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  • Day66


    August 11, 2017 in Austria

    We have four whole days in Vienna so today we had a relaxed morning before catching a train on the subway into Karlsplatz one stop from the town centre. We had lunch at Naschmarkt, Vienna's most popular market which has existed since the 16th Century. Located at the Wienzeile over the Wien River, it is about 1.5 kilometres long and has an amazing range of fresh fruit and vegetables, exotic herbs, cheese, baked goods such as bread, meats, and seafood. There are also many small restaurants and stalls selling clothes and other souvenirs.
    We walked around OldTown for the rest of the day and night and saw just a fraction of its beautiful buildings. It was a surprise at every turn - we just couldn't stop ourselves going through just one more arch to see what was on the other side even when we were freezing (yes freezing - caught us by surprise), and hungry!
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  • Day67


    August 12, 2017 in Austria

    A night of culture followed our bus touring day - a Vienna Mozart Concert at Musikverein Goldener Saal (Golden Hall) - yes even Alan! The music was wonderful. The Concert Hall, home the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world due to its highly regarded acoustics.Read more

  • Day68


    August 13, 2017 in Austria

    Today we took the bus line to Burgenland, the easternmost and least populous state of Austria. It was another chance to see more of Austria. The drive went through wine country and farms and little quaint villages. We got to see the Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt, the capital of the Burgenland state. It was constructed in the late 13th century. For many years musician and composer Joseph Haydn lived and worked at the court of the Esterházy family in Eisenstadt. Rozzie may have been a little excited about today's trip 😊 to see Hayden's house and where he lived and worked. Also on our program today was a stop at Lake Neusiedl which is the largest endorheic (closed drainage basin) lake in Central Europe, straddling the Austrian–Hungarian border. The lake is known as the "Sea of the Viennese", as it offers sailing and windsurfing at a reasonable distance from Vienna. Bordering the western shore of the lake is the town of Rust. As well as being known for its wines, Rust is also known for having a stork nest on the chimney of most of its houses. A special "Association for the Protection of the White Stork" has been successfully conserving and creating feeding areas and taking care of nests. The stork population has stabilised over the past few years and in the summer months approx. 15 pairs breed on top of the chimneys of the old houses where they rear approximately 32 young storks.Read more

  • Day69


    August 14, 2017 in Austria

    Last day in Vienna. Went to Schonbrunn Palace. Although we didn't tour the inside of the Palace, just walking around its vast grounds was enough. We got fantastic views of Vienna from the Gloriette.
    We then took a boat ride on the Danube canal to the Freudenau lock and the yacht harbour "Marina Vienna". Tomorrow we head to Budapest.Read more

  • Day183

    Christmas eve and Christmas day

    December 26, 2016 in Austria

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    We squeezed in a final pre-Christmas market on the morning of the 24th. It was the last day of St Stephansplatz market and the adjacent St Stephans Cathedral had been an impressive sight when we'd passed it on the tube, so we were looking forward to visiting that too.

    The combination of towering gothic spires and a mosaic tiled roof made this Cathedral stand out and we paid the €4.50 entry fee to climb its south tower.
    It was exciting to see glimpses of Vienna from a different perspective through the small slit windows as we climbed the spiralling stone stairway. However we were disappointed when we reached the watchman's tower half way up and weren't allowed to go any further! There were views in 4 directions through windows but they were limited. Unfortunately we may have been spoiled by some of the great steeple-top panoramic views we were treated to in Germany!

    Following a look through the traditional market and a brief stroll around the wider area, we returned to our pitch to ready our small space for Christmas day. We met midnight with a bottle of bubbly and a small present to each other.

    On Christmas day we relaxed in the van for the whole day, only going out to take Poppy. We'd had to be careful and not buy any presents for each other that would take up too much space. Our main present to each other was a new camera that didn't need separate lenses. The functions on the old one had been failing, the internal sensor was scratched and the different lenses took up a lot of space and weight.

    We really enjoyed texting, calling and Skyping friends and family later in the day. A big part of Christmas for us is being around them, if not on the day itself, then in the lead up to it. It somehow felt less Christmassy not being able to do this (that and the lack of mince pies, crackers, Christmas cake and pud!)

