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  • Day20


    April 24, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We returned from our short road trip to the north and visited the city of Fremantle today. It is located at the coast and only around 25km away from downtown Perth. The city has a really nice flair and some interesting museums.

    One of the best things in Australia is that almost all museums are for free and even there are some free public busses connecting the downtown areas of Perth and Fremantle.

    Und schon sind wir wieder zurück von unserem kurzen Roadtrip in den Norden. Es war so zu sagen ein kurzer Test bevor es so richtig los geht. Jetzt sind wir aber zunächst nochmal in der Umgebung von Perth. Unser heutiges Ziel war Fremantle, eine Hafenstadt direkt am Meer und nur ca. 25km von Perth entfernt. Das Städtchen hat einen super entspannten Flair, riesige Strände und eine durchweg nette Innenstadt. Wir sind den ganzen Tag durch die Stadt gelaufen und haben uns ein paar Museen angesehen.

    Das Gute hier in Australien ist, dass die meisten Museen umsonst sind und die etwas größeren Städte wie Perth oder Fremantle haben gar kostenfreie Busse die die Sehenswürdigkeiten der Innenstädte abfahren. So können wir hier das Auto samt Zelt einfach stehen lassen.

    Wie fast jeden Abend gibt es dann nach so einem anstrengenden Tag abends ein leckeres BBQ!
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  • Day342

    T3 - Perth Airbnb

    September 28, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C


    ▪️Habe mich total verfahren, bin den Freeway 5 mal rauf und runter gefahren - ich war zu nervös Henry heute zuverkaufen
    ▪️Denn mit dem Autoverkauf endet auch mein Australien Abenteuer :(
    ▪️Am Ende kommt ist doch alles anders als geplant: werde Henry am Montag nachdem ich auf Rottnest Island war für 3.500 AU$ verkaufen und am Mittwoch mit Henry und Georg nach Melbourne fahren - letzter Roadtrip und somit einmal Australien umrundet :D
    ▪️Den restlichen Tag habe ich in den süßen Vorort Fremantle verbracht
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  • Day82

    Penguin Island

    January 14 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Das Glasbodenboot brachte uns auf Penguin Island, doch vorher stoppte es bei Seal Island. Dort lagen am Strand eine ganze Menge Seelöwen die sich von der strengen Jagd erholten. Um das Boot herum schwammen einige Delfine, unter ihnen war auch ein junges. Penguin Island ist eine rund 840 Meter lange Insel und wird hauptsächlich von Vögeln besiedelt. Überall waren Nistplätze zu sehen, unter anderem auch von Pinguinen. Am Nachmittag fuhren wir weiter nach Fremantle, eine Stadt, die als Hafenstadt für Perth dient.Read more

  • Day279

    Meeting up after 50 yrs

    August 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Just fantastic catching up with Hilary & Snowy after 50 yrs. reminiscing of times gone by of our home town Newquay in Cornwall UK. . And meet “Hills”, made by Hilary, now he will be the most travelled bear in Australia . Thank you both for a magic catch up. 🤗

  • Day116

    Fremantle is calling

    December 29, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Auf nach Fremantle hieß es heute für uns, leider auch unsere letze Station bevor es wieder zurück ins kalte Deutschland geht. Nach 2 h fahrt kamen wir in Fremantle an. Da wir noch nicht Einchecken konnten auf unserem Holidaypark am Cooge Beach ging es für uns erstmal ab in die City. Fremantle eine lebhafte süße Hafenstadt in der einiges los war. Die Häuser in der Stadt sind noch im alten Kolonialstil erhalten was dem ganzen einen tollen Charme verleiht. Wir gingen ein wenig shoppen und schlenderten durch die Stadt. Für Hanna war es heute auch ihr Glückstag sie fand Ihre heiß begehrten schwarze Uggs ( Stiefel aus Lamm oder Schaffell) die hier deutlich günstiger waren als in Deutschland-> happy wife = happy life. Anschließend gingen wir in eine Pop Up Bar hier am Hafen Namens the Dock. Eine Bar die in einer alten Container Halle direkt am Wasser liegt und komplett mit Holz Paletten und Fässern gebaut wurde. Wir genossen hier ein Getränk bevor wir uns auf zum Holidaypark machten. Dort angekommen machten wir ein BBQ auf dem Campingplatz bevor wir an den Strand gingen um den Sonnenuntergang anzusehen.Read more

  • Day13

    Freemantle and Perth

    March 28, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Fremantle and Perth.

