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  • Day10

    Logroños 12 miles (100 total!)

    July 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

    Listen to my body.
    Let go.
    Hold on.
    Feel safe to be vulnerable. Be vulnerable to feel safe.
    Keep on moving

    Today was “Serene Solace” as my dad called it. As I left the tiny village this morning, I felt a bit uncomfortable in my body but soon shook the pain.

    I love this journey and the excitement of the unknown, just steps ahead of me. Every turn, every new Camino arrow showing me the way, heading west with the sun at my back….pure happiness. 🌞⬅️

    Today is a TREAT YO SELF day. I’m staying in a private room with a fancy shower and BIG bed with a beautiful balcony looking out over the busy town. Tomorrow will be about 17 miles and I’m ready for it!

    Also I ate 2 donuts, a bag of strange Doritos, 3 café con leches, and a double scoop ice cream cone. #adulting #iburn2000caloriesaday #treatyoself

    PS I hit 100miles today!! 400 to go!
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    Danielle Shaw

    I love your smile here. You are glowing!

    Naila Lundstrom

    Ahhh! Treat your self day must have felt so nice!! 😍❤️🎉


    You look so happy, at peace, and rested! The adventure is definitely agreeing with you. Hugs!

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  • Day10

    Najera 19 mi

    July 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 64 °F

    Get out of your own way Kristy Lynn.
    Let go and Hold on.
    Trust yourself.
    Be open.
    Poop BEFORE you start your walk.

    Today was LONG and HOT. I walked with Amelia, my Texan Camino family member. At just 19, she is wise, positive, compassionate, and supported me through the last few rough km’s.

    It’s time for a long nap and shower! Tomorrow will be another long day.
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    "Today it's decided I love myself." I love this <3 [David Christensen]

    What is the significance of the cloth strips? [David Christensen]

    Love it! [David Christensen]

  • Day119


    June 28, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    We have officially walked 100 miles now!!! We left just before daybreak and enjoyed a much cooler morning as we left Los Arcos behind. Today’s walk took us up and over many hills which gave our legs quite a workout. We are definitely in wine country now with vineyards next to us much of the way. We left the Navarra province of Spain and entered the La Rioja, which is a province and autonomous community in northern Spain with a renowned local wine industry.

    A wonderful part of doing the Camino is getting to know all of the people who are walking around the same speed as us. There is a group of us who seem to be staying in the same towns. Each morning all of us leave at different times and throughout the our walk we catch some, get passed by others, and it seems we all meet up during breaks and at the end. We had an enjoyable break in Viana today with Joshua (from San Francisco) Adam and his mom (from Slovenia), Noel (from Austin, Texas), and the four Spanish women we shared a room with. Noel used the street in front of the cafe to teach Adam the Cupid Shuffle to the delight of all of us. 🙂

    We felt great walking today until we had about 4 miles to go. Man! My feet got tired at the end. We ended up walking 18 miles by the time we got to our room, BUT we have our OWN room AND our OWN bathroom 🚽. 🙂👍🏻The bonus is it is also air conditioned, and we are enjoying that as we prepare our packs for tomorrow.

    Our routine each day is pretty simple now:
    1. Walk
    2. Get our beds
    3. Take a shower
    4. Wash clothes by hand then hang to dry
    5. Check out town/surroundings
    6. Eat (sometimes eating is first before checking things out)
    7. Buys snacks for next day’s hike
    8. Gather dry clothes
    9. Get backpacks ready to go for next day
    10. Go to bed 🛏 (add pictures and write about the day before sleeping)
    11. Repeat

    Tonight, we walked through Logroño ‘s beautiful cathedral...each church we go in seems to get more amazing. Logroño is quite large compared to most places we have stopped, and besides the plaza and cathedral, we won’t be able to really see much. Rest and sleep are more important. We plan to go all the way to Nájera tomorrow...another 17-18 miles.

    Nothing major bothering our bodies so far. Alan has a foot that bothers him mainly in the morning...Seems to be a nerve thing, we think. Some of the others in our group have been dealing with blisters. I hope we continue to avoid them.
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    Cynthia Huisingh


    Candice Bachtell



    Calendar pic.

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  • Day18

    Sunday in Logroño

    September 9, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Totally relaxed! It was a very easy - no major gradients at all - walk of just under 10 km from Viana to Logroño. We still left early in the cool morning air - there had been thunderstorms in the evening and night, even though we walked yesterday under a cloudless sky. And they predict more for later today. The festivities in Viana did continue on into the night as warned! Woke at 3.30 and heard music and revelry, but at 7 am the street cleaning truck was doing its thing and when we left the street was spotless, and ready for the bulls!

    So we have left Navarra and the Basque lands now. Arrived in Logroño at about 11 am but the room was ready, and the bags arrived soon after, so we were all set. We are here for 2 nights in this very good hotel, right on the edge of the old centre, and right on the Camino. After changing from our barely sweaty clothes, we went on a reconnoiter, all fairly familiar from 5 years ago, and a really lovely town. We of course first checked out where the laundromat was, and it’s hours!! Amr was happy, and is there now doing the washing with his kindle. But first after checking, we went into the main centre and found a crazy crowd - again...! Weekends! We discovered there was a Rioja agricultural and wine expo, and the main square was packed. Plus there was a mass just starting in the adjacent cathedral adding to the chaos. Anyway, it was fun, and we had a beer and some tapas for lunch, and after that I found I could better cope with the madding crowds...which were finally starting to thin out.

