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    • Day 78


      July 27, 2023 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

      We had a shower. A warm shower. After a week without toilet and shower this is the most amazing thing. The group is still sticking together. We are 3 cars and 7 people. Flying Dutchman (Inge & Tijs), The german warship (The germans) and Prada (Dima & me). Today we explored the area, including the little towns here. They are mostly aboriginal towns and the area is supposed to be dangerous. I feel pretty safe but i also kind of enjoy the rough vibe the area has.
      For the evening we find an even better campspot. Because the Johannes is fishing we have feast in the evening.
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    • Day 77


      July 26, 2023 in Australia

      Just because we made it to to tip, doesn´t mean we are done with 4x4 driving. But lets start from the beginning. After making it to the tip yesterday, we tried to catch up with the other (Dimitri & Inge) but instead we ended up at a beach camping spot with a group of Australians. In the morning we drove to Sommerset Camping for cellphone reception and look who we found. Already chillin at the camp we found Dima and Inge. They convoyed with 3 german boys on the way, who helped them out at tely trek. So we are a big group now, camping together today.

      And look at our campsite. We are living in paradise. But the crocs are also living here. So we sit at the campfire in the evening searching for crocs in the mangroves. We are also sleeping in a tent next to the water, in retroperspective I dont know if this was the best idea. I also think is is probably really unprideful dying while doing the morning toilet in the mangroves.
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    • Day 124

      Cape York #3

      August 9, 2023 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

      Beim "Jardine River" wartet eine Fähre auf uns. Bezahlen soll man bei der Tankstelle und das nur mit Karte. Laut dem indigenen Herr im Laden ist aber heute das Internet ausgefallen und bar können wir nicht bezahlen. Auf einem Blatt Papier notieren wir Name, Rego und Telefonnummer. Die kürzeste und teuerste Fährfahrt die wir je erlebten (2min/$121AUD)!! Mal schauen ob wir in Bamaga auf der Strassenbehörde bezahlen können. Am 11. August fuhren wir mit der Fähre retour und machten uns auf den Weg in Richtung Ostküste.

      Die tropische Umgebung ganz im Zipfel des Kontinents ist unbeschreiblich. Tropischer Regenwald, weisse Sandstrände, stürmische See... Einen Besuch wert!!
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    • Day 393

      Jardine Ferry X-ing (Outback Trip Day 4)

      July 1, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

      We free camped last night near Fruit Bat Falls, and one of the guys grabbed some red claws (similar to crayfish) from the nearby creek. The Falls were beautiful and we went for a swim yesterday before we met up with the bikes and again this morning before heading to the ferry crossing.

      Day 1 bike status:
      - Brian came off and smashed into a tree hard enough to knock the bark off and probably break his hand. He's riding today, though.
      - Aaron drowned his bike, so he's in the other car with Dave.
      - There were a few other minor issues the boys were able to overcome.

      So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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    • Day 395

      The Tip (Outback Trip Day 6)

      July 3, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

      Yesterday, five of us took the Toyota up the Roma Flat track. It was a really good thing the truck was 4 wheel drive! Loads of fun!

      This morning we all got up for brekky, then headed off for The Tip, the northern most point of Australia. Ten bikes went up and five of us went on the Toyota. The truck took the long way in the hardpacked road while the bikes headed up Roma. We met up and drove up to The Tip for a picture by the sign.

      After that, we headed to Somerset, where Steve's greatgrandparents are now buried. Their remains were returned a couple of years ago from Germany. They and nine other Aboriginals were "sent" (kidnapped) there to be "studied" (murdered) by Nazis. All were killed.

      We left there towards the east coast near Albany Island, where we hopped through the bush between five beaches. Stunningly beautiful waters and landscapes. We're at the last beach the truck could get to, and the bikes have just returned from the sixth beach. Yeehaw!!!

      So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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    • Day 22

      WW2 trail

      August 22, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      We pushed our alarm back an hour today, but Ben was still stirring beforehand. Another cruisy day ahead. We went through our laundry from the day before last, the rain came through before we had a chance to go through it all and put it away properly. Slow packup and headed for Bamaga. We found the Bakery which a lot of people hype up, got ourselves a crocodile pie and a regular sausage roll to share. They were pretty good! We followed the hema to do the ww2 trek today. We found 2 plane wrecks and a fuel dump site which took us a bit to realise was a historic location and not people just dumping a heap of 44 gallon drums. We looped back and headed for Muttee Head. The track kept going to the Jardine River mouth where it flows into the Arafura Sea, so we followed it and found a nice spot to stop and cook up some noodles. Back on the soft, sandy track to Muttee Head and the WW2 radar. We had to put the maxtrax to use for their intended purpose instead of levelling the ute out at campsites. We went through a large, soft patch, I smacked my head on the handle and we got stuck. Ben got us sorted though and we were moving in no time. Good thing he attached the lanyards, he couldn't see the little ones at all. We found the ww2 radar, the only one standing on the mainland. A quick drive by Muttee Head, looks like a lovely camping spot. We headed back via Injinoo, just to have a look. They have construction going on near the beach to create a picnic area, otherwise its very much a local town.Read more

