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    • Day 28


      September 1, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      Wowowow!!! The view never gets old 😍 I took a bus, tram, and funicular up to Gimmelwald and then hiked to Mürren (2.2km) and then did a loop around the top :) all hike you could see cows and hear them from a mile away because of their cow bells (sound on for video)! I also had a storm chase me from behind but never caught up! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Beautiful day for a great hike :)Read more

    • Day 45

      Trümmelbachfälle and last🇨🇭day🥺

      June 23, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      This is a long one, so you really don’t have to read. The pictures say enough 🤞❤️ I have started to use this app honestly as a diary of the things that have happened on my trip so I can look back at it and the photos that match the stories :)

      When I got to Lauterbrunnen from the top of the mountain I walked to a waterfall and you took a lift in a tunnel up and got to see different pats of the fall. At the top , there was a huge amount of water coming out and it was so fast. It sprayed onto you when you leaned over the tunnel (it was inside and lit up by lights and a small bit of natural light from parting in the rocks above it) and so I wore my rain jacket so I could go closer. It was so so loud you could hear it from ages away. I got some cute older people who I caught the lift up to the top with to take a picture for me so here I am with a bit of the waterfall next to me !
      On the bus back we passed a restaurant that was chilling drinks in a little stream which was very cute and smart.

      It had been sunny all day which was amazing (as this was the same day as the other hike) and so it started pouring on the train back. My train to Zug got cancelled, then the next train stopped before Zug because a tent had fallen onto the tracks in the wind. All of this was told to me over the loud speaker in German but I have become quite good at realising something is wrong when the people around me start sighing or walking away from the platform or looking up other train timetables. Everyone is really nice and most people speak English so I asked the lady who was doing a sudoku next to me what the speaker had said and she told me we all had to get a bus !

      Another girl then overheard me saying I was going to Zug and said she was too so we caught the replacement bus together. She was really sweet and told me about how she grew up in Germany but her dad was from Dubai and her mum from India, and she told me about how she found it living there as a resident and how she had moved to Switzerland so she would have more freedom and to be able to work. She told me about her cat too who is apparently a deva and how her husband got another cat because he was jealous and his cat is quite the gentlemen. Anyway , it was really late by the time we got there but she walked me to my bus stop because she was going a similar way so that all made the trip quite fun even though it took me 5 hours to get home instead of about half that.

      I didn’t do much yesterday (the 24th). It rained all day so I FaceTimed some friends and fam, watched some tv and tidied up to pack my bags. There was also some sort of plane show that happened during me eating my lunch so that was pretty cool (a bit scary at first- it was so loud and seemed unusual because all of the neighbours were taking photos) but I later saw a sign about some sort of plane festival so I guess I just got a sneak peak <3
      The sun came out in the afternoon and so I went on a walk in both directions around the lake at the perfect time to see the sun making the trees and buildings and windows and water golden. It was so beautiful. The photos are in the second half of this post :)

      This morning I went for a very early swim in the lake and the water was warmer than the air. It was so so luvlyyyy. Then I packed my bags and got on the train to Milano Centrale to then go to Rome again. I will miss Switzerland a lot and will most definitely come back 🤞🌼
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    • Day 107

      Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

      April 24 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 36 °F

      Awoke to large snowflakes falling gently this morning as we looked out our balcony overlooking the Bernese Swiss Alps. Change of plans today due to snow avalanche risk at some of the mountain areas nearby, so our scheduled hike was canceled. We decided to go over to the next valley above Interlaken and get to the top of Jungfrau via the highest train station in Europe. So we planned out the route via trains and off we went to explore.

      The train wove through small villages as we climbed the mountain. It was still snowing and cloudy as we changed trains for the last leg of the journey through a long tunnel to the top. Luckily, as we emerged outside, we were not disappointed as we were above the clouds. The view was spectacular with the summit of Mt. Jungfrau at 13,642 feet elevation standing right in front of us.

