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  • Day70

    Day 70/72: Goodbye Van

    January 5, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We woke up in our van for the last time, and got the last of the things put away. Mended the velcro window blinds, and tried to give away a variety of things from crackers to an umbrella! It didn't take long, and soon we were on our last drive. We were mega early so stopped off for some great brunch in a quirky cafe (pulled pork eggs benedict, and a full English style thing with slow poached eggs (45 mins at 65°C apparently?!).

    We then drove to the Britz drop off, and said a sad farewell to the campvan, with vows that we were going to get one in the future. We'd done 6838km in total, and enjoyed every single one of them.

    The flight was still 3 hours away, and the airport transfer didn't take long, so we had a while to wait at the airport for the flight to Auckland. It was all very painless, and our bags went through okay, stuffed to the brim as they were! We got to Auckland and went back to the hostel we were at before. It was so strange being back there again, being in bunk beds and having people crashing around. We sat in the gloriously sunny park for a while, wondering what on earth we were going to do with over 24 hours in a city that we'd exhausted at the start of the trip! We went out for some lovely That's Amore pizza for dinner and went for an evening run in the park. It had all gone so quickly, we couldn't believe we were back already, but felt like ages since anything had happened. Time flies when you're having fun, and oh boy we had the time of out lives.
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    Katherine Rabey

    Slow poached eggs sounds really weird - were they any good?

    Izzi and Tom

    Yes they were great! But strange consistency for an egg, the yolk spreads similar to that of soft butter

  • Day33

    Day 33/72: A day in Auckland

    November 29, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After the events of the night before, we managed to get into the hostel and sleep at about 0400! Blimey we were tired, and ended up crashing until about midday! We decided to head out for some lunch, which was more of a breakfast anyway, lots of eggs and bacon.

    After breakfast, we headed to one of the cities parks to sit and plan some of what we were going to do in NZ. This was a great idea as the park was lovely and felt/smelled very British. We sat in the sun and moved quickly to the shade as it was a very hot day. We planned our 10 or so days in the North Island, before planning where we were going to stay over Christmas and NY. Everywhere around Queenstown was booked, and after ringing around, we got some advice. The site receptionist said "right, I can hear you're not from here so let me tell you how the Christmas thing works. Through the year we limit our site to 100 guests. Over Christmas and NY, ie the NZ summer holidays, we have over 5000 Kiwi's decend on our site alone, and spend it there with their friends and families. If I can give you any advice, get out of the most popular areas, you'll be swamped by people if you try and stay in these places, and tbh most of them will be booked up months in advance" (she was right). "If I were you, book somewhere quiet with fantastic scenery inbetween the coast and the city, so you can still move around, but enjoy Christmas at the same time!" Strong words, but we took heed and hopefully it'll pay off!

    Feeling much better after having some structure to the next couple of weeks, we headed down the main street looking in shops and generally taking in the city. We wandered down to the harbour and had a look at what day trips Auckland had to offer. We were enticed by the whale watching safari, something we were both really keen to do, so booked that for the following day (writing this in retrospect, it was sadly cancelled due to weather conditions, but not to worry, we have something planned for later in the trip!). We then headed back to the hostel, a strange place where the reception and pool/table tennis area is occupied by loads of people, not just hostel guests. We had a few games of pool, then trash talk turned to bowling so we went up the road and had a game. Interestingly enough in NZ, the barriers can only be raised for under 12's no matter how hard you protest, which put Izzi at a great disadvantage.

    After the bowling, we headed for dinner and came across a very small pizza place, tucked away in a corner. They served brilliant pizzas though, and we enjoyed an extra cheesy margarita and a carbonara pizza, they were lovely. We then headed back to the hostel and played another couple of games of pool to finish off the day.
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    Katherine Rabey

    But is it whales or orca's you'll be watching?!

