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  • Day12

    Wedding Day

    January 9 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    The day dawned bright and sunny. We were up to fit in a full walk to Burns Beach, where we had our first Aussie flat whites. I went for a dip in the pool, a respectable 26 c.
    Then we loaded the car as per instructions and headed south on Marmion Ave through Scarborough to Freo, picking up 6 bags of ice along the way, and to Be apartment overlooking the boat marina.
    The wedding venue in Kidigo Artspace was but a short drive to drop off the fizz and water and ice. The building was formerly a Kerosene store and dates from 1884.
    We had time to suit up and stroll down ready for the off at 16.15, beginning with a welcome from a representative of the indigenous people who sang a song accompanied by tapping two boomerang together.
    The ceremony was beautiful and the bride looked gorgeous in a very sparkly dress. Amanda and a cousin, Justin read and uncle Crispy played Bach at the conclusion.
    Photos followed then reception in nearby Bathers Beach House. All very magical and delicious food and wine with loads of opportunities to catch up and make new acquaintances among the speeches and an amazingly colourful sunset.
    A perfect wedding day.
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  • Day381

    Alte schöne Stadt Freemantle

    November 12, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Den Tag heute starteten wir mit einem Arztbesuch beim Schulterspezialisten.👨‍🔬 Aufgrund vermehrter Schmerzen, hatte ich letzten Donnerstag den Arzt angeschrieben und prompt einen Termin 📓📆🗓 für heute Morgen bekommen.👍 Davon kann man in Deutschland nur träumen.🤔
    Danach überlegten wir uns am beliebtesten Strand🏝🏖 von Perth gleich in der Nähe, den Cottesloe Beach, bei einem Cappuccino☕ im historischen Indiana Teehaus, was wir denn mit dem angebrochenen Tag noch so anfangen wollten.🤔😊
    Schnell war die Entscheidung gefallen, nach Freemantle zu gehen. Freemantle ist die Nachbarstadt von Perth und wirkt doch eher wie ein Vorort von Perth mit einem Hafen.
    Besonders an dieser kleinen gemütlichen Stadt mit gerade mal knapp 8000 Einwohnern ist die schöne historische Innenstadt.
    Es war einfach nur entspannend...😍 Sonnenschein durch diese Stadt zu schlendern😎🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
    Das älteste Gebäude Westaustraliens schauten wir uns natürlich auch an. Auf dem Weg dorthin die Treppe hoch, sahen wir von oben, dass ein Schweizer Künstler einen gesamten Strassenzug mit gelben Streifen versehen hat....🖌🏨🖌...Das sah aus wie ein großes Walgerippe.
    Das Rundhaus von 1830, welches als Gefängnis genutzt wurde, hatte um einen Innenhof acht kleine Zellen angeordnet. Das reichte nicht lange...🤔 und ein neues Gefängnis musste her.
    Dieses grössere Gefängnis ist heute das einzige Weltkulturerbe Westaustraliens. Aber irgendwie sind wir vom Weg abgekommen und am Cappuccino Strip.....was für ein Name....😊😊😚😊, einer Meile mit vielen Cafes und Restaurants, gelandet und mussten dort unbedingt ein Eis essen...😋🍦🍧🍨
    ....und so sahen wir dieses Gefängnis heute nicht, da wir dann auch beschlossen hatten, dass eins am Tag reicht😉😉😉...
    Wir wollten lieber noch mal zu Ikea, mal schauen wie unsere zukünftige Küche aussehen könnte. Schnell waren wir uns einig und irgendwann wenn wir Lust und Laune haben, planen wir unsere Küche online.😉😊🖋📐📏🗝📱
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  • Day75

    Perth - Fremantle

    March 21, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Nach unserer Rundfahrt haben wir den Nachmittag noch in Fremantle verbracht. Wir haben uns durch die Marketstreet "gekämpft" und konnten es nicht vermeiden das eine oder andere einzukaufen 😂

    Fremantle ist eine liebe kleine Stadt, mit vielen alten Gebäuden aus dem 19. Jhdt.

