alas. We couldn't check in just yet, but the cleaning lady let us in for a bag drop which was nice. She said she only needed an hour, so we headed to a nice Italian cafe downstairs and had a two-course lunch of beetroot soup followed by lasagne for just 6 euros each. This sort of lunch is quite popular - it's all pre-made stuff, but it's designed for people to eat quickly and go back to work. Bearing in mind as well that lunch is usually the main daily meal.

    Eventually an hour had passed and we could head upstairs, so upstairs we headed. Quite a nice apartment, spacious and modern with some nice touches. Good wifi too! Settled in for the evening, did a bit of work but not much. Supermarket directly underneath us so we had some bread and cheese from there for dinner.
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  • Day262

    Day 263: Working in Bratislava #1

    November 4, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Got started on my enormous backlog of videos - I've got something ridiculous like 25 in need of editing and uploading. Baked goods from the supermarket for lunch; in the evening we went to the shopping mall for dinner. Dogs are allowed inside so we took him along and went up to the food court. Shandos had a stir fry while I had a quesadilla.Read more

  • Day263

    Day 264: Working in Bratislava 2

    November 5, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    More videos today, along with general organising, tidying up files and some social media work as well. Too much to do, too little time. Spoke as well on Skype to dad and the Cleavers. Subway at the mall for lunch, tortellini for dinner. Also spent a few hours watching the day's football matches (City vs Arsenal, United vs Chelsea).Read more

  • Day264

    Day 265: Working in Bratislava 3

    November 6, 2017 in Slovakia ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Hardcore day of videos today - smashed through nine of them which is a new record for me. Backlog down to nine which is nice - still a long way to go but I've got videos queued up on YouTube almost until Christmas! Another Subway run for lunch, then dinner out at the Italian place downstairs.

    Also had some excitement where as I was coming back from the mall with Subway, Shandos had taken Schnitzel out for a pee. And forgotten the key inside! We were locked out. I called our host, who'd told us he was working in Vienna all week, but somehow he was able to answer the apartment buzzer remotely from his office, and then unlatch the apartment door from there as well. Very convenient, but also a little unsettling!
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