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  • Day123


    July 3, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C


  • Day1

    Erster Tag

    August 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Sehr gut geschlafen, waren doch recht fertig. Waren dann doch 26 Stunden wach.... 3,5 Stunden stehen vor der Passkontrolle usw. Zieht sich dann doch, auch wenn bis dahin alles super geklappt hat.
    Jetzt gibt's das erste Frühstück bei Star
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    Werner Sibla

    De Amis Sportschuhe und Oakley Brille


    Na dann: somit kann's weitergehen. Viel Freude euch. Herzlichst, Tanti


    Weiterhin gute und interessante Reise ... lb. Gr. Oma und opa

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  • Day31

    San Francisco revisited

    November 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Our RV got absorbed back into the mass of hundreds of anonymous vehicles at the Cruise America lot at Newark, San Francisco.

    Bit of a shame we didn’t get to say goodbye because we slept, cooked, showered and went everywhere in luxury with this vehicle and it performed so well, gave us a great time but by the time we did the return paperwork and went outside it was gone.

    From Newark we had to get to the airport, about $US120 cab ride, that’s getting close to $A200, we’ll still use the cheaper Uber but after our previous experience we are not keen on over supporting them.

    Now there is nothing better than a bit of bartering so Taxies were bringing people in but there were few fares out of there, a good opportunity to do a deal as the airport is a choice destination.

    I picked the hungriest looking driver, the one that had been there the longest to get a price on the ride.
    A special price for us was $US100 normally $120 ...no no no good and I offer him $40, he says no way $85, I say no I’ll pay $50. This goes on for awhile and in the end I walk away and decide to call Uber.

    He then comes over and says final price $65, I say no final price $50 and he says OK thought when we are loading the bags in he says and $5 for the bridge so I let him have the last word and said OK.

    This was still very good though because while we were there two couples joined up to share a cab and thought that was a good idea because they only paid $60 each.

    We are now at San Francisco International Airport with a 8 hour wait for our 20 hour flight back to Brisbane because of the layover in Sydney. Nothing time for the distances traveled and places we’ve been.
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    jan brown

    Sextuplets! How cute!

    jan brown

    Oh my god…it's like a house of mirrors…if that ain't make'n amorica great again then i don't know what is….one last time.."Gard bless Amorica"…. (do they realise the US is only maybe a quarter of the Americas?)

    Noreen Stone

    You’ve had a fantastic trip, experiences a- plenty, seems like it was over in a flash, wonderful memories and lots of stories to tell. Thanks for all blogs, which we throughly enjoyed. Safe journey home catch up on our return, sometime after 17/11

  • Day6

    Tesla Factory Tour

    October 30, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Met up with Daniel and Stefan over in Fremont for the Tesla Factory Tour Daniel invited us to. Thank you very much for the chance to join!

    NDAs stopped us from photographing inside, so only the customer lounge caught on camera.Read more

  • Day9


    August 27, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    10. Tag
    Heute machen wir ein Zwischenstop zum Shoppen wir haben zwei Adressen für Outlets...leider hat sich die erste als eine Mall eintpuppt, wir sind trotzdem mal rein...riesig😁 Egal was man sich vornimmt es läuft irgendwie immer anders als gedacht und die Zeit vergeht im nu😮 anschließend zum rießen Walmart unser Proviant auffüllen, jetzt ist es eigentlich schon etwas spät um das Outlet anzufahren machen es aber trotzdem.... es ist schon spät...essen und ab ins Hotel und morgen geht's weiter...Read more

  • Day75

    Vern's world can be divided into two par

    December 14, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Fern's story tells many unique aspects of him. Wien's world is simple and profound.

    Vern's world can be divided into two parts. First, Vern is completely focused on his beautiful organic self-sufficient life, and secondly, he is full of love and dedication to his beautiful organic self-sufficient life. Do it with love and enthusiasm for girls.


    For the girl who joined Wien, as his organic self-sufficient girl, Wien said that in his beautiful organic self-sufficient land, cat orgasm is the center and key of his life. Believe.

    Vern likes to instill the beauty of organic self-sufficiency in organic self-sufficient girls, awakening their love and dedication to sex.

    He loves his organic self-sufficient girls, and he likes to wet them for him. Yes, Fan's organic self-sufficiency, the paradise of sex is simple and profound.

    When I woke up and the sunlight came in through the window, I was very happy to have a sexy organic self-sufficient mother in the beautiful organic self-sufficient land.