    A lovely day, of very warm temperatures, our pool roof open to the sunshine,and many out on deck,as we sailed up the coast, past the quite large Rotnest Island.
    We arrived into Freemantle late afternoon on the 27th, for an overnight stay. This was for us, a chance to see very special friends. Shona and Maui, who grew up with Sam on Stewart Is, [for those unfamiliar,] and later living near, our children at school together .Keeping in touch ,when time allowed.
    They are our “ Forever Friends”, with whom you pick up where you left off ,no matter how long.! They came a distance from Waneroo , and went for dinner in Freemantle, talked so long, animated.. not even seeing nobody else was left in the restaurant.. they were gracious though ,not making us feel we should leave…! Later after a little tour, we realised, on drop off, no photos..So hurriedly commandeered a passing chap to take some, so quite late at night ,they are not perfect, but a lovely record of a delightful time spent ,and so grateful for our connection ,lasting many years.

    Today we were off again to a dear soul, 95 in June, Elva,[ Mother of my friend of long ago] ,who has visited us in NZ ,several times ,with her late husband. Yvonne, my friend ,had surgery, last week , and lives a distance down the Coast, didn’t come today.
    Elva lives in a beautiful part of Perth, Mt Pleasant ,beside her other daughter Helen and Family ,on the same section she has lived all her married life ,but now two newer town houses are on the block .Leafy ,wide street ,beautiful plantings and homes around . Ideal for Elva living alone, to be near assistance if required .She is tiny now and frail, but a goer, if ever there was one. Our day all planned , Helen and she ,took us to lunch at a gorgeous place on the Swan River, huge gums ,with lovely bark, beaches ,and flocks of Cockatoos. The day was sparkling and the homes on the river, stunning. So much to catch up on , just so special to be together ,and share many memories. Sad to say goodbye though.
    Helen dropped us in Fremantle ,so an explore of a small part ,some essential supplies ,before we came back to the ship. Instructed to have some extra mosquito repellent, in wrist band form, we are told is best .All equipped.!
    We leave tonight for our 8 day journey ,across the Indian Ocean ,a long way to go, to Mauritius .
    We are pleased that the reason for our Sister Ships misadventure, has been explained, a quirk of fate really, but we hope extra supplies of the required engine lubricants, are firmly aboard.!
    A new Family member at Adtrea Lane in Heathcoate, a gorgeous Kitten ,Birman /Norwegian Forest, blend... How delicious...,we hope Christian's little dogs are Jose...!
    Love to hear all your snippets ,I will post along the way ,but not so often. Love from us, Faye and Sam
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  • Day12

    Wedding Day

    January 9, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    The day dawned bright and sunny. We were up to fit in a full walk to Burns Beach, where we had our first Aussie flat whites. I went for a dip in the pool, a respectable 26 c.
    Then we loaded the car as per instructions and headed south on Marmion Ave through Scarborough to Freo, picking up 6 bags of ice along the way, and to Be apartment overlooking the boat marina.
    The wedding venue in Kidigo Artspace was but a short drive to drop off the fizz and water and ice. The building was formerly a Kerosene store and dates from 1884.
    We had time to suit up and stroll down ready for the off at 16.15, beginning with a welcome from a representative of the indigenous people who sang a song accompanied by tapping two boomerang together.
    The ceremony was beautiful and the bride looked gorgeous in a very sparkly dress. Amanda and a cousin, Justin read and uncle Crispy played Bach at the conclusion.
    Photos followed then reception in nearby Bathers Beach House. All very magical and delicious food and wine with loads of opportunities to catch up and make new acquaintances among the speeches and an amazingly colourful sunset.
    A perfect wedding day.
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  • Day232

    ANZAC Day and the journey West

    April 26, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Yesterday (25th April) was ANZAC Day in Australia (and New Zealand), a public holiday, similar to Remembrance Sunday. We spent the day relaxing with Gary, Belle, Daniel and Claudia in their lovely home. We finally had our "lazy day"! It was lovely not to be rushing around trying to see as much as we can and not to have to rush Solana to get ready, eat up, walk faster, etc... We ate some Anzac cookies (biscuits traditionally made with ingredients from the days of war rations - much tastier than they sound). In the evening we had our first Aussie barbie for dinner, washed down with the last bottle of wine we brought over from New Zealand - a fitting Anzac meal! This morning we said our fond farewells to Gary, Belle, Daniel & Claudia. It was really lovely staying with them and we vowed not to leave it as long 14 years (Laura last saw them in 2003!) before we meet up again. Perhaps next time we'll meet up somewhere exotic in between UK & Aus?...

