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  • Day8

    Hello Vienna

    December 23, 2019 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    Dale and Dommy drove us back to Bratislava this morning and the heavy rain. We caught the bus back to Vienna where Jakob and Elisabeth met us and took us back to their apartment building - we also met Ashleigh who is their Australian exchange student. After a lovely hot lunch we went out at about 4.30 to walk through two of the many Christmas markets here, having a look at all the lights and stalls and tasting some hot punch. We met up with Jakob’s dad Alois at a restaurant where I had a classic Wiener schnitzel - yum!
    We are staying in a spare flat that they own on the same floor of the building which is very nice.
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    Lyndal Rose

    So pretty

    Merilyn Rose

    Pretty Christmas lights!🌲 Is it snowing yet?

    Fiona Boughey

    No it’s not meant to. Doesn’t snow here that often.

  • Day11

    Walking Around Vienna

    December 26, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Elisabeth kindly organised for us to have a friend of hers (who is a professional tour guide) give us a walking tour of the inner city. She showed us much of the medieval history of the buildings and explained a lot about the history of Vienna.
    We had a quick bite to eat and a hot chocolate in a traditional cafe and then went on to check out the Imperial Treasury museum. Back at home, Alois made us beef Bourguignon for an early dinner.
    We had booked a concert of Vivaldi’s four seasons at St Charles church that night - it was wonderful to hear in such an impressive venue! Everything is easy to get to via the underground.
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    Glenn Rose


    Glenn Rose

    Wow, wow!!

  • Day9


    December 24, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    We discovered that Christmas for the Rosenberger family (and most Europeans) is celebrated on the 24th. The day started with a beautiful breakfast of breads, jams, cheese, spreads and coffee with the family. This was a leisurely meal in the sunshine coming in the windows. We caught the underground train with Elisabeth and Ashleigh to the city centre to buy some tea and then got back on the train to the Schoenbrunn palace. There would have been a long wait for tickets to go inside so we met up with Jakob and just walked through some of the gardens and up a steep hill to the summer house for a nice view of the palace. The weather was nice and sunny so we looked around the Christmas market for a bit and had some hot food for lunch. Not long after returning back to the flat, the family had plans to meet up with friends at the Prater which is the big amusement park across the road. We went up on the Ferris wheel just as the sun was setting.
    The Christmas dinner was delicious - salmon and rice with a pavlova dessert made by Ashleigh. The three boys followed this with a quick concert of carols on their instruments - recorder (Jakob), bassoon (Flo) and french horn (Lucas). We then opened the presents while enjoying some champagne.
    We accompanied the family to midnight mass at their local Catholic church. This was a very different experience to see the ceremony and tradition of their service.
    We finally got to bed close to 2 AM.
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  • Day4

    Innenleben eines Co Drivers

    August 12, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    (Norbert) Die Reiseberichte unseres Literaten - meinem Motorradkumpel und Freund Bert - sind so präzise und wohlklingend formuliert, dass ich mich heute einmal damit beschäftigen möchte zu berichten, wie die Gedanken des Co Drivers während einer langen Fahrt durch die Steiermark gewesen sind. Fährt man hinter Bert hunderte von kurzen und lang geschwungenen Kurven hinterher, so kommt man unweigerlich ins Grübeln. Das Nummernschild SGXY 33. Warum XY nicht BH oder BR oder zu mindestens das Geburtsjahr. Nein, keine persönlichen Hinweise über das Nummernschild. Meine Blicke konzentrieren sich auf die beiden rechts und links hängenden Koffer und schnell wird klar, da fährt jemand, der die Welt gesehen hat. Meine drei bescheidenen Klebebilder von Deutschland, Österreich und Europa wirken etwas verloren neben Argentinien, Peru,Chile, Ushuaia, Matju Pitju, etc. Um so mehr freute es mich heute, dass ein Passant grosses Interesse an meiner African Twin zeigte und die wesentlichen Dinge an der GS 850 nicht beachtet hat. Egal, während der Fahrt im Windschatten von Bert fällt der BMW Helm auf. Sicherlich ein high end Produkt und mit allen erdenklichen Sicherheitsdingen ausgestattet, die man von einem Produkt aus dem Hause BMW erwarten kann. Doch der Schriftzug BMW wird in gleicher Größe von dem Guerrillero Heroico Che Guevara ergänzt. Der Gegensatz reizt und wird eigentlich nur dadurch übertroffen, dass ein high tec Produkt made in Germany gefahrene wird von einem groß dem Hintermann ins Auge springenden Schriftzug Harley Davidson. Wer die Marke kennt weiss, dass gerade der Sound ein wesentliches Erkennungsmerkmal darstellt. Die GS hingegen bleibt. An dieser Stelle eher unerkannt.
    So springt mein Blick während der gesamten Fahrt wechselnd von dem Nummernschild über die beklebten Koffer auf den Schriftzug am Helm und wieder zurück. Nach drei Stunden Kurvenfahrt bei besten Strassenverhältnissen und ohne Verkehr ist mir bisher keine plausible Erklärung eingefallen, um das anspruchsvolle Rätsel zu lösen. Na ja, da bleiben ja noch einige Tage , in der Sachlage weiter zu kommen.
    Die Tour läuft übrigens prächtig.
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    Matthias Hornberger

    Mir fällt auf, das der TÜV bald ausläuft. So lange könnt Ihr nicht bleiben.