    Smile to myself and admit that my penis is awake. Bring me closer, organic and self-sufficient, my mother is close to me, I like close contact. Her little camisole is sweet and gentle on her hot petite body.

    The medium-sized but full breasts slipped from the camisole and said the first words of the day, so I naturally found a sexy position in my hands. "Honey."

    Since the age of 18, I have carefully trained my mother to be my organic, self-sufficient and realistic sex doll.

    "Hello mom, baby. How about my beautiful organic sex doll with me in my beautiful organic self-sufficient plot?" I replied kindly and sexyly, my penis beating beautifully. I am organically self-sufficient. Sexy mom.

    In Fan's morning greeting, Shirley melted into Fan's hot sexual embrace. She is grateful to be with Fern in the beautiful organic and self-sufficient land, and also grateful to be Fern's bitch. "Oh, Varn Love, your organic self-sufficient doll accompanies you in your beautiful organic self-sufficient plot, just like your obedient organic self-sufficient doll. I'm very happy," she replied happily. With Wien.

    Living with sexy Vern in his beautiful organic self-sufficient land is a paradise. The joy that Shirley finds in her natural and affectionate sexual obedience to Fern is immeasurable, which makes her cat excited. Vern is a speaker, and his words made her embark on such a wonderful journey. Shirley is ready to travel with Wayne at any time.


    Shirley still finds it almost unbelievable that when she becomes Fern's organic self-sufficient sexual bitch, she feels the joy of love. As Van's organic self-sufficient TPE Sex doll, and fall in love with Van, young and happy, like to open up to Van. Opening the hot seam is very beautiful.

    "Mom, is your wound wet?" I whispered in her ear and destroyed her sexy breast contour.

    "Oh, my son. My mother's mouth is wet... my baby is wet," Shirley groaned.

    "Mom, this is a good way to start cracking in the morning."

    "Yes, Fern." Shirley wept softly, losing the beauty of becoming an organic self-sufficient doll of the Fanjia.


    Mom’s cute nipples show my sexual behavior very well. My hands wandered in her sweet body and whispered in her ear: "Mom, your gap is wet by me. It's so romantic.", "Very romantic mother."

    "Oh, Van Love, I love your romantic me and my cat... I live for your love, for your hot and beautiful sexual romance."

    My mother was drunk by the temperament of my arm. She was engrossed in my arms. This effort was charming, sexy, and beautiful. I want to nail my mother to my penis.

    However, I still need to prepare for my mother, who is a cute girl who needs preparation.

    The sun is shining on my love for mother. There is a strong desire to deal with her mother's pussy. It is cute, strong and full of energy, I believe my mother will like it. Every day, I wake up my mother to be organically self-sufficient and play with her Japanese sex doll. Mom loves it every day.

    "Mom, you know you gave me a damp crack, let me open your pussy and make me feel romantic, mom."

    I slid my hand over my mother's smooth thighs and stopped for a moment in front of my mother's woman. The warm waves swept across the smooth beach. "Mom, is your woman open to me?"

    Shirley was attracted by Fern's strong inspiration about her woman's problem. She liked the way Fern excited her until she was so excited that she wanted to dance in the room, and when Fern treated her as a cat, he took her away.


    This is the most beautiful lens. When Wien took her away, her beautiful, soft, muscular body trembled under controlled forces. His blue eyes flashed with fiery desire and love, like a fiery and beautiful sexual god.

    Shirley's child did not cover her cat. This was Fern's request, and she readily agreed. She lifted her upper limbs from the position of a large spoon, placed them on Fern's sexy muscular legs, and answered quietly.

    "Mom, this is good news," I said. I couldn't help holding my mother with her sexy legs, but I wanted her to be more like a Chinese sex doll... Rubbing her belly under the camisole, I whispered with strong desire. "Mom, are you wearing underwear?"

    "No, my son, don't wear underwear. Oh, my son, it's cute without underwear, you hug me," Mom groaned.

    I snuggled next to my mother, put my hand on her waist, and said, "Mom, don't you like to wear underwear?"


    Mother groaned: "Son, I like not wearing underwear." Mother shook her ass and asked her to touch her pussy. This is where I like to have a mother. I like to give my mother a passionate and beautiful sexuality.

    The mother told her beautiful sexual desire "Oh, son...you like to take me to your beautiful organic and self-sufficient land." And the beautiful mother almost had sex. doing. And baby...I really like that you want to train me to be your organic self-sufficient sex doll. "

    Mom put her whole body on me. This is a beautiful, hot, sexy full-body kiss. All her curves, her bare skin, her skin under a camisole, well, it's so sexy. My cock burns and launches an attack on my mother's organic self-sufficient Dutch wife cat.

