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    • Day 41

      Zermatt - Part Two

      August 20, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      It’s a sleepy Sunday and I’m shattered after yesterday so I decide to have an easy day. I find myself a pub to watch the Lionesses take on Spain in the World Cup Final and am amazed by how many people are supporting the match. From families to older men on their own, everyone’s invested- I never thought I’d see the day that women’s football had so much support!
      A middle aged Swiss guy sits at the bar making excited noises every time something happens. England has the ball? ‘Uufffff’. Spain’s charging up the pitch? ‘Oooooohhheee’. The ref makes a call he doesn’t agree with? A giant guttural ‘Yohhhh’. Eventually Spain score and he lets out a roaring ecstatic yell before politely apologising to everyone in the bar around him… how very Swiss 😂

      Following the match I head to the Zermatt Museum. The museum acts as a time capsule to the town but also to some of the previous Matterhorn summits and attempts. Much time is spent on the first summit, in which 4 men lost their lives. No one really knows what happened on the descent but much mystery surrounds it with the 3 survivors muddying each others names as to their role in the tragedy. The museum houses artefacts from the expedition from the broken rope that claimed the lives of the 4 men, to the boots controversial English survivor, Edward Whymper wore.

      After the museum I take a wander through the town and stumble across the mountaineer’s cemetery. Lying in the shadow of the Matterhorn, and housing the remains of many who have died in chase of the summit and many like it, it’s a somber reminder of just how dangerous these pursuits can be. One grave, with a red ice axe on the headstone reads ‘I chose to climb’. A striking statement which highlights that many of these mountaineers knew the risk they were taking and chose to take it any way.

      Having soaked in the sights of Zermatt, I can’t quite decide what to do with the rest of the afternoon but I’m in the mood for a short hike. I find myself a geocache lying just out of town. For the uninitiated, geocaching is like a rather geeky global treasure hunt. People hide ‘caches’ and others seek out to find them, often using coordinates, or sometimes clues. They range from simple Tupperware tubs to fake snails, rocks or screws disguised in plain sight. You’ll almost definitely have walked past some without knowing. Some are easy to find, some require a little more creativity or skill to find. There’s even one on the peak of the Matterhorn… but it’ll need to wait for next time 😉 Today’s route takes me out and above Zermatt. I walk along roads and scramble up paths and eventually find myself above the helipad of Air Zermatt just as a helicopter comes in. I spot where I think the cache is and make my way off path and up the side of a slope. The ground is alive with crickets and bugs and I curse myself for not wearing insect repellent but here we are. I sit for a while, cache in hand and take in the view feeling incredibly lucky to be here. Cache obtained, its time to head back down and I scramble rather inelegantly to the bottom. (Miraculously, I make it out with just one insect sting… hazards of the job).

      Back down on solid ground I walk along the river Vispa which flows through Zermatt. It’s a powdery blue colour and brings with it cold a whoosh of cold air that’s significantly colder than the temperature of Zermatt today. It’s made up of glacial run off which explains its cold constitution and it’s incredibly full as it runs through Zermatt with some real power. My mind wanders to the impact of climate change on the glaciers around here and I wonder if that’s contributing to the force of the river. But before I can dwell too long on it, I’m faced with another incredibly view of the Matterhorn. I take some photos and sit for ages to watch the moon set behind the mountains. I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m going to have a hard job tearing myself away from these mountains tomorrow…

      (P.S a little behind with updates at the moment but I’m catching up so bear with me!)
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    • Day 15

      Whymper-Strube Meal

      December 22, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌬 30 °F

      Complete Swiss meal with rachlette (a slab of toasted cheese). Except they served French fries with the steak it was perfect.
      It must have been one of the other 57 versions of Heinz as it tasted different.Read more

    • Day 13

      Amazing day with beautiful company

      March 8, 2020 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

      So today my beautiful friend Cass & I went to the top of Gornergrat mountain alongside the mighty Matterhorn in Zermatt & went sledding down the slopes.. it was so incredibly fun & absolutely stunning! 🙏❄️💖🏔Read more

    • Day 112

      Fantastic travel day

      July 11, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Miles: 2.5 Steps: 6238
      Flights stairs: 14

      We were up early this morning to start a long day of train travel - three separate trains. With each leg we were supposed to have plenty of time between them, but each time the train we were on was running late .. so we had to run thru the stations to just barely make each one. Just part of the experience!