    We are glad to have the opportunity to experience Christmas in a foreign country and we had a lovely day, but part of our journey is about gaining a different perspective, challenging and sometimes changing or consolidating our ideas of what is important to us. We are VERY much looking forward to spending time with lots of people next year!
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  • Day67


    August 12, 2017 in Austria

    Today we took two different bus routes around Vienna - one around the city which gave us a better idea of its layout and one to the outer suburbs of Vienna and lower Austria. We stopped at a lovely wine town called Grinzing and had a delicious lunch and the biggest glass (mug) of wine. The bus continued on to the Kahlenberg, which is a hill some 484 metres high and lies in the Vienna Woods - a popular destination for day-trips from Vienna. You get a great view over the entire city. We then drove on to a twelfth-century Augustinian monastery in Lower Austria - Stift Klosterneuburg. A beautiful scenic drive.Read more

  • Day178

    Vienna Rathaus Christmas Market

    December 21, 2016 in Austria

    There was no more snow when we awoke the next morning but what had fallen the previous night had stayed. We waited until it was nearly dark before setting off on the U-bahn to Vienna's largest Christmas Market. Emerging from the underground station we each inhaled sharply - it was a winter wonderland! Gorgeous fluffy snowflakes were falling all around and had layed a thick white coat on the ground, trees and buildings. It was even better than we had hoped for! We made our way through the small park at the back of the imposing Rathaus (City Hall) and were greeted with the warm lights, smell of glühwein and sound of a children's carousel that lay at the edge of Vienna Christmas World and Market. 150 stalls were arranged in the Rathaus grounds and decorations lit up the snow laden park, whose paths were lined with elegant wrought iron benches. Not only was the park decorated, but it had an ice skating rink and pathways that skaters of all ages were enjoying.

    Skirting round the edge of the market we came to the brightly lit main entrance archway, over which we could see the illuminated Rathaus in all its glory. It was a stunning building, tall and elegant with pointed towers reaching up to the snowy sky. The bare trees on the boulevard fronting the Rathaus grounds had been wrapped in fairy lights. It was all so beautiful, we were both feeling rather overwhelmed. Vicky reacted by trying to photograph everything in sight and Will had a glüwien!

    After perusing the stalls and treating ourselves to a little red bauble with a snow scene and 'Vienna' painted on it, Vicky's fingers were getting painfully cold. Looking around for somewhere to warm up, we saw people shuffling in and out of the Rathaus. After negotiating the beautifully smooth but treacherously slippery marble steps, a lovely warm scene was revealed to us. The inside of the hall was lit up and decorated and a cafe was serving hot drinks. Children were decorating gingerbread and being encouraged to post letters to Santa. We settled down to a warming punch, hot chocolate and sascher torte which reinvigorated us before we finished the rest of the market and negotiated the underground system to get back to Poppy and the van.

    Our time at this Christmas market had been a magical experience and one we will remember for a very long time! If you'd like to see a short video filmed at the market visit our channel at:
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  • Day184

    6 months away & a trip to Sacher Cafe

    December 27, 2016 in Austria

    Boxing day was another day spent relaxing in the van, but the 27th December marked the 6 month milestone since we left home!

    Thanks to everyone who is reading this and who has followed our travels so far. It really is great to be able to share them with you and to have your support!

    Some of the Christmas markets were open until the beginning of January and there were two more we wanted to visit, on what would be our last trip in to the city. The Schloss Schönbrunn market was a little way out of central Vienna in the grounds of the stately Schönbrunn Palace; a geometric yellow ochre building with 1,441 rooms!

    We resisted all of the delicious looking foods cooking on the stalls, because our next port of call was the Sacher Hotel Café. For a long time before we came away we'd been watching foodie/travel programmes like The Hairy Bikers and Rick Stein. Several had featured the unique Sacher Torte, invented by a kitchen hand back in 1832 and kept as a secret recipe used only by the hotel ever since. Places all over Austria make and sell it, but we thought it would be a special experience to sample the original recipe at the place of its conception. There was a queue when we arrived but the maître d' organised it efficiently and after 20 minutes we were invited in and directed to the cloakroom, before being shown through the plush 'bordeaux red', white and gold front room with its crystal chandeliers, to a table for two in the conservatory. The service was excellent and the cake, coffee and unique Hotel Sacher tea were all served with Hotel Sacher crockery. The combination of the yummy torte, the surroundings and attitudes of the staff made the experience extra special for us and a great way to celebrate being 6 months in to our journey!

    The Winter market at Riesenradplatz was the 14th and our final Viennese market. It was advertised as being open until the 6th January and the stalls were still there, but they were all closed! It was at an amusement park and some of the rides were open but as time was getting on, we chose instead to take a last wander along the main street.
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  • Day178

    A little further afield in Vienna

    December 21, 2016 in Austria

    According to what we've read, Austrians traditionally celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve, when they share a meal of Carp and open presents. For festive food we had decided just to see what was in the shops. We'd been told about an area outside Vienna city centre that sold a lot of local and organic produce so we took the U-Bahn then a bus to get there. We'd had the impression there was a farmers market, but all we could find was a small food shop. Despite its size, it was a quality establishment that sold organic and local food, so we picked up some veg and wine before making our way back.