    • Day 24

      3 Island Tour - Roko Island

      August 24, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      About 45mins and a bit of a rough trip, we made it to Roko Island. The jetty itself was wooden, kept afloat by drums, it was very pretty, but wobbly. We met Nigel, a very relaxed fella who told us to grab a drink if we wanted one, then he'd take us for a walk. So we did just that. He showed us around their new facilities and glamping tents, then down to the old stone jetty. Telling us stories about how he often goes crabbing there, for years in fact and one time he went down to check his traps, it was dark and a 3-4m crocodile had made its way into the mangroves to take his bait, said it scared the shit out of him, understandably. He gave us some local history about the island being a former pearl farm and with how labour intensive it is, it just isn't worth it these days. The island itself is only about 900m by 300m at its widest points. We headed back to the bar to relax while Nigel took a second boat group for a walk. A very relaxing spot, but unless you're a keen fisherman, I think we'd get a bit bored just chilling, we like to be on the go on holidays. About 20 minutes on the boat and we were back to Seisia, a bit rough again, they did say that they've have to cancel the tours for the next 2 days due to rough seas. They also said the last few days it's been very windy and overcast, so we picked the right day. On the ride back we saw what we thought was rain in the distance, then it kept getting closer and we could smell smoke. They've been backburning again we assume and we arrived to a very smoky Seisia. Noone seems overly concerned though, so we just went about our business. Back to camp to relax a bit, then we wandered over for to the Kiosk for dinner again, we decided on a pizza and salad to share, which we still couldn't finish. Bloody good though, again very busy in there but they're quick! Showers and the usual before bed.Read more

    • Day 19

      Nolan's to Punsand

      August 19, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Nolan's (bridge creek) is the last crossing and known to have a very soft, sandy bottom, which claims a lot of vehicles each year apparently, woo! We watched 2 fellas go down who we saw at the Lions Den a few nights ago, the first one had no dramas, good news because that was the line we were planning on taking. His mate though, took a different path and got stuck in the water. Ben ran out to attach the snatch strap while his mate dragged him out. There was a fair bit of water in his car but he seemed pretty good about it. The L and P platers and their families went next, all good. Ben afterwards, also no dramas despite the depth. Peter was much slower but again no issues. We pulled up for a celebratory drink and lunch while watching some other groups come through, a few we've seen along the way. The last car got stuck, same drill, Ben attached the strap and the driver dragged him out. It was a fun, but nervewracking day at times. Less than an hour to the ferry, it's very quick over the Jardine River, it's only about 50m. We said our farewells and headed for our campsite at Punsand Bay after topping up the fuel at Bamaga. We set up and wandered down to the beach bar, such a great spot! We had a seafood pizza and calamari for dinner. Unintentionally a late night, had much to catch up on on the wifi after a few days without. The shower was soooo good, it's been a while! The fresh water swims were great, don't get me wrong, but not comparable to a hot shower.Read more

    • Day 20

      5 beaches drive

      August 20, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      We headed to Somerset for the 5 beaches loop that stops off at a few historical sites along the way. The beaches were lovely and super windy, cant swim at any of them of course, but still a nice drive. Once we got back we attempted to do a load of washing, turns out, only 1 machine is working and there was a line up of piles of clothes. I decided on a nap, second of the trip, and ben reorganised the car and dried out the straps and bits that got wet over the last few days. It was our turn for washing, Ben put it on while I was waking up and we went through some photos. When the timer went off we headed for the laundry to hang out our load. The lady after Ben seemed to skip the line, he mentioned that there was a line up but she shrugged and said that the piles had been there all day. Well! Then began the laundry debacle. We were hanging ours out and there were a few loud, angry voices about whoevers load was in, skipped the line and they were not happy, understandably though. Down to the beach bar for a few drinks and dinner, tonight we had the fried cmembert bites, chicken pizza and pan fried mackerel, another great meal. Such a nice spot on the water, just relaxing. Finished dinner, threw our load in the dryer, grabbed a few drinks and watched the sunset on the beach. Shower time and the usual netflix before bed.Read more

    • Day 21

      Loyalty Beach

      August 21, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Headed south for Loyalty beach. There's a shortcut on our map so we took it, just to see something different. The puddles have made the car nice and red and it looks like we had a hard slog. We did come across a crossing that was pretty dodgy looking, we're right in crocodile territory now and we couldn't see in the red water. A dogde ram going the other way got halfway through and reversed out after seeing how deep it was. We had a chat with them for a bit from across the creek, to decide on our next move. The other bloke decided to wade through another part of the crossing, I sure as heck wasn't going to, and it was pretty shallow, once he went through, we did too, just in the other direction. Not much further and we hit Loyalty beach, no need for bookings here so we just checked in and found a nice spot on the water for the night. Then it flogged down again, fun fun! We have been very lucky with the weather so far so it's all good. The rain has been coming and going pretty fast, so hopefully it blows over soon. We hid out and watched some more netflix before heading to the bar, it's fish and chip night and clearly verrry popular! The line up was huge but they smashed through it. We waited a bit before ordering, didn't feel like a 5pm dinner. Really nice spot on the water and the weather cleared up nicely. Surprisingly we had a few bits of service at times too. We got a serve of fish and chips, and prawns to share, bloody good! We wandered back and just the usual shower, netflix and bed.Read more

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