      The first leg was a high speed train from Munich to Winterthur, Switzerland - Then Winterthur to Visp. And then the last leg was a very slow hour long scenic climb from Visp to Zermatt, It was AMAZING!! We saw so many great Mountain views - and we ended up getting off the train at the base of the Matterhorn!!! We’re staying at a hostel on a hill, with a GREAT view of it! Everyday I’m amazed I’m able to do all this.
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    • Day 80

      Zermatt AirBnB

      July 14, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 55 °F

      So Zermatt is amazing. It's the last town before the Matterhorn, and our room has a balcony with a view (well, other than that darn crane, lol - thank goodness for Magic Eraser).

      The Vispa River runs through the middle of town, and we're right next to it. It's running high, fast, loud, and startlingly white straight down from the galciers above. We have to yell to be heard on the balconies!Read more

    • Day 21

      Matterhorn sunset

      June 28, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      From the little we experienced of Switzerland on the train ride, it did not disappoint! The architecture is as expected, and all the towns we passed through looked very clean, well maintained, "cute" and orderly.

      Zermatt naturally has a very resort-town feel, but still very authentic. No private vehicles, so walking or electric mini vehicles (taxi, shuttles, or delivery trucks).

      The check-in to the holiday apartment was interesting. The email said the reception was only open until 630pm. We were arriving just under the wire, until the train was 30 minutes late 🚉😕! I tried calling their numbers but no answer and issues with my sim card. Walking quickly from the station, we discovered no answer at the building upon arrival. 🤔 A maintenance worker appeared and I explained. He seemed confused that we should have gotten a second email with instructions. Walking to the mailboxes he showed us that my name was on one, with the fob keys and unit number inside! Yahoo 👍

      We lucked out with a completely renovated suite! We are the first to use it too! Our patio is huge! No view of the Matterhorn, but we didn't pay the premium for that 😊. The kitchen is great so we popped to the corner store before the map said they closed at 8pm. Well, more like 7pm so they were already closed 😕. Quick! Across town to where we arrived at the train station. Weeeee.

      A quick 20-minute shop before their 8pm closing time, enjoying the inflated resort town prices was successful. The packaged seasoned chicken we bought turned out to be just wings 🐔🤣. It tasted great with the rice and salad 🥗🍚😋!

      Dinning on the patio I noticed the neighbors with the view looking at the mountains. The sun was setting and it looked great on the cloud above us. We paused dinner to go down to the river with a glass of wine where we too could view the sunset 🍷🌄
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    • Day 2

      Den Tag ausklingen lassen

      June 8, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

      Heute sind wir zum ersten Mal mit einem Autozug gefahren. Aufregend. Wir sind ja mit dem Womo unterwegs. Es ging durch den Lötschbergtunnel. Der Lötschbergtunnel ist ein 1913 eröffneter, 14,6 km langer Eisenbahntunnel der BLS Netz AG von Kandersteg nach Goppenstein in der Schweiz. Von da ging es nach Täsch. Dort mussten wir unseren Olibus stehen lassen und mit dem Zermatt Shuttle weiter zum Hotel. In Zermatt haben wir dann original Schweizer Raclette gegessen...saulecker. Und zum Abschluss noch eine Runde auf dem Kulturweg gewandert.Read more

    • Day 4

      Zermatt ohne Matterhorn

      April 23, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 2 °C

      Das Matterhorn ist heute nicht zu sehen... Es nieselt und die Berggipfel hüllen sich in Wolken. Nach einem kurzen Spaziergang durch das alte Zermatt mit teilweise 500 Jahre alten Häusern nehmen wir den Skibus Richtung kleines Matterhorn und laufen ein Stück auf dem Matterhorn Trail... Auch bei diesem Wetter sehr schönRead more

    • Day 2

      ...Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

      April 21, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

      ... Schon die Fahrt auf fast 4.000m war beeindruckend... Allerdings hatten wir auf der höchsten Bergstation Europas doch ein wenig Höhenkoller, ein bisschen wie zu viel Karussell gefahren... Aber es war tollRead more

    • Day 2

      Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

      April 21, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 0 °C

      Nach dem Frühstück gings hoch auf die Dachterrasse.... Gucken ob das Matterhorn auch schon wach ist... Dann wollten wir erst mal Zermatt erkunden und standen dann doch 30 Minuten später an der Ticket Kasse für das Matterhorn Glacier ParadiseRead more

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