    Wie in allen Australischen Städten findet man auch hier viele Grünflächen. 😊Read more

  • Day169

    Fremantle/ Rottnest island

    May 7, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    In de buurt van Perth aangekomen, besluit Arja op familiebezoek te gaan, dus scheidden onze wegen even, maar ze heeft wel goede tips, waardoor ik in Fremantle beland. Deze plaats heeft o.a een VOC geschiedenis, met bijbehorend wreck museum, en op 20 minuten varen Rottnest eiland. Ik verblijf daar een dag ( snorkelen, fietsen, en quokka’s ontmoeten). 3e dag een uitgebreide tour door de Fremantle prison ( waar ooit 1000 man en 200 vrouwen vastzaten). Het hostel is een oude brandweerkazerne, en de stad ligt erg mooi in de baai. Zondag neem ik de ferry door de Swan River naar Perth, en vlakbij de kade komen 4 dolfijnen poolshoogte nemen.
    Nog maar enkele dagen te gaan....
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  • Day103

    Perth (sightseeing)

    September 27, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    In dreary weather we packed all of our belongings back in the van and headed south to Perth. We stopped at Karrinyup Waters Resort and Omi had a cabin at the same place. Despite the less than perfect weather the kids tried out the pool (!!) and spent time cruising around the park on their bikes, at the playground and making the most of the jumping pillow.
    Wednesday offered a break in the rain and we decided to make the most of it and headed to Kings Park to check out the last of the wildflowers as part of their month long festival. They had some great kid-friendly information boards dotted around which made it more interesting for the kids. After a morning tea stop in the gardens, we headed to Fremantle to make the most of the sunshine with a lunch on the deck at the Little Creatures Brewery. The kids enjoyed the sandpit and the adults enjoyed a beer and some yummy lunch in the glorious sunshine. Our timing was perfect; as we left the clouds rolled in and we had to have the heater on in the car on the way home after a post lunch stop for ice cream!
    We weren't quite so lucky on Thursday as we headed back to Fremantle for a tour of the prison. The kids joined a special school holiday tour focussing on Great Escapes, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and Roy joined one of the adult guided tours. Jen had visited previously so decided to hide out from the cold and rain in the car! The kids braved the pouring rain (most of their tour was outside, which we found out just minutes before it the black clouds rolled in!) in their adult sized disposable ponchos but hot chocolates were required after the tour to thaw everyone out!
    Back at the caravan park we realised we'd actually escaped the worst of the weather, a thick blanket of hail was on the ground and the water in the 2 small lakes had risen noticeably! Roy headed out to City Beach to catch with up with Karen (an old school friend) and the kids enjoyed spending some time in Omi's cabin and playing around in the melting ice before we had a final dinner with Omi in the caravan.
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  • Day23

    Perth & Fremantle

    April 26, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    Arrived in Perth, caught bus to city and are on the train to Fremantle - South West of Perth on the coast. Dropped the car off in Brisbane at 7am and will be in Fremantle around 7pm. Although the flight went via Sydney, it's a very, very big country! Some of the views out of the aircraft window were stunning, taking in the coast and desert with dried up salt flats and dirt roads straight and as far as you can see.Read more

  • Day24


    April 27, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    We spent a lovely day catching up with friends Laura and Julie and their daughter Solana. We first met them on our travels 12 years ago in South America and by coincidence, they also felt the need to travel again. For a couple of months now we have been a few days or weeks ahead of them so it's been great that our paths finally crossed. We explored Freemantle on foot taking in the round house (another old jail) complete with a cannon that is fired at 1pm each day. Or at 1.05 after a few minor technical hitches! We both enjoyed playing at the playpark, almost as much as Solana, as well as having a picnic lunch and paddle in the sea. We really enjoyed catching up with our friends and hope to do it again soon. We finished the day having a beer and steak before returning to prison for our second night stay! At least we got to share a cell together. It's actually a really good Youth Hostel that's not been open that long.Read more