    Izzi and Tom


  • Day79

    Rainy day

    December 17, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    The forecast was for big rain, so the plan was Gold Mine, followed by Cheese Factory.
    Gold mine was run by an old engineer. Told us all about how the Cornish used to mine in the area for bullion-gold and silver. Very cool process and proper industrial engineering from the 1940s. This included a walk around an old mine shaft. I think I would be too tall to be a miner.
    Off to the cheese factory. This turned out to be more of a cheese shop, with only a tiny factory behind that you could not go into. So had some cheese with more cheese for lunch. Brielliant.
    After 30mins on trip advisor, we conclude that there was nothing to do in the local area, so headed to auckland to go round their art gallery. Not much to my taste apart from some very realistic Maori portraits from 100 years ago. A lot of the other stuff looked like a drunk child could have done it.
    Booked into a campsite close by, the proceeded to sit in Auckland traffic for 30 mins. Rush hour is rubbish!
    Made it to the place and got ourselves prepped for Waiheke island tomorrow.
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    Roger Le Poidevin



    Looks like you are having a fantastic time! It's so lovely to follow your travels and adventures! Merry Christmas both and sending lots of love, Nicola & Saul xxxx

  • Day3

    A sleepy wander in Auckland

    December 23, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    We managed a very sleepy walk in Auckland, had a little dinner, we’re now back at the hotel and just planning our day tomorrow. We‘ll be up nice and early to go to Paihia 🚗 now off to sleep!

    Wir haben uns gerade kurz (ziemlich übermüdet) Auckland angeschaut. Nun sind wir jedoch schon wieder zurück im Hotel und planen den morgigen Tag. Unser Ziel ist es morgen recht früh aufzustehen und in Richtung Paihia zu fahren 🚙 nun wird aber geschlafen!
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    Zoe Schieler


    Margaret Russell

    So glad you’re there safe & sound, enjoy your first day xx

  • Day81

    Waiheke Island - day 2 wine and beach

    December 19, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Up and out to walk to get ourselves some breakfast. Found a coffee shop called Found and had a pastry and a coffee. I got my hair trimmed whilst Hannah had a second coffee.
    Just about ready for some more wine tasting we took a hop on hop off bus towards the north coast beach called Onetangi. Glorious beach with a few restaurants overlooking the water.
    25 min walk along the beach took us to the first vineyard called Capita miro - 5 for $15. 6.5/10. Bean bags outside on the grass. Very Mediterranean vibe.
    A 5 min stroll through the vines brought us to Obsidian - 4 for $15. 5/10
    Tastings done we went back for lunch at the highly recommended Three Seven One restaurant. Had a fab lunch including deep fried cabbage and a few glasses of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Then proceeded to soak up some rays for a few hours on the beach.
    Got one of the last hop on hop off buses to the ferry. Windy trip back to Auckland.
    Back on dry land we did a small bit of Christmas shopping. Didn't find anything fun. Then off to the Sky tower. Hannah wasnt mega keen as had been up before, but we got a nice views and sunset when we got up to the top.
    Got to the bottom and just missed our bus. So had to wait around for 30 mins. Made it back to the van and finished off the last bits of food we had.
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    Beautiful beaches, what an amazing trip you are having! xx

  • Day63

    Auckland, New Zealand

    December 1, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Landed about 10.30am, declared our muddy shoes to the customs man, who then waved us quickly through. Took a free transfer to get our lucky camper. Home for the next 3 weeks. Self contained with shower, toilet and only 500,000 km on the clock.
    Picked ourselves up some bedding and costed up getting camping kit from a local shop called warehouse. We decided that hiring would be cheaper as and when needed.
    Scoffed a dirty burger and went to a very overdue laundry spot. I think the pants must have made their full way around the back to front, inside out, back to front inside out cycle. T shirts were becoming as my dad describes them 'full'.
    The air con was not working in our not so lucky camper so went back to the rental place to negotiate some money off. Money saved will pay for a few NZ wine tasting tours I'm sure. 🍾🍷
    Knackered, we went to the nearest campsite for showers and route planning. Since Hannah has been to New Zealand before she fell asleep, so I have now planned the whole route for the next 3 weeks. Whoop. Tomorrows first activity, camera shopping 😁.
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  • Day77


    January 3, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Hier ist Sommer! Aber nach dem badewannenwarmen Wasser in Myanmar ist mir das Wasser im Meer viel zu kalt zum Baden! In der Bucht, wo ich barfuss die x km spazierte, soll es auch Pinguine geben - leider habe ich keine gesehen.
    Es gibt in dieser Stadt etliche Angebote für den Nervenkitzel: Man kann sich z.B. vom höchsten Turm stürzen mit dem nötigen Kleingeld und anderes mehr.
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    So schön! Rosmarie

