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  • Day6

    Day trip to Canyonlands National Park

    October 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 4 °C

    We have been lucky with the weather. Today it is raining and snowing in Bryce Canyon! I would have been VERY sad to have that happen, Bryce is just so amazing. Well, we have three more days in Moab and the weather forecast was for showers today, thunderstorms tomorrow, sunny on Friday. So, we decided to spend today in Canyonlands, another national park about an hour away, the thunderstorm day dodging the storms in the car around Arches, and the sunny day hiking in Arches. Sounds like a plan, but you know what happens to those best laid plans. That is something I have learned many times on the Camino, and I think it’s good advice for vacations, too!

    We had cloudy and some partly sunny weather from the time we arrived until about 4:30, when the showers started. At that point, there was one well known arch I really wanted to see, Mesa Arch, about a half mile from the car park. So I went on out while Joe waited in the car.

    We took three short hikes in different parts of the park, between 1.5 and 2.5 miles long. Beautiful canyons everywhere. The last hike, up to a huge crater, shows what happens when a large meteorite lands on earth.

    Maybe Thai food tonight if we can find the place that has been recommended!
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  • Day27


    July 29, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We stopped for lunch in Madison, a lovely town where there was a band playing in the town square and a market day packed with food and flower stalls. The Wisconsin Capitol building is in the middle of the square. Each of the four sides of the building looks the same which made it hard to find our way back to the bus. It is the first time I have had to use my phone to find Robin who got a bit lost. I found him and we made it back to the bus just in time. The tour director runs a tight ship and we are all too scared to be late.
    Tonight we are in Minneapolis. Tomorrow we go to the biggest shopping mall in the world.
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  • Day28


    July 30, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we visited a sculpture park before making a stop to look at the Mississippi River. We visited the mall and spent thrrr hours there. We walked a lot of miles saw a lot of shops but didn't really see anything worth buying. There was a fun park in the middle of the mall with roller coasters and other scarey rides.Read more

  • Day24

    Day 24 - Badlands to Flatlands

    October 1, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    We had an early start as the journey was going to take at least eight hours today. And so when in a rush you end up talking to an incredibly friendly American at breakfast. Twenty four days in and the London attitude of head down, eat, no eye contact, walk, next objective is slowly being filtered out of my being. We exchanged pleasantries and Yellowstone stories and then it was time to leave.

    The Badlands National Park is accessible from Wall and we took the scenic route through the park before getting back onto the I90. The peculiar moonscape scenery is all around with a few tufts of grass atop stumpy hills and the occasional tree breaking up the vista. We have seen quite a few different types of mountains on this trip and again this place feels entirely different to what has gone before. A brief and enjoyable detour.

    Next up, the I90 for over five hundred miles of straight roads. We were gonna need more coffee!

    In that time we crossed a time zone and hit the 4 000 mile mark. We also saw lots and lots of corn fields. Once we reached Rochester, it was dark, not certain what the real time was, buzzing from caffeine and really hungry. We started driving at 9:45am and we reached Rochester by 8:45pm. We needed a lift.

    Luckily there was a chicken wing chain called Buffalo Wild Wings nearby. I had a mix of Buffalo Sauce (hot), Asian Zing and Teriyaki and Alice had the Bourbon Honey Mustard, Spicy Garlic and Buffalo Sauce (mild). The mild buffalo was actually my favourite as the hot was so hot I couldn't taste the sauce through my burnt tongue, lips and mouth in general. I'm glad I didn't go for the extreme hot! Alice could not choose a favourite although the hot buffalo was definitely at the bottom of her list. There was another buffalo sauce heat rating that we didn't choose, medium, which might be the one for combination of heat and taste. These wing meals are essentially practice before we reach Buffalo, yeah that's right, the home of Buffalo Wings. The Portland wings are definitely winning at the moment.

    Back at the motel, a bit of Saturday Night Live on TV and then it was time for bed.

    Song of the Day:
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Roadtrippin'
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  • Day1

    All packed up.

    June 17, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    All of our stuff fits. Uh oh, are we really supposed to fit the girls in here too?
    Ok they all fit! We're ready to go.
    DC here we come.
    Even though it was a long day, the girls all did great on the long drive. Much fun was had with the travel scavenger hunt. We never did find live chickens though!
    We made one rule for the trip to always eat at a restaurant that was not a chain we can eat at home. First restaurant dinner was at Bob Evans. Great meal.
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  • Day1

    Camping and cooking in the rain.

