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  • Day26

    La pazzzz

    October 31, 2016 in Bolivia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Niet veel gedaan hier, even met een liftje naar de grootste markt van zuid-america geweest, daar kwam echt geen eind aan. Alles wat je je maar kan bedenken verkopen ze hier, zelfs kuikentjes voor 1 bolivian, dat is ongeveer 13 eurocent...😯

    We zijn maar een klein stukje de stad in geweest, super grote hectische stad die als je iets verder kijkt denk heel mooi kan zijn. Helaas was ik een beetje ziek dus zijn we veel in t hostel gebleven, wat ook prima was want hier komen super veel gezellige mensen weer bij elkaar.. lijkt wel en reünie..en dat al na 3 weken!Read more

  • Day21

    LaPaz II

    September 27, 2016 in Bolivia ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    En los últimos días pasé un poco de tiempo en La Paz y miré algunos de los sitios famosos. Aún hice un tour touristico de la ciudad en inglés, no lo que haría normalmente, pero fue bastante interesante.
    Aqui algunas fotos de la ciudad desde el teleférico, la iglesia de San Francisco, la iglesia grande en la parte anteriormente indígena, que tambien tiene muchos de sus símbolos, como la Pachamama, la diosa de Madre Tierra. También de una de las muchas cholitas, vendedoras en los mercados y la vista de la montaña Illimani (segunda más alta de Bolivia) desde el hostal.

    Die letzten paar Tage war ich hier in La Paz und habe mir noch ein paar Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Stadt angeschaut und auch auf richtig touristisch eine englischsprachige Stadtführung gemacht, die aber sehr interessant war.
    Hier ein paar Fotos von der Stadt aus der Seilbahn (natürlich von Doppelmayer, auch wenn das hier sehr gut verborgen wird), der San Francisco-Kirche im ehemals indigenen Stadtteil, die auch viele ihrer kulturellen Symbole zeigt, wie die Pachamama, Göttin der Mutter Erde, und einer Cholita, einer typischen Verkäuferin auf den Märkten. Zu denen gibt es auch so viele Geschichten, dass sie hier den Rahmen sprengen würden. Außerdem noch eine etwas pixelige Vergrößerung des Illimani (zweithöchster Berg Boliviens) vom Hostel aus.
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  • Day5

    If you think the roads in MI are bad

    February 12, 2018 in Bolivia ⋅ ⛅ 54 °F

    Hello from Bolivia,

    Just getting down here has already been quite a trip. I was supposed to fly out Friday, about 3 hours before my flight I received a text from the airline letting me know my flight was canceled. They had no urgency on their part so the next flight they were able to book me on was for Sunday at 530pm. Knowing another snow storm was approaching I wondered if I would even get out that day. They let me switch myself to an earlier flight so instead of a quick 2 hour turn around in Miami I booked myself for 1044 am. After a few issues with the booking process and the Visa I was beginning to wonder if this trip was meant to not happen.
    On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to drive over to Moms to drop off the little dude. He seemed pretty despondant on the drive so I took that as a sign I would get out. After arriving at the airport and checking in they didn't have my TSA precheck on my ticket. There was also question about the Visa and if I needed it ahead of tkme. The visa part was figured out and TSA precheck fixes. I quipped to the woman who checked me in that with all of my flight problems at least they had never lost my luggage. I felt as though I had just cursed myself and that may be the last time I see my bright blue suitcase with stickers from all the countries I have visited.
    I walked through security and found my gate as I received a text from Americian Airlines, flight delayed. Only an hour so no issues. As I continued to sit at the airport every 15 minutes or so I received a text pushing back my flight. Finally at 2 we boarded, got de-iced and took off at 3. Only about 4.5 hours late. At this point I was glad I had booked myself onto the earlier flight to allow time for delays.
    So finally I arrived in La Paz thus morning. For 9 hours worth of flights it took me about 24 hours from the time I left my home yesterday morning.
    Cambria, Cambria, cambira... the Spanish term for money exchange I remember being chanted at me on my last trip to Buenes Aires. With a few BOB, the local currency, in my pocket it was time to head to the hotel.
    I walked out of the airport and was surrounded with taxi men viaing for my attention. I encourage you when traveling to always look up ahead of time the cost for a taxi from the airport to city center. In Bali last year I did not do this and what should have been a $10 taxi ride cost me $70. Always make sure to go to the taxi stand and use a official taxi. This is both for safety and value. My Mom likes to share stories with me of people who have shared taxis with unknown people or taken off license taxis.
    As we left the airport the driver pointed down a ravine and told me that was La Paz. La Paz is nestled high in the Andies at about 12000 ft above sea level. The fog and rain concealed the city. As we took the winding streets into the valley the roads are a mixture of past their prime and washed out by rock slides. The entire city has the look of homes and buildings looking like they could be washed down the mountain at any point. There were drainage ditches rushing through the city that would rival any good white water rafting location in the States.
    The city itself is crowded but very poor. There are buildings that seem to just add on levels at any point more room is needed. Some homes have windows while others have temporary blankets as the famikly is saving for windows. The streets of the city are steep with just a block climbing what would be 4 floors of a building.
    As I arrived at my hotel I was tired out. It was 7am and I was ready for a nap. Being on the 3rd floor which is actually the 4th as they consider the first floor the entry level I was happy to find thet had an elevator. A small one as I had to arrange myself just right to fit my suitcase and backpack in.
    My room is small and cozy in feel but not warmth. I search for a heat adjustment and then vents but have not found it. I don't think there is heat in the building. So I settled in under the thankfully thick blankets for a nap in my 55 degree room.
    Outside my window are the sounds of the city with the added bonus of a festival going on. The taxis honk every few seconds, there is someone speaking over the loud speaker, and frequent fireworks being set off, even during the day. It is a noisy happy city.
    Even with the noise and cold I fell asleep quickly and had a wonderful 4 hour nap.