    Christina Bandyk

    Wooow das Haus ist ja der Knaller! Geniess den Aufenthalt, vielleicht begegnest du den Pinguinen doch noch😁


    Das heisst, du hast deine nächste Wohngelegenheit gefunden? (Monika)

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  • Day41

    5-3 Terug in Ambury Park

    March 5, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Gisteravond een prachtige zonsondergang, eindeloos kroelen met de honden, gezellig kletsen met Penny en Anita en later buiten met fietser Tim.
    Na net zo'n mooie zonsopgang vanochtend wordt de dag daarna een heel stuk sneller niet zo leuk dan ik al gepland had. Na 10 km of zo wordt het al druk en veel alternatieve routes zijn er niet omdat je steeds over een rivier of spoorweg of zo moet. Héél bijzonder ook de cycle lanes die om de klipklep ook gewoon weer verdwijnen. Volgens mij is het veiliger om ze dan maar helemaal niet te hebben. Ik blijf hopen op betere tijden, maar tot ín Ambury Park is het pet. En wat is Ambury dan een oase, zó gaaf. Ik had me zorgen gemaakt over het betalen, omdat dat alleen online kan. Maar er is nu een kampmannetje. Omdat ik zelf naar hem toe kom mag ik gratis! Het grasveld is nu open, blijkt het een hele gave camping te zijn! Enig nadeel: mijn kont doet zeer, zit niet zo lekker. Ik ben bekaf. Misschien blijf ik wel weer een extra nachtje.Read more

    Jole Rijken van Olst


    Rino Voogd

    Weer prachtige foto's. Vooral de eerste. Mijn hart en biologische klok zijn nog in NZ. Mijn lichaam helaas al op het werk in Almelo. Je hebt nog een paar mooie weken in NZ geniet er van.

    Monique Hermans

    Wat een mooie beelden weer!😊 Dat van die rivieren en sporen is heel herkenbaar. Dat zijn nou eenmaal van die obstakels waar je niet omheen kan... Ook voor wandelaars heel storend😾

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  • Day43

    7-3 Muriwai Beach: gannets

    March 7, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    's Morgens na de was meteen naar de gannets want het gaat regenen. Veel makkelijker bereikbaar dan in Clifton. Weer gaaf en nu hebben ze jongen. Daarna toch nog maar even zwemmen, mag alleen tussen de vlaggen. De regen komt pas om 4 uur, maar dan héb je ook wat. Zoals verwacht kan de tent dat niet hebben. 😒 Nou ja, heb ik wat te doen (dweilen). Gelukkig is mijn slaapzak nog wel droog.Read more

    Linny van der Weijden

    Wat een fijne pluizebol is dat!

    Pieter van der Zouwen

    Mooie, sterke compositie

    Astrid van der Zouwen

    Ze deden ook zo lief😊

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  • Day44

    8-3 Wellsford

    March 8, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Deze dag knippen we er uit.
    Ik kan droog inpakken, om half 11 begint het te regenen. Ik ben net voorbij een winery met koffie, dus ik terug. Ik ga op een goed moment toch maar fietsen, goed idee want het wordt niet meer droog. En steeds hellinkjes van 8-12%, jemig wat vermoeiend. Ik wil stoppen na 35 km bij een hotel maar ik moet al mijn creditcard gegevens invullen, inclusief security code. De eigenaar snapt niet dat ik dat niet fijn vind, en wil me spontaan geen kamer meer geven, ondanks het feit dat ik het al ingevuld heb. Ik door (met het formulier!), volgens de winery zijn er motels. Not.
    Om 4 uur ben ik zo nat en koud en het spuugzat, er komt nog weer een steile berg aan, en zo leuk is de weg nou ook weer niet, dat ik probeer te liften. Dát gaat makkelijk. Zelfs met de auto was het nog een eind. Motel 1 is duur. Motel 2 vol, er is een biker conventie dus 3 zal ook vol zijn. Terug naar 1. Natuurlijk wordt het vlak daarna droog. Maar er zijn toch geen campings en ik heb ook best zin in een gewoon bed!
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    Monique Hermans

    Knip knip ✂️✂️

    Monique Hermans

    Toch dapper doorgefietst. Bikkel! 💪🤗

    Edo en Ilse

    Goed gedaan en inclusief security code lijkt me een doodzonde. Zoiets als je pincode afgeven? 😳😳E.

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