    Today we flew from Sydney to Perth; the flight took 5 hours and covered 2,045 miles. Five hours to fly across one single country... This journey across Australia was longer than the journey from New Zealand to Sydney (Sydney is only 1,340 miles from Auckland). In fact, Perth is actually closer to Jakarta (Indonesia) than it is to Sydney! Although, as my sister Jen pointed out, it will take her and her husband Phil longer than our flight today to drive down to Dorset for the weekend. Big world, or small?... We are staying in North Fremantle (not far from Perth city) with Sandy and Mo, an uncle and aunt (by marriage) of Laura's. After we arrived we went for a short walk along the banks of the Swan River, then went out for a quick dinner. We're all tired early tonight,, after the journey and 2 hour time difference. Today was our last flight before we make the long journey home in 3 weeks time. Meanwhile, we're looking forward to exploring Western Australia for the next 3 weeks.
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  • Day252

    In Fremantle Prison!

    May 16, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    We had a sleepless night when we awoke around 3am to a funny noise in our room and discovered that a mouse had found its way into our food bag; a mouse, not even an interesting scavenging little Australuan marsupial - we felt cheated from some more exciting wildlife encounter! On the plus side, at least we're at the end of our trip now, so we won't miss the stock cubes and soup sachets it nibbled... We stayed around Dryandra woodland this morning and did a walk where we saw kangaroos, Australian robins and another 2 echidna. We have now seen almost all of the Australian animals we wanted or hoped to see in the wild - one exception being wild budgerigars (we' ve seen plenty of budgie smugglers but no budgies!). We also saw this sign "The Dream" (2nd photo), written by an early Australian conservationist and still so very true today - wise words... We then drove back to Fremantle and returned our hire car. In the 18 days we had the car we have driven 3,372km (most of it within the speed limit!) exploring Western Australia. Sadly, tonight is our last night in Asutralia and we are spending it staying in the Fremantle Prison Youth Hostel (no sniggering - we understand very well that only one of us is anything like "youthful"). It used to be a womens' prison (from the late 1800s until 1991) and the rooms are all converted cells; the interior of the hostel still looks very prison-like and there are stories up on many of the walls of the prison days, attempted escapes, etc. It is a pretty cool place to stay. In fact, we are kind of hoping that they will not let us out to go for our flight home tomorrow night...Read more

  • Day39

    Fremantle morning

    November 1, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    The apartment is actually a bit run down though I will say the bed was soft, warm and comfortable. Looking at the maps over breakfast in the Freo Bakery I wonder if we weren't perhaps meant to be staying in Arundel Street... .

    Back at the apartment I go onto Airbnb to check and, yes, we were confirmed for a nice looking place on Arundel Street. Not very pleased, I call Val. She explains that the lift is broken and as we were on the 6th floor so she's had to move everyone staying there and didn't we get the message? No, no message received. I say that this place is a bit tatty and she says it's similar to the original place and the same price. She might be able to offer us a townhouse but it's meant to be two nights minimum. Then she offers us a refund for the second night. We say we'll call her back. We don't really want to have to move, dragging everything back to the car - that'd be twice in twelve hours and three times in twenty four as we move again tomorrow. Not to mention the waste of our time. We agree we'll take the refund for the second night. I call her back and we deal with the refund. She then slips up and says these are the budget apartments. Yeah, I've already checked Airbnb and this one isn't on there. Ok, maybe the lift was broken but I'm not best pleased at being palmed off with this. Hey ho, at least it's better than the freezing tent in the Outback with a sleeping bag determined to spit me out!

    Saga sorted, we go off to explore Fremantle. We spend quite some time pootling round Fremantle Market. It's way smaller than the one in Melbourne yesterday with a mix of fresh food, cuisine to eat there and then, as well as an eclectic range of other market stalls. There's a definite hippy sort of vibe to the place.

    Time for a visit to Fremantle Prison built by the convicts to house themselves. We keep this visit short as we've done gaol time this week already!

    Down by the harbour we duck into the posh looking CharChar for lunch as it's starting to rain again. We try some rather good tempura battered oysters and go for their burger and beer meal deal.
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