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    • Day 4

      Wer zur Hölle fährt denn überhaupt?

      May 14, 2019 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Als wir Bobby zu unseren Schlafplatz folgten und noch einen kleine Zwischenstop auf der anderen Seite ihrer Weiden machten, sagte er, wir müssten hier noch kurz warten, es gäbe noch eine kleine Überraschung für uns. Fünf min. später bretterte wieder dieser Traktor auf uns zu und raus sprang die selbe Bagage in gleicher Besetzung plus zwei. Da Cat beim lesen unseres Roadbooks wirklich gut aufgepasst hat, wusste sie, dass wir noch ein Schaf für unsere Fotostrecke benötigen. Also fix rein in den Passarati, Gurt angeschnallt und los ging das Fotoshooting.Read more

    • Day 17

      Narrowboat time!

      September 2, 2017 in Wales ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Off to Bettisfield today to pick up our Narrowboat, about a two hour drive from where we spent the night near Bristol. We stopped in Whitchurch to visit a little market in the Main Street, bought some cheese, pepperoni and sour dough and a couple of pork pies! What more could you ask for! There was a narrow boat show on not far from town and we called in to have a look at them. Some pretty cute ones!

      They were waiting for us with the boat already when we got to Bettisfield. And after a few instructions and demos we were off! Beautiful day for us to set off, the sun is shining and it's quite hot! Took us a while to get the hang of steering this thing, because it so long it doesn't take much to put it off course! But after cruising down to Ellemere we were doing pretty well. Lots of bridges on the canals too and they are only just wide enough for the Narrowboat so that's pretty interesting trying to line them up!

      We stayed the night in Ellesmere, walked down the canal and had a lovely chat to a young guy who was entertaining his daughter catching a few fish in the canal! Think she was more interested in collecting rocks and showing them to me really but she did like to hold the little fish he caught and chuck them back in. She was only about three and giving me heartaches dancing around the edge of the canal! Dad didn't seem the least bit phased though!

      The next morning and it's a different story, the skies look very threatening and we had a few hours to do today so we made an early start before it actually started to rain. Luckily we'd packed raincoats and beanie and scarves, what a contrast to yesterday, it is freezing today and a constant drizzle. We stopped about ten for a cuppa and to wait for the worst of the rain to pass.

      Once we set off again it just drizzled the whole way to Chirk, we had a bit of fun getting through the locks. I was the one working the locks and was supposed to be listening yesterday when Nick explained it to me, umm don't think it really sunk in. Oh well luckily when we came to the first one there was a few people in front of us and I got to see how it all worked. Seemed like there was plenty of people to help so I wasn't too worried but they all disappeared when it was my turn and left me all alone. Luckily I'm a fast learner or it was pretty simple and I managed to get it sorted.

      There are two locks very close to each other and at the next one I had to help these two ladies who had no clue what they were doing! Ha ha reminds me of work, watch one, do one, teach one! Then some old dude asked me if I was the lock keeper, Yep, fake it till you make it! we made it to Chirk and after tying up we walked uptown to look for a beanie for Graham (he left his at home somehow), but we forgot it's Sunday so nothing was open except a gorgeous tea shop where we had tea and the the most delicious chocolate cake, almost better than I would cook myself.
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    • Day 4

      Grouse Inn

      May 14, 2019 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Nachdem wir unterwegs hörten, dass das Grouse Inn in Carrog, nach Aussage älterer Einheimischer, genau das richtige für uns sei, steuerten wir das kleine wunderschöne Örtchen an und aßen, natürlich im Grouse Inn ein vorzügliches sheep stew. Als wir anschließend mit einer der Kellnerinnen über unsere Reise philosophierten, äußerten wir, eher aus Spaß, den Wunsch auf dem gegenüber liegenden Berg mit den dort weidenden Schafen unsere Nacht zu verbringen. Daraufhin sagte sie, kein Thema. Die Weiden gehören meinem Onkel. Aber macht Bitte das Tor hinter euch wieder zu, wenn ihr hoch fahrt... Insofern ihr es denn schafft. 😆

