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    • Day 8

      No cash, no problem

      July 22, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 68 °F

      When I didn't have cash for my goods at the campground store across the street, the clerk asked where I was staying. When I said, "Heidi's " she replied, Oh jah, Heidi. Just pay when you have cash." She sent me on my way with the groceries. To kill time before our paraglide, we bussed to Lauterbrunnen and hiked up the iconic Falls there. Had to stop part way up and sing in the tunnel! T minus two hours to flight!Read more

    • Day 14

      The pace has infected us...

      July 28, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 57 °F

      At some point yesterday, a grand scheme was hatched to visit a place known for its beauty and cultural significance in a nearby town. But at 2 am, I awoke and realized that with only a few days left I cannot leave this valley. Our life here happens at walking speed, except for our few failed attempts to go to a big city of say, you know, 5000 people. When we do ride the bus, it is only to Lauterbrunnen, which now feels like a trip to New York, though it has only 2500 people. Even the cog wheel trains into the mountains run on a gear.

      Nothing is fast here in the valley. Nothing is supersized. I cook in our little Swiss sized kitchen with a mini refrigerator and no microwave. If you want bread, you can go to the camping store across the road and order it to be delivered fresh the next day. Across the street, the farmer sells the fresh milk he gets from the cows we visit every day.

      I am already anxious about re- entry. Usually as we approach the end of a vacation, I am anxious to come home. This is the first place I have ever been where I don't want to leave. I told Tim before we left that my greatest fear in coming here was not of the paraglider but that I would never want to leave. That fear had been realized. I am living in the Elven kingdom here.

      So today, as I write this to you with tears I can't explain, I decided to send you pictures of our home away from home.

      You, our friends, our family, are what calls us back to our abode... but in my heart, this is the only home I will ever know ... it took a lifetime to find it.
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    • Day 45

      Trümmelbachfälle and last🇨🇭day🥺

      June 23, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      This is a long one, so you really don’t have to read. The pictures say enough 🤞❤️ I have started to use this app honestly as a diary of the things that have happened on my trip so I can look back at it and the photos that match the stories :)

      When I got to Lauterbrunnen from the top of the mountain I walked to a waterfall and you took a lift in a tunnel up and got to see different pats of the fall. At the top , there was a huge amount of water coming out and it was so fast. It sprayed onto you when you leaned over the tunnel (it was inside and lit up by lights and a small bit of natural light from parting in the rocks above it) and so I wore my rain jacket so I could go closer. It was so so loud you could hear it from ages away. I got some cute older people who I caught the lift up to the top with to take a picture for me so here I am with a bit of the waterfall next to me !
      On the bus back we passed a restaurant that was chilling drinks in a little stream which was very cute and smart.

      It had been sunny all day which was amazing (as this was the same day as the other hike) and so it started pouring on the train back. My train to Zug got cancelled, then the next train stopped before Zug because a tent had fallen onto the tracks in the wind. All of this was told to me over the loud speaker in German but I have become quite good at realising something is wrong when the people around me start sighing or walking away from the platform or looking up other train timetables. Everyone is really nice and most people speak English so I asked the lady who was doing a sudoku next to me what the speaker had said and she told me we all had to get a bus !

      Another girl then overheard me saying I was going to Zug and said she was too so we caught the replacement bus together. She was really sweet and told me about how she grew up in Germany but her dad was from Dubai and her mum from India, and she told me about how she found it living there as a resident and how she had moved to Switzerland so she would have more freedom and to be able to work. She told me about her cat too who is apparently a deva and how her husband got another cat because he was jealous and his cat is quite the gentlemen. Anyway , it was really late by the time we got there but she walked me to my bus stop because she was going a similar way so that all made the trip quite fun even though it took me 5 hours to get home instead of about half that.

