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  • Day185

    Between heaven and hell

    June 19 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Hellyeah, I love far from home office! Between all those video conferencing bla bla bla appointments there is always time for some crazygoing. "Oh, sorry guys, my mobile internet connection is about to break down, see ya t'morrow!". And off I go out of my cottage to fire up my all-time favourite Swedish Trangia storm stove which I pimped with an Optimus Nova multifuel burner some 10 years ago. Here around Zambia and Tanzania you find pure kerosene (petroleum) at every second fuel station for 0.5 EUR per litre and this stuff burns pretty cleanly. I can cook for 8-14 days on just half a litre of kerosene.

    For two weeks now I'm experimenting with sour dough bread and it is just about time to test if baking bread would also be possible on the road without a real oven. Both test prove positive. The first subject has a higher portion of whole-grain wheat which I also used to start the sour dough and it raises excessively so that I have to put a stone on the lid. In this first round I use a flat stone deflector to scatter the flames in order for the dough not to burn at the bottom of the pot. Works well but baking time is nearly 1.5 hours and consumes around 40 grams of kerosene. But!! This first camping bread from a rather soggy dough is far the best of all I have baked so far! Unbeaten in juiciness, aroma, texture, satisfaction! Cut a slice, apply olive oil, salt ... and off you go straight to heaven.

    The second subject is a pure white wheat dough which is more reluctant to raise – probably due to the sour dough having been started with whole-grain flour initially – but now my deflector shield is a thin metal piece cut from a broken kitchen grater. The dough is smaller and the bread is finished after almost 30 minutes. A bit too hot from the bottom but I also powered the stove more than before. You should never adjust two parameters at the same time in an experiment ...

    On the road this procedure will be pretty straight-forward: Arriving at the designated campsite I will be putting a freshly built dough under the bonnet to accompany the warm engine over night. In the mornings during camp breaking I will leave it on the stove and enjoy crunchy orgasms during the day and the following evening. Hellyeah!
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  • Day182

    Cancelled but hey!

    June 16 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Thank you Turkish Airlines for your professional assholiness. "Now I have the salad" with refunds. As fast and frequent as your flights pop up on your website as quickly they disappear again. The same applies for alternative connections. If yesterday an Ethiopian flight was at 2000 $, today it might appear for 518 $ and when you finally want to book half a day later it's back at 1600 $ ... or not listed at all. This whole air business seems to be implemented by 13 yo school children who cannot decide between spaghetti and pizza even though there is just French fries listed on the menu.
    But hey, I made the first prototype of Usambaran whole wheat sour dough bread!!
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  • Day178

    From 4x2 back to 4x4

    June 12 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    After Eckhard invented some innovative welding solutions to get the most stubborn piston out of the brake caliper he wonderfully refurbished the remaining parts and in total just two of the eight pistons had to be replaced. Spare parts for my Toyota Prado are pretty easy to get here as many of this model are still on the roads. Cleaned, with new sealings and brake pads everything looks very promising! Exchanging the brake fluid and bleedig turns out to be much less of a hassle than suspected! The very same evening I have a nice sunset test drive with Philipp through Mamboooo.Read more

  • Day161

    Black-tea-coloured surprise

    May 26 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    The rear, single-piston brake calipers look better than the front ones. At least the rubber boots are not damaged and the pistons are retracting smoothly with slight force. After struggeling a whole day I managed to unmount the front calipers after applying Ballistol over night and with the help of a metal tube extension which I got from Indian guests from Dar. These guests also took the calipers back to Dar today in order to be refurbished at Eckhard's truck workshop (the German where I plan to leave my car once I fly out of Tanzania)! :-D

    Meanwhile I discovered another problem with my oil-dripping transfer gearbox. Apparently the seal of the front drive shaft is leaking around a teaspoon of tea-coloured, clean oil per night. When I return to Dar this will also be a nice task for Eckhard :-)
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  • Day159

    Donald the deliverer

    May 24 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Donald openes his missile silos and launches a bunch of tiny black wasps (Braconidae) to infiltrate the next victims of his own kind while Bariati prepares dinner for 25 guests and I enjoy the sun in pleasant anticipation of the dinner :-)Read more

  • Day158

    Biking hard

    May 23 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Check this out with Philipp as camera master:

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