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  • Day104

    Day 4 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Today was a calm day in the stable. We had online horses to high, swim or go on the treadmill.
    So all was going pretty easy and smooth in the morning.

    After all horses, we're done training, Marika and I started to fix the one-year-old so Antin could drive them today as well.

    We were basically done with all the rest but there were still 2 babies left so we all were doing some extra cleaning and organized a shelf new until the last baby was outside and we could have lunch. Even though we hadn't so much to do today we got ready at 2 pm, quite late.

    Marika and I had lunch and then went for a nap.
    I am really not used to this anymore 🙈😂

    The rest of the evening was calm, we all watched a movie together but anyway went to bed pretty early, tomorrow gonna be a massive day, we have like 20 horses going fast tomorrow 😳😅
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  • Day103

    Day 3 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Another early morning for me. Same routine today as the other days.
    Also today the owner came with something to eat for us.

    I started to get to know the horses more and more and also the paddocks and other stuff.
    I always try to clean up the stuff, take care of the wash and roll up all bandages so the others don't need to worry about these kinds of stuff.
    Tracey and Jack left around 11 am to go to the race with Pepper, the only existing Pacer with Ready Cash as a farther.
    It didn’t go good for her, it’s was her first race and everything went wrong. So she galloped from the start.
    Next time!

    We got ready around 1 pm today and Marika and I got the chance to take a little nap after lunch before it was time again to go out in the stable to fix the horses for the races today.

    We are taking with us Pinky and Ally. Ally got a little tie-up on Tuesday after training, I fixed her and told the guys that she is walking strange and felt a bit hard in her muscles, so I gave her a quick massage.

    So we were a little bit unsure how she gonna be today, though everything was ok with her yesterday and in the morning today.

    Around 2.45 pm we left the farm with Anton. It took us just around an hour to get to Maryborough Racetrack. It’s really warm here, around 30 degrees! Soo nice! It’s so ich colder in Ballarat than it was on the west coast the last couple of weeks, so I am usually freezing a lot here 😬

    Same today as yesterday, load off the stuff and horses and let them have a wee.
    We were pretty early so we had some time to watch some races before we started to fix the horses. We met Marika’s friend Abbey with whom we were celebrating the new year last time I was visiting Australia. So that was nice to see her again.

    Marika went first out with Pinky and after that with Dolly to warm them up. While I fixed the other horse ready for the warm-up/ race together with Anton.
    Pinky was really stressed and running over us a few times, but she did a really good race and was actually winning it very easy 🤗🤩
    She had to go to the doping test, and while Marika was gone with her, I fixed Dolly ready and even she did a really good race and got second! Anton was very pleased and happy.

    We fixed the horses and while they packed together the stuff I walked with them so they can dry and Pinky don’t get to stressed.
    We stopped on the way home to get some chips and beer as Anton wanted to celebrate today’s results with a beer on the way home 😉😂

    Back in the stable, he helped us to fix the horses and kicked out Dolly as she is sleeping outside. Marika and I went to Ballarat to get some food and had a nice evening before we went to bed around 9.30 pm.
    It has been a long day again.
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  • Day102

    Day 2 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 11, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Same start in the day as yesterday. We started at 6 am, kicked out some horses in the walker, the other ones took some in from the paddocks. Then we geared up the first horses and Marika and Glen drove out with them. Anton, the Trainer came around 7 am and shortly after they went out with the first group of fast training horses.
    I kept on fixing horses to the walker, geared them up, washed them and fixed them afterward during the whole morning. When I had some time I washed the harnesses from yesterday, rolled up bandages, etc.

    Pat, the owner came shortly past 8 am with some cookies and cinnamon buns for us 😍

    When they were ready training the horses they also drove the 6 one-year-olds that are in the bike already. They go first out in the walker and then get geared up, Anton is driving them, and after that, they get brushed.

    Around 1.30 pm we were ready with the horses, had cleaned all the equipment, washed the towels, cleaned the wash boxes and the floor and were good to go inside for a lunch break.

    Marika and I were back in the stable at 3 o’clock to fix Dusty and Duke and go to Geelong with them to the races. Both were racing in the first race.
    It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the racetrack with a stop to buy icecream 🤗
    Its really good weather today and around 28 degrees 😎

    After everything was loaded off, the horses got a chance to wee and then we geared them up and Marika and Jason went out to warm them up.
    Back inside both got another chance to have a wee and then it was already time to get them ready again for the race.
    The problem here is that you can’t warm them up when you want. Only one race before your race you are allowed to drive out with them and the outriders or at least one of them must be on the track already.