  • Day55

    Fremantle, Australia

    February 7, 2015 in Australia ⋅

    Our last port in Australia was much like the others, vibrant, young, clean, and easy to see yourself living in. Fremantle is really just a small suburb of Perth but has a life of it's own since 1987 when the America's Cup was sailed here for the first time outside of the US. The maritime museum has the original Australia II that won the cup, with it's innovative winged keel, and brought it to Australia. The town was built up for that event and has been thriving since by being a growing economic port on the Indian Ocean where the rich mineral deposits of Western Australia get shipped to the rest of the world.
    We liked it because we got to stay overnight and on Saturday the downtown was a hopping place. Everyone in Perth seemed to be there but even though the outside cafes and restaurants were packed there were these great little alleys and courtyards with a little less hectic pace. We found one of these and followed our nose to a great Indian restaurant when one of the staff that we like quite a bit came running out to say hi and tell us about the great food in this place. He is from India and said he has eaten Indian food all around the world and this was the best he has had. Needless to say it didn't take much to convince us to stay.
    The town was just as nice in the daytime even though the prison was the main tourist attraction other then the natural beauty of the harbor and land. Prison and prisoners seem to play such an important part of the settling and development of so much of Australia you can see why the people see themselves as a "rugged lot". They have an independence and kindness that is distinct to this country and we were sorry to see Australia go away behind us. The next leg is going to be a bit different and we are looking forward to seeing a part of the world we have never been in nor have much knowledge of. Bali is the next stop three days away.
    If you are reading this and not also following Ali just look under who we are following and read her account of the trip as well.
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  • Day48


    December 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅

    We had a uneventful flight to Perth this morning, although the celebrity accompaniment was interesting! Geoff Boycott was awaiting a taxi with us at The Intercontinental and had a few words. Paul Hayward, Scyld Berry and Nick Hoult (Telegraph sports writers) joined us at check in and were on the flight together with Jonathan Agnew, Jonathan Lieu, the TMS production team, Matt Smith, Geoff Boycott and several others we half recognised, but couldn't put a name to. You've guessed it, the media contingent were moving on to get set up for Perth. From what we could gather, the main concern was not the state of England's game, but what time they were meeting up later for a drink! We were checked in with time to spare, so settled down in a cafe on the walkway to have a coffee and snack. I'd hardly had a sip when I glanced up and the whole England team were coming towards me heading to the departure gate for their earlier flight to Perth. I nearly choked on my coffee. They look so young! Yes, I know, they are, but honestly some of them should still be in short trousers. Peter of course had his head in the paper!!
    We picked up another car and made our way to Fremantle, our overnight stop. I was not too sure what I thought on arrival, but it has grown on my during the evening. We are staying right in the middle of the town (thank God for the Australian Sat Nav we purchased on arrival) at a boutique hotel called the Hougoumont. It is named after Australia's last convict ship, which arrived in Fremantle with 62 Irish Fenians aboard, 150 years ago this coming January. The town is planning a serious celebration. The rooms are decorated like a ships cabin and everything is in sea faring speak. On arrival it was happy hour and a free glass of wine and local cheeses were on offer. A very generous welcome we thought. Venturing out into the town later for supper, things were lively and fun. We eventually settled on The Monks Craft Beer and Kitchen. Peter started with a 'beer tasting paddle', 120 ml samples of the 6 craft beers brewed on the premises. He was a happy man. The food was pretty good also. A good start to Western Australia!
    The next morning found us on our way to Margaret River, some 300 kms south. We had a walk round the centre of Fremantle, which is attractive and built around its port. As we drove south on the Coast Road, we were given a glimpse of a large hinterland, industrial and residential. It is a much larger 'city' than we imagined and rather American in feel with multiple out of town shopping malls which do detract from its centre. Further south still, the new building has to be seen to be believed. I cannot imagine where all the people are coming from. We stopped and had a look round a couple of new towns and the impression was not favourable. Heart and soul are yet to be established. Lovely homes, but it wouldn't be for us. We did in fact begin to wonder why we were bothering to travel this far south and sincerely hoped things would improve. Of course it did! Agriculture came to the fore and the landscape gradually changed, becoming much softer and rural. Traffic was heavy being a Friday and people clearly getting away from the city for the weekend. Vines started to come into play and we finally arrived at the small settlement of Margaret River. Peter found another kitchen brewery and all was well with the world. On the way out of the liquor store we were persuaded to taste some locally distilled gin. Oh boy they were good and we will definitely pay a visit before we leave. This could indeed be a good spot and may well live up to its expectations. I will keep you posted!
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  • Day4


    May 19, 2018 in Australia ⋅

    Fantastic market full of arts, crafts, food and more. The fruit stall was amazing with small trays of chopped up food to try at nearly every stall, was a great way to sample a load of local fruit and food.
    After we went to little Shanghai which was very similar to the Hawker Centre in Singapore, but run by ex-pats in Fremantle, the food was great!Read more

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