      On the Reasearch observation platform, you could see the glacier valley to your right. We went out on Glacier's point, but by the time we reached it, the clouds had moved in, and the temp was -2F....Burr.

      Before leaving, we explored the newest attraction, an ice cave lined with ice sculptures, and had lunch up top. (Who knew fresh salmon could taste so good at 12,000 feet). One of our stops on the way back was the small town of Grindelwald, where Susan had visited 40 years ago, for a fun trip down memory lane.

      Returned to Lauterbrunnen around 6 pm and set off for a walk on the valley floor to see the cascading waterfalls along the cliffs. Along the way, we found Susan's perfect dream house. Finished the evening at a local pub for dinner.

      Switzerland is such a peaceful idyllic setting of nature at its best.
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    • Day 45


      June 23, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      So I got myself over to the mountains ! I was worried about the trains getting there but I managed pretty well🤞
      The train ride to Grindelwald was like nooo otherrrr. I have decided that this blue is my favourite colour. I sat next to a girl from Vietnam who was travelling with another Vietnamese girl that she had met by talking in Vietnamese on the phone and they had been together for the last 3 days. Her name is Khanh and she was doing uni on exchange in Madrid and we chatted the whole train ride.
      I was trying to ask the lady in the seat opposite me something so I asked if she spoke English and she said no but then started talking to me in English so I was so so confused. When she got off, Khanh proceeded to tell me that I had actually asked her if I she spoke German. Welp 🙊
      Anyway I caught the gondola up to Maennlichen and took a quick selfie because I was the only one in it and it’s not everyday you can get a photo with such ginormous mountains. I hope the gondola camera security people enjoyed watching me hold on when I went over the bumpy bits 🥰
      There were some cute cows with bells that rang when they moved and then quite a big cow as the kids playground.
      I walked from Maennlichen about an hour and a half to Kleine Scheidegg and I saw a group of 3 walkers ( who turned out to be from England and one had a daughter living in Melbourne) trying to take a self timer photo with Mount Eiger (and it was not working for them) so I offered to get one for them. They then snapped this shot of me , so here I am with Mount Eiger !
      Then also the same with these 2 girls when I walked into a cute viewpoint hut at Kleine Scheidegg, so here is me in my blue raincoat and backpack- and then a selfie with my blue bucket hat to match💙 no I did not bring any other clothes as my brain didn’t really register that it was in the mountains, there was snow, and so it would be cold? Very luckily I had a completely funny day until I got onto my train home !
      I have also added some more cows for your enjoyment (make sure to imagine the bells ringing when they move). And then here are some more pics on the train ride down to Lauterbrunnen ;))
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    • Day 29

      Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen hike

      October 24, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 45 °F

      Doesn't have those spectacular alpine views, but still a very pretty area to hike through. Route took me past some nice variety -- more remote stretches as well as a few farms and teeny towns. I JUST managed to beat the fog and mist rolling in, so I still got some nice views before it obscured them completely. It actually kind of added to the ambiance in the lower elevation part when it did start rolling in, gave it a neat "Wuthering Heights" vibe. (Also passed another of those little stations where local farmers put their cheese for sale and you just grab some and leave money on the honor system.)Read more

    • Day 67

      Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

      July 14, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Lauterbrunnen sits in one of the most impressive trough valleys in the Alps, between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks. With its 72 thundering waterfalls, secluded valleys, colourful alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the biggest nature conservatories in Switzerland. Dave and I spent three days here visiting some of the waterfalls as well as watching one of the most extreme sports; basejumping which Lauterbrunnen is a haven for. We could hear the helicopter bring people up to the top of the cliff faces daily and even caught a few glimpses of a jumper at the tail end of his jump after pulling his parachusette and landing in the "garden" which is the green valley floor in the middle of the cliff peaks. There are 18000 jumps here every year, the death rate is 4 in 10,000. We saw Staubbach falls which is one of the highest free flow waterfalls in europe dropping 974 feet. This area is also home to the Jungfrau station the highest railway station in Europe as well as the Great Aletsch Glacier which stretches across the mountains which you can see behind the cliff faces in a few photos. This Glacier is 23km long and is the largest Glacier in the Alps as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Read more

    • Day 7

      Gindelwald to Wengen, walking in clouds!