    Matthias, Du bist ein Fuchs! Aber: Wir sind am 31.8. wieder zu Hause. Du weiß ja: Ein gutes Pferd springt knapp.

    Christoph Hentschel

    Frech, der Nobbi - weiter so! :D

  • Day10

    Vienna from on high

    December 25, 2019 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Today we got up a bit later due to the late night and enjoyed another lovely breakfast around the table. Jakob, Alois and Lucas walked with us to show us a bit of the local area including the Prater (big park with includes the amusement park), Jakob’s school and the church. It was fun to have a behind the scenes look at the church rooms and even up into the attic space! Jakob had all the keys!
    Alois was keen to drive us to a look out spot at Kahlenberg which commemorates the victory of the battle over the Turkish army. There were quite a few tourists here and despite the sun, the wind made it pretty freezing.
    He then took us to a huge monastery nearby called Stift Kloster Neuburg - the adjoining cathedral is gothic in style on the outside with a very ornate Baroque decoration inside.
    Finally we drove to the Donauturm (Danube tower) which is fairly new (1964) and about 150m tall. We went up in the lift for another view of the city. All this in their electric Renault car which can be charged in their home garage!
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    Glenn Rose

    Leaning towers!

    Merilyn Rose

    Our cruise boat was moored in the canal on the left-hand side, opposite those modern buildings!

    Merilyn Rose

    What are you doing today?

    Fiona Boughey

    Going for a guided walk around the centre and probably the imperial treasury.

  • Day25

    Get around the Prater

    January 6, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    Following our jaunt through Augarten to look at Nazi relics, we headed toward the Prater park with the hope of winter markets and possibly an amusement park ride or two (assumed it was mostly closed in the winter).

    Sweet Jeebers it was a winner. Roller coasters with no lines. Crazy high chair swings. Bonkers swinging pendulum things, and all the other theme park trimmings.

    We could walk up to any ride we wanted and jump straight on. There was a decent little rollercoaster to start, then the mammoth chair swing. It's 117m high, in a chain secured with some small chains with your feet dangling around in the wind, and I was petrified. I couldn't look around, up, or down - just dead straight the whole time. Lex enjoyed that a lot.

    To help calm down from this we moved straight on to the giant pendulum thing. Almost as high at its peak, but travelling a lot faster than the chairs-on-chains, with the added perk of tumbling you upside down. Loved the rush of it apart from the bit where it slows down and stops with us right up the top. Panicked a bit.

    That was it for heights based rides for me. Had a play with a couple of the go-kart tracks, and then gave a house of horrors/rollercoaster a crack. Being the big horror fans we are (not) this did seem a logical decision. The photo presented to us at the end of the ride proves otherwise (pictured).

    Grabbed one more indoor rollercoaster/laser show on the way out of the rides area and headed to the Christmas market for a glühwein weiß (mulled white wine). Great success for a non-planned afternoon.
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    Joanna Green

    Oh no, why did you do it 😱😱😱

    Joanna Green


    Joanna Green

    I can’t believe you went on this horrific thing 🥴

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  • Day2

    Unplanned afternoon fun

    October 19 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Originally we just wanted to visit the chocolate museum in the afternoon, but it turned out to be more of a tourist trap, so we decided against it. Good thing, it was right next to the famous Wiener Prater amusement park, so we invested the money in some proper fun and thrills!Read more

  • Day3

    Anfahrt auf Wien

    September 20, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Danach beginnt die Anfahrt auf Wien. Schon von weitem sieht man die Silhouette des Uno-Towers, dann kommen wir an der Mündung des Donaukanals vorbei, passieren rechts den Millennium-Tower und links den Fernsehturm. Auch hübsch anzusehen, die Franz-von Assisi-Kirche direkt an der Reichsbrücke (dort, wo sich auch die U-Bahn-Station befindet). Von unserem Liegeplatz am Handelskai 12 hat man einen fantastischen Blick auf die Skyline.Read more

    Tina Herking

    Wow, wir sind ganz begeistert was man vom Ufer aus so alles sieht.

  • Day1

    Das Konzert

    August 23, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Angekommen um 18:45,was für ein Gewusel von Rammsteinfans,tolle Stimmung,null Gedrängel,Plätze eingenommen und um 20:30 ging es mit einem Donnerschlag los,wir hatten eine super Sicht von oben,Rammstein hat in jeder Beziehung ordentlich eingeheizt,es war einfach irre,besser geht nicht,noch nie so eine Show gesehen,es hat sich gelohnt,wir sind immer noch hin und weg👍😊🎶🎵Read more

    Nadine Lupp

    Was für ein Spektakel!! Grandios!!

  • Day2

    Tag 2 in Wien Schönbrunn

    August 24, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Der Tag beginnt mit einem gemütlichen Frühstück im Motel One,haben ein ruhiges Plätzchen ergattert,dann mit der U Bahn nach Schönbrunn,Audio Guide Tour gebucht,war sehr schön,haben Sissis Büro, Ankleidezimmer und Schlafzimmer gesehen😉Wunderschöne Aussenanlage,herrliche Blumen und Springbrunnen,der Tierpark ist gleich nebenan leider nicht reingegangen,es gibt dort Koalas,also doch noch nach Australien😂Read more

    Sascha Porbadnik

    Sissi und Franzl !


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