    After Marika and I helped Jason and Jacky, the other driver out, we went to the track to look at the race. Unfortunately, both horses got a really late start and ended up far behind the car and both were also galloping then.. so no good day for us...
    After the race, we took off the gear, walked the horses and washed them and then we were packing all the stuff and loading it in before we were loading the horses shortly past 7 pm and went home.

    We got a bit lost on the way home and ended up driving a way, Marika had heard about, that it’s to steep to drive there with a horse trailer on. So we had to turn around and find another way 🙈😂
    We were back at the stable at 9 pm, just loaded of the horses, fixed them and put them in their boxes and then we went straight inside, had a sandwich and went straight to bed.
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  • Day101

    Day 1 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 10, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today I got up early, 5.30 am to be ready to go with them to the stable at 6 am.
    The first thing I got to do was taking out some horses from their boxes, check the temp, pick their feet, change their rug and kick them out in the walker. During the day I did this a couple of times.
    In between, I helped them to gear up some horses as well, picked up some from the walker, washed a lot of horses and did as much as I could to help them.

    Around 10 am Marika, Anton, the boss and I went with 3 horses to Melton for trials, training races.

    It took us around one hour to get there. Once we arrived we loaded of the stuff onto the sulkys, took the horses and went to the stable area. All got a fast stopover in the pee box, as they don't have boxes here for the horses.

    After that, we started to fix them straight away and Marika went out with the first one for the warm-up. In this stable, they actually are warming up the horses! That's not so common here in Australia.
    Back in, we got the other two ready and Marika and the other driver, Jason, went out with the other to warm them up as well while Anton and I got Elvis ( his real name is Dreamcatcher) ready for the next trial. As soon as Marika and Jason were back inside Jason had to drive out with Elvis for the trail. So I and Marika fixed the other two horses ready while Anton went up to the track to watch Elvis.

    Marika and I had the other two ready when Jason came back inside so we had just to take off the bike from Elvis and put it on Kiwi.
    While they went out for the next trail I was suddenly alone with Elvis. I didn't really know what to do and how they want me to take care of him, so I just did, what I thought should be right. I took off all the gear, checked the plus, walked him for a while and gave him a nice shower. So Anton was happy when he came back from the track 😊

    We got the other two horses quickly ready as well, packed in all the stuff, they wash all at home and got going really fast again.
    We stopped at KFC for lunch and even I found something to eat 😉

    Back home we were loading of the horses and five them before we kicked then out in their paddocks, loaded of the stuff and at 3.30 we were ready and went inside for a calm afternoon. We went to buy some food and I found German bread!!! I can't believe it! Really good bread!!

    And we even found some L&P from New Zealand, for tonight's dinner. 🤗
    Around 7 pm Marika and I was cooking dinner and around 9 pm we went to bed. As I didn't sleep so well last night I was pretty tired.
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  • Day100

    Perth - Melbourne - Ballarat

    March 9, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    The night was short for me, at 3.05 am my alarm woke me up.
    I got ready and fixed some sandwiches and a cup of tea for breakfast. Unfortunately, I was cutting myself in the finger, half asleep it’s not easy cutting cheese with a semi-sharp knife... 😬😕
    But it’s still sharp enough to have me a bad and deep cut in the finger...
    A great start in the day.

    Shortly before 4 am I was ready and had packed down all so I left the room to walk over to the reception where my airport shuttle was already waiting for me.

    It to only 10 min to drive to Terminal 2 and I was checked in, drop off my bag and through the security check-in another 10 min.
    So I had still sooo much time over until it was time for boarding.

    We left Perth around 5.30 am and I was so tired that I tried to sleep a little bit straight away and I actually think I did felt asleep for like 20 min or so.

    Than it was time for breakfast.
    I really like to fly with Virgin Australia. Even though it’s only taking 3 1/2 hours to Melbourne we get a free meal. So nice!

    We arrived in Melbourne at 11.45 am, Melbourne is 3 hours ahead of Perth.
    12.15 pm I had my bag and was already sitting in the Skybus to the city.
    The bus left the airport around 12.24 and arrived at the Southern Cross Station at 12.50 pm.
    I went straight away to find a ticket shop and bought a ticket for the train to Ballarat and had then to walk to the last end of the airport to get straight away into the train that was leaving at 13.16 pm.
    Everything was so easy and went so well, I couldn't believe it!

    The train ride was nice and calm and I arrived in Ballarat at 14.44 and shortly after me Marika showed up to pick me up 🤗
    The next couple of days/ probably weeks I will spend with her.