      Leider blieb es bei dem Versuch und wir mussten unverrichteter Dinge, aber dafür mit weniger Kupplungsbelag, abziehen. Als wir wieder auf dem Hof der Lloyd's ankamen, begegnete uns ein Traktor, von dessen Fahrersitz, zu unserer Verwunderung, ein elfjähriger Junge sprang. Eine junge Frau und ein kleineres Kind sprangen hinterher und kamen auf uns zu. Sie staunten nicht schlecht, dass ein paar bekloppte Deutsche mit einem vollgepackten PKW versuchten auf ihre Weide in den Bergen zu fahren. Sie selbst haben wohl schon Probleme mit dem Traktor da hoch zu kommen.

      Da Cat, die älteste der 3, ein reges Interesse an unseren Geschichten und Missionen zeigte, rief sie sofort ihren Freund an und sagte er solle unbedingt sofort vorbei kommen und sich diese Freaks anschauen. Als Bobby dann schnell nochmal vorbei schneite und ebenfalls sehr interessiert unser Roadbook studierte, gab er uns zu verstehen, dass er genau wisse wo wir jetzt hin müssten. Folgt mir Jungs. Ich bring euch zu eurem perfekten Schlafplatz auf der anderen Bergkette.
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    • Day 97

      Chirk Castle Gardens

      August 6, 2018 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

      The gardens were neglected during World War II. They were revived almost single-handedly by Lady Margaret Myddelton, who moved in with her husband after the war.

      There is a beauty around every corner of the garden!Read more

    • Day 2

      Wedding Bells

      May 4, 2019 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      Day started with a good and proper breakfast, because when in Wales do as the Welsh do!

      Relaxed and explored the hotel all morning in preparation for the wedding celebration, and a good thing too as this wedding went on till the early hours of the morning and I made sure to dance every minute of it!

      What I love about family weddings is getting to catch up with family you haven't seen in a while, this was even more so as we got to meet up with family who live overseas so we hardly get to meet at all, that being said, this particular family are probably some of my absolute all time favourite people, would not have missed this day for the world!
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    • Day 19

      Over the Aquaduct

      September 4, 2017 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      The day looked much brighter setting off from Chirk! Not many boaters get up early either it seems and we were all by ourselves going over Chirk Aqueduct and then into the Chirk Tunnel. The aqueduct is 70 feet high and beside it is a 100 foot high viaduct. A lovely warmup to the big event later in the morning. Goodness that tunnel is so long, about 1377 feet to be exact, which doesn't sound like much but took ages to go through. Very eerie too in the early morning with the mist rising off the water!

      The day was brightening up nicely and we came to the Pontcysylite Aqueduct built in 1805, 125 feet high and spanning a 1000 feet across the valley. I was just praying that they really did build things to last back then, cause it didn't seem like there was very much keeping us up there.

      It's a eerie feeling floating across this skinny little waterway so high up and only a thin metal railing on one side. Not that I looked down that side I was firmly planted on the walkway side. Even Graham got a bit freaked out I think.

      Another couple of hours cruising through a really pretty section of the canal and some really narrow one way sections we arrived in Llangollen. What doesn't sound anything like it's spelt, which seems to be a feature of most of the Walsh language. I don't know how the kids ever get the hang of it!

      Llangollen is a really pretty little town with some cute shops even a couple of op shops, lots of pubs and the gorgeous River Dee running through the middle of it. We parked up in the marina and then headed into town for lunch. Don't think we've had a bad meal since we got here and today didn't disappoint either.

      Took the bikes off after lunch and headed up to Horseshoe Falls. Glad we had the bikes or it would have been a bit of a hike. It's not really a waterfall at all but a weir to feed the canal from the river, so a bit disappointing really. But we called in for a drink at the Chainlink Bridge and enjoyed some beautiful views of the Dee River thundering past and watched the steam train stop across the river, so not a wasted trip.

      Rode back down to the boat and had an hour or so chat to the neighbours, who are farmers and their narrow boat is their escape for a few weeks and weekends a year. Now off to find some dinner. Ha ha must seem like all we do is eat and drink but really that is one of the best parts!
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    • Day 23

      Last day on the Kingfisher!