      August 1, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 50 °F

      A beautiful hike with a great team today! After an awesome breakfast at the hotel, as well as our normal packing of some extra fruit and treats for later, we took the bus to take the train to Alpinglen, to shorten the long 6 mile climb starting in the city. Yeah, we kind of messed up our bus ride with all of us missing our stop in two groups. We all walked back to the train station then just missed our train because it took too long to buy tickets! Ok, so we finally got to Alpinglen then hiked up about 4 beautiful miles, walking in the shadow of the mighty Eiger mountain. One to the top at Kleine Scheidegg we got lunch at a restaurant then struck out for another couple of miles (hiked 7.1 miles today) to Mannlichen, then onto the Royal Walk which takes you to a crown-shaped viewing area with spectacular views of Grindelwald, the Inter-laken Valley, and the Lauterbrunnen Valley. All three! Super windy at the top! Videos? We will have to dub over the voices! Haha! Then most of us rode the gondola down to Wengen (Kevin Trimm did the punishing 2 hour decent walk!). Today is National Independence Day. All of Switzerland is celebrating!Read more

    • Day 27

      Up to Jungfrau and The Ice Palace

      August 2, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      Our second train trip was 40 minutes and took us up another 7,000 feet to Jungfrau Station. On the way the train stopped at Eismeer station (10,000 ft) where you need to get out and acclimatise to the altitude before heading to Jungfrau which is 11,300 feet above sea level. At Eismeer there is a sample of what you will see at the top (well sort of).

      Once you reach Jungfrau Station you walk through an ice cave before taking the elevator out to the viewing platform, which is story of the next footprint.
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    • Day 6


      April 4, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ -11 °C

      Am nächsten Tag ist es sehr sonnig und so nutze ich die Gelegenheit und fahre über Lauterbrunnen zum höchsten Bahnhof Europas auf über 3400m. Trotz Interrailticket kostet die Rundreise von Interlaken aus stolze 160 CHF. Das erste Stück über Lauterbrunnen ist sehr schön. Dann kommen wir in die Wolken und das letzte Stück der Strecke sowie der Endbahnhof liegen im Berg.
      Oben gibt es mehrere Restaurants und Souvenirläden.
      Mit einem Aufzug kann man zur Sphinx genannten Aussichtsplattform auf über 3500m fahren. Der höchste Punkt an dem ich bisher war! Es ist ziemlich kalt, aber die Aussicht ist grandios. U.a. sieht man den Aletschgletscher, Mönch und Jungfrau.
      Vom Bahnhof führen Tunnel als Rundweg zu allen Attraktionen. Es gibt ein Eispalast in dem Figuren, Boden, Wand und Decke aus Eis sind. Außerdem ein paar historische Informationen zum Bau der Strecke vor über 100 Jahren und ein weiterer Aussichtspunkt außerhalb der Station.
      Mit der Zeit wird es immer voller, geschätzt sind 3/4 der Gäste Asiaten.
      Ich bleibe insgesamt vier Stunden oben, zum Glück kann man sich die meiste Zeit drinnen aufhalten. Beim Treppensteigen merke ich auch einmal die Höhe.
      Auf dem Rückweg gibts noch ein Stück Schoki für jeden. Nach dem ersten Teilstück wähle ich einen anderen Rückweg. Eine recht neue Seilbahn fährt runter nach Grindelwald, vorbei an der Eiger Nordwand. Die modernen Gondeln haben sogar WiFi für die 15 minütige Fahrt.
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    • Day 28

      Schilthorn (part 1)

      October 23, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 32 °F

      This is a top contender for prettiest place I've seen, bar none. These views were ridiculous, and include Jungfrau. Schilthorn is one of the Alps' most famous peaks for good reason, it seems. (It was also the filming site of one of the James Bond films.) I had to split it up into two picture sets.Read more

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