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  • Day50

    Moomin House Cafe

    May 3, 2017 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Laughed at myself being drawn to a beautiful sushi display advertising a local restaurant as I was on my way to find hattifattener doughnuts at the Skytree Mall Moomin House Cafe!

    After a false start when I tried to get out of the station using my hostel pass I did the very Japanese thing of queueing to get into a popular restaurant/cafe. For 80 minutes!

    Well I got to sit with Sniff and then Moominpapa and had the Groke on my plate and a Moomin waffle, so all ended up well 😉

    Themed cafes are a big thing here. There's an owl and parrot cafe across the road from my hostel. Not so keen on that. No Moomins were hurt in the making of refreshments.

    This afternoon I went to Roppongi Hills which is a giant fancy mall with housing (I'm sure the architects would hate that description). Really the last place on earth I'd normally go to, but there's the Tokyo City View on 54th floor, and also a roof view which is about 4 floors up. Both fabulous. Actually better than Skytree. Plus a Marvel exhibition (so many people!!!), with film costumes. Plus the Mori Art Gallery. Tomorrow I'll have a day off.
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