      September 8, 2017 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Last day on the boat, we have some washing to do and then only a two hour trip back to Bettisfield! Washing done and a bit of housekeeping tidying up the boat, (we have spread our belonging from top to bottom of this thing). We doodled back up to Bettisfield getting there just after lunch.

      We had half a day to fill in and decided to head off to Chester for the afternoon. Now if we'd talked to the boat owners they would have told us not to drive right into the city but to take the park and ride. But Gung-ho as usual we headed in. Wasn't too bad, except we missed the car park, but we did find a park, legal or not I don't know but it was nice and close so good enough.

      What a pretty city centre, it's called the Rows. They have kept all the Tudor half timber buildings. The shops are on two levels but if you look up past the street level it all looks original.

      Chester started life as a Roman fort in the first century with an almost complete wall complete with gates and tower around the old city, a huge and I mean massive cathedral, a Roman amphitheatre which is still being excavated and a castle.

      We walked around the wall, checked out the towers and the city gates, visited the cathedral, and admired all the rows. The only disappointment was the castle which is just a shell really which you couldn't really get close to.

      Headed back to the boat about five, miraculously our car hadn't had it wheels clamped, traffic was a bit worse coming home, but once out of the city centre not too bad. Lots of cars going in though. Have to finish off all the cheese, beer and wine on the boat before we hand it back tomorrow.
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    • Day 1

      Getting there

      May 3, 2019 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

      Got collected at 4:15 am, yes you read that right! 4:15 am .... the things we we do for travels.

      It being stupid o'clock, traffic was a breeze and the airport were fairly empty, we sped through security and settled in for the long trip to Wrexham. Our flight to Leeds was on time and uneventful, l as per usual I slept most of the way, the insomniac who sleeps like a baby on planes and trains with ease may I add... there is some irony in there somewhere.

      From the airport, we got a taxi to Leeds train station, then a train to Manchester where we changed train and headed to Chester and one last train change to get to Wrexham, (I did say we go to lengths for our travels).

      Once in Wrexham we walked around, it is a very pretty place and I could happily spend a couple of days here exploring, if we had the time, after quick bite to eat at the Crafty Dragon (don't ask) we made our way to the Hotel

      At the hotel:

      Catching up with everyone was great fun, the excitement for tomorrow's wedding can be felt by all and I don't think we have ever all been together at the same time before, at least not anytime that I could have been old enough to really remember.

      We had a lovely dinner, drank lots of gin and did NOT manage to have an early night ahead of tomorrow's wedding! Day one down let the holiday commence :)
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    • Day 4

      Bell Tower and Barge Day 1

      May 6, 2019 in Wales ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

      Early starts while on holiday should not be allowed, but alas early start it was; lots of packing and loading the car then set off for one last meet up with the Welsh clan.

      We met in front of St. Giles church and started the tour of the bell tower. 151 steps up a winding narrow flight of stairs at 10 am is a lot more of a work out than first expected but the views were worth it.

      Once back on lower ground we made our way to Norton to get our barge, since it was late afternoon we didn't have far to go, although, in barge world far is not exactly far, you could actually walk the distance just as fast, but that's the joy of barge holidays.

      We crossed Pontcysylte Aqueduct and a few bridges and tunnels including 2 that were 191 yards and 459 yards each! We stopped at lions Quay for dinner. Back on the barge we had a few gins and some family chatter down memory lane.
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    • Day 7

      Day 4 and our slow return home

      May 9, 2019 in Wales ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

      Last actual day on the barge, need to get back to Pontcysylte Aqueduct, will need to queue up for our turn and return the barge in top condition by 9:0 am.

      This is a particularly memorable day as I spontaneously booked my ticket (2nd row) to the Dara O'Brien comedy show in Malta!!!

      Just before we got to our mooring spot I got to raise and lower a bridge for the first time, it's the little things that make me smile :)

      We stopped just outside the Aqueduct and walked across to the pub for some dinner, last of the pub foods... Oh they will be missed
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