    May 20, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 41 °F

    We survived the wettest day I can remember ever having. We had 2 sessions of designer s'mores and cooked and ate our lunch and dinner outside. Lunch was interesting and I think we were all surprised at how good the spaghetti pie iron sandwiches were.

  • Day29

    Duluth, Minnesota

    October 8, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    Brace yourselves.....I was up so early this morning that I got a photo of the sunrise!

    That was my only glimpse of the sun today. We had a 9 hour, cool, dreary, rainy and foggy drive through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Duluth. It was a 2 lane highway with lots of trucks and RVs and a maximum speed limit of 55 mph. JS was irritable with how slow the drive went and how it never stopped raining or drizzling the whole day. He lightened up at one of the rest stops where he said he was "pretending to be a tree"! The scenery would have been even more awesome if the weather had been better.Read more

  • Day16


    September 15, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Just before leaving camp in Wisconsin, I ran into the camp supervisor Jim. He is in his 80s and has a dog with one eye who is weary of strangers at first, but loves head scratches as soon as he gets to know you. Typical dog. I asked Jim about things to see and food to eat in Wisconsin. He thought hard for a minute and then said, "well, I wish I had a recommendation but honestly I don't. You're just gonna see cars and trucks". A wise and honest statement. I got him to talk about himself for a minute and he started reminiscing about the days when 100 cows was a lot, he used to be a dairy farmer. I asked about the yellow crop I kept seeing and he said it was soy. Soy and corn have replaced wheat and hay. "A lot has changed in my day, lots of electronics", he said. Another strikingly accurate statement. Things have changed tremendously in his lifetime, even for a farmer.

    I packed up and got on the road again. My destination was unknown, but I wanted to pass through the twin cities in Minnesota. As I got close to St. Paul, I started to see Saturn clouds off in the distance. After checking the weather I saw that this storm was substantial, and should be avoided. It was going to rain hard for the rest of the day, with thunderstorms. I quickly found a hotel room and high tailed it for Bloomington. I raced the storm front to the city, the clouds coming from the West, I was coming from the east. We arrived at my hotel simultaneously. My timing this trip has been great so far. I showered up, did some laundry in the sink, and then laid out my tent to dry out. I think I got my monies worth right there. Then I took a dip in the hot tub, and hoped on a shuttle to the mall of America. Woa, that thing is a monstrosity. I had some grub, and caught the movie sausage party, after some exploring. What a huge place. I think I saw about 5% of the mall after 2 hours of walking around. After the movie I returned to the hotel and hit the sack, ready for another day of driving.

    Pictures: a carving in front of a cool structure used to stack wood pulp back in the day. The base of the stacker. A two story transformer Lego figure in the mall of America.
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  • Day5


    July 6, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Day four: Today we picked up our car and started the roadtrip. After a 9 hrs ride we arrived at the Mall of America - sweated, tired and ready for bed. But first we had to buy our camping stuff there. The interstates didn't really look that American so far. More than the German Autobahn. But: We did it - First step! 💪

    Starting roadtrip ✔
    Mall of America ✔
    Minneapolis ✔
    First night in tent ✔
    Illinois ✅
    Wisconsin ✅
    Minnesota ✅
    South Dekota ❌
    Wyoming ❌
    Idaho ❌
    Utah ❌
    Nevada ❌
    California ❌
    Arizona ❌
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Minnesota, MN, ሚንሶታ, مينيسوتا, ܡܢܝܣܘܬܐ, Minnesota suyu, مینسوتا ایالتی, Штат Мінесота, Минесота, মিনেসোটা, Миннесота, مینیسۆتا, Μινεσότα, Minesoto, مینه‌سوتا, Mìn-nì-sû-tha̍t, Minekoka, מינסוטה, मिनेसोटा, Minesota, Մինեսոտա, Minésótạ, ᒦᓃᓲᑖ, ミネソタ州, მინესოტა, 미네소타 주, مینئ سوٙتا, Миннесото, മിനസോട്ട, မင်နီဆိုးတားပြည်နယ်, मिनिसोटा, मिनेसोता, Mínisóodah Hahoodzo, Minnesòta, Миннесотæ, ਮਿਨੇਸੋਟਾ, منسسوٹا, Mėnesuota, மினசோட்டா, మిన్నసోటా, รัฐมินนิโซตา, Minnésota Shitati, Міннесота, مینیسوٹا, Минисөт, מינעסאטע, 明尼蘇達州, 明尼苏达州

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