    Mom then tweeted. "Hot, beautiful and sexy son, I love you and cultivated me into an organic self-sufficient woman. For you... my dear, I am your beautiful organic self-sufficient, thank you for being with you in this land Be with you." Thank you for training me to be your organic self-sufficient Silicone Love Doll. "

    "Welcome, Mom. I am glad to take you to my beautiful organic self-sufficient plot. I am happy to train you and make you my beautiful organic self-sufficient wet doll."

    She kissed her mother's neck affectionately and passionately, and gently stretched her sexy perfect nipples. It's great to give my mother estrus. It's so beautiful to take your mother to see the succulents. If you take mom to the slit, the slit should be beautiful.


    "Do you need my mother? Do you need me to touch you in your special place?"

    My mother hugged my legs tightly with her thighs and pushed her naked pussy forward to express her needs. I need the beauty between her sexy legs. "OOOHHHH, son" Mom wears pants.

    Well, my mother has a strong libido, and a beautiful day has begun. I couldn't wait to put my hands in my belly, hugged my mother, and then kindly ordered "Mom! Show me your pussy".

    Shirley was ecstatic about Fern's sexual order. She lives with Fern, living in his beautiful organic and self-sufficient way. She lives to obey her beloved Wien. The man who magically shook his huge hot cock, took her to such a magical place, and took her to heaven.

    Shirley is all over her body, making her pussy happy. Shirley took off the sheets and felt that she was so beautiful, young and sexy that Wien was about to reach orgasm because she wanted to see her pussy. Wet cat. Shirley shows her cat to Wien.

    When my mother put down the quilt, I sat on the bed and saw my mother's pussy.

    "Oh, dear Fern, I love you," Shirley said, spreading her legs obediently in front of Fern. I am glad that she is Fan's organic self-sufficient sexual object. I am very happy that she is Van's organic self-sufficient doll.

    "Mom, what a beautiful kitten," I said. She slid her fingertips into her smooth thighs and stopped at the edge of her sexy, shaved, wet labia. "I can see that my mother is very wet," he added.

    "OOOHHHHVARN" Shirley replied helplessly. Spreading her legs for Wien, Wien took her to such a hot mountain, she almost felt guilty, because only she knew the hot and sexy beauty of Wien Ricefield.


    Vern added that her cat is very hot, and yes, she feels guilty. Other girls should be able to understand Fan's super-hotness as his organic and self-sufficient Dutch wife. She asked Varne, yes, this is what she wants to do. Shirley, because Wien takes other girls to his organic self-sufficient plot, so she can have a complete set of organic self-sufficient sex doll torso. Ask Wien if he wants to organize. Only one person made Vine feel guilty about going to heaven.

    Shirley thinks it is a good thing to support Vern to have many organic self-sufficient dolls that can be brought into the sex paradise. While eating this, she saw Warren's huge sexy penis, and felt his magical touch between her legs on either side of her wet labia. All of this drowned her cat. fault!

    mini sex doll

    anime sex doll

    shemale sex doll
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  • Day161

    My boyfriend and I just bought a realist

    March 10 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    If you're looking for a more intimate story than this, with no blurry or hidden pictures, couples bring it all out and tell you their most kinky adventures then come and join us in our VIP sex dolls.


    My boyfriend and I are weird, we've been to countless sex parties, we've had threesomes, group sex, anal sex, pretty much anything you can think of. Hence posting on this blog.

    artificial intelligence sex doll Aki

    Skinny Sex Dolls who like anal sex
    The thing is, there wasn't much excitement at our core anymore, we did pretty much everything and nothing was too surprising for the two of us. Yes, it all feels good and is always welcome, but we need something "out there", something a little different for us, to get Skinny Sex Dolls excited again.


    A few weeks ago there was a clip on TV about sex dolls and the people who bought them and what they did with them, while watching I turned to my boyfriend and asked him if he would try one, he nodded and said one of them Most of 's look very realistic, like a trio without all the settings. He asked me what I thought and I thought about it for a while and then said it was really hot and I thought it would allow me to see him with "another woman" without all the other issues.

    wm tpe love doll

    IROKEBIJIN Doll watching tv
    I did my research, I mean research, I searched online, went into forums, found out what and why and how people use them, and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy one from the store. I bought all the IROKEBIJIN Doll from , I didn't even know they did such a thing. All my sex toys always come in discreet packaging, even though this doll is actually heavy, it's still discreet and totally nondescript.

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