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  • Day12

    Day 12 - Branson Star

    July 16 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 37 °C

    Today was a long day having to wake up at 7 am and then driving about six hours. We made one stop to get lunch (Chipotle) then landed up in Branson decently early. Very big stage and they had a giant drumset but we convinced them to let us use mine. They put all of our gear on moveable risers so they could quickly cart it off. The sound check also took forever, they couldn’t manage what microphone was what.

    After we went to our rooms (I lost the game again) and then went to get kind just okay tacos. We then went as the other guy was playing and it was kinda cringey and funny, very over the top. He had dancers and everything for a pretty small audience. We then played and he introduced us, and then we met all the guys in the band. One was the grandson of Charlie Rich. We talked about amplifiers and drums.

    Afterward they had an after party karaoke thing which was really weird. Some guy talked to me about blues and then went on a rant about how if your mother eats too much salt you’ll have a salt womb, and that Bill Gates is controlling the population, and masks are unnatural and you breathe in sickness. Not to mention vaccines and medicine is bad because of some doctor in the 1800s saying so.

    After we left we headed to a gas station and I got a Klondike then we went back to the rooms. Des Moines is next.
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