March - October 2015
  • Day209


    October 16, 2015 in Hong Kong ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    The end is near as we leave Europe and head back to Hong Kong. We are staying with Sukis best friend Josh so are looking forward to chilling in his nice 28th story pad for a few days! Suki actually chucked a bit of a tanty when she found out Josh and Titus were going to be away the week we were going to be there- completely unreasonably as we were the ones that changed out dates but that's not the point! Fortunately Josh being awesome, changed his flight out so we got one night together before they left. And there was the added bonus that we got to babysit their little toy poodle Hugo while they are away!

    Hong Kong time was chilled and fun- we took the opportunity to catch up on a lot of stuff (such as wedding planning!), with another added bonus of getting food made for us by Josh and Titus' house maid :-) We hung out with Hugo and took him on little excursions, to Lamma Island and also a tiring 10km return trip to the Peak- Hugo is extremely fit for such a little guy! The most loving and affectionate little guy, it was so much fun looking after him all weekend.

    Sukis mum also happened to be in town so we caught up for dinner with Sukis family one night. Jasons friend Perci had opened up a popular new Mexican restaurant so we went to pay him a visit. On the last night we head to Chalis place, where Molly and Chali cooked us a great dinner. We then head out for dessert afterwards! (yum yum)

    Before you know it its time to get moving again.. travelling in style with our business class flights and fancy lounge access. The clock is ticking and our final stop is Japan!
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  • Day206


    October 13, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Unfortunately not all of the gang love Sukis new dress. This has now become a bigger issue than global warming!

    With one last day in London, Michelle and Suki head into to town to inspect more dresses. After a long day, the RIGHT dress is found and with a bit of sympathy she gets a full refund on the purchase of the first dress!

    Trav has been roaming the city by himself checking out the main tourist spots and catches up with the girls for dinner before heading to the theatre.

    Suki has booked us in for the show 'The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night' which although her Asian thriftyness scores us tickets with a good part of the stage obstructed, turned out to the be pretty interesting based on the life of an Autistic kid.

    We say our farewell to Michelle and head home to pack for our 2nd last leg - Hong Kong!
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  • Day205


    October 12, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Michelle found time in her busy All Blacks Tour schedule and caught the train to London to catch up. After a traditional roast at a local pub Michelle was glued to the TV watching the Ireland V Scotland match.

    Over the last couple of days Pratty and Katie had been prepping up for the weekly trivia pop quiz at their local pub. Luckily Michelle was in town and at 8pm we regrouped at the Clapham North ready for a challenge. Unfortunately it seemed that our booking was lost so Pratty stealthily tore up another groups reservation so we could have a table.

    It was a tense few rounds with all members of the team able to chip in and solve the puzzles. Sukis only contribution extended to knowing the name of a feather pen (quill) for which she felt made her one of the group......

    In the end out of 10 teams we tied for first and then won the tie-breaker question of guessing the quiz masters mothers year of birth (she was way old!). We split the £50 jackpot 6 ways and were well impressed with the victory. For Pratty, this was his first win since they started 18 months ago - obviously the Aussie contributions pushed us over the line.
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  • Day204


    October 11, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Today is wedding dress shopping day for Suki so she heads into the city with some friends whilst Trav catches some Zzzzz and meets up with a friend they met on the Navimag cargo barge in Chile. After a few drinks, Suki arrives at the pub excited about the buying a dress! In celebration we cheers and Steve tells us stories of the rest of his trip and future plans.

    A few more pints down we return home and get ready to go out for dinner. We stroll to the now 'Trendy' Brixton village and have dinner outside one of the tiny pop-up restuarants. After dinner we head to 'Brixton Pop' - a cool venue that's been created out of stacked shipping containers producing numerous bars, eateries and groovy places to chill with friends. It's been a great night and we stop for one last drink at a pub of the way home.
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  • Day204


    October 11, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    At dinner the other night it was recommended to us to do an alternative street art waking tour in East London.

    The tour kicked off at 3pm and we spent 2.5 hours wondering the streets with a local artist who have the backgrounds to each display. She was lucky enough to have her own exhibit on display. The majority of the artwork had obtained permission from the building owners in lieu of late night stealth missions. She told a story of one of the artists who was caught and sent to prison and following his time actually met President Obama.

    Next stop we caught up with Sukis old boss in London and downed a few pints at a local pub followed by catching up with her old housemate Mark for dinner at the old favorite restaurant in China Town.
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  • Day203


    October 10, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    The sky has cleared and the weather is beautiful. Today we're celebrating Sukis belated birthday. Back to the tube our first stop is Hyde Park. We stop at Pret to pick up supplies for lunch and hire one of the cool city bikes via the automated credit card.