      I didn’t do much yesterday (the 24th). It rained all day so I FaceTimed some friends and fam, watched some tv and tidied up to pack my bags. There was also some sort of plane show that happened during me eating my lunch so that was pretty cool (a bit scary at first- it was so loud and seemed unusual because all of the neighbours were taking photos) but I later saw a sign about some sort of plane festival so I guess I just got a sneak peak <3
      The sun came out in the afternoon and so I went on a walk in both directions around the lake at the perfect time to see the sun making the trees and buildings and windows and water golden. It was so beautiful. The photos are in the second half of this post :)

      This morning I went for a very early swim in the lake and the water was warmer than the air. It was so so luvlyyyy. Then I packed my bags and got on the train to Milano Centrale to then go to Rome again. I will miss Switzerland a lot and will most definitely come back 🤞🌼
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    • Day 2


      July 21, 2021 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Malo izven Lauterbrunnena se skrivajo čudoviti slapovi, ki jih povzroča topljenje ledenikov. Sedaj nama je jasno zakaj je reka ki teče skozi dolino, mlečno zelena, saj je v njej veliko mineralov.
      Sprehodima se skozi rove, katere so izdolbli slapovi. Osvežitev je prijala saj se skozi kotanjo ohladi tudi za 10°C. ODL! Imama pa malo težave z mišicami saj nama noge kar trzajo od nenavajene hoje po toliko stopnicah.
      Sedaj pa kava in nekaj osvežilnega.
      V prikupnem lokalu ob vhodu k slapovom, se usedema v park kjer nama Dejan priskrbi limonado in Latte machiatto. Paše!
      Po oosvežitvi, pa nazaj v Lauterbrunnen :)
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    • Day 11

      Touristen Hotspot Lauterbrunnen

      July 1 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      Nach einer kleinen Frühsporteinheit mit meinem Göttergatten, muss natürlich eine kleine Rundtour in Lauterbrunnen sein 😅😅 Noch immer verstecken sich die Riesen in den Wolken 🫣

    • Day 10

      Weiter gehts ins Lauterbrunner Tal 🏔🏔

      June 30 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      Bei Regen siedeln wir weiter ins wunderschöne Lauterbrunner Tal. Inmitten der Zentralschweiz. Wir sind gespannt auf die hohen Berge und hoffen das Wetter bessert sich 🥰

    • Day 20

      Lauterbrunnen. Sleep under 5 waterfalls

      May 8, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

      Yep, there are five waterfalls in view as we tuck in for the night. This is because this glacial valley has vertical walls over 200 meters high. It's a long way for water and base jumpers to fall. Some waterfalls are INSIDE the mountains, and the Swiss drill tunnels so you can visit them too. Wonderous, but there's more to come...

      This is only half an hour up the road from Interlaken. We stayed in Stechenburg, close to the lifts up to Schilthorn. Walked back from Lauterburnnen , and went to Trummelbach falls.
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    • Day 8


      July 19, 2021 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Eigentlich wollten wir uns heute die Trümnelbachfälle anschauen. Aber als wir dorthin gewandert waren, durften wir nicht hinein, weil es für den Hund zu laut wäre… So wanderten wir unverrichteter Dinge zurück, und gingen bei uns am Campingplatz zum Staubbachfall hoch, wo man auf eine Galerie hinter den Wasserfall gehen konnte. Das war auch sehr schön.

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    • Day 15

      The last full day...

      July 29, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

      The valley was full of clouds this morning, but we have access to the web cams, and at Schilthorn, the sun was shining. So we are ending the trip the way we started...above 11,000 feet staring at the vista that happens 360 degrees around us. We are without altitude sickness this time, and our pace is slower. We savor hot chocolate and fresh apple muffins in the cafe and slowly take it all in should we never pass this way again.Read more

    • Day 8

      Mental preparation begins.

      July 22, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

      It is 6 am here, and you are still living in yesterday as I write this, which is mind boggling. Due to the naps, we sat outside and waited for stars to come out last night. The moon is at 79% brightness, so we gave up at 11 p.m. Now I am sitting outside with a cup of coffee listening to birds and waterfalls on a hewn log bench. The sounds of cow bells echo in the hills as they work their way down the slopes to graze. In seven hours we will meet the folks who will guide us down from the Alps in paragliders. From the valley, we will take a cable car back to Murren and hike up about 3/4 of a mile. Then they spread out the chutes one behind another and we strap in. From that point, we simply take turns walking down the steep meadow. The wind and physics take over after that. I am terrified of heights, but this particular event, like swimming with sharks, just captivates my spirit. Here are a few pics from my morning thoughts in the garden of our "home away from home."Read more

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