    We stopped fast to buy some food and then we went to the stable where she is working now and she drove around the super big property to show me everything.
    Oh my god, this stable is huge!!! Really big, many horses and even an own vet clinic!

    I will stay with her and two of her colleagues plus the girlfriend from one of them in the same, super big house. I have got even my own room!!
    Everyone is super friendly and is welcoming me with open arms. So nice!

    We had the rest of the afternoon a calm and relaxed time, I was super tired and even Marika was very tired so we were only sitting around talking for a couple of hours.

    In the evening big we were cooking together, pasta with halloumi, mushrooms and a nice self-made sauce. Ahh, very good!

    We both went to bed early, around 9 pm or so?
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  • Day99

    Last day in WA

    March 8, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    I took it very calm this morning. Packing the last stuff, give away the stuff I don’t need anymore. Leaving is hard, especially when you had a good time!
    It’s actually already halftime of my trip! So crazy, how can it be that I am already traveling for over 3 months?!
    Time is passing by fast when you have a good time and that I definitely had so far!

    After I checked-our from the campground I went to a beach nearby.
    Obviously, everyone had the same idea today as it was really hard to find a place to park the car. I could have known it, it’s Sunday today and really nice weather so everyone is enjoying some time at the beach or on the grass in the shade of some trees closed to the beach. I was deciding for some shade, don’t need to burn my back again.

    I was laying down and ready for a while or just sitting around and watching the people passing by.
    Around 1 pm I went back to my car as I decided to fuel up one more time and then go to check-in to my hotel for tonight. As I have a super early flight tomorrow, at 5.20 am 😳😴 I already a few months ago booked a hotel as it’s nicer to stay in your own room when you have to get up so early.

    After checking-in I dropped off my bags in my little flats, it’s definitely more a flat than a room, and I had lunch before I went to the airport to drop off my car. So sad, as I will miss the flexibility it gave me!
    I was actually driving 5319 km with it in 24 days! 😳
    I wasn’t expecting it to get so much from the beginning.

    Luckily my hotel has a free airport shuttle so when I was done I could give them a call and a driver came to pick me up and drive me back to the hotel. As well I booked a shuttle to the airport for tomorrow morning at 4 am.

    The rest of the evening I was just relaxing and watching some tv, it’s a while ago I did that the last time 😉

    I tried to go to bed early but I had hard to fall asleep and also didn’t sleep so well at all.
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  • Day98

    Geraldton to Fremantle

    March 7, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    I woke up at 6 am this morning but was not standing up until shortly past 7.
    I had breakfast alone as the other two were still asleep and anyway said already yesterday that we will need to stop at a supermarket or bakery quickly before we leave Geraldton to buy breakfast for them again.

    Shortly before 9, we were ready to leave and after a short stop at Woolworth we were back on the road on our way to Perth, should take us around 4 1/2 hours to get there.

    After 2 hours we stopped in Jurien Bay to fuel up, as it’s the cheapest fuel I could find on the way to Perth on petrol spy, my new friend. 😊

    We arrived perfectly in time in Perth so even the traffic wasn’t a too big problem.
    While stopping at a red light we suddenly heard breaks sounding and red pick up truck was passing me on the left side 😳😬
    That one was almost crashing into us! Oh god, we were all so shocked at that moment. There was nothing I could have done and luckily there was so much space on the left side that this driver could pull the car over to the left. The car stopped a bit in front of us so we never saw the driver.
    Thank god it went so well!

    I dropped them off at the airport at 1.30 pm and it was sad to leave them but we will stay in contact and I will try to visit them in Canada one day!

    Afterward, I went to the campground in Fremantle where I will stay for one night.
    I was fixing some wash, tried to pack my bag better but it feels like I get more and more stuff with every time I am flying somewhere 😬🙈

    I cooked some rice and pasta for lunch and dinner for tomorrow as I have so much stuff left so I don’t need I buy anything tomorrow what is good.
    One last night in my tent for me. I am almost sad to leave it behind tomorrow. It served me well, much better than expected!
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  • Day98

    Coral Bay to Getaldton

    March 7, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Early morning for me, I got up around 6.15 am to have enough time to eat breakfast without stress and fix the last things in the car before I go to pick up Ya-Fan and Kris from their place. We planned to leave around 8 am so we have enough time to get to Geraldton.