    More to come later. Also please excuse any mis typed or spelling errors. I write this from my cell and we know how creative auto correct is.


    the picture of my garage is the one I take for my own sanity. That way if I start doubting if I closed my garage I can look at the picture and remember it is all set. Weird but a tip I recommend.

    .As smart luggage is getting more popular I encourage you to do your research before purchasing it. If the luggage has any kind of smart or lithium battery it must be removed before it is checked. Some are easy to pop out, but some require the suitcase to be emptied taken apart to get it out.

    Detroit airport has great Detroit pride shirts 2 for 20. Save room in your carry on so you can represent Detroit on your trips. You will see the picture of the ones I bought in future pictures.
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  • Day90

    La Paz

    May 3, 2017 in Bolivia ⋅ ☀️ 57 °F

    La Paz is a big, sprawling, chaotic mess - it's a really cool city but I stayed here too long and there isn't tonnes to do.

    The first few days I was so sick off the altitude that I was basically bed-bound and couldn't really eat or move without feeling really dizzy. After recovering, I went to the tour agency to book the Pampas Tour from Rurrenabaque for when my dad arrives and also did a bit of life admin, cos travelling isn't always beers and beaches.

    The third day I finally did some touristy stuff and did the walking tour and the witches market which was really interesting. Bolivia is a really cool and culturally interesting/ progressive country so it was good to find out more. There are also loads of really good vegan and vegetarian restaurants and we went to Namas Te which did tasty food.

    In the evening, our hostel (Wild Rover - where basically every English person stays) did a karioke night which was actually hilarious. We got a group to sing 500 miles by the Proclaimers and everyone joined in. After we went out to a few bars and ended up getting home at around 4am.

    The next day we were all feeling pretty rough so Charlie, Sadie, Ali and I went to Mercado Lanza for the best £1 sandwiches ever and juice. This was honestly my saviour as I was feeling pretty bad. We then had a film day in the TV room and watched Moana, Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Black but unfortunately not Mulan (the running joke for the day). I was knackered so I went to bed pretty early and I wanted to feel fresh cos my Dad was arriving in La Paz the next day.

    The next day I went to meet my Dad at the hotel we were staying at for the next couple of days. I was so excited to see him as it had been just under 3 months since I left England! I was worried he was going to be dying from the altitude just like I was, but actually apart from being tired and a bit out of breathe he was on pretty good form. We had a walk around the city centre and got some food before going back for a rest in the hotel. The hotel is SO nice - such a treat after staying in hostels/ tents/ overnight buses for the last 3 months. In the evening we went for more veggie/ vegan food at a place called Magick which was really nice.

    The last day of La Paz we got the cable cars all around the city. This was nice because you really got to see all of the city, from the quite rich Western parts to the poorer parts at the top of the city near El Alto. Even though it's not exactly a pretty city, the views are pretty spectacular. After we went got some lunch and juice at Mercado Lanza and then chilled in the hotel for the afternoon because Dad was still adjusting and also it started to rain quite heavily. In the eve we went out for food at Ali Pacha which is one of the best restaurants in Bolivia. It's insane how cheap it was - we got a 3 course meal for 100 bolivianos which is the equivalent of £11. The food was so beautifully decorated, it was like something you'd see on Masterchef. Each course came out and we were explained all the different ingredients and flavours. It's nice to push the boat out and spend a bit more sometimes.

    All in all, La Paz is a cool city with some really amazing restaurants. I spent a bit too long here, and didn't do things like Death Road or Valle de La Luna, which maybe I should of done if I had got my act together a bit quicker. But in all fairness, I don't really mind because I've already done so much stuff on my trip that to miss out on 1 or 2 things doesn't bother me that much. Anyways peace out La Paz - you big chaotic sprawling mess ✌🏼
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