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  • Day5

    Locking Up

    April 11 in the United Kingdom

    We had a slower start this morning, casting off around 10:30, and took our time in the first stretch as another boat was just in front of us. We knew we would have wait at the locks anyway so there was no point rushing. We met oncoming boats at our first couple of locks which meant they were set in our favour. At the third Andrew left Sarah with the boat at the lock landing (holding the centre line) while he went to set the lock. We then swapped places with Andrew looking after the boat in the locks while Sarah took care of paddles and gates. We repeated this process at the next couple of locks (this gave Andrew a go at the fun bit while saving Sarah’s arms a little!)

    Steering the boat into locks from the bottom is tricky as the overflow from the pound above flows out at the lock entrance. This results in a few bumps on the way in. Thankfully even experienced boaters were finding this a bit difficult. Locks provide a place to meet other boaters, with Sarah having various brief chats with several other crews. We even came across crews and boats we had seen a couple of days previously, heading the other way.

    Upon arrival at Grindley Brook Staircase Andrew stayed with the boat while Sarah went to find the lock keepers. The locks must all be set in a particular way or there would not be enough water to raise the boat. The locks were set and we began the ascent, Sarah working paddles alongside the lock keepers while Andrew drove the boat towards daunting tall lock gates (leaking quite a bit).

    Once we were through we stopped at the water point to fill up, this is a daily requirement. We then moved about 50m further on to stop for lunch before walking back to the staircase to have a look from a different angle. Having returned to our boat we got underway again and pressed on for a few miles, dealing with 3 lift bridges along the way.

    We have seen all sorts of things floating down the canal; reeds, sticks, rubbish, a green pepper... today we saw a leek! One can only assume this has come from the Welsh end, but it did prompt the comment ‘oh look, the canal’s sprung a leek!’

    We found a nice quiet mooring to stop for the night just south of Whitchurch.
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  • Day2

    Tunnels and Aqueducts

    April 8 in the United Kingdom

    We slept reasonably well although we did both wake up in the early morning. Thankfully we were able to sleep a bit more before enjoying a leisurely start. Canal boat routine is a little different from home life; before showers are possible the engine must be run for 20 minutes to heat up the water. The engine must also be run to power the hairdryer!

    We filled up the water tank, which took half an hour, before heading into Llangollen. We saw Thomas the Tank Engine at the station and enjoyed a little wander in the town. The early part of the day saw Sarah walking along the towpath with a walkie talkie while Andrew negotiated the various narrow sections, including winding (turning round) to head back down the canal. We had a brief pause waiting to cross the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct but we were quickly on our way and it was well-timed judging by the number of boats waiting to come the other way.

    Yesterday we followed another boat through a lift bridge with another following us so we didn’t have to do anything. However, today we had to both raise and lower the bridge. Andrew did this using a windlass whilst being filmed by gongoozlers! We then passed back through one tunnel before reaching Chirk Tunnel, the longest on our route (421 metres). This then opens onto Chirk Aqueduct with the railway viaduct alongside, this marks the Welsh border. Sarah enjoyed walking along the towpath on the aqueduct, taking in the scenery.

    We moored up just before New Marton Top Lock, which we will tackle tomorrow morning. We enjoyed a roast dinner this evening (old habits die hard!) We had a little walk to the lock after dinner to talk through locking in preparation for tomorrow.

    The weather today has been perfect- dry, quite a bit of sunshine and not too chilly. All the better for enjoying the beautiful countryside.
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  • Day3

    Learning the Locks

    April 9 in the United Kingdom

    This morning we quickly encountered our first locks, which we had recce’d on foot last night. We paused briefly as another boat was coming up, but that meant the lock was set in our favour with the gate open. Andrew carefully guided the boat in, only a slight bump to the wall, while Sarah closed the gate behind. Another boat was waiting to come up so Sarah had some keen helpers on the paddles and front gates from the young family on that boat. Everything went smoothly and we were soon out, on our way to the second lock a little further on. This was more or less a carbon copy of the first, except the helpers were seasoned boaters who had us out within 5 minutes!

    A long stretch of canal followed with various corners, bridges, good scenery and sudden oncoming boat encounters which required evasive action. The weather this morning and in the early afternoon was glorious! We pulled up for lunch, soup and rolls (thank you M&P for the delicious soup), before stopping at Ellesmere to fill up the water tank at a Canal and River Trust (CRT) yard. Andrew took the opportunity of being moored up on a different side to clean a mucky window which had been bugging us slightly.

    Ellesmere junction is a tricky corner with a bridge and moored boats beyond. Having not seen any oncoming boats while we filled up with water, upon departure we encountered 3 oncoming boats in the trickiest spot. A bit of manoeuvring later we were on our way. More corners, bridges and scenery followed into the afternoon.

    Around 17:00 it started raining so we donned waterproofs (no fair weather boating for us!). We arrived at a lift bridge just as an oncoming boat did. Andrew had windlass in-hand but the crew on the other boat ran along and did the hard work. They even waved us through first so we were very grateful. A short while later we arrived at one of our planned moorings so decided to stop for the night. A very enjoyable day, if a little soggy at the end.
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  • Day6

    Cruising Along

    April 12 in the United Kingdom

    Another later start this morning as we cast off at 10:20. We also had a much calmer day with no locks to contend with. We did however have three lift bridges; we have a good routine for these now so no dramas there. We have found that we can plod on for quite a while without seeing any oncoming boats only to come across three at tricky spots, this is common at lift bridges it seems.

    This morning Sarah drove the boat for a bit while Andrew went for a little walk along the towpath for just over a mile. This afternoon we reversed roles and Sarah had a little walk. It was nice to stretch our legs a little, even if the towpath was very muddy in places.

