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  • Day13

    Freemantle and Perth

    March 28, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Fremantle and Perth.

    A lovely day, of very warm temperatures, our pool roof open to the sunshine,and many out on deck,as we sailed up the coast, past the quite large Rotnest Island.
    We arrived into Freemantle late afternoon on the 27th, for an overnight stay. This was for us, a chance to see very special friends. Shona and Maui, who grew up with Sam on Stewart Is, [for those unfamiliar,] and later living near, our children at school together .Keeping in touch ,when time allowed.
    They are our “ Forever Friends”, with whom you pick up where you left off ,no matter how long.! They came a distance from Waneroo , and went for dinner in Freemantle, talked so long, animated.. not even seeing nobody else was left in the restaurant.. they were gracious though ,not making us feel we should leave…! Later after a little tour, we realised, on drop off, no photos..So hurriedly commandeered a passing chap to take some, so quite late at night ,they are not perfect, but a lovely record of a delightful time spent ,and so grateful for our connection ,lasting many years.

    Today we were off again to a dear soul, 95 in June, Elva,[ Mother of my friend of long ago] ,who has visited us in NZ ,several times ,with her late husband. Yvonne, my friend ,had surgery, last week , and lives a distance down the Coast, didn’t come today.
    Elva lives in a beautiful part of Perth, Mt Pleasant ,beside her other daughter Helen and Family ,on the same section she has lived all her married life ,but now two newer town houses are on the block .Leafy ,wide street ,beautiful plantings and homes around . Ideal for Elva living alone, to be near assistance if required .She is tiny now and frail, but a goer, if ever there was one. Our day all planned , Helen and she ,took us to lunch at a gorgeous place on the Swan River, huge gums ,with lovely bark, beaches ,and flocks of Cockatoos. The day was sparkling and the homes on the river, stunning. So much to catch up on , just so special to be together ,and share many memories. Sad to say goodbye though.
    Helen dropped us in Fremantle ,so an explore of a small part ,some essential supplies ,before we came back to the ship. Instructed to have some extra mosquito repellent, in wrist band form, we are told is best .All equipped.!
    We leave tonight for our 8 day journey ,across the Indian Ocean ,a long way to go, to Mauritius .
    We are pleased that the reason for our Sister Ships misadventure, has been explained, a quirk of fate really, but we hope extra supplies of the required engine lubricants, are firmly aboard.!
    A new Family member at Adtrea Lane in Heathcoate, a gorgeous Kitten ,Birman /Norwegian Forest, blend... How delicious...,we hope Christian's little dogs are Jose...!
    Love to hear all your snippets ,I will post along the way ,but not so often. Love from us, Faye and Sam
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