• Day13

    Los Arcos to Logrono - 17 + miles

    October 4, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Last night I enjoyed a group dinner in the albergue. Folks from Canada, Australia, Croatia, Atlanta, GA and me. Meal consisted of a salad, some sort of a pea soup, and dessert. Of course there was wine and bread. Still hungry.

    One thing I've learned is that the up hills are followed by nice downhills, or when life gets tough, be patient and things get better.

    I am glad to say that Spanish kittens enjoy having their head and neck scratched as much as American kittens. Almost put one little guy in my pack to bring home.

    Most left before I did as it was a long day, but most of the walk was of mild assents and descents. A couple of the climbs I thought I was going to scrape my nose on the gravel in front of me (steep climbs).

    Met a young girl from Tiawan and all total I guess about 20 countries so far. I'll save the philosophical comments for near the end of my walk, but am thinking about my experiences.

    Nice cool morning and made good time until the sun heated things up, then I slowed down a bit. Gorgeous scenery once again with the vinyards on both sides of the trail and the leaves changing color. Great weather and I hope it continues.

    Had a break at a seasonal cafe and as I looked in my backpack for a goodie or two, I was hoping that my leprechaun would have something good...and I found five chocolate covered mini donuts. Gotta say that they were the best damn donuts I've had in a long time. Great with a cafe con leche.

    Longrono is a large city (155, 000) and I am staying close to the heart of the restaurant area. Passed by a couple of ice cream shops, tempting, but decided it would mess up my dinner so I got four yogurts from a mercado and ate them all after a potatoe dish and a cold beer.

    Tomorrow will be a shorter day. Schedule calls for 18 miles, but will cut that in half so I am not so tired.
    Enjoy the pics.
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    Zibs Reiter

    Enjoying your trip vicariously. I'll leave hiking to you younger set! The pics are great. Beautiful scenery,and interesting architecture. Keep slogging and smiling. Don't shave til we all are you. Zibs

    Zibs Reiter

    Til we all SEE you not ARE you.. Typo