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  • Day15

    Barbecue in Windsor CT

    June 23, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Well......TA's no. 1 in Windsor, right next door to the hotel was an experience!
    All the great and the good of the backwoods, including ourselves, were there. A queue of 10 minimum throughout our visit. It's a popular place. And it's easy to see why!
    We opted for the 2-meat combo for me: chicken, pulled pork with sides of beans and broccoli salad. MTC went for the half-chicken. Both with sweet sauce. A Sea Hag IPA for me and water for MTC. In case I wouldn't have enough,
    I ignored the no-starters rule and had the wings. There were other sauces on the table, e.g. Kansas Sweet, Texas hot pepper and two others. The plastic cutlery and the kitchen roll of paper were also handily set out on the table.
    The photos tell it all. Words fail me as I try to describe the food. The chicken was dry but plentiful. The pulled pork was juicy. The beans were not vegetarian. I found a slice of Texas sausage in mine. There was a sauce on the beans but it seemed to have an undercurrent of sugar or maybe molasses. An exquisite challenge to my sheltered tastebuds. The wings were juicer than my previous attempt, at the Puritan Backroom, but the sauce was not as nice.
    We did our best. The dryness of the chicken defeated us in the end. I ate all my wings, all my pulled pork and my broccoli salad, most of the chicken and about a third of the beans. The IPA was delicious. Fittingly, Sea Hag is brewed by the New England Brewery in Woodbridge CT about 50 miles south of here, just north of New Haven where our tour began two weeks ago.
    Having missed out on the Big Pig Rig on the way out, in nearby Meriden, we have at last ticked the barbecue box. Once and done, y'all. Maybe we didn't miss out after all.
    After scraping off the prison-canteen tin trays, on which the food is served, into the waste bins we departed exhausted and sadly the wiser. Another VLL.
    And an extra month's deferral of my medical checkup after I get back.
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  • Day16

    Back in Hampton Meriden

    June 24, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Just over two weeks ago we stayed in this Hampton after picking up the car at New Haven train station. My TA review mentioned the AC as loud. This time the room's AC unit is humming along nicely. It looks like a newer unit. They hardly replaced every unit after my review, though they did acknowledge that the first unit might need a service.
    I had also mentioned the inter-room lack of soundproofing, last time. This time there were earplugs in the room. Didn't need them. Having spent a fortune on doctors over the years to syringe compacted ear wax, I am loath to use earplugs. But I will bring them for the flight, just in case.
    Last time we went to the Colony Diner for a race-against-time dinner with the fastest waitress this side of the Mississippi. This time we stayed closer to the hotel and went to Lido's Italian. After our Bear Smokehouse experience last night, I was looking forward to a vegetarian pizza.
    The server listed a long series of specials so we went with two. Best meal this trip, pipping Sturbridge Seafood. I had surf & turf and MTC had seafood fettuccine with scollops, shrimp and lobster. Proving yet again that the tastiness of a seafood meal in New England is equal to the distance from the coast squared.
    Even the bread was delicious, almost European.
    A girl's team arrived while we were eating. The coach asked MTC what her dish was, as many of the girls wanted it. That was before they had even sat down!
    Before dinner, I cleaned out the car to minimise the risk of being charged a cleaning fee by Budget. I haven't rented from them before, so I don't know their form.
    Back at the hotel, the priority is packing for the train to NYC and getting our timings right. I have to get petrol to fill the tank. The car return is at the station.
    The following morning were are all set by 09:15even though our latest departure time is 10:30.
    I have come to the conclusion that shares in US handkerchief companies are a bad investment. Nobody seems to use handkerchiefs here.
    Below are some random photos from the road trip, which may not have appeared in earlier footprints.....or indeed, may have.
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  • Day16

    Searching for the Gilmore Girls

    June 24, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Fortified by our BBQ excesses the previous evening, we enjoyed a light breakfast of mostly fruit before setting out west in search of Rory and Lorelei. I did my research on the Gilmore Girls and identified three towns in the Lichfield Hills of western CT which are linked with the series and from which the author drew inspiration.
    Our first stop was Litchfield. We visited the historical society's museum and saw the site of the first ever law school in the US. We also saw The West Street Diner, which is supposed to be the prototype for Luke's Cafe. One summer, a college student got a sign made for Luke's Cafe and got a series of cafe owners to hang it outside their place for a few days. He got a share of the increased profits when throngs of Gilmore Girls fans flocked to each cafe. All different places in different local towns. Litchfield holds an annual 10k run.
    We finally secured a postcard for Tom, having held out in the vain hope that we might see one with a pig on it. We had to give up that quest or we would have been at home before the cards arrived in Ireland. We posted all three cards in Litchfield. I'm sure it was the same post office which appeared in Series 2 Episode 8.
    Next to Washington and Washington Depot which is where the railway station for Washington was. All the business moved down the hill to the depot leaving the village itself frozen in time. We met the pastor of the church. She let us in the side door to admire the newly restored interior. She pointed out that there is no stained glass or any religious imagery. There is a cross on the pulpit. It was put there in recent times after a parishioner who is a former Catholic insisted there should be some symbol. But it is on hooks, so it can be removed at any time. The church recently revived an old tradition of distributing oranges to children at Christmas services, in particular throwing oranges up to children in the balconies which run the length of the church on both sides.
    Washington was where the Gilmore Girls' author got the idea for the series, sitting in Marty's cafe. The Hickory Stick bookshop was the basis for the series' bookshop.
    The final leg of our Gilmore Girls' tour took us to New Milford. The gazebo on the town green was the inspiration for the one in the series. The photo MTC took of the band-stand / gazebo will be an inspiration in itself!
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  • Day15