    As I started talking to two girls I was running about late and as I was picking up the phone to text them that I will be there a bit later I got a message from Ya-Fan that they slept over and are running late as well. So I didn’t need to stress out and could finish all calm and easy. I picked them up around 9.15 am and their stuff was easily fitting in the car. We stopped quickly at the bakery so they could buy something for breakfast and even I got a pie for later. So we finally left Coral Bay at 9.30.

    They had a nice evening and especially Kris had a few drinks too much so he took a nap almost straight away after we left. 😂

    Ya-Fan and I really had some good conversations during our trip! We had to stop once to fuel up and use the restrooms and just stretch out our legs for a while, but not too long as the flies were horrible here 😬
    At least Kris was feeling good again after his nap 😉

    We arrived in Geraldton at around 4.10 pm which was really good. We had no problems on the way and traveling with them is super easy and nice as I never got tired or bored driving so long.
    We stopped to find a place to stay overnight. They found a lodge where they got a room for a really nice price and I planned to drop them off there and go to a campground nearby and pick them up in the morning again.
    When we arrived at the lodge we all thought immediately that it could be possible for me to pitch my tent here as there was a huge backyard behind the buildings.
    Ya-Fan went into the check-in and ask and I was more than welcome to stay and put my tent where ever I want and use the kitchen, toilets, and showers as well for a really nice price. So that was just perfect!
    So we spent the rest of the afternoon and the evening together, talking and later on cooking and eating together. We even watched all my whale shark tour pictures and the video together so now I finally even saw the video and it’s really good as well 😊

    As we all were super tired we went to bed early. The plan is to leave between 8.30 and 9 am tomorrow as their flight from Perth to Melbourne is departing at 3.15 pm.
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  • Day96

    Exmouth to Coral Bay

    March 5, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Today Kara and I woke up pretty late, it was already 7 am! What a surprise! It’s our last day or half-day together, as she will fly from Exmouth to Perth today to catch her flight to Thailand tomorrow. So we both are really sad that our road trip together is coming to an end already as we had such a great time.

    First, we had a super good breakfast, as always. Then we were packing down our tents and searching for a place in the shadow where she can pack her bag. It’s already super hot again and it’s going to be around 38 degrees today again easily.
    But I must say, I am really used to the heat now and wonder how much I gonna freeze when I go to Melbourne where it’s between 15-29 degrees at the moment. 😬😅

    When Kara had packed all her stuff we went to clean the car a little bit as it’s so much sand inside everywhere. 🙈😂
    After that, we went to the city beach for a nice stop to wait until it was time to drive to the airport and we also gonna have lunch here together one last time.

    It’s a really nice place here with palm trees and a lot of benches and shade. Kara found some coconuts so she really wanted to get one down and open it up. 🙈

    We waited a bit until no one else was around and then she tried to get one down. And she was actually able to hit one a few times until it felt down. So we then went to a bench to check out the coconut from inside. Unfortunately, it didn’t smell and according to Kara didn’t taste like coconut at all. So we threw it away in the end.

    After that we had lunch and then it was almost time to leave and drive to the Learmonth airport around 25 min south of Exmouth.
    I dropped her off at 1.30 pm, probably too early as it’s a super small airport and her flight is going at 3.20 pm but she said she’d better be there too early than too late.
    It was sad to leave her there and drive on alone. 😕

    I went to Coral Bay afterward. It took me a little bit more than one hour and I arrived there at 2.45 pm.
    I stopped at the beach first but I couldn’t find a place in the shade so I went to the campground to check-in.
    I used the afternoon to pack my stuff a little bit as it’s spread out around the car and I will need to fit in two people and their bags tomorrow.
    So I moved around a lot of stuff or was even starting to throw away things I don’t need anymore to get enough space for Ya-Fan and Kris and all their stuff as well. Around 5 pm I was meeting with Ya-Fan. We went to her place to have a drink and talk for a while. I am so glad I found these people to take with me back to Perth! We are really coming along so good and it’s nice to have company for the long drive back to Perth and share the fuel cost with them.

    After 2 hours or so, we went to get something to eat. We were meeting Ya-Fan's boss and his wife and daughter on the way so they were joining us for dinner as well. And also Kris was showing up shortly after as he could leave earlier from work. So we had a really nice pizza and some good talks together and I really enjoyed the company. They went on afterward to the bar to have some drinks with friends but I’ve got too tired and I will need to drive around 7 hours or so tomorrow so I want to be fresh, so I went back to the campground to sleep.

    Anyway I had a really nice evening 😊
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  • Day95

    Cruising around

    March 4, 2020, Indian Ocean ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Here some pictures from the dolphins we saw from the boat and the shark that was passing by!