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  • Day9

    Goddess Stream from Wushan

    April 1, 2018 in China ⋅

    The included excursion took us to Goddess Stream, one hour by ferry then 1.5 hour by small 30-seat boat, floating past Palm Peak and Shangsheng Peak. We were able to get a photo of Goddess Peak on the way back as the clouds dispersed and blue sky appeared.

    Now having trouble with wifi and VPN so hope that we can reconnect later. Aaaand we’re back. Probably difficult to connect due to the high mountains.Read more

  • Day10

    Walking tour to the red Pagoda- Shibaozh

    April 2, 2018 in China ⋅

    This morning’s tour to the Red Pagoda has been postponed as there is dense fog. It has lifted slightly since early this morning but not enough for the tour. Tour began at 8:40, only 40 minutes late. To get there we passed women doing laundry in the Yangtze River, walked along a street lined with vendors and had to cross a swinging bridge. The pagoda is 10 stories high. Climbed the whole thing. It contains statues of various gods. Thankfully the way down is outside on stone steps. Much easier going down.

    Had time to shop on the way back. The barter system is alive and well here. I paid 40 yuan for something that later a vendor offered to me for half the price even though I had bartered considerably.
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  • Day10

    Fengdu on our own

    April 2, 2018 in China ⋅

    It is not encouraged to leave the ship on your own. I fact you have to sign a waiver that says you will not obey the docking safety rules by leaving the ship on your own. We were told we would have to wait an hour past the time of the paid excursion departure. When we arrived to receive our boarding passes, the story changed to 1.5 hours because the tour was delayed.

    As it turned out that tour returned to the ship after 7 pm, the time the Captain’s dinner was supposed to begin.

    There seem to be many itinerant workers or perhaps immigrants from the provinces who sleep in dormitory-like rooms where the cots are lined up one after the other. They have built a tourist centre and a new ‘ancient village’ that are to be populated by various types of shops. Some are already with the Usual souvenirs and noodle shops. Would be interested in trying the soup they serve but don’t want to chance it. Lots of rules posted in various locations. Doesn’t seem to stop the littering.

    The food photo is from the final dinner onboard. Mystery meat at its finest.
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  • Day11

    Chongqing to Xi'an

    April 3, 2018 in China ⋅

    Chongqing means double happiness, population 33 million people. Covers 82,000km. City centre alone has 10 million people. 80,000 buildings in this city are over 33 floors tall. Weather is humid and hazy because it is surrounded by mountains. Temperature in the summer is regularly 38 - 40 C. They sell 2,000 cars every day. The subway is over 90 m underground and there is only one subway line. However there is a very efficient monorail system.

    The oldest panda they have found was 38. They do not reproduce u til they are 5 years old. If they are sent to zoos abroad and have babies, they must be returned to China when they are two years old.

    The zoo covers 48 hectares. The pandas eat all day long. I think the red pandas are cuter. Also saw hippos and rhinos and various monkeys.

    People along the Yangtze eat more noodles as wheat is more prevalent than rice. People in the mountains eat more potatoes.

    The city has 25 bridges and they are building 10 more at the moment.

    Mortgage interest is 5% and an apartment costs 1.5 million yuan (5 yuan per Cdn $)

    Lunch at a Sichuan restaurant as Chongqing used to be part of Sichuan province.

    Another hour bus ride to the airport where we arrived at 1:15 for our 3:40 flight. We are able to go through a group check in so that gives us seats together if we wish. They don’t air condition the airports as for them it isn’t hot yet. We are quite warm as for us 31C is pretty darn hot.

    The fight was to have left at 3:40, but didn’t until 4:30. Arrived in Xi’an at 5:30 but are still sitting in the plane. Their rules are very strict but it seems no one obeys them. Snack provided was dried peas and fruit leather. Thank goodness they handed out whole bottles of water as we had been rather thirsty after lunch. The Pringles Vic bought smell like lard and the flavour slightly sweet though they are labeled ‘barbecue’.

    Luggage retrieval is wonderful. By the time we arrived at the terminal, our luggage was on the carousel. Our local guide Mary met us and led us to the Golden Dragon bus.

    Xi’an is a city of 10 million people. It is the city of noodles or food made with wheat, people don’t really like rice here, also not good place to grow rice.

    King Yo 11 centuries ago began the use of chopsticks by using his wife’s hair sticks to eat. Too hungry to wait for the food to cool down.

    Xi’an is the beginning of Silk Road.

    47 universities in this city. Holiday Inn has their reception area on the 5th floor as well as the breakfast area.
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  • Day14


    September 15, 2017 in China ⋅

    This morning we disembark and fight our way through the myriad of stalls and vendors desperate to sell their goods. Items with an initial price of 160 yuan often end up at bargain prices such as 20-30 yuan After a 15min walk we arrive at the "shaky bridge" a very rickety bridge leading to the Red Pagoda. It is situated atop an 80m rock, built in the 1800 and containing not a single nail. A precarious climb up to the 9th level rewards a spectacular view. Captain's Farewell Banquet tonight.Read more

  • Day27

    Chongqing Ankunft

    October 17, 2015 in China ⋅

    7Mio Einwohner und 300m Höhenunterschied in der Stadt😱
    Das hübsche Rathaus für die Bezirke. Die Partei hat beschlossen, dass das hübsch ist😂
    Daneben der Volksgerichtshof
    Nebenbei bemerkt: Wir stehen im Stau

  • Day114

    Fengji, Yangtze, China

    August 27, 2014 in China ⋅

    Nebel mit Regen und Nebel ohne Regen wechseln sich ab.
    Da ich nach dem Mittagessen erst mal nichts vor habe kann ich die Landschaft gemütlich an mir vorbeirauschen lassen. So ähnlich hatte ich es mir vorgestellt - nur mit schönen Wetter.

  • Day116

    Somerset Jie Fang Bei, Chongqing

    August 29, 2014 in China ⋅

    Hier ist sie. Meine Waschmaschine. Mit integriertem Trockner/Tumbler. Bedienungsanleitung auf chinesisch. Aber dafür mit Waschmittel.
    Wäsche waschen in China ist speziell. Während ich in Russland einen Münzwaschsalon und in der Mongolei eine günstige Wäscherei gefunden habe gibt es in China beides nicht. Hier bleibt nur die Wahl zwischen dem Wäscheservice im Hotel (kostet zwischen 3 und 8 Dollar pro Kleidungsstück) oder einer Wäscherei (wo die Wäsche zwar gut und einigermassen günstig gewaschen wird, zum Trocknen hängt sie aber im Hinterhof, in den ua. gekocht, gegrillt und geraucht wird) oder eben einem Appartement/Wohnung mit Waschmaschine.Read more

  • Day118

    North Railway Station, Chongqing

    August 31, 2014 in China ⋅

    Die letzte Zugfahrt in China steht an. 313 Kilometer von Chongqing nach Chengdu. Zum Abschied zeigt sich Chongqing noch im Regen.
    Mittlerweile lässt mich das Prozedere im Bahnhof (Anstehen um reinzukommen, Sicherheitscheck, Ausweis- und mehrfache Fahrscheinkontrolle) völlig ruhig. Und auch über die drängelnden Chinesen kann ich nur noch müde lächeln. Auch wenn ich heute zum ersten Mal am
    falschen Eingang angestanden bin und am anderen Ende des Gebäudes nochmal in die Schlange musste.
    Wenn ich in Chengdu bin endet sozusagen mein Chinateil der Reise. Und ein bisschen Wehmut kommt auf.
    Aber ich freue mich auf auf Tibet und die andere Art des Reisens.
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