    Hartford CT

    June 23, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    After a humid morning in Old Sturbridge, we set out for Hartford, CT's state capital. Marcy did well navigating the route in to the city, avoiding car pooling lanes as she was instructed. If only everyone took instruction so readily!
    After parking we walked to Main Street and stopped off in Dunkin Donuts for a frozen coffee, which is not the same as an iced coffee, as I discovered. I think we jumped the queue as we came at the counter from the other side. Nobody said anything, so it was ok!
    While there is a bit of a breeze here, it is still quite humid, so we've decided to return to the car and drive to the state Capitol and Mark Twain's house. We did a drive by of the Capitol and took photos out the window.
    Stopped for gas on the way to Mark Twain's. The nice Indian or Pakistani gentleman engaged me in conversation and when I explained I was foreign, took the time to explain to me how the prepay system worked. I prepaid $35 ( revolut worked fine - it was a Shell garage. VLL) and the fill took $33. As instructed, I went back into the station and he charged $33. He said the system was to stop people from filling up and driving away. He asked me how the system worked in Ireland and he said that was the same in US until a few years ago. He went on to tell me that last week a lady pulled up, left the car running and came in to the shop to prepay. When she turned to leave - her car was gone!
    I am still awaiting the credit of $2, as I also await $50 credit from D Hotel. I've also discovered that I was charged twice for parking in Hartford. Revolut support is shut at the moment, weekend hours.
    Anyway, all set for the logistics of the final fill of petrol before leaving the car back on Sunday morning. The car rental guy wants to see the receipt, presumably to check time and date of the fill. I plan to photograph the dashboard display.
    Stopped at Mark Twain's but opted not to visit, even with the benefit of the senior's discount! I hate MT because I had to do Huckleberry Finn for the Inter. MTC bought a fridge magnet and a journal (Van Gogh, not Mark Twain).
    Headed north to Windsor along with everybody else in CT, or so it seemed.
    A very cheerful and friendly gentleman at reception, recognised the accent because Aer Lingus now fly into Hartford. The Bear Smokehouse, rated No. 1 on TA is right next door. It's a sign!
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  • Day10

    Night out

    May 9, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Dinner with the lads & their partners at their favourite bar in Boston called Yard House. Mike & Mark even joined them in half a yard. Sad to say goodbye to Andrew & his fantastic group of mates. Shame they couldn't all make it. Ryan liked his NZ beanie!!!

  • Day1

    Meriden hotel

    June 9, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Smooth journey from New Haven, north about 20 miles to Meriden. Staying at the Hampton. My travelling companion says the room is better than last night's. Cleaner carpet for a start. I do not disagree. Catching up on world affairs before heading out for eats. Maybe the Pig Rig?

  • Day11

    Into Connecticut

    July 10, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    So far we’ve travelled through New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Our last one on this trip is Connecticut. Our destination today is New Haven, on the Atlantic Coast.

    The drive takes us through the Delaware Gap Park. Quite scenic as we travel through historic towns and along various lakes and waterways.

    We arrived at our hotel just shortly after the start of the semifinal soccer match between France and Belgium. Following the game we drove into town and explore Yale University on foot. We found a small Middle Eastern restaurant where we had dinner before heading back to our hotel.

    The day ended with a visit to the fitness center downstairs in the hotel and a bit of TV watching.
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  • Day13

    Bass Pro

    January 1, 2018 in the United States ⋅

    Da schlägt das Herz des Bambi nicht mehr lang.

    Wenn der Waidmann war auf Waffenfang.

    Der Wahnsinn 😜. In dem Laden gibt es USA weit alles für Outdoor und Hunting.
    Jetzt kommt’s. Zum kleinen Preis. Die Ware ist richtig gut. Habe da auch schon Stiefel gekauft.

    Zuvor geht man aber noch Essen und bowlen im hauseigenen Restaurant/ Bowlingbahnen.

    Bowlen. Essen. Ein Gewehr für den Kleinen. Vollautomatisches für Dad und Mom bekommt auch was.
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  • Day27


    November 15, 2014 in the United States ⋅

    Blair und Serena werden neidisch sein. Ich war an der Universität YALE.
    Es gab eine private Führung über den Campus mit anschließendem Football-spiel.
    Mein erstes Football-Spiel. Die Regeln hatten wir nach und nach drauf. Wiedermal Atemberaubend schön. Natürlich durfte der Kauf eines YALE-Pullis nicht fehlen.Read more

  • Day6

    New Haven & Yale (Teil 1)

    May 15, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Nach unserer Ankunft im Hotel war uns noch nach ein paar Schritten zumute. Also fuhren wir noch mal die 4km nach New Haven rein und schauten uns das Städtchen Abends und zur blauen Stunde an. Sehr schön und architektonisch schnieke schaut der Campus der Yale University aus. Hat bisschen den Charm einer englischen Uni zur Mittelalterzeit.
    Geld verdient haben wir im Frozen-Yoghurt-Laden. Einmal gefrorenes Zeugs mit bissl was drauf sollte 5,09$ kosten. 20,10$ hingegeben und 44,90$ zurückbekommen👍🏼 Da gehen wir morgen gleich noch mal hin...

    Ach ja: Das Wetter ist mitlerweile top👍🏼 Heute angenehme 20 Grad und Sonne, für die nächsten Tage 25-30 Grad angekündigt ☀️😎👍
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