    Later on we walked up to our local suburban cluster of shops and visited the butcher. There didn't seem to be any one meat that stood out like turkey would in the UK, so we bought a couple of duck breasts and some other bits and bobs.

    After taking the van out to top up on gas, we did a supermarket shop for the remaining items. It felt strange coming back to the van with no crackers, Christmas cake, pudding or mince pies. We wanted to experience a Christmas outside the UK but we'll certainly appreciate these seasonal staples all the more when we come back to Britain next year!

    Van life has brought a lot of improvements and some amazing highs but it also has its lows. The temperature had been sub zero for days and we'd noticed an icicle forming under the back of the van; it had actually got so long as to join with the ground at our previous stopover! We'd been making the most if the electric hookup by mainly using an electric fan heater instead of the gas central heating. When we returned to the stopover, the waste water tank wouldn't open for emptying because it had frozen shut. We placed the fan heater under the van, started the engine and put the central heating on to get some hot air through the nearby vent in an effort to defrost it. After more than an hour of this it still wasn't defrosted and we heard the water pump turn on and a wheezing sound from near the hot water tank. While Will was outside discovering our emergency water container had leaked and the water frozen to the boot floor and the icicle we'd seen before had been formed by the hot water outlet pipe freezing up, and that the pressure had built up to the point that the system was blowing water out inside the boot, Vicky was inside discovering a slick of water emerging from under the bunk inside the living area. We spent the rest of the night with the heating up high to try and defrost the waste water and the pump switched off apart from when we were using it in order to avoid leakage from the hot water tank. It was all sorted out by midday the following day but we were very thankful to be at a site with all the facilities we needed. We may need to rethink our plan to visit Norway in winter!
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  • Day179

    Vienna's other Christmas markets

    December 22, 2016 in Austria

    Vienna has 16 Christmas markets in total, one had closed the day we arrived so we didn't see that but we wanted to immerse ouselved in the Christmas experience and explore as many of the others as possible. Armed with the map of the U-Bahn network and an information leaflet telling us where the markets were we visited 4 markets that evening. The first was in a pedestrianised side street and had a hippy feel with lots of street food, knitted garments and wooden decorations, toys and instruments. The second was in the Museums Quarter in a large square surrounded by imposing stone buildings. Instead of huts or stalls, it had polytunnels selling drinks and food. It felt quite 'studenty' but not very Christmassy, it somehow exuded a 'too cool for Christmas' vibe and we didn't stay long.

    Next, the Christmas Village was distinctive for where it was, in Maria-Theresien Platz sandwiched between two incredible palaces built to mirror each other over the square. One had changing light images projected on to its walls, with images of baubles and holly.
    The final market of the evening took us through the arches of Hoffburg Palace, past its massive white stone statues of wrestling men, under an arched dome with a beautifully painted ceiling and out into the 'posh' part of town. The market reflected the white stone buildings with its white wooden huts lit by falls of fairy lights. Pairs of horses stood patiently in front of their plush carriages ready to whisk those with more money than us to burn on a tour of the city. The surrounding streets all had different hanging lights down their centres, some with candles, others with giant spheres or chandeliers. Everywhere we looked were designer names; Dior, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Cartier and too many others to remember. What we will remember however are the public toilets! They cost 50c but the assistant opened and closed the frosted glass sliding door to the large vintage tiled cubicle with porcelain toilet and basin with dark wood and gold furniture. They were old but in immaculate condition and they may well be the best public toilets we ever visit!

    Many markets closed on the 23rd so we had a double trip in the next day. The morning saw us perusing the Old Viennese Christmas market that had some lovely handmade decorations, including some made out of steel and of straw together with food stalls selling vegetables, meat and fish. Vicky treated herself to an apple and fig slice with shortcrust pastry - yummy!

    Because the cold was beginning to take its toll, we warmed up with some beef goulash in a 1950s style cafe on the way to Belvedere Palace. The palace was a little way outside the city centre and had a small market in its extensive grounds. We don't recall seeing a building with so many statues on it and have never known a city with so many palaces!

    After a rest and some time spent back at the van with Poppy, we returned in the dark to find 3 more markets. We had been in two minds over whether to do this evening visit because we thought we may well have seen all there was to to be sold on the stalls we'd seen already. We were to be proved wrong at the Art Advent market on Karlszplatz! The beautifully lit Karlz Kirche with its domed roof rose above strings of warm white lights and the traditional wooden huts that were arranged around a central area that had been transformed into a petting zoo! There were tons of original items on the stalls, with the artists themselves selling their creations. We'd have been shocked if the next two markets (a small collection of food stalls and a lackluster traditional market at the university) had been anywhere near as interesting. However we did get to watch a game of curling at the latter. Tired but very happy, we returned to the van after a full but fun day.
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