    Cruising around the park we stop at various ponds to check out the duck and geese that elegantly float along the water. Kensington Castle is next on the list but the outrageous price deters us from see the whole thing so we have a picnic next to the lake and try to feed the squirrels.

    Back on the bikes we start to head East and were pulled over by a police car in a narrow road in the middle of the park. They informed us that you can't ride in this section on the park and Trav refrained himself for informing them that you can't drive a car here as well. After a long discussion of who was right and wrong, we concluded that the white circle with a red bike in the centre meant 'No Cycling' as opposed to the internationally recognized bicycle with a red diagonal cross. The coppers also told us that's it's usually a £60 fine - Trav responded with saying at the current interest rates that's about $400 Aussie bucks. They laughed and we parted ways (pushing our bikes) as they drove away.

    At night we saw the famous Lion King musical. Trav was nervous about Sukis discounted online £35 tickets but it turned out to be pretty decent seats on the grand circle. The show was brilliant and very entertaining with all the animals and impressive props. Finally we could sing along with the lion king songs we'd been rehearsing all week!
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  • Day200


    October 7, 2015 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We decided to travel to London via an overnight stop in Zurich to visit Sukis friends Bud and Carol, and of course their beautiful little baby Harvey!

    A bit of a panic at the train station when we discover the "cheap train" we book from Munich to Zurich was actually a bus... Some quick moving and a lot of running later we manage to get the bus just in time- phew!

    Upon arrival in Zurich we head to Carol and Buds place and settle in for a lovely evening over pizza and catch ups.

    The next morning we wake up and its Sukis birthday!!! We are actually really happy just to have a sleep in and do nothing. We wake up to hang out with Harvey and watch him have breakfast- he's learning to eat via the "baby led weaning" method and its so much fun watching him shove food in his face. A relaxing afternoon and we are off to the airport- next stop, London!!!
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  • Day200

    LONDON (DAY 1)

    October 7, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Thanks to Sukis global friend network we're grateful to score another stint of free accommodation with Pratty and Katie in Clapham.

    The weather is already pretty average so we postpone Sukis birthday fun day and head downtown to the Tate Modern Museum. Unimpressed by the things people classify as art (i.e. Blank canvasses with random circular red brush strokes and sculptures created from steel wool) we leave and head back to Borough Food Markets under the bridge and struggle to decide what to have for lunch.

    The rain has started so we crank open the broken umbrella we stole from the apartment and continue our walk to Southbank before heading back home. We're on cooking duty tonight and whip in an incredible lasagne and catch up with Sukis friends Ben and Mark who pop over.
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  • Day198


    October 5, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    It's a rough start for Trav who feeling the effects of boozing the last two days. Luckily we set aside today for a rest day. Ben is also sick with a cold so we opt for quite day in to recover and rehydrate.

    We head out to get some groceries and its absolute mayhem in the city. Being the last weekend of the festival and brilliant weather, the crowds are massive. Some of our friends venture back inside but they can hardly move. We're glad we've got the day off and enjoy relaxing back at Bens house.

    It's our last day and Ben is feeling better so he takes us for a walking tour around town. Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worse and were almost saturated by the time we reach the cafe. Our time in Munich draw to an end as we have a final dinner at a fancy Japanese 'Hot Pot' restuarant where you cook your own food on your personal stove!

    The evening is topped off by one of Bens expensive red wines from his cellar.
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  • Day196

    Oktoberfest (Day 2)

    October 3, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Today we planned to catch up with some good friends from our last job who have also travelled to Munich to party at Oktoberfest.

    We meet Amie and Sammie at the entrance at midday and head into the HB tent to start boozing. Steins have slowly been increasing in price every year and this year were stung with €10.40 each plus tip.......although that doesn't slow us down. Entering the HB tent we head to the private area at the back and score a special table as one of Dee's cousin is a waitress there and makes sure we're well looked after. Dee arrives shortly after and the fun begins!

    5 hours later we emerge from the tent slightly loose footed and we take the girls for a tour of all the cool local spots and rides we learnt the day before. Finally it's 9pm and we end up back at the HB tent with some of Dee's family as we knock back a final Stein before we stroll home. What a brilliant day catching up with old friends.
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    Amie Abela

    YAY I made the Blog!!! :-) Was great catching up!