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    • Day 103

      The dome, a storm and Detelina

      August 2, 2023 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      Today the sky is ominous, it could be a bit darker but not much and Detelina and I made a date to meet at the Dome restaurant at 12 noon. Later I got a message to say she was running late but I should order some tea and enjoy the ambiance of the place.

      I wasn't prepared for such a beautiful beautiful environment I believe Georgian all wood panelling, Gold and chandeliers, soft jazz music, waiters and waitresses in black waistcoats, trousers and white shirts and ties, white table cloths on tables, elegant, oh so elegant. Everything thought of here.

      A lovely woman took my soaking wet poncho and jacket while another led me through to our table. My what opulence! It certainly was a beautiful space to sit and reflect, catch up on myself after battling a severe gale force wind and rain to get here! Honestly people were being blown around the streets, taking cover under what arches they could find while I battled on determined to get to the restaurant.

      I was totally impressed when Detelina finally arrived how she commanded attention immediately. Dressed in a cream lace high necked, waisted dress with lace sleeves, and cream classic high heels she was a vision to behold. We were immediately stormed by waiters and she played the part like a queen. I had taken some flowers for her which she absolutely loved and got the attention of one of the waitresses to "please put my flowers in water for me until I go". I think the waitress was a bit taken back, but, after a slight pause said "ofcourse and would you like to order now?" to which Detelina replied, looking at myself " No, I think we'd like to catch up for a little while, thank you". "I'll come back in ten minutes, will that be OK" said the nonplussed waitress.

      I could only gawp at the absolute sense of entitlement Detelina portrayed. I would never have asked a wait staff to look after my flowers. I may have asked for more time to look at a menu, but Detelina gave the overall impression that she was in charge!! A very commanding young woman.

      The same thing happened after each course as well. After our soup course a waiter approached us again looking beseechingly at Detelina and giving her great eye contact, asking if we wanted coffee! Detelina looked at me quizzically then turning back to him replied "we'll wait until after dessert, thank you". He thought we were finished! Indeed one waiter took our cutlery away after the soup course, which took us an hour to complete!! When a waiter brought our main out he was puzzled as to where our cutlery was. Another hour went by as we ate our delicious roasted stuffed aubergine, chatting excitedly and trying to cover every single aspect of life since we last met four years ago.

      Eventually main course finished, the waitress asked if we would like coffee when Detelina enquired as to a dessert menu. Dessert ordered along with coffees, Detelina asked for a delay again as we sipped our water and chatted incessently over the next fifteen minutes. Our delicious vegan dessert and coffee over, we were beginning to slow down our conversation and contemplate the journey home. Detelina insisted on walking me to my bus and we hovered under her umbrella arm in arm to Princes St and my bus.

      We had forgotten the flowers! Later Detelina messaged to say she had remembered when she was half way home on the bus, got off the bus and went back to the restaurant in that storming Edinburgh day to fetch them. She attracted far too much attention on her way with an armful of flowers, but had enjoyed our day very much, as did I. A great memory.
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    • Day 108

      East Kilbride with family

      August 7, 2023 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      Back to East Kilbride today to visit A. Mrgt and see if I can be of any help. Tucked up in bed, Cindy had stayed the night with her and had had quite a time of it helping A. Margaret who is fiercely independent. I offered to stay the night but Cindy also wanted to stay. Back at Ronnie and Cindy's home for dinner with Erika who is over from Germany for the occasion.Read more

    • Day 109

      Oor Jane's 70th birthday in Fiji

      August 8, 2023 in Scotland ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      Today was my beautiful sister Jane's 70th birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEN!!
      Welcome to the 70s club!!

      I was waiting with my cousin at the hospital to see if they would admit Aunt Margaret. My phone needed charging and I was afraid to use it as I needed my map to get me home. Little did I know that I wouldn't be back at the hostel til nearly 12 pm. As they only admitted my aunt at 11.30 p/m!!Read more

    • Day 107

      Off to wish Aunt Margaret happy 99th

      August 6, 2023 in Scotland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

      Today I am excited to surprise visit Aunt Margaret who turns 99!! I arrived at last to East Kilbride after walking the length of Sauchiehall street to get to the station.. I think I may have taken two buses as well. I called her when I was at the bottom of her stairs around 9.40 a.m. No reply. waited ten minutes called again.. no reply.. a gentleman came along who let me into the building so I could knock on her door, meanwhile I had texted Cindy (A.Mgts daughter in law) to ask if A. Mrgt had changed her phone number. She had not.

      I knocked on her door and heard a wee voice say "I'm in the bathroom" oh o.k. I thought I'd give her another 10 or 15 minutes as I know how long it takes her to get ready and this was her big day. So 10 minutes later I knocked on the door again, "I'm in the bathroom" plaintively. Hmmm!! I began to recall her telling me once upon a time that she might say this to put people off whom she didn't want to answer the door to, so put my thinking cap on and ten minutes later knocked on the door and opened the letter box and called out "Hello Aunt Margaret, its Linda", the wee voice came back, "Linda Mackie, I'm in the bathroom"..... it sounded as though she might be annoyed with me, so I backed away and went downstairs again putting a wedge in the bottom door to keep it open.

      My phone rang and then stopped. I looked at who had rung and it was Cindy again, so I called her back " Oh i rang the wrong number Linda, I also tried Aunt Margaret's phone a few times and there was no reply, so I've sent Ronnie round to see what's happened I'll let you know!" I still hadn't said that I was outside Aunt Margaret's door.

      I saw the back end of a taxi leaving the drive way and immediately knew my cousin Ronnie had arrived so I went up the back stairs and knocked on the door. Ronnie was quite surprised to see me, phone to his ear calling 111 as, sure enough Aunt Margaret had passed out on the bathroom floor.

      So ensued a day of waiting for the paramedics to come, I helped Aunt Margaret get changed and sat up in the sitting room for a while, feeding her toast and tea. It became clear to me that she had suffered a wee TIA as her hands weren't working properly and standing on her own impossible.

      The paramedics arrived around 8.30 p.m. and recommended her staying home. She had missed her party, although all those invited had a good time talking about her and enjoying the food which had been prepared for days. the flags and balloons were up I noted when I arrived at the party at 3 pm in the afternoon. I was taken to the station by another cousin and back to the hostel around 10 pm. what a day!
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