    As we needed a few supplies we pulled into the Ellesmere Branch to moor up and pop to Tesco. We also took the opportunity to wander into the town itself. There is not much to the town and it has a sleepy, run-down feel to it but it was nice to have a little look.

    Rather than go to the winding hole at the end of the branch Andrew reversed out of the branch back onto the main canal. Reversing a narrowboat is rather difficult due to the limited steering but Andrew was quite pleased with his attempt. He then picked up Sarah, who had been acting as lookout for other boats, before stopping at the water point to fill up. This was slow going as another boat was doing the same so the water pressure was quite low.

    Today we can add to the list of vegetables spotted floating down the canal. Sarah spotted a butternut squash, Andrew spotted a cabbage leaf and we were really amused when another leek floated by. We are wondering what we will spot tomorrow.

    We stopped for the night a little way on from Ellesmere.
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  • Day2

    Erste Etappe

    July 9, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Nachdem wir gestern durch 5 Länder gefahren sind und über 16 Stunden unterwegs waren, sind wir abends bei meinem Onkel gelandet.
    Kühles Bier, Cider und ein herzlicher Empfang haben die Strapazen schnell vergessen lassen.
    Die Gegend ist jetzt schon traumhaft schön. Erste Schafe haben wir auch schon gesichtet 🐏

  • Day62

    A Day in Shrewsbury

    June 9 in the United Kingdom

    For our day in Shrewsbury we just about walked our legs off. Shrewsbury is quite compact but there is a lot to see. We started by crossing the English Bridge to look at the Abbey. We were not able to get inside as there was a funeral service being held. We did find in the gounds behind, a memorial to Wilfred Owen, who was a WW1 soldier and poet who lived in Shrewsbury and was tragically killed just a few days before the end of the war. His memorial is etched with his prophetic words " I am the enemy you killed, my friend" Across the road was an artist studio that was open so we called in there for a look. A French woman we met there had been commissioned to replace all the stained glass in a nearby church so we had a good chat about this and other projects. We then walked on and around the river (Severn) to the Dingle which is a lovely park that sits in the bend of the river as it goes around the town. Saw the rowing club and lots of walkers and families enjoying the lovely expansive lawns and trees. Back into the town found us lunch at a nice cafe run by volunteers supporting victims of domestic violence. Actually, we've seen lots of similar groups for all sorts of causes usually through their respective church organisations. Volunteering is alive and well in the UK. Another late twilight had us eating about 8.30-9pmRead more

  • Day61

    Shrewsbury, Dickens, and Darwin

    June 8 in the United Kingdom

    Today we moved on from Ludlow and parted company with Pat. After our usual breakfast of local eggs (this time Welsh from a road side stall) we packed our bags and headed to Shrewsbury. Here we dropped Pat at the train station for his trip back to London. We then drove just down the road to the Lion Hotel where we have booked in for two nights. It was too early to book in so we walked back to the station to say a final goodbye to Pat. As we walked back we saw a statue of Charles Darwin. On investigation, we discovered that the building behind was the school he went to (now a library) so we went inside and had a good look. Amazingly, there were scratched names and dates of former pupils all over wooden cladding and both upper floor rooms retain original features though now being used as library study areas. Further up the road was St Mary's Cathedral which is the oldest church in Shrewsbury dating from the 11th century. Shrewsbury was one of the few medieval towns not to be impacted by the industrial revolution so it's original layout and many buildings are still intact. There are funny little alleyways and cobbled streets and ancient wooden framed buildings everywhere, each with its own distinctive features. Remarkably and wonderfully most are still in use for contemporary purposes and you can often venture in and wander upstairs for a meal or a geek. Great fun!
    The Lion Hotel turned out to be where Charles Darwin stayed before he left to join the Beagle for his world voyage. It is also where Charles Dickens wrote The Pickwick Papers. So we are staying in the middle of history.
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  • Day54

    Ludlow here we come

    June 1 in the United Kingdom

    Today is our drive to Ludlow where we have a cottage booked for a week. We are looking forward to spending some time in one place and having a relaxing time. Sue drove us to the car rental yard close by. This was the first time we had hired from Enterprise Car Rental, and we were pleasantly surprised by the service and pick up process. They gave us a Nissan Qashqai (with satnav) which was better than the car I was expecting. We drove back to the house to pick up Pat and the bags then took off to Ludlow. The drive was about 5 hours mainky because the M25 was like a carpark for much of the first part of the drive. Once we got onto the more minor roads all went well.
    Vineyard cottage in Ludlow is more than we ever expected. It is down a little lane on the edge of town and is beautifully presented. We would like to stay here for the rest of our time in the UK.
    After unpacking we walked into town to get some food for brekky tomorrow then to the Wheatsheaf Inn next door for a lovely English dinner. The Inn was full of locals with broad country accents which added to the charm.
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  • Day55


    June 2 in the United Kingdom

    On our first morning we found it difficult to get out of our very comfortable beds. Eventually we got up and made ourselves some lovely breakfast. The markets are in in town on Saturday so we walked up and got some supplies for the next day or so. Very buzzy in town with lots of people out shopping and sightseeing. The town centre has a great feeling about it with the old buildings leaning over the footpaths.
    Kept the day pretty quiet to build up some energy for the next 6 days. Cooked up a local chicken roast for tea which we all enjoyed.
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  • Day56

    Ludlow Day 2

    June 3 in the United Kingdom

    Started today with a nice feed of Shropshire bacon and eggs all round.
    Walked up into town to the antiques market being held in the main square. Had a look around the cathedral in the centre of town. Stopped at the Green Cafe down by the river, it looked good so vowed to come back for a bite to eat.
    Took the scenic route back along the other side of the Teme River and stopped off at the Charlton Arms for a beer.Read more

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