    So all good..I am having downtime in the room (wifi seems excellent!) and Amr is having downtime at the laundromat! Tomorrow will be a relax day, and the next 2 walking days (Tuesday and Wednesday) are also both under 20 km, as a longer walk has been split into 2 shorter sections...perfect. Tonight there is Masterchef España on TV!!!
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    Tallie Farrell

    Sounds like a relaxing day! Just under 10km - what a breeze for you guys!! xxx

    Olivia Sertori

    Lots of tapas to eat!!

    Amandine Fournier

    Oulala that’s looks so delicious

  • Day19

    Lazy Monday in Logroño

    September 10, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    A beautiful lazy day. Woke early as were were asleep by 10.30, but leisurely went to breakfast- very large selection in this good hotel....we know that many of the smaller places will just be bread and coffee, so we enjoy it while we can.

    We had a walk along the river, just to keep from being totally immobile, and it was cool when we left - I almost wished I had a jacket except it was meant to get warmer. It was cloudy bright, but has now become clear blue sky, and probably hot in the sun, and very pleasant. Finally made our way to a cafe/bar we had spied yesterday, but was shut in the evening when we planned to go. Open now, and it was worth the wait! We had spotted chipperones a la plancha on its list, which is my very favourite thing - baby calamari on the grill - and not all places do it. Also there was octopus a la plancha with their special home made salsa (mayonnaise-like), which was also amazing, in fact I liked it more than the famous octopus Galician style (with a sprinkle of smoked peppers)....and we rounded it off with pimientos de padron, another favourite!! We do love the informality here, and the relaxed dress code etc. - no one in Dior outfits or fancy shoes - in fact everyone seems to wear sneakers, not just the walkers - maybe it’s the cobbles... Also, can’t get over the prices...a glass of wine - beautiful Rioja red - costs anything from €1 to €1.75!

    So now returned for some downtime. Amr is downstairs in the jacuzzi. Tomorrow we walk!
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    Olivia Sertori

    Ooh a jacuzzi. Should have posted a photo of that!

  • Day9


    August 30, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Nach der Nacht im marrokanischen Hostel sind wir recht früh los, um der größten Hitze zu entgehen. Ich habe ein Hostel mit Waschmaschine und Trockner ausgesucht (=Wäsche läuft), ein ägyptisches Kebap gegessen und jetzt gibt's Siesta. Tolle Stadt, wie so oft wie ein Schauplatz aus Game Of Thrones.Read more

    Janina Wiegratz

    Hier hängt übrigens eine kleine Kreuzigungsszene von Michelangelo. Um sie voll erleuchtet zu sehen, muss man aber 50Ct in den Automaten werfen ;-)

    Janina Wiegratz

    Rose Camino de Santiago

    Janina Wiegratz

    Wegmarken im LaRioja

  • Day13

    Los Arcos to Logrono - 17 + miles

    October 4, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Last night I enjoyed a group dinner in the albergue. Folks from Canada, Australia, Croatia, Atlanta, GA and me. Meal consisted of a salad, some sort of a pea soup, and dessert. Of course there was wine and bread. Still hungry.

    One thing I've learned is that the up hills are followed by nice downhills, or when life gets tough, be patient and things get better.

    I am glad to say that Spanish kittens enjoy having their head and neck scratched as much as American kittens. Almost put one little guy in my pack to bring home.

    Most left before I did as it was a long day, but most of the walk was of mild assents and descents. A couple of the climbs I thought I was going to scrape my nose on the gravel in front of me (steep climbs).

    Met a young girl from Tiawan and all total I guess about 20 countries so far. I'll save the philosophical comments for near the end of my walk, but am thinking about my experiences.

    Nice cool morning and made good time until the sun heated things up, then I slowed down a bit. Gorgeous scenery once again with the vinyards on both sides of the trail and the leaves changing color. Great weather and I hope it continues.

    Had a break at a seasonal cafe and as I looked in my backpack for a goodie or two, I was hoping that my leprechaun would have something good...and I found five chocolate covered mini donuts. Gotta say that they were the best damn donuts I've had in a long time. Great with a cafe con leche.

    Longrono is a large city (155, 000) and I am staying close to the heart of the restaurant area. Passed by a couple of ice cream shops, tempting, but decided it would mess up my dinner so I got four yogurts from a mercado and ate them all after a potatoe dish and a cold beer.

    Tomorrow will be a shorter day. Schedule calls for 18 miles, but will cut that in half so I am not so tired.
    Enjoy the pics.
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    Zibs Reiter

    Enjoying your trip vicariously. I'll leave hiking to you younger set! The pics are great. Beautiful scenery,and interesting architecture. Keep slogging and smiling. Don't shave til we all are you. Zibs

    Zibs Reiter

    Til we all SEE you not ARE you.. Typo

  • Day7

    San Millán to Logrono

    September 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Some ups and downs as we headed back towards Logroño. We had a bit of a peloton going and enjoyed some kilometers of high speed cruising.

    76km, 825m climbed.

    Celebrated the end of an excellent week of cycling with an evening pinchos crawl. Logroño was still in festival mode - the place was packed and you could hardly move in the tiny streets.

    Some bars only specialized in a single dish, while others had a variety. We ate and drank extremely well until well into the early hours.

    Fun Fact: It’s quite the custom here to do huge G&Ts at the end of the evening! And very nice they were!
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    Wow Nikki


    So much cycling. Is this your scidaddle group.greatblog

    Nikki Baker

    Skadaddle Espana group.

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